My sexy wife keeps teasing my friends

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My sexy wife keeps teasing my friendsThat Friday night my sensual wife had performed a striptease in our home, for a group of my friends. Later we fucked like rabbits and I even could take her tight rosebud just for me…Ana had been turned on by the experience and the resulting excitement and appreciation of those men watching her. One of my buddies had recorded the entire show with my own camera; now the group was badgering me to watch that video…So finally one night the guys returned to my house and we watched it together. The viewing night was, however, a bit too much for Ana to join us; so she had gone out for the evening with a girlfriend. As we watched it was clear that everyone found the sight of my wife while she wore a mask, very arousing. I noticed some of the guys were rubbing their crotches as Ana’s body swayed in the screen…At the end, the guys were all keen to see more of my sexy wife in her sexy outfit and out of it… They wanted to take some pictires of Ana as she modelled for us.They suggested that she wore her mask again, to preserve her anonymity; but they would be allowed to keep the photos; but none of them should ever publish those pictures…I said that I would arrange with Ana if she wanted to carry on.I was sure my wife would accept, since she had done the strip and been very turned on by that. When she returned home, she asked me how the evening had gone. She was delighted about knowing my mates had jerked their cocks watching the video.She went a bit serious after I suggested the photo session. But then she surprised me by agreeing to their request.She put down some conditions: she would decide on her own outfit; only the same guys who attended before could come along and we should use a hotel room out of town. The guys were all surprised and delighted that my sensual babe had agreed so readily. Mitch said he knew a motel closet o the highway with large romos enough to accommodate all the guys.I began to experience a huge sense of excitement. I had been turne don by seeing my wife exposed in front of my mates and the effect she had on them. I got rock hard just thinking about it…A week later the session went ahead. Mitch had hired the motel room. The other guys had arrived yet and were sitting around, having dome beers, when Anita and I entered the room.I saw Mike had a shopping bag placed next to him on the floor. He explained it was some stuff for Ana to use later if she wanted…Ana look at me and took a deep breath. She would change her clothing in the toilet, as the guys were getting ready their cameras.Peter tuned on some erotic music for our sexy model…A few minutes later Ana came into the room. She looked amazing in a tight red silk blouse and a long black pencil skirt with a zip up the front from waist to hem. She wore high red heels and her blonde hair was worn up on her head. She had the mask in a hand.The guys whispered and murmeures she was stunning.Ana slipped the white mask onto her face and asked the guys what did they want her…Mitch started asking her to adopt various poses with her hands, on hips, turning her back to us, raising a leg onto a chair, cupping her round boobs over her blouse, bending forward yo show us her butt.Then Ana received some instructions: to remove her blouse in various stages, opening a few buttons, putting a hand inside her blouse, opening it completely and hanging loosely open. Then she opened it fully to canlı bahis show us her new black lacy bra. My sensual babe cupped both boobs; then she fingered the outside where her nipples were, to make them stand out and push through the see through fabric. I switched my own camera onto the video setting, so I could get moving shots of the guys appreciating my wife’s curvy body.Then Ana removed her blouse and threw it aside. She teasingly opened her legs slightly and stretched her tight skirt to the limit. She reached down to the zip and slowly began to raise it, opening a slit in the front of her skirt exposing more of her black stockings.She turned her back to them and slowly raised her skirt for more shots. Suddenñy she unzipped the skirt completely and let it fall. She was wearing black cut nylon panties over a black lacy suspender belt. Anita turned to face us. The panties were tight, pulled right up into her crotch and showing her tight camel toe.The guys kept instructing her. They had Ana sitting on the low table; then they wanted her legs up so they could get good shots of her panty gusset. Then they wanted her kneeling on all fours to get her bra containing her fully tits hanging down.Still on all fours, they had Ana opening her legs wide and dipping her chest onto the table so that her crotch was spread under her panties and presented towards their camera lenses. At this point Mike picked up his mysterious bag and asked Ana to hold one of the stuff he had brought, The stuff turned out to be – vibrators, buttplugs and a huge black dildo.Anita took a vibrator and ran it over the crotch of her panties; with her legs apart. But then she slipped the tip of the vibrator inside her panty. As the guys snapped away, Ana ran it up and down her crotch, clearly teasing her pussy lips, which we could not see…This was really turning the guys on.Suddenly Ana asked who would dare to lick her nipples…Mike leant in to her boobs and put his tongue out onto Ana’s nipple and licked it slowly and deliberately while she gave a slight groan.Then my friend took it completely into his mouth and sucked. I could not believe my eyes. I got a rock hard erection immediately. Mike was in heaven, but soon Ana pulled back, he had had his fun. Next the guys wanted her to lay on her back on the bed, with her long legs spread wide. Ana raised her knees and then lifted her legs back onto her chest, showing her panty gusset yet again.Then she reached under herself and began to pull off her panties. There were some gasps from the men as she pulled those sexy panties down her calves. Then she kicked them off and lay back, with her labia now fully visible between her thighs. Everyone was focused on her crotch as she slowly opened her legs and raised then upwards. Her wet glistening cunt was fully on show; then it began to open as her legs went further apart. Finally her very tight rosebud came into view; she held the pose.I saw a few mates adjusting their hard cocks inside their trousers. I focused on her open pussy, which glistened with her own juices. Ana looked at then teasingly, placing her fingers at her pussy lips and opening them up. We all could see her swollen clit as she opened up.Mitch handed her the huge black dildo, asking her to put it in…Ana laughed under the mask and she teased her outer lips with it, getting her moistened nicely from her own juices. Then she slowly introduced the tip bahis siteleri of this monster rubber cock into her wet