My Son In Law (Not true story)

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My Son In Law (Not true story)I am not author of this story.Introduction: Older women can enjoy tooThough I don’t apologise, I warn you now, it may be a little long for some of you…I hope not and for those who do take the time and trouble to read my efforts, I hope you find these thoughts, if not arousing, then at least an enjoyable read.As always, I will look forward to receiving your comments. All I ask, be they negative or positive, you do please at least keep them constructive.My name is Cathy, I’m fifty one years of age and thought I would write and tell you about the most wonderful sexual encounter I recently had.Having reached and surpassed the big “50” It may well be some of you guys consider someone of this age “past their sell by date” . I can assure you, speaking on behalf of women generally, this is rarely the case at all, while speaking from my own, individual standpoint, I have always taken whatever steps necessary to ensure my body remains both in good health and, I like to think, in good shape, taking regular exercise together with a healthy diet. Hence, if I say so myself I still have and still enjoy the ability to turn a guys head.I’ve have been married to Mike for just over twenty five years. We have three c***dren, two daughters and one son, all of whom have since flown the nest. I suppose my tale indirectly concerns one of my daughters, the youngest, Tanya.She is twenty three and is married to Andy, who at thirty five is a good deal older than her. The two of them often visit usually together though it’s not unusual for one or other to call round on their own. One such occasion happened a couple of weeks ago.It was just a few days after new year and Mike still had a few days before he was due to return back to work. We’d been out doing a spot of shopping during the day and having returned I’d cooked something to eat where, throughout the preparation and indeed, for the rest of that afternoon the two of us had consumed a fair bit to drink.At around six o’clock Andy had unexpectedly called round explaining my daughter was on a late duty that day and not wanting to stay in on his own, decided he’d call over for some company. Mike and I offered him a drink, topping our own glasses once more as we did.The rest of the evening was spent watching t.v.chatting and drinking until around nine o’clock, having consumed more than his fair share of alcohol that day, Mike fell asleep on the sofa leaving just Andy and myself to chat.Now I should tell you, the difference in age between Andy and my daughter is not so different to that between Andy and myself. What’s more, if I’m honest, from the day we were first introduced I’ve always had quite a fancy for him. Not that I’d ever tried anything on with him, or for that matter, him with me, after all he was married to my daughter now.Anyway, be that as it may, as we chatted with one another, with Mike sound asleep on the sofa, I felt myself being drawn to him once more, partly, as I’ve explained, because I found him appealing anyway, but moreso because, though far from drunk, I’d consumed a good deal of alcohol and was most certainly a little merry.A short while later as Andy was pouring himself another beer, he spilt some of the drink down his shirt, getting it more than a little wet. I immediately suggested he remove so I could rinse it out and prevent a stain and having removed it, told him to go upstairs and grab one of Mike’s to wear, an idea he was happy to agree to.As I went into the kitchen in order to rinse the stain out under the tap, he disappeared upstairs.I’d finished rinsing out the shirt and had looked in on Mike who was still fast asleep on the sofa, when Andy called out from upstairs wanting to know which shirt he should wear?I made my way upstairs and entering the bedroom saw him searching through the wardrobe. His back was towards me, still bared and for reasons I can’t explain, just the sight of his toned, muscular body sent shivers running up and down my spine. To this day I don’t really know what came over me but the sight of him stood there caused an irresistible urge to run my hands over his body.I stepped up behind him as he asked me again which shirt he could put on.Ignoring his question I ran my hands over his lower back, feeling his body tense as my fingers smoothed their way over his warm flesh, upwards towards his shoulders.”Hmmm! Why hide a hunky body like this with a shirt?” I replied.Again I felt his body tense, the cause I believed to be as much to do with my suggestive words as it was my fingers soothing over his shoulders.Even now, looking back I have no idea where I got the courage to do such a thing. The reality was, other than kisses on birthdays, Xmas and the New Year I’d never been sexual with him before. I can only put it down to the quantity of drink I’d consumed, that and the dormant desire of attraction I knew existed. In any event, while a part of me knew what I was doing was wrong, right then nothing else seemed important. I couldn’t describe how good it felt running my hands over the warmth of his muscular body.For several moments Andy stood there in complete silence as my fingers gently rubbed and massaged their way over his shoulders. It felt so good, the heat of his body against my fingers and even now I remember having to firmly resist the very real temptation to lean close and kiss my way up and down his back.He was still tense, my fingers could sense that and I suspected it was going through his mind the sensible thing to do would be to put a stop to this once and for all. However, the truth was, for a long time now I’d suspected he’d had desires for me and I was almost certain it was these thoughts were causing him conflict, preventing him from simply stepping away.With me now caressing and stroking my fingers over his back and shoulders, the atmosphere in the room had