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Subject: my son in the bar [the early years]-11 MY SON IN THE BAR [THE EARLY YEARS]-11 Over the next year [or so] Jimmy and I met in the boys’ restroom in the school’s basement where I would suck his cock before and/or after school…! I still had to suck the janitor off every Monday [sometimes more often if his wife wasn’t giving him any at home], but all in all it was a wonderful arrangement, and nobody found out about our little trysts for a long time! That all changed one day after school when I walked into the boy’s room to wait from Jimmy…! I didn’t get a chance to suck his cock that morning because he purposely wanted to wait until after school! He wasn’t there when I got there, so I walked down to the last stall [where I first sucked Mr. Leeks] and took a seat on the toilet and waited…! By now I was 12 yrs old and riding my bike to school, so dad didn’t have to come through and pick me up anymore, especially since he’d been promoted and his hours took him later into the evening…! I guess I’d been waiting on Jimmy for about 20 minutes or so when I finally heard the restroom door open…! “I’m HERE, fag-boy…! Show yourself!” he ordered, as I stepped out of the last stall to find he wasn’t alone…! “See…I TOLD yall he’d be here…!” said Jimmy, standing with 2 of his friends: Demetrius and Duane [both black teens from his football squad]! “Couldn’t WAIT to get your mouth back on this cock again, eh cocksucker…?” he asked, rubbing himself lewdly in front of me…! I was dumbfounded! “Is it TRUE, Shawn…?” asked Duane, the older of the 2 blacks [14], “Did you SUCK Jimmy’s dick…?” I was flabbergasted…I didn’t know WHAT to say…! “He didn’t just SUCK my cock…” corrected Jimmy, standing between the 2 like an Oreo cookie…! “…he’s BEEN sucking my cock for over a YEAR now…! Ain’t that right, bitch…?” he asked, as I just stood there looking zombified…! “HE ain’t never sucked your dick before…!” stated Demetri [also 13 yrs old like Jimmy]! “LOOK at him…he looks scared shitless…! Like he don’t even know what the hell we talking about…!” “That’s cuz he’s STUPID…!” snapped Jimmy! “He DID suck my dick!” he insisted, not liking looking like a liar in front of his friends! “TELL `em, fag boy!” he demanded, putting me on the spot! I was so nervous and scared that all I could DO was stand there like a statue, which only succeeded in making Jimmy even madder as he rushed over threw me to the floor like a piece of old luggage…! “I said TELL `EM you cocksucker! Tell `em how much you like sucking my cock!” “I like sucking his cock…!” I said, repeating his words! Duane laughed! “He’ll say ANYTHING not to get his butt kicked…!” Jimmy backed off a little… “Tell `em, for REAL…!” he insisted! I got up into seated position [on my side]…staring up at Jimmy and his 2 friends… “I DON’T like sucking Jimmy’s cock…” I dared say [almost in defiance], as Jimmy’s face turned to total anger…! “…I LOVE it…!” I quickly added afterwards, getting confused looks from the trio…! “I absolutely LOVE sucking Jimmy’s cock! I’ve been sucking Jimmy’s cock for over a year! I’m HIS cock sucker!” he claimed! Demetri and Duane looked at each other in amazement, escort izmit unable to fathom someone not only calling themselves a `cocksucker’, but also confessing to `loving’ it…! Jimmy was beaming! “Told yous…!” he said, smiling like the Cheshire Cat…! “I don’t believe it!” said Duane! “You want PROOF…?” asked Jimmy, feeling bold and in charge…! “SHOW `em, faggot!” he ordered, as I climbed up onto my knees and started to unfasten his pants for him [right in front of them]…! Both Demetri and Duane stood watching, neither believing their own eyes as a cocksucker brazenly [shamelessly] pulled open Jimmy’s pants and fished out his excited erect cock! Without wasting time [having learned my lesson last chap], I leaned in and started licking his cock all over, starting with the underbelly and then licking my way up and down the sides…! Duane and Demetri both looked speechless [jaws dropped] as I painted Jimmy’s cock all over, then took him in my mouth and started sucking! “He’s DOING IT…! He’s ACTUALLY doing it…!” thrilled Duane, eyes bulging as I worked my mouth back and forth along Jimmy’s magnificent 6+ inches, taking