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Subject: My older brother Adam My Older Brother Adam by Chaim ail Reactions are welcome at ail Please let me know what you think, as always, I love compliments and suggestions, it makes me get the next story out faster. Thanks! If you have any comments or constructive criticism on how I can improve, please let me know. English is not my mother tongue, so we sometimes say things differently than in English-speaking countries. Support Nifty to keep this site open and free! My brother Adam was at college and lived his own life. Adam had his own room, his man cave as he called it and we shared the bathroom. We lived with my Dad and Mom, but they were very busy. Adam always called me, “My sweet little brother.” I loved that, because it felt good to be his little brother. If he wanted me to help him, I was always there. I helped him when he wanted to clean his room or when he had a job to be done. Sometimes he joked I was his little shadow. I guess I was always a curious child and it all started when I was very young. I had always been curious about my brother’s body. Even when I was a very young and a little boy, we have an age gap of nearly ten years, I admired him all the way. Adam was my hero and role-model. I loved looking at his powerful chest and Adam was a muscled with had nice pectorals and nipples. Wow, I liked my brother Adam, and he was always kind to me, I admired his strength and his confident ways. Adam was my hero and I longed for him, loved him. I wanted to be close to him. With that I discovered I liked boys, more than just boys. I liked seeing them in their underwear. Most of us switched to boxers in elementary school, myself included, and of course my brother wore boxers. Strange enough he encouraged me to wear my boy briefs when we were at home because I had ‘a cute little butt’. I didn’t understood, but wanted to please him, so I did. Anyhow, I liked boys in their underwear and rubbed my penis fantasizing about the glimpses I catched of their smooth cocks and balls wrapped snugly under the cotton. I was imagining scenarios of me touching them and feeling what was underneath. Well, I was too young to understand those feelings about boys and men and I never did such things. I watched short little clips of men, young and old, doing all kinds of things to each other on Internet. They were putting their penises in each other’s mouths, playing with each other, even poking them inside each other’s butt. That was cool, because I could check all kinds of things the boys talked about like ‘sucking and fucking’. I was way too shy or embarrassed to ask someone and never told them I was not interested at all in girls. I slowly learned about my own feelings and about sex. We were skinny-dipping and we were seeing each other’s penis and balls. Looking around was acceptable, and it was only natural to explore and check to see who had the most impressive equipment. That was fun! The only thing I did not understand at all was my inner desire to be more intimate with my older brother, who was in my eyes more attractive than all the young boys around me. Adam excited me while I watched him, and my dreams were filled with visions of my closeness with him, Adam. My older brother made me horny although I didn’t understood that and I woke up breathing heavily, sweat covered and my penis rock hard. I was on the edge of puberty when my brother had a friend over, It was Frank, his buddy who stayed the night. In the middle of the night I heared them, there was a noise. Once I heard it, I sneaked down the hall and ever so slightly pushed my brother’s bedroom door open. Not enough that you could easily see the door wasn’t closed, just enough to create a tiny sliver so I could use to peek inside. I was amazed, shocked and curious at the same time. My brother was standing and on his knees was his friend Frank, I was in shock. Adam’s man cock was very hard and his hand was slowly moving up and down on it. I couldn’t help but stare. “Suck that cock!” moaned my brother, taking Frank’s head in his hands to fuck his face, driving his cock ever deeper into his throat, making him choke and gag! Frank was red and allowed himself to be fucked in his mouth as Adam took control of his head and started fucking his face as if he owned it! I saw Frank trapped cock was hard in his boxer shorts, as he focused on pleasing my brother. Adam fucked his face building a fast steady pace, but suddenly yanked his cock free, telling his friend, “Get naked!” Frank did as my brother asked, and got up off his knees and he started to take off his underwear and he was naked in a flash. Adam reached for his ass, feeling the firm cheeks before turning his friend away from him and