My perfect life part eight

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We lay and cuddled for a while, exhausted and very satisfied. My lover’s cum was leaking from my pussy, it was dripping onto the bottom sheet.”I should run to the bathroom,” I told my lover, “I need to get cleaned up.”His limp penis looked amazing, it had wilted to about four inches and bent slightly to about forty-five degrees. The head was shiny with our juices, I could see a little blob of cum starting to appear from it. I leaned forward and licked the blob from his penis, I sucked it for a second or two before running to the bathroom. I couldn’t believe how much cum flushed from my well-used pussy. I washed myself and rejoined my lover. he looked so handsome, laying on top of the bed; his spent penis looked beautiful as he watched me walk back to him. His eyes never left my body and he smiled, “God, you are beautiful. Sexy and, beautiful.” There was a huge damp patch in the middle of the sheets.”I had better change the sheets,” I said, “these are soaking.”Phillip helped me change the bedding before I went to get us a bottle of water each from the kitchen. On my return, my lover was on the bed, he was masturbating. His penis had already grown to twice the size that it was when I left him.”Oh, my,” I said as I got to the bed, “It looks like you are ready again.””I will be soon,” Phillip replied, “lay here and masturbate yourself for me.”My life took another turn right then.I have never done that in front of my husband yet, I was about to do it for my lover. I opened my legs and started to pleasure myself, right in front of Phillip’s watchful eyes! He instructed me to push a finger inside my pussy, I obliged. He told me to open my lips wide so that he could see deep inside me. I obliged. He told me to use one hand to keep myself open, use two fingers of my other hand to squeeze my clitoris. I obliged and had an amazing climax!He told me to push two fingers inside, then remove them and suck them clean. I obliged. I was lost in our world, I have never done anything like this in front of anyone before, yet here I was; masturbating for my lover and, licking my cum from my fingers.He told me that he wanted to see how I pleasure myself. I wanted him to see! I wanted him to see me do the most intimate thing a person can do to themselves.I lay there masturbating myself, my breathing was insanely heavy. I was about to have another amazing orgasm. From time to time, I would push my fingers deep inside my pussy and lick them clean. My lover liked this, his penis grown to its full size.The only sounds that could be heard were my groans of pleasure as I masturbated for my lover.He leaned forward and squeezed my nipples hard, I let out the biggest scream ever as I reached my orgasm. “Fuck, fuck, oh fuck,” I shouted, “God help me, fuck, fuck, fuck!””Good girl,” Phillip said as I tried to catch my breath, “I want you to do that to yourself every day and, think of me while you are doing it.”My breathing calmed down, “I won’t bahis siteleri do that in front of my husband,” I answered, “I couldn’t do that in front of him.””Good, do it in private,” Phillip replied, “but, do it for me.””Yes sir.”We had an amazing deep kiss before he moved his tongue down to my drenched pussy. He pushed his tongue inside and collected as much cum as he could. He brought his tongue to my lips.”Open wide,” he ordered. I obliged.I licked my own cum from his tongue. It was erotic and so intimate. I was not only tasting myself, I was enjoying every drop. The taste was so different from his cum, mine tasted sweeter. I told him how much I enjoyed tasting my own cum, he told me that I would soon be tasting another girl’s cum direct from the source.”What do you mean?” I enquired.”You will be licking a black girl’s pussy,” Phillip answered, “you will have your first black girl.””Oh my,” I exclaimed, “I have never had a white girl yet.””Black girl’s pussies are more juicy, you will eat a black girl soon,” he replied, “are you up for that?””God, yes!”Phillip had awoken a deep sexual desire in me, I wanted to do everything that he asked. I wanted to please him and try new things. It was like I was in a trance, under his control; he has the power to have it all.Phillip got off the bed and, went to his overnight bag. My heart started to skip a beat, I knew what he went to get. I watched as his huge erection swayed from side to side as he walked across the bedroom. I tried to visualize that big penis in my tight, little ass. Fear came over me, “He’s never going to get that in there,” I thought. He could sense the fear on my face, he said, “Amy, if it hurts, we don’t need to continue, okay?””Okay,” I said nervously, “but, I want to try!””We’ll try my finger first,” Phillip said as he joined me on the bed, “if that goes okay, we’ll try two fingers.””Okay!”He told me to get on all fours, I obliged. He squeezed a little lubricant over my anus, it was cold and, I shuddered.”Just relax and trust me,” my lover said, “relax your ass and it will be easier.””I do trust you, I trust you with anything.”I was praying that it wouldn’t hurt, I had been looking forward to having my ass fucked all day. The sensation of his finger rubbing over my anus was incredible. It was like it was very taboo, something that should not be touched or probed. It felt very kinky, even more so because it wasn’t my husband doing it; it was my lover. The devil on my shoulder was fighting the angel on my other shoulder. I had decided that the angel, most definitely wasn’t going to win this battle.The bedroom was deathly silent as my lover focused on his task. The only noise that could be heard was, the occasional slurp as his finger started to ease inside my ass. I wasn’t sure if the fluid that was running down my thigh was my own cum from my pussy or, the already melted lubricant. Phillip’s finger seemed to go in quite easily, much to my canlı bahis siteleri surprise. I could feel it, it felt different