it all in my throat! “DAMN…!” sounded Duane, impressed! I beamed [silently] at his excitement, which inspired me to suck harder and faster! “SEE…!” said Jimmy, having proof positive that I was his personal private cocksucker! “I can’t believe it…” said Demetri, still standing next to Jimmy as he watched me suck! “…all this time he’s been sucking your dick and you never told us…?” added the boy, disappointed! “Hey…I gotta GOOD thing going on here…” glee Jimmy, “…I wasn’t trying to ruin it by letting too many cook into the kitchen at once…! You know how the saying goes…! But I figured you guys’r my best friends…if anybody should be sharing in this good fortune, its YALL…!” “Thanks.” said Demetri, rubbing his dick mound…! “Waitaminute…” said Duane, “…so is Shawn gonna suck me and Demetri off too…?” he asked, unsure! “Yeah…” answered Jimmy, “…why you think I bought you guys down here with me in the first place…?” he asked. “To show off your new cocksucker…!” said Duane, rubbing his own hard-on hiding underneath his pants…! “What’s the sense in having a cocksucker if you ain’t gonna SHARE him…?” asked Jimmy, pulling me off his dick…! “Hey shithead, suck Deme’s cock…!” he ordered! I was reluctantly pulled off Jimmy’s 6.5″ cock [which was all wet and shiny with my spit], and waited as Demetri slowly [fearfully] unzipped his pants and fished out his own erection…! Demetri’s cock was about an inch or so smaller than Jimmy’s [at the same age (13)], but already it was fully hard and awaiting the new experience of his first [ever] blow job…! I crawled over in front of him [standing to the left of Jimmy] and leaned in and swallowed his cock whole [to the root]! “Awww fuck…!” sounded Demetri, feeling his 5.5″ cock suddenly in cased in my warm wet mouth! It was like nothing he’d ever experienced before as I swallowed his cock and smashed my nose in his abdomen [he hadn’t quite sprouted any pubic hair yet]…! Chewing softly on his rod, I pulled back my tightened lips and sucked his shaft as if trying izmit escort to suck a milkshake through a McDonald’s straw, drawing my cheeks inward as I pulled all the way back towards the head and startled suckling! “How’s it feel…?” asked Jimmy [slowly stroking his own erection while he watched]…! “It’s fucking AMAZING, man…!” glee Demetri, grabbing my head suddenly as he started to roughly fuck my mouth! “I’m about to CUM…!” he announced [after less than a dozen thrusts], yanking his dark cock out of my mouth…! “Cum IN his mouth, homs…he LOVES that…!” encouraged Jimmy, as I quickly gobbled Deme’s dick back up and swallowed it! “OH SHIT…” gasped Deme, letting go of his woody…! “…ARRHHHHH…!!” he yelled as he came, flooding my mouth with his potent boy juices! Demetri bucked and jerked like a wild bronco as he came in my mouth that first time, almost causing me to accidentally LOSE his cock! But I managed to hold onto his hips as he bucked, keeping my mouth planted as he unloaded his boy cream into me…, swallowing it ALL once it finally finished coming…! “Now Duane!” ordered Jimmy as I nursed on Deme’s [still hard] prick for another second or 2 before pulling off and scooting over to Duane’s cock which was already sticking out of his pants and waiting for me…! Duane was the oldest of us all [14], but his cock was roughly the same size as Jimmy’s who was a whole year younger than him…! I positioned myself in front of Duane [who I personally always thought was very cute], and looked straight up at him as I licked the head of his cock…! Duane dick jumped after I licked it, bouncing up off my tongue before landing back down on the wet bed! I took him in my mouth, wrapping my pink white-boy lips around his brown ramrod, then slowly descended down the hard shaft until his entire cock disappeared from view…! “Oh FUCK…” gasped Duane, feeling his cock slowly enveloped in my wet suctioning mouth! “…you really taught he WELL, Jimmy…!” he moaned as I pressed my face in his groin [Duane was just beginning to spout pubic fuzz on his abdomen (just like Jimmy..)]