changed. Instead of the light revelry which had existed doownstairs it was now thick with a sexual tension and as much as it was turning me on I knew, for the time being at least, I needed to lighten things.I slid my hands from his shoulders down to his waist.”Hmmm! How about I take this opportunity to see if you’re ticklish?” I told him. With that I started to tease my fingers over his waist, tickling him.He reacted straight away, his body clearly sensitive to my touch. Spurred on, I increased my efforts and this time, laughing and wriggling beneath my attack he doubled up falling backwards onto the bed. As he did, so he grabbed a hold of my wrists, his momentum taking me along with him.Again, being older and supposedly wiser I should, at the very least, have seen sense and climbed off the bed but in my tipsy and yes, aroused state I found the simple act of lying between his legs as I tickled him a real turn. Instead I continued to press home my advantage.”Cathy! Stop it! Please! Or else!””Or else what?” I responded, more than a little pleased my small, five foot three frame had complete control over this six foot hunk.”Or else I’ll start tickling you, that’s what.” He replied.”No, no. That’s not in the rules.” I argued.”Rules, what rules?” he asked.”My rules of course,””Well rules are made to be broken, so tell me why should I take any notice?”I thought for a moment knowing full well I didn’t have an appropriate answer.”Because I said so, that’s why.”By way of response he moved his hands down and squeezed my buttocks over my skirt.”Now now Andy, what did I just say?””You said no tickling? I’m not tickling you.””Oh! Then what are you doing?” I asked as he squeezed my bum again.”Isn’t that obvious, I’m just having myself a good feel of this sexy little bum of yours,” he replied.His words sent a shiver up and down my spine. It was the first time he’d ever paid me a sexual compliment and it felt good coming from him. His strong hands on my bum felt even better.I wriggled myself back against his hands. It was my way, without actually voicing the words, of indicating he should continue. My hands were still on his waist but by now my fingers were stroking over his flesh rather than tickling.We remained in that position for some moments, the two of us looking into one another’s eyes, him squeezing my buttocks, me stroking his waist, occasionally wriggling my body. The more I did, the more I knew I was getting him aroused for I could feel something hard beginning to press against me and the very thought I was getting him aroused was turning me on all the moreI leant forward, any ideas of tickling him long since forgotten. Our eyes remained locked, still neither one of us saying a word. Our faces now, no more than inches apart. The earlier sexual tension when we were stood by the wardrobe had increased tenfold, filling the room. I looked down at his lips. Lips that were so inviting.I was reminded of a time when I’d once walked in on my daughter and Andy having sex.Walked in is maybe a little too descriptive. Their door had been part open and I’d caught sight of their reflection in the bedroom mirror. They were in bed, their bodies partly covered by a sheet. Even so, from their positions it was clear Andy was taking my daughter from behind.It was of course a private moment and I should have turned and walked away but for some moments I’d stood there captivated by the movement of their bodies, more particularly Andy’s who was rhythmically thrusting in and out. My daughters cries and grunts of pleasure, which had excited me most, were muffled by the fact her face was pressed down into the pillow.Unseen I had stood by the door and watched. It had struck me as carnal, almost a****l like, especially so when Andy had started to grunt as his pace had increasedThen I had watched as he’d grabbed at her hair, pulling her head back violently before mashing his lips over hers where he’d finally bought my daughter to what I can only describe as a violent orgasm.I hadn’t stayed to watch any more. I had turned and left but for the rest of that day and indeed for some time to come the moment had stayed with me leaving me wistfully fantasising how it might be to have Andy take me that same way, roughly, holding me, kissing me as he ploughed himself deep into my body.Now here I was, my lips inches from his, aware at the very least, if nothing else, this might at least be my chance to find out how well he kissed. Moments later, unable to resist the thoughts filling my head I pressed my lips down onto his.His lips felt moist, fleshy, warm. I had no idea if he’d accept this. If he’d react and pull away. All I knew for sure was, I kept thinking of Mike, lying downstairs on the sofa, asleep. Never before had I done anything like this.Our marriage was strong…happy and these thoughts filled me with guilt yet as bad as I felt, the truth was, I couldn’t remember a time feeling this good about a kiss. Sure, it was wrong. I knew as much but the reality was, it felt so erotic.It seemed as if we’d been kissing for an age, though I suspect it had been no more than a few seconds before Andy finally pulled away.”Christ Cathy! Mike’s downstairs.” He argued.”He’s fast asleep.” I countered quickly.”He could wake.””He could but he won’t. You know as well as I do with all he’s had to drink he’s out for the count. Now be quiet and kiss me,” I ordered, shocking myself at how bold I sounded.” This wasn’t me at all but the truth was, I had finally sampled those lips of his and right then I wanted more.I leant in close, wondering if he’d respond once more or if he’d see sense and pull away. He responded, way better than I had imagined for this time when our lips met his tongue began probing suggestively, too and fro over my lips.Wanting more and sensing he did too, I willingly opened my mouth to allow his warm, slippery tongue to slip between my lips.I sucked gently on it at first, enjoying it’s feel, allowing him