My Pakistani wife fucks a German Turk continued

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My Pakistani wife fucks a German Turk continuedYou may remember couple of months ago I started to write about my wife Suki’s encounter with a German Turk Bruno. Well sorry for the delay in completing the story. My wife started to flirt with Bruno almost from time we met him at our niece s restaurant in Belgium. Once we had established Bruno’s ethnicity, this six footer hunk was in Sukinas mind all the time. Every time we were alone she would comment about his size. Height, size of his hands and even said ” I bet his dunda is big and thick” dunda means stick in Punjabi but it’s double meaning dick, penis or lunn. I won’t beat about the bush and go straight to the encounter. We found ourselves at our hotel room with Bruno, our k**s had home with the niece’s husband to sight seeing. So we were sure that no one to disturb us for 4 hours or more. Bruno was sitting on two seater sofa and opposite to him I was on a single seater with Suki sitting on my lap with her arms around my neck. While driving to the hotel in Bruno’s car we had already decided that we would explore our fantasy. Suki had said it straight that it was my wish to see her play with another mans dick. While I watch. Bruno admitted that he has done this many times with German couples. He was willing to play along. In fact it he who suggested that I should film the encounter. He seemed to be expert at this. He placed my iPhone against lamp on side table carefully directed towards the seating area and second one higher of the shelf to get view from the top. Previous night Suki and I had talked about how far we should go. I was fine with her going all the way. But she had never had another mans cock inside her phudi (cunt) let alone a none Muslim. She was fearful for me that I may hate her afterwords. Especially if she enjoys it. I assured her that I would be OK. And yes I do want her to enjoy and let herself go. Have him do whatever she wanted. Our discussion concluded that for her it was to be a new experience and what I wanted she would go along with it. I was happy with this arrangement. It was my fantasy after all. Bruno asked if there was anything that she wanted particularly done to her. We explained that I was to direct the what they would do and when. At this point Bruno said that he had some requirements. He began to list them. One he wanted French kiss Suki as soon as possible. Two while fucking he wanted Suki to shout and swear at him in Punjabi. He said that he once stood outside his parent bedroom and heard his mum do this while fucking his father. And on many occasions he would get the wives of German couples to utter obsenties wile fucking. He had prepared well for this. He hande me a note with few phrases that he wanted her to say. Like fuck my pussy with your big cock! What a big cock you have ! I love this big dick. Fuck me hard. But they must be in Punjabi. He asked what you call pussy in Punjabi and cock for Punjabi. Suki was only too eager to comply. She gave him the translation for cunt and dick phudi and lunn. Bruno asked if Suki had ever worn a hijab and did she have one now and any Pakistan clothes that she could wear.. Suki looked at me as if to ask can I? She had packed in shalwar kameez and a dupatta. But no hijab. She went to the bedroom and said “give 5mins to get changed”. She returned few moments later dress in matching peach colour shalwar and kameez, covering her head with dupatta made to look gaziosmanpaşa escort like hijab. This is the way she dress for prayer time. Her clothes showed her curves beautifully. Only her oval face showed. She was covered from head to toe just like a Muslim woman should be. Except there was nothing Islamic in what she was about to do. She stood between me and Bruno we both stood up Bruno’s jaw dropped. I could see the bulge in his pants as he stood. “Come and sit next to me ” said Bruno speaking quietly and taking her hand leading her to right side of him. They both sat down. Bruno looked at me and asked if he could undress Suki. It was always his dream. But before that can he kiss her as she is. I nodded and said don’t ask me ask her. He looked at her and softly spoken asked her permission she nodded too and moved to his lap facing him placed her lip on his. They began gently, soon their tongue were in each other mouths. Both her arms around his neck. He was big and she looked like a little girl clinging to him. I began to think back when she first kissed me. It was nothing like this. But then she did not have much experience of kissing. She now had 11 years experience. Bruno placed his arms around her back and picked her up and stood holding her. Her legs around his waist after several minutes he put her down and asked if she would let him undress her. Suki turned to as to say can he? “I think you two should undress each other” I saiid I was anxious to see how big was Bruno’s lunn? So I suggested that she removes his clothing first. Bruno was happy to oblige. Suki quickly got to the task. In no time at all she had him in his underpants. She was about remove the underwear when I stopped her. ” go behind him and remove from there” I told her she looked inquisitively at me. But she went behind and slowly placing her little fingers in the elastic she pulled down the pants. And out popped his massive erect lunn (cock). As pants fell to the ground her hands instinctively encircled his hips and grabbed at his 10″ cock. As she held it in her left hand her finger did not meet It must have been over three thick. She was holding it with both hands and still there was six inches sticking out. As she turned around to look at it she visibly gasped at the size of it. She turned to and said ” ye bhoot badda hai kiya meri phudi main aa jayaga”. And I assured her that yes it will fit in without any problem. She will be able to take it in all the way. As Suki stood in front of him still holding his fat lunn he asked if he can remove her shawar first. She agreed. He sat down on the sette raising her kameez above her hips and placing his massive hands on her shalwar pushed the elastic down it fell to the ground revealing her clean shave white phudi. She was not wearing any undies. Bruno kissed it and stood up to remove her kameez. He did so without removing hijab. He said he wanted to experience all with hijab still on. On removing top we discovered that she was not wearing a bra. She explained later that to save time and since it was all coming of. She did not wear underwear. Suki looked at Bruno and said ” tera lunn bhoot badda hai” he looked at me as to say translate. I told him that she has said your dick is very big. “It’s 24cm long and 8cm thick”. He informed me while looking at her round 36C boobs. He bend down to kiss her zeytinburnu escort nipple. First left then right. While his left hand was down between her thighs searching for her phudi. At this