My New Panty Boy

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I should have seen it coming weeks before I did, the truth was I had just thought my under things were just wearing out quickly. I found out a few weeks ago it was because my husband had been wearing them.

The way I had discovered that was one day after returning from work I had set out to wash some clothes for the following work day, and when I did I discovered a pair of my panties buried in the hamper with what appeared to be a fairly fresh load of cum soaking them. This led me to sort through and find all of the panties in the hamper, and they were in one way or another stained or very crusty in spots, and I couldn’t figure that.

The reason I hadn’t noticed it before was Glenn my husband, four or five months ago had offered to take over the laundry duties, a gift from heaven to which I readily and gratefully consented too.

I should have figured he was up to something when he had offered this, I guess his panty play was a secret he didn’t feel comfortable sharing with me.

I didn’t quite know what to think at first but as it hadn’t been an issue in our life, I figured if he was just doing it at home, then what was the harm. We had played a little when we first married, dressing him in a camisole when we made love, ( I thought he looked sexy) and yet over the last several years we had never repeated it, why? I couldn’t tell you it’s one of those things that just happened that way.

I knew he was no cross dresser I just never considered for a moment that he loved to wear my panties, so I was genuinely interested when I made this discovery. Why and when was he doing this, and for how long had he been engaging in this behavior.

So I began to set little traps, placing my things in such a way in the hamper so if he disturbed them I would know, and disturb them he did.

I would put them on the right side of the basket and find them on the left, or bury them half way down and find them on the top. I wasn’t upset by this but I was extremely curious why. So I decided to come home early one afternoon and see what he was doing.

On this particular afternoon I left work early knowing he would be home and stole into the house, ankara olgun escort I quietly crept up the stairs towards our room and as I approached the room there he was wearing only my favorite (and apparently his too) red boy shorts. He was standing in front of the mirror twisting and turning admiring the fit. I have to tell you he wore them well, they looked damn good to me on him, and I thought he thought that to himself as well.

He stepped out of my view for a second and when he did I heard him say to me, I guessed he was pretending to himself I was there he muttered the words “Millie I just love your panties, do you like how they look?” I thought to myself, do I like? , Hell yeah I like, what he did Next I liked even more.

He had returned to the mirror, then he slid the panties down a few inches, the silky panties looked so good on him it almost caused me to interrupt him, it was his voice that stopped me. “Baby I hope you don’t mind I just love how these feel, let me show you.” He said. Because I wasn’t in the room, I couldn’t see he had already laid out another set of panties and a vibrator too.

He stared into the mirror, then slowly turned around so he was facing in my direction and he began to stroke his cock.

He had a raging hardon which he was slowly jacking running his hand up and down the top few inches, paying special attention to the crown around the base of the head I could see when it passed through his fingers he would give it a little twist.

I was getting so wet watching him, I was dripping, if I hadn’t been wearing panties and jeans myself I’m sure I would have left a puddle on the floor.

What he did next surprised me, He reached over to the bed and picked up another set of my dirty drawers and brought them to his face stopping only to expose the gusset and buried his nose in them, I could hear him deeply inhaling their scent. “Baby he said, I love your odor, I wish you could see right now how sexy I look, I think you’d like to see what I’m going to do.”

Boy did I like my private show, I’m sure if he knew I was watching and listening he’d be mortified, but I didn’t ankara ucuz escort want to spoil his fun, his stroking was slowly becoming more urgent. Next he paused briefly to put my panties into his mouth and reach down to the bed, he recovered a vibrator, I heard the buzzing which told me it was on. He began by rubbing it on his shaft and then began to slide it around his sack, pausing to pleasure each ball one at a time. I could see how much he was enjoying this. Next he let loose of his impressive eight inch dick, taking my panties from his mouth, (I could see they were soaked with saliva) and he wrapped them around his cock and his jerking became more urgent.

“Watch me honey, watch me do what I love, let me show you how big a slut I am for you! He muttered watch me cum, watch my cock explode.” The vibrator had moved behind his balls I could tell he was teasing his anal opening with the tip of the toy.

He was jacking faster now. I knew he was getting closer because his cock head was getting darker and it was growing larger by the moment, his breathing was ragged, so I knew the orgasm was soon to follow. When he closed his eyes and leaned his head back I could tell he was there. He let go of his cock and at that same moment I watched as he jammed the vibrator into his ass and that caused his cock to begin to jump and start shooting it’s pearly tinged load splashing into his waiting free hand.

Wow I thought that was amazing, but my surprise was about to be even more intensified when he brought his cum filled hand to his mouth and started he to lick up and then swallow his load. I thought at that moment I was going to cum myself I had no idea that this was something he would get off on, I had ever dreamed he was into it, my partner of eight years had almost never surprised me, for the first time sexually. I had just witnessed a side of him I had never been exposed too, and I became instantly willing to explore.

I slunk back down the hallway down the stairs and then to the doorway in the kitchen, I paused and listened and heard him begin to move around and clean up the evidence of his little adventure, as I listened ankara yabancı escort I thought to myself, if he loves my underwear, and he’ll eat his own cum I think tonight I’m going to find out just how far he’ll go.

I gently opened the door and closed it again firmly so he would think I had just got home, which of course he did I heard him say, “Is that you? hi honey. ; as peered at me from the top of the staircase, glad your home , I’m just hopping in the shower.” he said.

He turned and headed to the bathroom as I started up the stairs, I was so grateful because I needed to play with myself, and I didn’t want to tell him yet what I had just witnessed.

Part 2

I entered our bedroom and noticed right away how neat and pristine it looked, I was impressed he had managed to organize it so quickly, like a cleaning professional would have done. When that thought entered my mind I instantly knew just how I would approach the newly discovered facet of our sex life.

I heard the shower start to run as I undressed, I was quickly nude and I sat on the edge of the bed, my pussy was throbbing begging for attention. I cupped my titties and began to pull on my hardening nipples, I rolled each between my index fingers and thumbs, they were already hard and sensitive and I tugged on each very firmly, almost so hard I thought I to myself I might pull them off of each tit if I keep this up.

I was sloppy wet too, when I reached for my cunny my finger slid through the matted pubic hair. I let my nipple go and pulled my labia apart and plunged my left middle finger easily all the way into my snatch. With the other hand I sought my aching clit. It didn’t take long to locate my nub because it too was rock hard poking out from under it’s hood. I don’t think I had ever been so horny

Wow, was I hot as my finger was gliding in and out of my pussy the squishing noises spurred me to fuck it faster, at the same time the speed of my clitoral rubbing had like wise increased.

As my orgasm approached I paused for a second just to make sure the shower was still running. (It was) I closed my eyes and then it overtook me. I bit my lower lip to stifle a scream as my pussy exploded, the walls pushing my finger with each contraction, my clit throbbed with each contraction, my juices pouring into my thrusting hand.

Oh Glenn I thought if this is what you really want, then you will become my panty girl, and maybe you will become my new maid.

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