spitting onto his fingers before smearing them up and along Frank’s ass crack. I really didn’t understand what I was seeing. Adam’s middle-finger slipped into his anus before he pushed his cockhead between Frank’s ass cheeks. Suddenly he pressed inward! “Urhhg…!!” grunted Frank, I saw my brother’s cock-head entered Frank in one slow push! Frank groaned in pleasure and I understood he felt great. He immediately got erect and Frank was stretched open as my brother’s cock slowly went its way inside, to get buried in his ass. Adam started to move, fucking his buddy and he took his time. I turned a bit head to have a beter look at the smile on my brother’s face, he really enjoyed fucking his ass. I was itching deep inside, I needed him the same way, I wanted to be fucked this way. Adam would go as deep as he could and then pull out completely or some times pulled out so his cock-head was just in his wide stretched hole. My brother always held his hips as he stroked his white ass cheeks. When he parked himself deep inside his bowels, my brother pushed his friend into doggy-style on his bed. Frank was on his hands and knees and Adam started fucking, holding onto his waist for support! “Oh, my god!” grunted Frank after every inward stroke, feeling his asshole ripped open, but they both loved it! My brother pulled his cheeks apart in opposite direction to watch his cock sliding in and out. I loved watching his cock fucking his friend’s pussy. I looked up my brother’s muscular back, while he reaching up to grasp Frank’s shoulder, hoisting him into arch-position as he fucked him. I couldn’t believe how my brother’s cock went in his ass! They grunted and had pleasure in doing this. I knew my brother was satisfying his needs and that was more than enough to make my own little boy pulse, throb between my smooth boy legs! Adam fucked Frank with deep strokes. “Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum in you, Frankie.” My brother gasped, fucking his friend extra hard as he re-gripped his hips and started slamming into him. “Oh fuck!!” Adam yelled as he suddenly stabbed forward to bury his cock bone-deep. “Oh yes, take it!” He screamed aloud as he came, shooting his hot cum directly into his friend’s ass, and Frank’s own untouched cock started to hose cum against the unmade bed underneath him! It was really unbelievable! “Agh!” yelled Frank, joining my brother’s groaning. Adam kept his cock buried in his friend until well after his orgasm was over. Some time later he pulled out slowly and made his friend turn around to clean him off with his mouth. Frank sucked my brother’s cock clean, before he finally pulled away completely. My brother really fucked Frank and I saw everything! My penis was stiff, I rubbed it, wondering how much longer I’d have to wait for my brother to feel me, play with my penis and little boy balls and fuck my little bum-hole. I wanted to be with a him like that. I had thought about this for a while and seeing Adam’s body moving up and down fucking his friend Frank. It reinforced my deep wish to be held and to take his cock inside me. I hoped he would do things to my body, especially put his cock in my mouth and up my virgin ass hole. My frustration had been growing and I was desperate for something to happen. I was very horny all the time fantasizing about Adam. One morning in the bathroom, I bent slightly forward, exposing my virgin hole and rubbed my soapy left middle finger up and down my hungry ass-crack, circling around my small, pink rosebud, probing and opening it slowly. That did it, I moaned in ecstasy as my finger completely disappeared escort izmit inside my boy chute. I moved my finger around inside me. I closed my eyes, savoring the sensation of having my tight virgin ass stretched and penetrated so deep. I had that fantasy again, begging my brother to fuck me. “Please Adam, shove that cock all the way inside my tight butt. Please, give it to me.” I heard myself begging very softly. My finger did and it felt so good! “Oh please, fuck me,” My penis was throbbing so hard that I increased the pace of fucking my boy pussy onto my own finger. Adam would love to fuck my boy ass and fill it with his hot man juice. Suddenly I sensed that unknown urge in my boy balls, strange exciting tingles went through my body. I could almost feel it, my brother who would take me and fill him with his cock, “Oh yes brother, fuck me!” I heard myself breathing faster and louder. Fantasizing about being taken that way, all the way, my brother’s cock deep inside my virgin pussy.I whispered, “Yeah, fuck my ass. Make me scream. Oh fuck me!” my penis trobbed, and I slowly moved a second finger inside my boy butt. “Oh! Take my ass! Fuck it hard! Ah yes! More please!” I groaned, my legs