time I realised that things were getting too fast and not the way I wanted to happen. I said ” can we just slow down think what to do and when. I have a wish ad pls sit down for few mins and talk about it” Bruno and Suki both turned to me and looked as if I have put spanner in the works. But they sat down and looked to wards me. Since the incident in the Rufford park in Notts I wanted to see Suki wank this guy. So I sat them a task she would need to bring him to orgasm in ten minutes if she can do this then she gets to ask him to do things to her if not then he gets to choose. They agreed but Bruno said that once this is done he did not want any interference from me and let them get on with it. I reluctantly agreed. I had placed baby oil next to the sette where they were sitting by now. Suki asked me to pour some on her small hands. Bruno was sunk in the sette really relaxed and Suki began to do her best. With both hands she was rubbing the base and balls. He was clean shaven and had very small balls in comparison to his lunn. Sometime she would rubb the tip. I could see he was getting lost in his thoughts eyes closed. ” What are you thinking about ?” Asked Suki he open his eyes and told here he was trying to think of all the position he was going to fuck her. Soon he realised that in this position sitting and relaxed he will come too soon. Specially since he has not had a wank or fuck for over two weeks. He asked if she could sit on the sette and he stood in front of her while wanked. They changed positions. He was standing in front of her her face almost touching his cock. This was way of delaying his orgasm. Standing up. “While you are wanking me. Can you do something for me Suki. Close your eyes as you are doing this and imagine this big cock inside your pussy. Going in and out. “. Said Bruno. ” wank fast if you want to fucked fast and slow down if you want to be fucked slowly “. It was coming up to nearly ten mins and there was no sign of Bruno shooting his load. At ten minutes Suki stopped to give her hands a rest. She had been going hard at it. Further ten mins past. Still no sign of him coming. At this time Bruno asked if he could have that French kiss because the early one was while they both were fully clothed. She stood up. But only reached hid chest Bruno glanced down at her feet and noticed no shoes. He asked her to put on her high heels that she was wearing first day we met at the hotel. I went to the bed room and brought them out Now she nearly reached his face. He stuck out his tongue and placing it in het mouth began to suck while his hands circle her arse He lifted her off the ground she wrapped her legs around his waist His ten inch lunn was touching her clean shaven phudi. She began to rubb her pussy in the shaft they were engaged in that embrace for nearly ten mins. Suddenly Bruno began to become breathless and was thrusting his hips rubbing her Muslim phudi with big lunn. Since there was plenty of oil on his cock and by this time her pussy was so wet. He began to shudder., he had come all over her pussy and tummy. They stayed in that embrace for good five mins before separating. They both decide to take a shower sultangazi escort before carrying on. While they showered I sorted the recording and repositioned to where I think the action would be. As they returned I noticed that Bruno was hard again. It had only been ten minutes or so. I learned that while in shower Suki hande gone down on him and sucked his cock. Although before starting while in the car Suki had told him that there would be no sucking of the cock. He had persuaded her in the shower just for one minute 60 seconds. Bruno took control of the rest of the day. We had moved to the bed. She lay with her legs spread. He went down on her his tongue licking and lips sucking her cunt. His hands massaging her big soft boobs. ” yes meri phudi ko lick Karoo. Zoor say.. Yes yes lick my cunt. Put your tongue deep ” Suki was moaning and uttering what ever came to her head. She said she was ready to recieve that big German lunn in her Pakistani Muslim phudi. Till then she had only hand one 6″ brown cock. At the age of thirty one she was about to taste a new lunn. A non Muslim lunn. Uncircumcised lunn. Thick German Turkish lunn. “Let me get on top” she told him. “You lay there and let me ride you “. He positioned himself in the centre of the bed. She climbed on top and and beckoned me to come closer. ” Aap is ka lunn meri phudi main daloo”. I looked at him for a reaction. He nodded as to say ” yes do it”. Later I learned that in the shower she had told him that’s what she would do. She would get me to take his lunn in my hand and put it in my lovely virginal wife’s phudi. I was so turned on by this that my head was spinning with excitement. I was high. I held his cock with my finger and thumb and placing between her cunt lips rubbing it few times she slid it in. She was wet, my fingers were wet from her pussy. She began to grind her hips. He pulled her face to kiss her while fucking. After about eight mins he rolled over placing her on her back and began to shaft her. She was laying flat legs open. I could see his long thick cock going in and coming out. It was wet. “Mujai aysta see choodo. Bahoot der sexy choodo”. She said fuck me slowly but for long time. He was happy to carry on. “Abb mujai kuti (bitch) ki tara choodo” he had turned her over in doggy position. This was my favourite. I wanted him to keep this position for as long as he can. “Keep the bitch like this Bruno ” I urged him. “Fuck hard. Zoor sey Karoo ” he did not disappoint me. He fucked her for over 39 mins in this position. I learned later. When I checked the video. By this time Suki had orgasmed at least three times. Even though this is not Suki s fav position she did it to make me happy. After several other positions where she would shout for him to keep fucking with this long big thick cock they decide to finish in the missionary position. This was Sukis favourite. She had wrapped her legs around his hips. Urged him to fuck harder. He raised her legs placing them on his shoulder and began to thrust harder and harder. I knew they about reach the point of no return. I reached out and removed her hijab. Revealing her long black hair. May be another minute and they both screamed as they came simultaneously. They lay there for several moments before Bruno dismounted her. His condom was still on. He reached out for tissue from side table and removed the condom wrapping in tissue and binned it. Later on after Bruno had gone we went to pick up out k**s. On returning I fucked my Sukina. I was so turned on by this encounter. We must have seen our videos hundreds of time. Some time we fuck sometime just watch and not fuck. We have discussed further encounters. I’m keen on another English gentleman. City type gent. She has expressed desire to fuck a black lunn. Who knows ?????

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