to probe deeper, loving the sensation of fethiye escort its slippery texture as he explored the inside my mouth.His hands slid down the side of my body then further down, his fingers tugging at the hem of my skirt, easing it upwards over my thighs.Again I didn’t need to be told I should never be allowing this to happen but all the while his fingers busied themselves, brushing lightly over my thighs his touch felt so sensual and I found it increasingly harder to resist.Moments later, I guess you could say he finally overstepped the boundary. I had eased my lips from his, about to suggest we maybe ought to stop, when I felt his hand slide beneath my skirt. His fingers began lightly caressing back and forth over the lace of my black knickers and instead of voicing what I’d intended, I instead found myself holding onto my breath as the reality of what was happening dawned.I knew then I needed to put a stop to all this once and for all but even as I was thinking these thoughts his fingers began kneading firmly into my buttocks. As they did, so I leant forward pressing my lips over his once more, this time quietly moaning my pleasure into the depth of his mouth, trying to convince myself this was simply one last kiss yet more than aware it was all getting way out of hand.It was all of my own doing. I knew this. I’d been the one to start. I’d been the one, thanks to the drink, feeling horny and it had been me turned on by the sight of his body. More importantly, It had been me, the one unable to resist the idea of touching him and of having the thoughts of getting a kiss or two.I tried to argue that’s all it had been. That I’d wanted nothing more than to feel the warmth of his body against my hands and maybe enjoy the kind of kiss my daughter had had that time. Now, laying there, his body beneath mine with any number of thoughts filling my head, I wasn’t so sure.The feeling of being in his arms was electric., though the idea of knowing Mike was only moments away downstairs should have been enough for me to have put a stop to it there and then. Yet while this one thought alone had caused the guilt to come rushing back it did nothing to reduce the feelings I was experiencing inside. Indeed, somehow knowing this, appeared to add to the excitement. Here I was lying on our marriage bed, in the arms of my son in law, sharing a kiss more passionate than I’d done in a long time, aware a big part of me didn’t want it to stop.Likewise, I felt Andy too was sharing these same feelings for as the moments passed the intensity of the kiss continued to grow. Our tongues had melded together, the two of us were now eagerly exploring one another’s mouth’s. No longer were my hands on his waist. One was around his neck, the other under his body, my fingers kneading their way into the flesh of his back. His were holding me close, every now and then his fingertips massaging into my back.Again thoughts of Mike downstairs on the sofa returned as did the guilt. As much as I was enjoying all that was happening I knew it couldn’t continue. I had to put a stop to it.I pulled away from Andy’s lips. About to tell him to stop, I felt his hand slip between my knickers and bared bum. He immediately started to stroke his fingertips, lightly, back and forth over my anus. That area of the body, for me at least, is most definitely an erogenous zone. The sensation was quite exquisite, and given, there I was in the arms of my son in law, unbelievably arousing.I heard a groan of pleasure escape my lips and at the same time I felt Andy begin to push his hips upwards. I could feel his hardening cock pressing into my body. It felt big. More to the point it felt good. Not just because it was a cock but that it was Andy’s cock. Someone I had long held a deep desire for. Lost in the pleasure of this passionate embrace I leant forward to resume our kiss.I think I knew then, at that precise moment in time, despite the fact my husband was only downstairs. Despite the fact a part of me still wanted this to stop, it was never going to happen. I had bought this all about myself and regardless how wrong I knew this was, I was going to have Andy Fuck me.Though I didn’t want our kiss to stop I eased back a little from his lips. I was moving my body against his now, enjoying his hardness.”Oh Andy! I can’t lie. I’ve wanted this for such a long time,” I gasped, “and with all that’s just happened, I think you’ve wanted this too.””For longer than you could ever know Cathy……But what about Mike?” he questioned.”No, as far as I’m aware, he doesn’t want you,” I giggled, amazed at myself I could still joke at a time like this”You know damn well that’s not what I mean,” he replied, squeezing hard on my bum.”I’ve told you, he’s out of it. We both know that.” I replied.He slipped a hand around the back of my head and pulled me into a firm, passionate embrace. Seconds later he pushed me away, leaving me wanting. It had been all too brief.”You realise this is a mistake Cathy?” He whispered.”Yes!” I replied, sliding a hand down between our bodies. I pressed my fingers over his hidden member which I could feel was growing bigger all the time.”Yes it’s wrong Andy.” I said once more. “But you’ve gotten Cathy’s pussy so so horny and right now all pussy can think about is this nice, hard cock”I leant forward where we kissed again, this time I ground my body firmly against his wanting him to know I was enjoying the closeness, the feel of his hardness. Again, after a few moments he eased me away.”You absolutely sure about this Cathy?”I thought about his question for no more than a few seconds.”Yes!! I almost hissed. Then, bolder than I’d ever been in my life added. “I want you to screw me Andy. I want you to take me hard and dirty like you did my daughter that time.”He eased me away from his body some more. I could see both surprise and confusion in his eyes.”What do you mean? When? What time?”I smiled down at him and went on to explain what it