shuddering. Drops of sweat ran down my naked body as I felt my fingers moving, fucking myself harder and deeper, I could take it, liked it, needed it! “Oh! Fuck! Yes! Fuck my little boy ass! Oh Adam!” He could barely hold my voice down, “Yeah, fuck my tight boy ass. Fuck it hard. Oh! Please, Adam!” I thought I could hear my brother groan. It was there, it happened! I trembled and felt a sudden explosion in my brain. I nearly collapsed to the tiled floor, panted and suddenly I heard Adam outside the bathroom waiting his turn. “Oh boy, are you ready yet? You better hurry up, I have work to do,” my brother was knocking on the bathroom door, getting impatient. “You are okay?” I feared he heard my words, my panting and groans, I felt scared, small and incredibly stupid. “Just a minute, Adam.” I panted but managed to reply and he left. I tired to recover, took a quick shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. It was a warm day and my brother waited impatient for me. He was only dressed in his in his black CK boxer shorts. When I emerged from the bathroom, Adam gave me a glance that reminded me of being undressed with someone’s eyes. I smiled at him, “Sorry it took so long.” but I knew now that my brother must have heard the sounds I made. He wasn’t crazy and I stared up into Adam’s eyes. I attempted to speak but the words were lost. I had been caught, my real feelings were discovered, and I feared his reaction. My brother just took my hand and lifted my face. I was surprised by what happened, Adam leaned in and slightly kissed me on my lips. He whispered, “You are my a sweet little brother.” Now I had to glanced at him. It was basically an instinctive reflex but my eyes wandered down. Just as I did so, I saw he dropped his boxer shorts to his ankles, and I admired his two white, smooth, firm legs and his powerful torso. He looked really cool close up. I looked at him to see he was facing me, and had his right hand down in his crock. He was still smiling and stroked his crotch as a silent gesture. My eyes my eyes followed his hand and I admired his self-assurance. Oh, my brother Adam had a perfect body. I admired him all the way! I saw every detail of his cock and balls. He was nearly hairless, except for a downy trail of light brown hair that started near his crotch. Wow, my brother is a strong man. Adam hit the gym quite often to keep in shape and it showed. I wondered if his body was as smooth as it looked, did he shave himself? But what the fuck? I didn’t care if. I was smooth because I was still a boy and he liked that. I was just impressed that he was so strong and looked so powerful. As I said, he was my hero, I admired Adam’s body, I did lust after him. I knew that he had a fuck buddy sometimes, so it was possible was that he did lust after me either. Quickly my eyes glanced over again and dart to his black boxers on the floor. Wow, he’s wearing the same ones I had on. Well, I bought them to copy his preference. I loved those tight Calvin Klein boxer briefs, they were comfy and they did a great job of showing off his bulge. I purposely couldn’t bring myself to look long enough to see whatever he’s packing when he walked around in them, I guess I was most of the time too shy for that. I sighted and went to my room. What a sight was that! Oh, my brother wasn’t shy at all, he was walking around in his underwear showing off his muscled body just like that. Once he told me his ideas, “When we are alone boy, we can strip down to our undies or can be functionally naked, I say ‘functionally naked’ because modesty isn’t a great priority for me. Yes, you wearyour undies if you wish, but I don’t mind at all we see each other naked, we are just ‘the guys’ around here.” At that time, very young and innocent, I dressed in my PJ and briefs. I didn’t understand his point and I secretly watched Adam while he slept in his tight boxers looking at the outline of his cock. My little heart beated really fast watchimg him secretly, amazed by the size of his cock. I thought my own penis was so small and little, it was always on show in my tight boy briefs as I didn’t have much of a shaft at a young age. We became more close, because it was agreed that every night that our parents went to work that he would stay with me. I looked at him and asked, “Do I have to wear pj’s? I bet you don’t wear pj’s anymore.” He looked at me and laughed, “True boy, I haven’t worn pj’s since I was eight. Usually I sleep nude or in my boxers. You know, I was as prudish as you, but things changed. I’m just fine with us seeing each other naked. Another thing that might help to get over it, is if you stop wearing pajamas to bed. You know that I don’t and lots of boys don’t do it. As long as you are shy, you can wear a bathrobe