! I wanted to tell them that AL was really the one who taught me how to suck cock, but there was no need! I suckled Duane’s shaft [as Jimmy soaked up all the compliments] then slowly pulled back, dragging my mouth over his hard column! Unlike Demetrius, Duane was able to hold back a little longer during this first cock-suck, after having had about a year’s head start masturbating before Demetrius did…! I was able to suck and swallow his 6″ cock a few times MORE than Deme’s…taking my time to give his cock special attention as I worked my mouth back and forth…! Still, he came relatively quick… “Oh fuck, man…” he groaned, as he gripped my shoulders for support [as his knees went weak]…! “…I’m cummi…” was all he got out before the first shot blasted in my mouth, battering against my tonsils…! “…aaaarrrrrhhhhhHHHHHHHH…!!!” he screamed as he came, shooting 5 to 6 healthy spurts in my mouth, gushing me with his load! I ate his cum, pulling off to swallow the collective mass before taking it back in my mouth to suck for more! Duane bucked too, but not as much as Demetri izmit kendi evi olan escort as I nursed his cock and cleaned his clock for him! “Alright, cocksucker…ME next!” informed Jimmy [as if he had to tell me]…! I pulled off of Duane’s shrinking cock and moved back over to Jimmy’s, taking it in my mouth as I suckled the pre-cum already forming at the head…! WOW it was delicious [I thought], taking more of his cock as I started bobbing back and forth smoothly…! I was just really getting into sucking Jimmy’s cock [fully expecting him to feed me his load], when Jimmy suddenly pulled out, then turned around and dropped his pants to his ankles…! “Eat my ASS, bitch…!” he insisted, as Duane and Deme pulled back in disgust…! “NO WAY, man…!” said Deme, doubting I’d do it! I reached up and pulled Jimmy’s ass cheeks apart…then leaned in and licked my wet tongue straight up over his ass crack, tasting the funk from his asshole…! “EWWW, that’s NASTY…!” said Duane, coving his mouth as he stepped back a few feet to distance himself! I noticed [however] that despite the protests, both Deme and Duane stayed close by to watch…! “He’s a total PUSSY…” said Jimmy, as I buried my face in his ass and started eating…! “…he’ll lick, suck, or swallow anything I give `em…!” he declared, pushing his ass back in my face…! “Yeah, bitch…get yur TONGUE in there…! Work it around! Yeah! Just like THAT…!” he instructed! I ate Jimmy’s ass as if we were the only 2 people in the room! Truth be told, once I started working on Jimmy, the other 2 guys just simply faded from my memory…! All I could think about or concentrate on was JIMMY! I must have really gotten INTO eating Jimmy’s asshole good…because all too soon before I knew it, he was pulling his ass away from my searching tongue, and spinning around to re-feed me his cock! I took his boyhood back in my mouth and started sucking like a fiend, knowing Jimmy couldn’t be too far from feeding me his cum! I really wanted it bad! Despite having just eaten 2 additional loads! My stomach CRAVED Jimmy’s sperm! It wouldn’t be satisfied until I ate HIS load! Fortunately it didn’t take long before Jimmy too was thriving and bucking wildly! I’d barely sucked his cock for a full minute before he was grabbing the back of my head and thrusting his cock straight into the back of my throat…! “ARRHHHHH…!!” he grunted as he came, shooting into my mouth and throat without warning me first [as Duane and Demetri had]! My throat was his RIGHT to cum in, he didn’t have to warn me, he just came when he was ready, feeding me the juice that sustained me until he meet again! I sucked Jimmy dry…! “Alright you two…” said Jimmy [after climax], “…this bitch is MINE…! I don’t mind sharing him, but I’LL determine when and where that is! Got it? I don’t wanna walk in here and CATCH either one of you using MY fag! If you wanna blow job from him, ask ME…, and I’LL set it up for you! Understood…?” he asked his friends…! Duane and De agreed! All the boys tucked their cocks back into their pants and walked off, leaving me on my knees [belly full]! I couldn’t believe I just fucked 3 guys off from the school’s football team! Damn I loved living here now! _______________________________________ Written by Eugene Marvin aka NPHILLYDOGG@aol Email me or ail with questions, comments, and suggestions. Or join me on Facebook to get faster updates and see what I’m working on next!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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