was I had witnessed that time. He listened, nodding occasionally as I recounted what I had seen, no doubt recalling for himself how it had been.”It was so erotic watching the two of you that day. You were so rough Andy. Almost a****l like. Watching you got me so aroused …..and so jealous.”Having finished describing all that had happened I looked down into his eyes. It was clear he was mulling it over and I was concerned he was having second thoughts.”I’m sorry Andy. I probably shouldn’t have told you all this?”Just then I felt his fingers squeeze my buttocks once more. He smiled up at me.”Not at all Cathy. I’m glad you did and now that you have it’s maybe time I told you something.” He paused as he collected his thoughts.”I may not have seen you and Mike together in the same way you did me and Tanya but there’s been any number of occasions I’ve seen the two of you kissing. The most recent being this Xmas just gone. That time in the kitchen when he pulled you under the mistletoe.””Tanya had been in the lounge. I’d wandered into the kitchen to get myself a beer, I guess moments after he’d pulled you under the mistletoe. Your eyes were closed but I was pretty sure you had seen me come in and as I watched the two of you I couldn’t help wonder if the way you were kissing him was as much for my benefit as it was your own. That you maybe had in mind to make me feel a little jealous. If that were the case Cathy, believe me it worked. Just seeing you in his arms, you can’t begin to know how much I wanted it to be me at that moment.””I quickly grabbed a beer from the side and left you to it but for the rest of the evening I couldn’t shake the image of what I’d seen from my head. I kept picturing you kissing him. I kept seeing you in his arms So much so, later in bed, when I was making out with Tanya, it was you I imagined beneath me.””Oh Andy! I never knew.” I whispered before leaning close to plant another passionate kiss on his lips.I pulled back and smiled down at him.”Is that how you imagined kissing me Andy?””Yes.” He replied.I slid my hand back over his growing erection, enjoying it’s hardness, it’s size as I rubbed my fingers firmly over his bulge.”Well Andy. Don’t you think it’s high time we both lived out our fantasy?”Despite his words I could see he still had doubts, that he was almost certainly thinking about my daughter.”You can say no Andy. It’s ok but let me just say. I’ve wanted this for a long time . I’ve imagined how it would be, feeling you inside me. Now feeling this,” I said, as I squeezed his erection, “I want to know if it’s every bit as good as it feels.””It’s up to you Andy but I’d like you to Fuck me! To Fuck me hard and dirty like you do my daughter. To have you deep inside, screwing me.”With all that had been said and now hearing my words of encouragement Andy rolled me over onto my back. Of course I couldn’t rid myself of the image of Mike downstairs on the sofa but my arousal was such I was able to push it aside.Having rolled me over Andy immediately pushed at the hem of my skirt, sliding it upwards along my thighs. He took a hold of my lace panties and began tugging them down.I assisted, lifting my buttocks off the bed until he’d pulled them clear and down around my ankles. I kicked them off, onto the floor where he climbed off the bed and for a moment stood facing me.I watched as he reached for my ankles and pulled my body towards the edge of the bed. As he pulled at my body, so my skirt slid higher up my thighs until, with my buttocks teetering on the edge of the bed my pussy was completely exposed to him.He dropped to his knees by the side of the bed and began stroking his fingertips up and down my thighs, from my knees to the very top. I mewled with pleasure, eager to know what he would do next.I didn’t have long to wait. He leant closer and I felt the heat of his breath on my thighs as his lips kissed against them, all the while his fingers continuing to tease their way up and down my bared thighs.I opened my legs wider for him then gasped out loud when he accepted the invitation, pressing his lips onto my wet, and more than willing cunt.My mind was a mix of emotion. A part of me felt bad allowing this to happen. I was cheating on Mike and going behind my daughters back yet as wrong as it was, there was no denying, it felt wonderful having Andy go down on me.I moaned out loud aware, with Mike only downstairs, far louder than I should but I didn’t care. Since Mike, this was the only guy to do this for me, and right then, I didn’t want it to stop.I felt his tongue flick across my swollen clit. I squealed out loud, my body exhilarated by the sensation. I reached down with both hands pressing them onto his head.”Yes Yes! More Andy!. Make me cum! Make Cathy cum on those lips of yours!” I pleaded.Down below, responding to my demand, Andy slid his hands beneath my buttocks, lifting my body up towards his lips as I in turn used both hands to push down on his head.His assault was un-wavering. One minute his tongue flicked and teased back and forth over my clit, the next, probed deeply between my pussy lips, working its way in and out like a small, slippery dick. Again the moans escaping my lips were far louder than I should have allowed.Andy eased back leaving my pussy wanting. I looked down to see him looking up into my eyes.”Careful Cathy. remember, Mike’s only downstairs.” He told me, clearly concerned we would be heard.His words bought back a flood of guilt. I was aware he was right, that however remote, it was still a possibility Mike could wake and make his way upstairs. Even so, there was no way I wanted this to stop. I reached down and once more pressed my hands lightly onto the top of his head. .”Then you’d better hurry and make this horny bitch cum for you.” I told him as I pressed down more firmly.I held my breath as his lips and tongue once more invaded my pussy. His escort fethiye caress was superb and I was in heaven. Mike had