after your shower and before bed instead of PJ’s.” I liked the idea very much and answered him, “I’d love to try sleeping nude. Would you mind if I slept nude?” I looked at Adam and said, “You know I’m fine with that!” I thought of him nude in my bed. He smiled and said to me, “I wouldn’t mind at all. Since I do sleep nude, why should you wear pj’s? However you can sleep also in your briefs, take your time. Lets get you ready for bed, be a sweet boy and take a shower or do you need help?” End of discussion, but I was both overjoyed and nervous as hell about this. Adam slapped my butt and I took a long shower to tease him, but he waited for me in my room. Adam became my babysitter and slowly my guardian. We were together and sometimes he called me, “my sweet little angel.” I loved that! Deep inside I wanted to get down on my knees and lick every part of his muscular body. Every time he looked at me, Adam caught me staring at my crotch, which was embarrassing, but he didn’t say anything about it. My admiration must have been obvious and in a way he liked it. Adam reminded me that he was in charge often enough, but I was sure someday Adam would come closer to me. The promise of more was in his eyes, sometime soon he would take the next step. Smiling that special smile, showing off his muscled defined body and we will go on to… the closeness he knew I needed. I saw a knowing smile across his face often enough. One night he took me into the living room to show me his laptop. Soon we were talking away about everything. I loved the sound of his voice and it only took his laugh to make me smile and laugh in return. I didn’t have any choice, I was in love with him. After a while he loaded up a game and sat down to show me how to play it. Adam stood behind me and watched as I played for a couple of minutes. I was lost in the game, but when I turned around to ask him if he wanted a go, I got a shock. Adam had stripped off his t-shirt and shorts and there he was naked except for a very tight pair of briefs and white socks. All he said as I stared at him was, “Well boy, it’s hot in here, and you know my views, we are ‘the guys’ around here.” before I could reply, he moved over to where I was and took me, putting me on his lap and said, “Come on, my go.” Adam did seem to be really enjoying izmit escort himself and I pressed down on his lap. I relaxed slowly and sat into his lap. That felt different, it felt so good. Adam reached under my belly and pulled me upright. He pushed me down on his lap, using my shoulders as handles. I could feel his cock against my boy butt. “Oh,” I said, surprised and I wiggled my butt around on his lap. “That feels really good,” I said as I ground my butt down into his lap. Adam wrapped his strong arms tightly around my belly, while he drove up with his hips, pushing me up this way serveral times. Adam panted softly as I felt his cock pressing at the crack of my butt cheeks. Adam whispered, “It feels good, boy.” Now he wasn’t the only one who felt hot. So many things were going through my young mind. I wanted to get up and rush to the bathroom, I wanted to strip both of us naked and he could do all those things we did in my dreams. I mean, I was able to feel his cock pressing against the cheeks of my ass now, of course I didn’t care, I loved it! The sensations and emotions rushed through me, I was feeling him. No, Adam’s cock was the only thing I could think of right now. So I rubbed my little butt on it, hoping to bring him pleasure. I think Adam was really enjoying this too. Soon his cock got bigger and I could tell by the breaths he took, his sweating, he loved everything. Looking over my shoulder at him, I saw in his eyes a small tinkle of surprise in there. He shivered, he was probably shocked that right now. I, his little brother, was using his butt to control and manage his boner, moving on his lap. I moved back and forth and knew Adam was also enjoying that. Waves of pleasure rippled through his muscled frame each time I got over his swollen cock. Adam’s stretched his legs out in front of him, flexed, and he was sort of writhing in his seat. “Oh boy, this feels so good,” my brother mumbled, out of breath. He stammered some, and he took deeper breaths, he shuddered, and then tried to pull me up. Even through the layers of the cotton of our undies, I handled Adam the right way. He was rock hard and humping my boy butt. He couldn’t hold out much longer. No way to stop this, he was shivering and shaking, like he felt an explosion in his body. Adam’s will power crumbled, and he bayed and yapped like a tiger in heat. Adam squealed, and lifted me up, lifting me, he yelled, “Oh holy fuck!” and he groaned and exploded. He nearly pushed me from his lap and I stood there