from how it felt this morning, there was no pain. It felt amazing, maybe it was because his finger on his other hand was rubbing my clitoris at the same time. I did feel his finger go deep into my anus and, I winced a little.”Are you okay?” My lover asked in a concerned voice.”Fine, is it in all the way?””Yes, can you feel it?” Phillip asked.”Yes, it feels wonderful. And, I love what you are doing with your other hand!”He pulled his finger out and smeared more lubricant over my anus. This time, the coldness didn’t bother me.”I’m going to try two fingers,” Phillip informed me, “let me know if it hurts.”I could feel his fingers stretching my ass, I bit my lip and tried not to wince. I moved my position to put my elbows on the bed, thus allowing my anus to be wider. My face was buried in the pillow as he started to push two fingers inside.My heart was beating like crazy, the angel on my shoulder was trying to tell me to stop.My wonderful husband was sleeping upstairs while his loving wife was naked with her lover and having her ass finger fucked. The devil on my other shoulder told me to continue and enjoy myself. I knew this was wrong, but I didn’t care; my body has never had this kind of attention before. I needed this, I wanted this, and above all; I was enjoying this.Kevin could have stopped me, he could have prevented things from going this far. He could have told me not to spend the night with Phillip; he knew what would happen, I said to myself.Phillip broke my train of thought, “Two fingers in up to my knuckle baby!” Phillip cheered, “want me to go deeper?””Yes, oh God, yes!” I shouted, “I was about to cum yet again.”He pulled his fingers out and, put some more lubricant over my anus. I shuddered because this time, it felt even colder than before.”Is that my cum, running down my legs?” I asked.”Yes, Amy, it is,” Phillip replied.I felt his tongue lick my inner thigh, all the way to my soaked pussy.”Ready?” Phillip asked.”Ready!”I felt his fingers start to go back in my anus, I was too high on sex to notice if it was uncomfortable or not. From the position that I was in, I could play with my boobs; I was squeezing my nipples as hard as I could. Squeezing my nipples was amazing, I tried to squeeze them as hard as my lover did earlier! The lubricant did its job well. Phillip announced that he had two fingers all the way inside me.”I’m going to finger fuck your ass, Amy,” Phillip told me as he started to move his fingers in and out of my anus.I must be honest and say that it felt wonderful, like the forbidden fruit; it felt amazing and naughty at the same time.I had a sudden urge to pee! Shit, I thought, I don’t want to stop him from doing what he’s doing to my ass but, I need to pee.I didn’t know what to do, I was loving the attention that my anus was getting. I didn’t want canlı bahis to lose the intimate and very sexual moment but, I desperately needed to pee. I wondered if we would ever recapture how it was feeling at that moment in time.The devil on my shoulder told me to go ahead and pee where I was, to pee over the bed. The angel on my other shoulder told me to go to the bathroom. I was torn between the two of them.”Honey, I need to pee,” I announced to my amazing lover, “but I don’t want to lose this momentum.”Phillip was building up speed with his fingers in my ass, his other finger was rubbing my clitoris; it felt amazing.”You want to run to the bathroom?” Phillip asked.”No, I don’t want to but I need to pee,” I stuttered, “I don’t want to lose this moment. I don’t want to break from this intimacy.”I was saddened when my lover pulled his fingers out from my anus.”We’ll keep the intimacy going,” Phillip said as I turned around, “I’ll come with you and, you can suck this while you pee.””You want to watch me pee?” I asked in astonishment.”Yes, I want it all.”That is something else that I had never done in front of my husband before. Here I was, about to pee in front of my black lover and suck his penis while I did.I was experiencing so many new things with Phillip, I was doing things with him that I never would do with my husband.We went to the bathroom, I sat on the toilet.”Sit back a little bit more,” Phillip told me, “open your legs wide. I want to see you pee.”I did as he asked, he positioned himself to my left so I could take his erection in my mouth. Although I was bursting to pee, I found it difficult to go. Maybe it was because I had an audience but, I couldn’t let it go.”Relax, Amy,” Phillip said, “I want us to have as many intimate experiences as we can. I want it all with you.”His penis tasted so good, I was sucking it frantically. I started to pee, he pulled his tool from my mouth. He dropped to his knees and got a close-up of me peeing! His hands were stroking my thighs as I peed, I looked at him, he was smiling.”You are even sexy when you pee,” Phillip said.”You are the very first person to ever see me do this.””I told you, I want it all, Amy,” he replied as I finished peeing.He stood up while I cleaned myself. That was another first for me. I was still sitting on the toilet bowl, I took his erect penis and started to suck it again.His penis was huge, I was concerned about having such a large thing in my ass. Two fingers felt amazing but, his penis was at least three fingers wide as I sucked it. I honestly believe that it was the biggest that I had ever seen it.I continued to suck him for about a further seven minutes. Then he shouted that he was about to cum. He filled my mouth again with his delicious warm sperm. This time, there was so much cum that some dribbled down my chin. He usually has a lot of cum but, this time there seemed to be twice as much. I sat there for another three or four minutes, just with his penis in my mouth, I felt it wilt. I felt a little easier about it going in my ass now that it wasn’t so huge. I stood up and we kissed. His fingers started to rub my pussy, and again; I had another wild orgasm.

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