vagina. All guys snapped some shots as Ana slipped the whole dildo in stages into her wet engorged pussy.Then Mitch asked her if she could use also the buttplug.Ana laughed again, saying they were a bunch of naughty bastards.But she took the thick plug and began holding against her very tight anal opening. She tried twice; then she asked Peter to put his saliva on the tip to make it easier for her to get it into her asshole.Peter even leaned over her and spat on Ana’s tight rear door.Then she tried again, putting the tip pressing onto her tight hole.At first nothing happened; but then it became clear that her anal ring was slowly opening. She withdrew pressure and allowed her sphincter to relax, then pushed the plug again. This time her ring opened further and, with a gasp from my slutty wife, the end went up her arse which then closed around the plug. Many photos were taken as Anita held that pose, finally she withdrew it, leaving her anus open for a few seconds for some hot gaping sphincter shots.Then Ana relaxed her legs and stretched out on the bed. The guys were obviously very pleased with what they had seen so far, but it was clear that they were expecting more. They wanted some hardcore with my sexy teaser wife…The guys asked me if I could fuck my wife in front of them. Anita was horny and she accepted to do this. She got wetter and wetter and her breathing became shallower; I could guess she was in a pre orgasm state now, as I shoved a finger deeply inside her wet cunt, as she stood on all fours.Anita came onto my finger; the guys snapped ther cameras as her body shivered in lust and ecstasy. After her intense orgasm subsided, I just withdrew my finger from her satisfied pussy and transferred my attention to her anus.I slowly teased her anal ring with my index finger, making sure it was as slippery and wet as I could. Ana pushed her butt and I felt her anus push against my finger. My incredible babe started to rock back and forth on my finger, which I was able to insert fully into her rectum. Then, I placed my middle finger into her vagina and double fingered her slowly for the benefit of my mates. Some of the guys unzipped their flies and grabbed their erect dicks, masturbating slowly in time to my fingering on Anita’s holes. Peter said they wanted to see my hard dick inside of Ana’s cunt. But I replied I would not be able to do that in front of them…Then Mike said he would be able; he would love to shove his huge cock deep inside of my wife’s sweet tight cunt. But he added it would not be a fucking; but just he would put it like with the vibrator. All stills, no real movement. Mike had a cock really massive; not only it was long, but also thick.He came over me and whispered he got condoms with him.I was speechless. I looked at Anita. The idea was making me as horny as hell: another guy having his huge cock in my wife, while I took shots with my camera, just watching at them…But then Ana murmured she was fine with Mike’s dick. She said only a few shots with her impaled in that filthy cock, no fucking…She smiled, saying it would be nice to feel a giant dick up her…Mike took down his trousers as all the rest of us looked on. His dick was at least ten inches long and was extremely thick. The head of it was red and glistening with pre cum. He began bahis şirketleri to put a condom onto the monster thing. Ana looked a bit apprehensive as she put the mask back in place, climbed onto the table and lay on her back with her bum cheeks at the table edge. She raised her legs up and parted them in the air, ready to receive Mike’s huge knob. Before Mike got closer to her, Ana asked me to lubrícate her cunt with some oil she had in her purse. I put some liquid in my fingers and began to stimulate and moisten her up. I was so enthusiastic, that I almost made her cum in my fingers…I was able to get four fingers inside her with ease.When I felt she was ready, I withdrew my fingers and Mike stepped forward. All cameras were pointing at Ana’s pussy lips now as that lucky bastard touched her outer vaginal lips and placed his thick cockhead against her wet cunt entrance. Mike stood still, with his prick jumping slightly every few seconds. Then he pushed slightly forward and an inch of his cock went up my wife. She gasped, but she was holding steady. She opened her long legs even wider, probably to make it more comfortable as this huge log went inside her. After a few seconds another inch or two went up my wife’s pussy. I swallowed. Ana had both hands holding her ass cheeks open.Mike commented she was very tight for his thick cock.I was jealous of his huge knob and worried my wife would never be satisfied with me again, but I was turned on by watching them.My sexy wife moved one hand to her clitoris and began to play with herself. I knew she loved the sensation of having her pussy filled by this huge dick. Then she closed her eyes and sighrd very softly. I knew she was enjoying the slow penetration, inch by inch…Then Mike pushed the rest of his over sized cock up my wife.I saw Anita move her hips back and then forward again as Mike went up her. He had tipped her over the edge and now my horny babe began to rock with orgasm.Mike looked at me and said he was very sorry; but now he had to fuck my wife’s hot cunt against my will…With that, he just grabbed Ana’s hips and began to pump in and out of her wet stretched cunt with long strokes; with his huge prick almost out of her then buried in as far as it could go. His long strokes were getting faster and faster as my wife bucked back and almost screamed that she was coming onto that dick.Mike cried he was coming too and he pumped away a few more times. Then he pulled his massive dick out of Ana; showing the tip of the condom full of white semen.This was all too much for me. I opened my flies, got out my own dick and went up to Anita; pulled the mask off her face sank my prick into her wet mouth. My sensual wife sucked me greedily and seconds later I exploded into her mouth. The rest of the guys had taken this as a sign; they forgot their cameras and took out their hard cocks. They started masturbating openly over my wife…I stepped back as all my buddies wanked themselves over her.Anita stood there lying on her back; her thighs closed and she received several gobbets of sticky thick cum over her face and tits.Then my sexy naked wife stood uo and she went to the toilet.When she came out again, she smiled at the guys who were dressing again. My sexy wife was still naked and she announced next time it would be anal, but just with her hubby’s cock up her.I could not believe my eyes about watching Ana saying this.She whispered in my ear Mike’s huge cock had hit her womb very deep, so she was really sore now. But she added her asshole was aching for a nice cock… and mine was the only one she would like to feel tonight, when we would go back home…

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