trembling. I looked at his briefs saw the cotton around his cock, darkened and the wet stuff began to seep through the cotton. I looked at it and was envious and at the same time admired his load. Finding my voice, I hoarsely asked him, “What happened?” He panted and smiled happy and looked down at his lap and a puddle of cum was clearly visible. I looked at him for guidance, but he was just enjoying the confused look on my face and was only able to smile. Coming back to his senses, Adam got up and we went into the bathroom. I followed him like a puppy dog, just like that. Once insite Adam lowered his tight briefs. I looked at his man sized cock and the white stuff on top. He smiled so happy, “You did this to me.” and rubbed his finger through it and dropped his briefs all the way. Looking at me, he slowly rubbed his two fingers together and then brought it to my nose to smell it. “I dare you to lick my fingers, boy.” There he was stood in the doorway of the bathroom staring at me, naked and I was smelling his man cum. My face turned red and I licked my lips. I didn’t know what to say, but stammered, “Thanks.” Adam laughed at me and just repeated, “Do it and just lick my fingers, boy.” He looked at his fingers and back at me and then moved his fingers towards my open mouth. Both his fingers disappeared into my mouth and I sucked them clean. Adam put his hands to both sides of my undies and looked at me. I nodded my head, this was only fair and he peeled them down. As they fell past my hips, my little penis sprang up. My briefs fell to the floor and he lifted me laughing, carried me into the shower. “You are so cute, I love you!” We showered together and my imagination began to run wild. we were together completely naked, his hands running over my boy butt, kissing every inch of my body. Now it was me, that needed to take a long hot shower! To add to my pleasure Adam grabbed some shower oil and lubed my penis up generously. And then just as I prepared to masturbate, my heart started racing. I felt wonderful, perhaps he wanted to see it! Could this be true? My head was spinning and I knew immediately what he wanted to do next. With more intensity than ever, Adam began to stroke my penis. And although I was ready to explode, he controlled it, in order to prolong the pleasure. Adam’s right hand glided up and down my little boy shaft in perfect rhythm, while his left hand gently kneaded my smooth boy balls. Adam smile and looked at me as I looked back at him. I groaned and leaned my back up against the wall of the shower, my penis was so hard! So hard and thobbing, it had never been this way. My little penis was fully engorged and looked even longer. Adam watched me, stroking my boy penis, I moaned as he continued. At that point I could no longer hold back and with a deep grunt I felt the explosions for what seemed minutes. My penis pumping in his strong hand, shivering, panting, moaning. Adam continued to stroke me even after that. I nearly collapsed and all, because he did it, my handsome brother took care of my body! Stepping from the shower, my body still quivering, he grabbed a towel and turned me towards the mirror to wipe my dry. We looked at each other and he kissed me and went to his room. I needed to know everything now and did some research on Internet. I discovered that there were a lot of men and boys like me, boys who got boners when they slept. Boys who dreamed about sex with the same sex. I got used to the idea, that was not a weird thing. I knew, little boys had little stiffies in the morning and I was not an exception, but I wondered if my brother being older had the same. I had random erections all the time. I feared it was noticeable, but because I still had a small penis, my fear was rather funny and unnecessary. Sometimes I had those weird dreams. Mostly about boys but noting in particular or special, but that changed. My dreams became very specific and also realistic. In my last dream I was wandering around the house. It was the middle of the night so I slowly pushed the door of my brother’s room open. In my dream I could see my brother’s stiff cock jutting straight up and I went up to him. Adam lay there naked and without a word he put his hands under my T-shirt and caressed my back, moved his hands up and down my smooth sides. I shivered and his fingers tucking gently my moist armpits as his thumbs toyed with my hard nipples. I groaned and my penis was rock hard. Adam took me in his arms and kissed me. He licked, and nibbled my body, touched places I didn’t know they could feel so good. I went closer and on his bed and he lifted me up and I sat on his muscled belly. It went on and on, until I thought I couldn’t hold it anymore. My penis was hard and throbbed. Adam moved