always enjoyed giving me oral. It was something he knew I loved and over the years it’s fair to say he’d become more than adept at giving, yet the fact was, what happening to me now was altogether different.It may have been Andy was better, though I suspect it was more the case my arousal had been heightened by the reality, this was my son in law and what we were doing was so wrong. The reasons didn’t matter. What did matter was, I needed him to finish me more than ever.Still using my hands to keep him there I closed my thighs around his head and began grinding my pussy firmly upwards against his lips and mouth.If Andy was suffering guilt it didn’t show. His fingers continued teasing back and forth over the cheeks of my arse as his lips and tongue busied themselves, kissing and sucking and licking on my pussy and clit.He was taking me towards the edge, nearer to climax. My body physically shook with excitement, my moans of pleasure continuous now.I had never wanted something so much. His hands, his lips, his tongue were driving me wild with desire. It was almost though his lips and tongue were as one with my body, each caress, each lightness of touch sending a spasm of pleasure coursing through every imaginable nerve ending. My body writhed beneath his touch as I continued to grind my pussy firmly onto his lips. He was causing me to act in a way I’d never done before, for aside from my moans of pleasure, the words escaping my lips were growing ever more explicit, ever more demanding.”Awww Fuck! Bring me off!” I demanded. “Make me cum you horny bastard!”He delved deeper with his tongue, sucked harder with his lips, my explicit language having the desired affect continued.”Ohhh Yes! Lick me Andy! Fuck me with that tongue of yours!” I cried.Our bodies moved as one now. Me pushing upwards, him working his fingers over my arse, his lips on my pussy unrelenting. The passion was intense, unbelievably so and as I twisted beneath him, grinding my pussy hard onto his lips, I could feel my orgasm take hold.I gasped out loud bucking hard against his lips as my pussy flooded with juices. I writhed beneath him like a grounded fish, twisting, turning, my body never having cum so hard. I could feel my juices squirting and I knew down below Andy was having to work hard to hold back the tide.With one long, final gasp of pleasure I threw my arms backward, my fists gripping the bedcovers tightly one moment, his head the next, my body writhing in ecstasy beneath his as Andy continued to devour both my pussy and juices. Finally, sated, I relaxed my grip against his head allowing him to come up for air, his fingers still caressing my thighs..I looked up at him, his face, his lips and mouth awash with my juices, the smile on my face evidence of how much I’d enjoyed his attention.”Was that good?” he queried, un-necessarily.””Awsome!” I groaned, my pussy still throbbing.”Jesus Cathy. For a moment there I thought you were going to wake Mike.”I turned my head to one side to listen. The silence confirmation he must still be downstairs asleep.”He’s still out of it.” I replied, reaching out for Andy with both hands. “Which means it’s time I returned the favour.”I waited as he rose from his knees before climbing onto the bed. He knelt there as I sat up and reaching for his trousers began undo his zip.”You sure Cathy?” He asked, again questioning the risks involved.”We’ve got away with it so far.” I countered. “After all, having made me cum like that it seems only fair I return the pleasure.”I slipped down his zip and peeled open his trousers, edging the waistband down over a pair of white briefs which in turn revealed a very healthy looking bulge. The tight fitted briefs appeared to enhance his size, the outline of his erection easily visible.I turned on the bed, getting to my knees and not wanting him to question the risks again I reached forward and began stroking my fingers up along the length of his outlined shape. The truth was this was the first and only cock I had touched since being married all those years ago and it felt good. I closed my fingers around its hidden girth as I adjusted my position until my eyes were level with his. I pressed my lips onto his wanting another of his tantalising kisses and at the same time, wanting to taste my own juices still smeared on his lips.His lips opened allowing my tongue to probe softly. I could taste my juices on his lips and moaned quietly, loving the sensation of his lips steadily sucking me into his mouth. I heard his moan mix with mine as my fingers continued to slide up and down against the outline of his briefs.Though not wanting the kiss to end I nevertheless eased back, my fingers now curled around both briefs and girth.”You sure as hell know how to give oral Andy so how about I take a turn? Would you like to find out how good Mum in law can be?” I asked.I heard him moan but didn’t wait for his answer. Instead I slipped my hand into the top of his briefs and eased down the waistband until his cock leapt free.I knelt back on my haunches to examine my prize.It was impressive. Maybe not as long as Mike’s but very definitely thicker, yet it was the head most appealing. A bulbous, bell shaped knob that I remembered thinking seemed the perfect shape for finding a girls g-spot. I could feel my pussy tingle with that very thought and was already eager to explore this b**st with my mouth.”Oh yes! Very nice” I purred as I reached out to run my thumb over its bell end to find it was already nicely coated in precum.I leant down where I flicked my tongue back and forth over its slippery head. Andy groaned aloud as I opened my mouth to fully savour the precum covering the head of his cock. Again I heard him moan as I gently lapped it up as if it were cream. I finished by opening my lips and closing my mouth fully over it’s head to suck the remaining cream into my mouth, easing back when I had finished.”Was that good Andy? I asked.”Yes!””And tell me, does