My Old Fat Aunt and Piss Fetish

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Back in the very early 60″s, I was in my last year at school — and a virgin. My mum got sick and ended up in hospital and with dad having to work, I was shipped off to my aunt Flora for the next few weeks. Thinking back she would have been in her mid-70s by then. But she was quite a liberal lady for the day, saying things like “Don’t worry if you see me naked” or “I am used to being on my own, you see.”

In all the time I was with her she never closed the bathroom door and I’d often heard the hiss of her strong piss as it hit the water and being young, I was intrigued.

Coming in from school the next day she was nowhere downstairs. I called again and she said she was in the toilet. As I approached the toilet, I heard the familiar strong gushing of pee hitting the water below. As the door was open there she was, skirt up, wearing stockings and suspenders, but instead of pulling her panties down, she’d left them up and was wetting herself.

Her pee was bahçelievler escort flooding through the thick cotton material. She wore old-fashioned panties; the type old ladies wore then. She told me not to be alarmed, it was just something she liked to do- it got her excited. She then touched my crotch and I began to get hard.

After a nice tea Aunt sat next to me as we watched TV she asked me if I had a girlfriend and when I said no, she said she said that she could show me what girls liked — like she liked peeing through her pants.

When I just nodded, she leaned across and started to kiss me, eventually, we had our tongues in each other mouths and what was a turn-on was when she started to dribble a lot of saliva into my mouth.

By now my cock was as stiff as a board and she got it out and told me that girls like young men to feel their vaginas when kissing. So as we kissed again she put my hand up her skirt, bala escort and onto her crutch. As I felt her panties they were damp and the more I fingered her hairy cunt, she pushed out squirts of piss.

“Oh that’s lovely, do you like Aunt’s pee-pee? Now, I am going to get you to shoot your baby batter, and then I will show you how to fuck me. I bet none of your friends have fucked their aunt.”

Aunt had always been a lady, but to hear her talk dirty seemed to get her going.

Guiding my rampant cock into her fat cunt she squirted more piss, “Oh! My…oh!!…oh! fuck me, fuck me, fuck your old aunty”, she cried.

I rammed it into her, thrusting as hard as I could.

“Aunt, you are a perverted and dirty lady, aren’t you?” I said.

“Oh! Oh! I’m a dirty fucking bitch,” she whimpered.

She had one final orgasm and I came myself, pouring thick wads of spunk into her throbbing cunt. A few minutes later, my bladder balgat escort let me know that I did need a piss so I let loose a stream of hot piss over her fat belly.

The first night was the first of many. Boy did Aunt love to piss. She told me that my bladder must always be full enough so I could piss easily.

She must have saved it up all day as when I came home she was always on the toilet waiting for me. And always stark bollock naked, her lovely wobbly tummy hanging over her very hairy cunt. Smiling at me, she lifted it and that was my cue to piss all over her as she started to finger her cunt.

As soon as I got hard she leaned over and sucked me off, urging me to shoot my spunk. As she could not swallow it all, a lot oozed down to her chin- she was in my eyes, sex on legs.

On Saturday we went shopping and she said that she wanted to piss. Out in the car park, she let go and I saw it running down her stockinged legs and into her shoes. Ah, that’s better. She remarked.

And it didn’t stop there. She wanted me to piss my pants in a restaurant. Well, as I was now trained to ‘just want to go’, I let it out, and boy it was fantastic — the lovely hot piss wetting my pants and trousers. And what made it worse, I was not ashamed.

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