up a and he moved me close to his lap, my knees on both sides of his strong legs. Adam spread his legs and he licked the underside of my hard boy penis and my little smooth boy balls. Reaching down, he gripped my ass cheeks with his hands and pulled me up until my boy ass pressed against his hips. Wrapping my legs around his back, I lay my blonde head on his wide shoulder and clasped my hands behind him. No words needed to be spoken. Adam pressed his lips into the nape of my neck, biting me gently but hard enough to leave a red hicky. It was clear, he was in charge, he knew what was a good for me. I trusted him and I loved it! I didn’t need more and I knew what was coming. He used his fingers to spread my ass cheeks exposing my little virgin rose bud. He lubed my ass and I lifted my butt willingly. Holding my boy ass up with one hand and with his other hand he guided his hard cock up between my ass cheeks until I felt his cock touch my virgin entrance. “Slowly, sweet boy, lower your little izmit kendi evi olan escort ass on me.” I feel his cock press against my entrance and I press down on him. He entered ny sphincter muscle. I lets out a soft moan, “Oh fuck, Adam.” my blonde head still on his shoulder, flexing my ass muscles around his cock. It hurt and I groaned in pain but I slowly fucked myself down on my brother’s hard cock. Adam’s grip tightened and my arms raised slightly in response to the pain, but when Adam’s grip tightened even more, his eyes looked into my face. As my brother continued tightening his grip, holding me steady, my tears began to well up in my eyes. I kept silent, my arm remained at my sides as a gesture of my submission to my strong brother. I was an innocent boy, he was my teacher, my guardian and lovely brother. “Do it boy, make me happy.” I loved and feared this moment, I whimpered and lowered my arms and let Adam have his way with me. “You really like this don’t you?” I whimpered that it felt good. Adam groaned, “You’re going to be my little pussy boy from now on, aren’t you?” I moaned, “Yes, I please, fuck me whenever you like!” With that Adam slowly pushed on my shoulders and I went down on him and I felt his cock into the depth of my bowels. When the full length of Adam’s cock was in my ass, he hold me motionless for several minutes. I relaxed slowly and soon enjoyed the warm sensation in my ass now filled with his man cock. Adam put his hands to the back of my head, pressing my head down until our lips met, and he pushed his tongue into my eager mouth. He moved his hips down letting his cock almost leave the confines of my ass and he pressed the full length of his cock back in. I groaned but knew what I wanted. I wanted to feel Adam’s cock. He wanted that cock deep in my ass. I wanted to feel it move in his ass. “Please Adam, fuck me!” And he did, I felt his cock head deep inside me, it rubbed against my hot spot, a new unexpected pleasure washed over me. I was suddenly aware this was my prosate, the pleasure gland. Adam continued to slowly raise and lower his hips. Each time his cock pressed against my hot spot and I moaned and sucked his tongue deeper into my mouth. I soon lost all track of time as he slowly fucked me and after some time I continued to fuck myself on his cock. “Good boy, fuck yourself on my cock, give your little boy ass to me!” Adam groaned and he opened his eyes and grinned and I started rocking myself back and forth on his cock as my tight hole squeezed the base of his shaft. Adam lay back completely still now enjoying the sensations and smiled at me, rocking myself back and forth on his cock a little faster. “Oh boy,” he gasped biting his lower lip as I lifted myself off his cock more before sinking back down. I reached down and took my penis between his fingers and started to stroke me, making me groan and grind my boy butt down on his cock even harder. “Fuck, you are the best!” He muttered feeling the sensations of pleasure increase as I started moving up and down on his cock, fucking myself. It was also a wonderful dream, it felt so real and I experienced that every second. I heared his voice again, “You’re going to have to sit this one out, sweet brother, just enjoy the ride. Maybe he’ll let you fuck Frank you the next time, you’ve always wanted to be fucked, didn’t you? Your little ass if perfect, so tight. It feels fucking amazing!” I looked around and saw Frank watching us, in a dream everything is possible! Frank jerked his cock and looked at us. He stepped forward and aimed his cock at my face. I knew what was coming. I looked at Frank’s smooth chest and saw him grimace. The expression on Frank’s face was clear, I knew he was about to cum with an intense power. It was close. It was going to happen! Frank started to pump his