My Scuba TV Pet

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My Scuba TV PetI was surprised. I’d thought it was something that would have appealed to you and that you’d have tried a long time ago, but obviously not.  ??Let’s do it today then, I said, making the decision for both of us. The water’s warm this time of year so catsuits will be fine, no need for a wetsuit. And I know a dive-boat where we’d be made very welcome.  If you had any views on the matter you didn’t share them. But then you were at something of a disadvantage. I watched as your head moved up and down on my swollen cock. The arm-binder restraining your arms behind your back must be really painful by now. But did I care? Not really. I lay back on the bed and watched your reflection in the mirror. Tight, tight black latex covered your perfect curves. How magnificent you are, and you’re mine. Yes, I know a dive-boat where you will indeed be made very welcome.There were some curious but admiring looks from the other men on the boat. A catsuit is not normal dive gear, but then when it’s worn as well as you wear it nobody was going to complain. And you did enjoy it. You loved the weight of the gear, the taste and the smell of the rubber hoses, the willing hands tightening straps but still finding time to touch you and feel the firm muscles encased inside that catsuit. There was a tension building in the boat and there would be only one way to release it. But that would come later – the dive would come first.…………. I doubt if I’ve ever seen you look so full of life as you were after the dive. The excitement I’d seen before of course, but as I helped güvenilir bahis ease the cylinder off your shoulders you seemed unable to contain yourself. Words poured out, eyes wide open, breasts rising and falling and, as my hands ran over you, the cock between your legs swollen and swelling. You pressed back against me and felt my own cock, firm inside my suit, wanting to be deep inside you. Your hand slipped back and began to stroke me. The temptation to allow you to continue is almost irresistible, but I have other plans.I place a hand around your throat and gently squeeze. You close your eyes and gasp; memories of past experiences no doubt slipping through your mind and anticipation thrilling your body. I whisper that perhaps our hosts deserve some appreciation first. Releasing you, you look along the boat. Men, extremely fit and muscular young men, are peeling back their wetsuits to reveal cocks in various stages of erection. As you watch they sit along the side of the boat, gazing at you with a lust I’ve seen so often before in men’s eyes when they see you. The tension, it’s back. I nudge you forward and push you to your knees. I place a collar and leash around your neck and tell you to crawl – the crew is waiting. You glance back at me, reproach burning in your eyes. No words are exchanged but I know what you’re thinking. I’d promised never to do this to you. No groups, no public humiliation; those had always been your red lines. But you should know by now that I lie. The thought of seeing you used in public by a group of men proved too güvenilir bahis siteleri great a temptation. I’m sorry. No, actually I’m not; but then neither will you be. The sway of your hips as you crawl across the bottom of the boat is deliberately exaggerated. It’s as if you’re saying that if I want you to whore in public that’s exactly how you’ll behave. You’re going to be the best little rubber slut that these men have ever had. The first cock is already trembling as your lips touch the base of its shaft. Slowly your mouth moves along its length, the tip of your tongue teasing the fat gland on the underside of the shaft. As you reach the head, you draw back and your eyes fix on the man for a moment and then opening your mouth wide you let his cock slide deep inside. You look intoxicated by the taste and smell of his wetsuit, rich in salt, sweat and pre-cum already leaking from his cock.There never was a chance that he could last for long; and as I watched his stomach and thigh muscles tensed and he placed a large hand on the back of your head. Lifting his ass off the side of the boat he began to thrust into your mouth. Once, twice and on the third stroke he came, shouting out as his cum pumped into your throat. He pulled back and a stream splashed across your hood and into your eyes. You look back at me. Is this what you wanted to see? Does this please you? You turn back and crawl towards the next man. Different men, different cocks, same result. Your hood and suit are covered. Rivulets of cum trickle across your breasts and slip from iddaa siteleri your mouth and eyes. After each man you turn to show me their cum in your mouth before swallowing. Any reserve you had is long gone. As the last man empties himself into your aching mouth, I reach forward and my fingers find the zip at your crotch. Your hard cock slips from your suit and the reaction of the divers amuses me. Shock from one, surprise from many but knowing smiles from a few, their faint suspicions confirmed. Placing my hands on your shoulders I lay you on your back on the floor of the boat. One last act, I say, as I move your hand down to your crotch. Slowly you begin to stroke yourself, your other hand finding a nipple and pinching it hard. I doubt if I’ve ever seen you so excited, so wanton, so desperate for the release that an orgasm will bring. This was all to be your performance, your public display, but now I have to join in. I kneel between your legs and push them back, sliding my cock deep inside you.Around us the divers have been watching, but who could only watch? Cocks, once satisfied are swollen again. Hands, hardened by the sea pump faster as they watch us. The first sprays his cum over my hood and as I lean forward your tongue licks it up greedily. The next unloads over your breasts. The next, the next, the next …. it is too much for us. I sense that you are about to climax, and knowing that spurs me on to greater efforts. At the first spurt from your cock I find my own release. One last thrust and I bury my seed deep inside you.  You hold me tight, oblivious to everyone but me. Looking into your eyes I know that you’re mine. I own you and there is nothing you wouldn’t do to please me. And as our tongues meet and mingle the cum of other men, I know that you will have testing times ahead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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