my daughter enjoy sucking your cock?”I saw his lips form a grin. “Yes…..she does.” He replied.”Hmmm! Then I’d better make sure her mother does it better…..Hadn’t I?” I said.I reached out and curling my fingers around his thick shaft I began slowly stroking him up and down. As I did so more of his precum readily formed on the tip of his knob.”My my Andy! I’ve never seen such a juicy cock. Could it be Cathy has got you aroused?””Christ Cathy you know damn well you have.”Smiling, I leant forward to once more close my mouth over the head of his cock, swirling my tongue seductively around and around his helmet, teasing and licking at his precum, this time, not sucking his precum into my mouth but instead allowing it to remain attached to my lips like an umbilical cord as I eased back.I heard Andy groan and knew he was turned on by both what I’d been doing and the sight of how I must look.Still holding onto his shaft but now looking up into his eyes I purposely guided the tip of his knob around my lips, using it as if it were a lip gloss, except of course, the gloss I was applying was his sexual precum. Again I eased back, keen he should see me with my new make up applied.”How’s that for you so far Andy? Is it all you had hoped for?” I teased as I used the tip of my tongue to savour the precum on my lips.”Damn you’re a tease Cathy! One horny bloody tease.””Noooo! Not me Andy,” I replied, a smile dancing over my lips. “I’m not here to tease. That’s just a little warm up. A prelude to my proving I can suck cock much better than my daughter.”I reached down and slid the palm of my hand under his balls, my fingers immediately stroking beneath, causing him to emit a quiet moan.I shuffled forward on my knees where, placing a hand around his neck I pressed my lips over his once more, probing between his lips with my tongue.We kissed. Our joint moans of pleasure muffled as our heads turned passionately one way, then the other, one hand stroking his neck, the other beneath his balls, while his slid up and down my back.It was some moments before either of us wanted to break from the embrace. When we did I knelt back on my haunches once more, smiling up into his eyes.”Well Andy. Would you like me to continue? Would you like Cathy’s mouth to see what it can do for your lovely thick cock?””Oh God yes!” He moaned.I bent down, this time my mouth forming a perfect circle as I pressed my lips fully over his swollen knob and allowed my lips to slide a few inches down his shaft.I withdrew then immediately repeated my actions, this time making sure my lips gripped firmly on his shaft as I slid them up and down…once…twice…three times in quick succession before pulling away.He moaned out loud, his eyes closed as I reached forward to curl my fingers around the base of his shaft where I slid my hand upwards, watching as even more of his precum oozed from the eye of his swollen knob to leak down the side of his shaft.It looked so tempting, so inviting, nestled there on the tip of his knob. I had always loved the taste of precum and would often do something like this for Mike. As these thoughts invaded my mind so I was reminded he was still downstairs.I afforded myself a smile. Mike and I could never be classed as prudes. We had often talked to one another of our individual fantasies. Him with another woman, me with another guy but I had never once mentioned Andy as being on my list. I wondered what he would make if he were to walk in right at this moment, or for that matter, how I too would react, him discovering his wife on the bed, sucking on her son in laws cock?I looked down at Andy’s cock and again pushed these thoughts aside. As scared as I was about getting caught I wanted this more. The fact I had allowed Andy to dine on my pussy, I knew meant he would visit me again. It raised the argument we should maybe wait for another time when Mike was safely out of the house. The argument made sense but with how much Mike had drunk, I was sure we still had enough time. I reached out and using the fingers of my right hand, smeared his precum from the tip of his cock all the way down his shaft to its base. I leant forward, this time my lips, aided by his juices, gliding effortlessly down his length.I wanted him to enjoy. A part of me a little jealous, I wanted to prove I was better than my daughter.I sucked softly…..I sucked firmly….I bobbed my head up and down with vigour…I swirled my tongue around and around his helmet, all the while my fingers either stroking up and down his shaft or playing gently beneath his heavy balls.Several times I held tightly onto the base of his shaft, sure his moans of pleasure were a sign he was close and each time my action was enough to bring him back from the brink. As dearly as I would have loved to have seen his cock shoot its load, that would have to wait for another time. Despite the circumstances I’d made up my mind. Tonight I was going to have Andy Fuck me. Tonight my son in law was going to empty the entire contents of his balls deep into my cunt. I gorged on his cock once more, stroking his shaft, teasing with his balls, bobbing my lips up and down its length until eventually, pleased with my efforts, I allowed my lips to slip from his gorgeous cock.”Lie down Andy.” I told him.This time with little if any regard for the situation he did as I’d asked without question. It was proof, if any were necessary, he wanted this as much as I did.For several moments I stayed where I was, admiring the shape of his cock, loving how upright it stood, teetering over his belly, knowing in just a few moments I was going to lower my pussy down onto its thick, meaty and slippery shaft.He watched me as I shuffled my way towards him before rising off my knees. I got to my feet finding it hard fethiye escort bayan to maintain balance on the bed as I stepped astride his body. I stood still, looking down.Just watching his eyes travel up and down my body, seeing the lust in