cream up his shaft. He started to grunt loudly, his head was thrown back and his eyes screwed tight. “Oh shit, boy. I’m cumming, boy! I’m cumming on your face.” Frank exploded. He completely lost control. He started to yowl and grunt as his sperm pushed up and out of his slit and fired great gobs into my face. A jet of cum, and another. More, more, more! It dripped from my face and I tasted and smelled his cum. I redoubled my efforts on my brother’s cock gave muffled yelp. “That’s it boy, cum for me!” Adam ordered. I started writhing on my brother’s lap, his cock totally impaled up my boy butt. My brother used his hand to point my penis towards his muscled belly as he stroked it and I started to cum. Volley after volley of cum blasting out of my penis and was running down my brother’s body. A moment later my brother let out a guttural moan and thrust up, deep into my bowels as he loaded up my boy’s ass with his cum, staring right at me the whole time. It was a dream, just a dream. I was soaked and out of breath, but it wasn’t just sweat that I was covered in. I put my hand down the front of my boxers. What the fuck! My boxers were soaked with my boy cum. I was delighted, I really had a wet orgasm! I woke up, soaked with sweat and my belly full of boy cum. That night changed my young life indeed. Maybe you are wondering if I wanked myself or not, of course I did! In the beginning I just rubbed my penis, it felt good, but I don’t remember having a dry orgasm like I had when I grew older. After that I felt the shock waves and tingles and they became even more powerful. Sometimes had a intense dry orgasm and later that I watched in surprise as a couple of drops of clear thick syrup rolled from the tip of my penis, just after the tingles washed over me. That had been so awesome moment! Later, I’ve managed more than a healthy squirt of watery cum, each time I masturbated which was fairly often. The sensations got stronger and like any other healthy boy, I was loving it. Strange things happened to me, my boy hole itched sometimes, and I got kinda sweaty, my boy nipples felt a little sensitive at times. The most confusing part of all were the changes inside me. Sometimes I thought girls were cute, but in truth, I was more and more interested by boys. To be honest with you, I started to wank my penis dreaming about my strong muscled brother Adam. Well, I closed my eyes and stroked my body. First with one hand and later with two hands, gently touching my thigh, and I let my hand move up and over my smooth body. Just the way I dreamed about, in my fantasy his hand got slightly firmer, moving up and down, just brushing my penis. Nobody had ever touched my body in this way, no one touched my penis and I just knew this was something different. In my fantasy my brother fucked me, he was as naked as I was myself. I had never really thought at him his way before, I started to have all sorts of strange ideas as I started to wank my penis harder and my other hand moved up to fondle and squeeze my boy balls if I imagined that what would be. Feeling Adams cock in my little boy’s hole. I had never been touched, or felt up, but feeling my fingers on me there made me squirm from the tingles radiating up and down my boyishly sized cock. My boner got really stiff and my fingers softly pressed into my butt hole. Using just the tips of my fingers, I pressed on, entering my sphincter and I gasped. I opened my eyes, I found myself naked and horny, on the edge of a unknown explosion. All of my body felt tense and my legs, which had been spread out from the thighs and bent at the knees, suddenly went ram rod straight. The muscles in them tensing from ankle to hip and at the same time my toes curling incredibly tight. My pumping slowly tapered until my pelvis arched up and locked in place. Taking in a harsh suck of air, as if I’d been kicked by surprise, I let it out in a panic-stricken, “Oh my god!” I started to gasp and throw my head back as I came. I felt my penis flexing in stiff spasming swells as stinging hot jolts of my very first real ejaculation spurted out. My boy cum shot all over my chest with some even splashing up to my face. I was ready, I knew it and hoped my brother was of aware of my needs and desires. It took not a long time to discover he did! Reactions are welcome at ail Please let me know what you think, as always, I love compliments and suggestions, it makes me get the next story out faster. Thanks! If you have any comments or constructive criticism on how I can improve, please let me know. English is not my mother tongue, so we sometimes say things differently than in English-speaking countries. Support Nifty to keep this site open and free!

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