My Sister Blows Me in My Tent Ch. 04

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Ava Sparxxx

We all spent the rest of the day out in the water. Janey hung out with Liz who seemed to be lonely as she kept coming over to us while I tried to cop a feel on my sister. We all had the unpleasant moment of hearing both Carl and Josephine cum. My friend screamed out “Jesus H. Christ!” when he nutted and Josephine screamed like a banshee.

It was very hilarious and even more so when I saw the look of embarrassment on Liz’s face. Her cheeks got bright red and she swam quickly to the beach as if their orgasms were going to pollute the lake. I looked at Janey to see her reaction to the wild sounds that Carl and Josephine were making. She was grinning as she looked at them.

“They are so unashamed. It’s kinda hot,” Janey said. “I had no idea that Carl was like this.”

I laughed. “If you only knew. Carl goes literally wild when he is out in the woods. It’s like he sheds a part of himself when he’s out here.”

“What about you? Do you shed a part of yourself when you come out to the woods?” Janey asked me with a smile.

I grinned at her. “I guess I do. I mean I never thought that I would be hooking up with my sister out here! I took your virginity!”

“And I’m glad you did,” Janey said. “This was the perfect place to do it. I couldn’t have picked a better spot.”


“What are you two talking about over there?” Carl yelled to us. He and Josephine were far away from us and still cuddled up in the water.

I laughed. “We were talking about how weird you sounded when you came. It was like a donkey braying or something.”

Carl laughed. “Get the fuck out of here! I did not sound like that.”

“Didn’t he sound like a donkey, Josephine?” I asked her. Josephine laughed and nodded. Carl dunked her head under the water and she came back up laughing.

“Damnit. Here comes, Liz. Let’s chat later,” I said. Liz was swimming towards us again and I began to swim away from my sister. I floated on yalova escort my back and looked up at the beautiful blue sky. It was such a perfect day and I knew that I was never going to forget it. So many wonderful things had happened.

“We should set up camp, soon,” Carl yelled out to all of us. “Before it gets too dark.”

He and Josephine began to swim back towards the beach. I must say that I could not help myself as I took a peek at Josephine’s naked body when they walked on the beach. My cock started to get hard as I looked at her. Her tits were so big and she had a nice ass. She stretched her limbs out and was completely unaware of my eyes upon her. I looked over at Janey and Liz and saw that they were both looking at Josephine and Carl’s naked bodies.

Carl grabbed Josephine’s boob playfully and she grabbed at his cock. I saw Liz’s face turn bright red again but she did not look away. I wondered if she was checking her brother out because I noticed that as Carl ran up the beach away from Josephine, her eyes followed him.

A grin came to my face as I watched how intently Liz looked at Carl. I wondered if someone else had incest on their mind today.

“Why don’t they put their clothes on? No one wants to see their gross bodies,” Liz said.

I laughed. “What’s wrong, Liz? You don’t like seeing your brother’s bare ass?”

Liz’s face got even redder and I laughed. She looked away from the beach but her head went right back in Carl’s direction. Carl and Josephine were play-wrestling on the beach and we all got an eyeful of their nude bodies.

Janey was grinning at Liz. “Why don’t we all take off our clothes?”

Liz looked at Janey as if she had just slapped her. “W-w-what?”

“Let’s all take off our clothes. I mean there’s no one out here but us and it’s not like we can always get the chance to do this.”

Liz’s head snapped in my direction and I must say I was as shocked as she was yalova escort bayan but a grin came to my face. This was very exciting. I wanted to see Janey’s naked body again and did not mind catching a peek at Liz’s too. I figured that Liz would back out and make up some excuse anyway.

“You are ok with getting naked in front of your brother?” Liz asked Janey.

“Yeah, it’s no big deal. I mean I’ve seen him naked many times throughout the years because we live in the same house. I’m sure you’ve seen Carl naked before today too. It’s whatever,” Janey said nonchalantly.

I had to give it to my sister. She was good. She was even convincing me even though I knew I was going to take my boxers off.

“Sure,” I said. “It’ll be fun.”

“Ok, I’m taking my bra and panties off,” Janey said. Her hands moved to her bra and it came off quickly and floated on the water. She then reached down and took off her panties. She bundled them up in her hand.

I took off my boxers in excitement and held them in my hand. Janey and I both looked at Liz to see what she would do. Liz looked at us both for a moment then she slowly took off her bra and then her panties. I couldn’t see anything and wanted to desperately go underwater to see both of their naked bodies but forced myself not to. The thought was so damn tempting though.

“Great! We all are naked together! Doesn’t it feel great?” Janey asked Liz.

Liz was covering up her boobs shyly and a smile started to form on her lips. She nodded. “Yeah, it does.”

“That’s great!” Janey leaned back and floated on her back. Liz and I got a nice view of my sister’s tits. My cock started to get hard as I looked at them. Liz was in awe of Janey as she looked at her.

“Come on, Liz. Float with me,” Janey said.

Liz looked at me shyly as I looked at her.

“I promise I won’t stare at your boobs,” I said with a grin.

“Whatever. I don’t care,” Liz said with courage. escort yalova She rose and started to float on her back. I did the complete opposite of what I had just said to Liz. My eyes were fixated on her tits. Her boobs were so round and pink. Her nipples were very tiny and a lovely flamingo color. My dick twitched.

Liz knew that I had to be looking at her because she spread her legs wide instead of keeping them rather close. My eyes widened as I looked at her pussy. There wasn’t a single strand of hair on it. Her pussy lips were puffy and spread open a little as she kept her legs wide.

My dick was now harder than ever. I wanted to fuck Liz and it almost made me laugh because I had never thought of her in that way. She was Carl’s goody-two-shoes sister who we always tolerated.

“Why don’t you float too?” Janey asked me. There was a grin on her face and I knew that she knew I was hard.

“Um…in a second,” I said with a laugh.

“What’s wrong? We are floating here with our tits our for you to see and you don’t want to do the same?” Liz said.

“I kinda have a situation going on down here.”

Liz frowned and then she got it and began to laugh. Janey joined her and both cracked up at my problem. My cock was not going to go down. It was hard and throbbing.

“Fuck it,” I said as I tilted my head back and began to float. I heard splashing as both Janey and Liz sank back into the water and were looking at my erect cock. It stood right up like a flag in the water. I turned my head slightly to look at them and saw that Liz’s eyes were glued to my dick. She wasn’t even trying to hide it. Janey was also looking at my cock with a smile.

“Wow, your dick is long!” Liz said.

I laughed. “Thanks.”

“Have you seen his dick before?” Liz asked Janey.

Janey nodded. “Yup, like I said it’s impossible when you live together. Do you like his cock, Liz?”

Liz blushed and smiled shyly. “I-I don’t know. I guess.”

Janey and I both laughed. Liz blushed harder and smiled as she continued to look at my cock.

“Hey, what’s going on out there?” Carl shouted out to us from the beach. We all started laughing.

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