them, knowing, despite my age he was admiring what was stood before him was enough to cause my juices to flow once more.I looked down at his face, his eyes, for now at least, finally done with checking me out. It made me realise how much a woman enjoys being looked at and I wanted him all the more.”Was that good Andy? Did Cathy pass the test? Was I better than my daughter?””Damn right you were!” He replied.”My lips spread wide in a grin.”Good, and you should know, I enjoyed doing that for you too. In fact it made me a little jealous knowing how much fun my daughter’s been getting, being Fucked by such a lovely thick cock.”Below it was Andy’s turn to smile.”The thing is…it doesn’t seem fair Andy. “I think a cock this good needs to be shared, don’t you?” I continued. “Don’t you think it only fair my daughter should share your lovely cock with her mother?”Again his lips formed a slight grin.”Somehow I don’t think she’d agree with you Cathy.””No. I guess not.” I answered as I reached down with both hands to grip the hem of my skirt.I saw the movement of his eyes as I began to ease the hem higher, each hand movement slow, defined, hitching it up inch by inch to reveal more and more of my thighs. The truth was I felt dirty, my doing that for him, yet at the same time it felt so good, knowing his eyes were following my every move. Knowing I had his complete attention.I pressed on edging the hem higher and higher until my pussy came into view. His eyes opened wide when I slid a hand onto my pussy lips. I could immediately feel my wetness as I teased a finger back and forth. Just looking at him I could tell how aroused he was with the idea of my playing with myself. I wasn’t the least bit surprised for Mike too had often enjoyed watching me at play.”How about you Andy? What is it you think? Do you think you should share? Wouldn’t you like to share your cock with this pussy?”I saw his tongue flick lasciviously across his lips. I saw the look in his eyes, both a sign, if any were needed, he wanted this every bit as much as me.”Yes. You know damn well I would.” He almost hissed.”Good! I think it’s only right.” I said, then closing my eyes I rubbed two fingers firmly over my already wet pussy letting a mewl of pleasure escape my lips.Withdrawing my hand I raised my fingers level with my mouth and flicked out my tongue to taste my own juices. It wasn’t so much I wanted to taste more of myself but that I wanted to excite Andy still further.I turned my eyes back towards his.”You’ve got me more than ready for you Andy.” I told him. “But just remember, with Mike only downstairs we haven’t as much time as we might like and we’ll have to try and be quiet.””If it’s not what you want Cathy we can wait for a better time, when Mike’s out of the way.” He answered somewhat nervously.I reached down to place my fingers back over my pussy once more, again feeling the sense of excitement watching his eyes follow my every move.”Oh don’t worry Andy. I shall be looking forward to that time too.” I told him “But right now, all I want is to be Fucked. I want to feel this cock inside me. Fucking me like it does my daughter. I want to cum for you Andy but most of all I want to know what it feels like feeling this cock throbbing as you empty your balls inside me.”With the talking all done I held onto my skirt as I bent from the knees. Slowly but surely I lowered myself down to his waiting erection. Moments later I slipped a hand onto his shaft ready to help guide him in.I eased down some more and using my fingers to help guide him, heard myself gasp as the head of his cock prised open my pussy lips, embedding itself no more than two inches inside my cunt. It felt good, my pussy having to adapt to his size.I lifted upwards then sank down some more, whimpering as a further two inches disappeared into my cunt.”Oh Andy! You’re so thick! I groaned.”Is that a problem?” he asked.”Nooo! Not at all. It was just how I expected you would be.”I leant forward to rest my hands eitherside of his shoulders. Using them as a lever I began rocking up and down, each downward movement slowly but surely allowing more of his cock inside.Until now Andy had just laid there allowing me my own time to adjust to his size. I slowed, sensing he was almost all the way inside, confident I would now be able to handle him.I leant closer still, my face inches from his.”I’m ready for you Andy. Do me! Go on! Do me now!” I urged.I braced myself in readiness for what was about to happen. Even so, it was far more than I’d anticipated. It appeared he’d had further to go than I’d believed and when he thrust forward I’d cried out far louder than I should.He immediately stopped, the grip from my pussy lips the only thing preventing his withdrawal.”Sorry Cathy. Are you ok?””Oh God yes!” I whimpered. “It was just more than I expected was all.”I wriggled my hips, loving the feel of him as I bedded a little further down onto his shaft. “Don’t stop Andy! Do it! Do me again!” I begged.This time he was more gentle, easing back before slowly pushing his way home. I couldn’t believe how hard he felt, never mind how well he filled my pussy.He drew back then thrust again, a little harder this time. Again I was unable to prevent myself from crying out.”Damn Cathy! Have you forgotten Mike?””I’m sorry Andy. I can’t help it. Your cock feels too damned good.”He thrust again and this time I was able to hold back my cries. A second…a third time and still not a sound but when he drew back and thrust for a fourth time I could feel his cock pushing all the way home and despite biting down on my lips, I was unable to stop myself crying out louder than ever.Beneath me Andy instantly pulled back.”Christ Cathy. I can’t handle this.” He told me.He slid from beneath me, his cock slipping from my pussy leaving me feeling empty. He sat up and for a moment I thought it was over, that he’d given up on me.I was wrong. Instead he ordered me to turn around and get onto my knees.I did as he’d asked without question for I didn’t want this to stop. Moments later he placed his hands on my shoulders and I felt the warmth of his breath against my neck as he pressed his lips close to my left ear.”Get down Cathy. Use the pillows. Push your face into them to stop your cries.”.I felt the pressure of his hands on my shoulders as he pushed me forward and down. Seconds later I was knelt forward, my head on the pillow, my arse up in the air. I turned my face sideways to watch him from the corner of my eye.His hands slid up my legs, up my thighs, pushing my skirt high above my waist exposing me to him.For the briefest of moments he appeared to pull back but when he moved forward it was to feel the head of his cock nudging against my pussy. I groaned quietly as thoughts of him screwing my daughter this way came flooding back. I could feel my pussy juicing with the very idea he was about to take me that exact same way.He pushed forward and down below I could feel the head of his cock opening me up and to stifle the cry I pushed my face down into the pillow.I didn’t need to be told this was going to be something special. His cock was so hard, so thick and already it felt like he’d filled me up yet I knew he still had a way to go.He eased back and I turned my face from the pillow just in time for him to push forward again.”Oh God yeeesssss!” I gasped, the pleasure intense as he filled my throbbing cunt ever deeper.When he eased back and pushed home for a third time I knew I was probably only one more thrust away from a climax. Instead he held me there, his cock unmoving, buried to the hilt. I’d never felt so full. The feeling was incredible.I thought back to the day I had watched him screwing my daughter. If I had known then she’d been feeling this good I could never have waited this long.I wanted to push back. I wanted to rock against his cock but his pressure together with the weight of his body were restricting me.I felt his hand slide up along my back. Seconds later his fingers combed through my hair gripping it firmly. It hurt when, using his grip on my hair he pulled my head off the pillow, turning my face slightly back towards him.”Was this how you saw me doing your daughter that day Cathy?” He questioned.”Yes!” I gasped.His grip on my hair seemed to tighten as he pulled my head further off the pillow. It was hurting and I wanted it to stop yet at the same time, his pulling me back like this was causing his cock to press deeper, sending my pussy into spasms.”And is this what you’ve been wanting ever since Cathy? For me to take you just like I took her that day?””Oh God! Yes!” I groaned as vivid images flashed through my mind of him taking my daughter.I felt his cock move deeper as he leaned over my body to press his mouth close to my ear. Still gripping my hair he whispered. “Then you’d better make sure that face of yours is pressed hard into that pillow Cathy cos you’re about to get the hardest Fucking you’ve ever had.””I’ve waited years for this Cathy and this is my moment. You’re going to get so much pleasure you’ll be begging me to stop. I’m going to make you cum for me Cathy. You’re going to cum so Fucking hard down my cock it will feel you can’t cum anymore, and when you do, I’m going to Fuck you even harder! I’m going to make you cum again and again and only when I’m good and ready, only when my cock’s had enough of sharing this horny little cunt am I’m going to empty it into you, to the point, three days from now your pussy is still going to be dripping my spunk. Do you hear that Cathy? Is that what you want?””Oh you Bastard Andy! Yes! It’s what I want. Fuck me Andy! Fuck me like you Fuck my daughter.”He pushed my face back down into the pillow before letting go of his grip on my hair. I remained there pressing my mouth hard into the soft pillow as he began to thrust.By the third thrust I was coming down his cock and if it had not been for his idea about the pillow, it would not have just been my husband who’d have heard my screams.By the fifth and sixth thrust I could hear him growling, almost a****l like as if this were his only opportunity to mate. It didn’t matter. I was in heaven. I had already cum once and could feel a second orgasm building.I lost count how many times he had ploughed his way into me. I pushed back against his body, rocking too and fro so we were both Fucking with a kind of erotic rhythm.I thought of Mike downstairs and hoped he was still asleep though right then, for all I could care, he could walk in and I could never have stopped.I thought of my daughter but strangely I felt no remorse. If this was what she’d been getting all these years it really did, only seem fair I had some too. She’d always been favoured, well now it was time she needed to learn to share and if going behind her back was how it would happen, then that’s how it was going to be.Behind, Andy continued ploughing his meat into my furrow and when he reached down beneath my body to grab a hold of my tits through my top, to use them like someone would rein in a horse, I did nothing more than buck back for as far as I was concerned, he could ride this mare, however and whenever he wanted.That evening with Andy changed me for good. In that one, short space of time I learned things about myself I never knew I had in me. Taken by Andy, I went from being a married, respectable, faithful wife to someone more than happy to cheat on her hubby.So far as my marriage goes, it remains strong. If anything I am now even more attentive where Mike is concerned. As for Andy, he’s remained good to his word. When Mike is away on business and my daughter at work, he will often call over to share that lovely thick cock of his with me.My daughter…..she’s none the wiser. In reality, she continues to receive regular attention from Andy’s cock, the only difference nowadays being, it now has two pussies to keep happy.

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