My New Friend Part 4

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My New Friend Part 4It was Saturday morning; the sun was shining and my Lisa was due home for a week. I looked in on Jenny as I went to make some coffee, she was cosy and fast asleep.A text from Mike with a link to his AirBNB profile told me that his interview went well and we agreed to meet in the pub lunchtime for a quick pint and a chat, I had told him that Lisa was home today and he was excited to finally meet her.Jenny appeared for her coffee and after seeing the ‘private’ pictures was also super excited to meet her and we decided that we would play the day by ear without making too many plans, a pie and pint lunchtime was the perfect start to the day’s proceedings.Jen wanted a shower and I followed her up the stairs, her nightshirt always allowed a quick peek at her panty clad arse, we agreed that she could leave some of her clothes and as she went into the bathroom I had a quick look into her holdall bag, nothing special just clean and some dirty underwear, Mmm.I loved how open Jenny was, just walking around naked as she got herself dressed and I can see straight away how well she and Lisa will get on. She didn’t even bat an eyelid as I walked past her naked on my way to shower, my cock hanging low and I didn’t even shut the bathroom door.After my shower I stopped at her door and with a big smile I looked in to see her getting dressed, tight tee shirt, I don’t think she even owned a bra and a small white thong, she was pulling up her tight yoga shorts and stood looking at me, “How do I look frank?” she asked, “Stunning, just stunning” I replied.I slipped on a pair of tight boxer briefs and a pair of dress shorts along with a clean crisp tee shirt and we were all set to go.We walked through the park and a quick wave to Doris at the kiosk and as we got to the Pub I went in to get the drinks in while Jenny popped home to check on her dad.We all sat outside watching the people go by, it’s never that busy on a Saturday lunchtime as most of the punters were sitting around filling in betting slips and popping in and out of the bookies next door.Mike told us all about his evening with Anika, “What a lady” was his exact words and as it was with me she took lots of photo’s of him and the house and his profile looked pretty good, Anika had already put her first review on the site and Mike was very pleased with how it worked out. It was obvious to both Jenny and me that he had fucked her, I wouldn’t have expected anything less.We sent Jen back to the bar to refill our glasses while Mike and I went to the toilet, we stood at the urinal in the dingy hole and Mike was full of praise for Anika and couldn’t thank me enough and as we shaked off the drips I told him that’s what brothers are for.As we walked back to the table it would seem that my lovely Lisa had arrived and having seen her photo’s Jenny had recognised her straight away and they were sitting like sisters chatting away.The most uncanny thing about all this was that although Lisa knew she was meeting Jenny and Mike she had no idea how they would be dressed and the was Lisa in a tight tee shirt and tighter yoga shorts, OMG I thought I was seeing double.Lisa stood up and gave her old dad a big hug and I introduced her to Mike who couldn’t resist a friendly hug which probably lasted a bit longer than it should have.We spent then next couple of hours talking about Lisa and her college, everyone seemed to click as I knew it would, the girls drunk wine while me and Mike stuck to the beer. bahis siteleri The girls were in full flow while Mike and I excused ourselves to visit the dingy hole.“OMG Frank, your Lisa is HOT!” he said as we unzipped and both pulled out semi hard cocks, instinctively we both looked down and laughter ensued, “We both think the same brother!” I replied with a wink. We both had a good buzz and Mike suggested we head across to his for a good smoke, how could I resist such a great offer.We finished our drinks and got a few bottles of wine to go and headed across the road to Mikes, both the girls were in a giggly mood which was good to see. The girls went into the kitchen to sort out the wine while Mike and I entered the lounge to sort out the smoke, it was great hearing the girls giggling in the kitchen.Jenny came in with a tray of drinks and placed them on the table, she coughed to clear her throat, “Gentlemen, we have decided that you guys need to strip to your boxers!”, Mike looked at me and winked as I pulled my tee shirt off quickly followed by my shorts, he did the same and we all raised our glasses and knocked the wine down in one, the girls giggled as they saw us standing there both just in boxer briefs. I have to say that the girls looked good, neither wearing a bra and both sets of nipples protruding through their shirts. Lisa refilled the glasses as Mike sparked up the joint, the girls sat down on the sofa while Mike sat in his chair with me sat on the floor in the middle of the room so we could pass the douche. The girls had the giggles and kept glancing at our shorts, this seemed weird but the very fact it was happening mad me feel aroused and I could feel my cock stiffening, Mike seemed a little uncomfortable as he experienced the same.I knew the girls were up to something but didn’t know what but I had to ask the nature of the giggles, I mean we all had the giggles but it was different with them,“So girls, what’s so funny?” I asked and Lisa was quick to respond, smiling she looked across at me, “Well Daddy, we put something in your drink to, lets say, allow us to keep control” and I had no idea what she was going on about however I was getting a pretty stiff erection now and I looked across at Mike and he had a smile and a pretty stiff boner too, we giggled knowing exactly what was put in the wine.It was a great atmosphere, we all had a buzz and the giggles, Jenny decided to take the lead and moved to the edge of her seat, “OK Boys” she said softly, “Stand up, I need my fix” and passing the joint back to Lisa we both stood up, “Mmm” the girls said in unison as they looked at the extra stiff erections bulging beneath our boxers. They beckoned us forward with their fingers so we both stepped up, I stood in front of Jenny and Mike had the pleasure of Lisa.“Lets see who smells the best” Jenny said as she reached forward and gently grabbed the bulge giving a friendly squeezed, she leant forward putting her nose to my balls and took a deep sniff, “OMG!” she cried as she took another, I had butterflies in my stomach.Lisa followed suit and copied on Mike, it seemed both girls were getting a head rush as we swapped places, Lisa smiled up at me as she took hold of my cock, it had been a while and bowing down took a long deep sniff on my balls, Oh how I had missed her, it was so nice to have her back home.Jenny was attacking Mikes tackle, taking long deep sniffs while gently rubbing his cock, he was looking down at Lisa doing the same canlı bahis siteleri to me and after a quick wink we decided to swap again for a second opinion, both girls agreed and Lisa buried her head in Mikes groin, Jenny took hold of my throbbing cock through the strained fabric of my briefs, the head popped out the top all swollen and purple and Jenny seeing this ran her tongue up the outside of my briefs up to the swollen head.Mike saw this and sighed, Lisa tightened her grip and pulled slightly allowing his cock to pop out the top, Lisa’s eyes widened and she waisted no time in getting her tongue around the swollen head, OMG it was so hot seeing her sucking on his helmet as it was for him seeing his daughter sucking on mine, I was very happy to have these two take control. Very slowly our boxers were pulled down and discarded and Mike and I stood naked and at the mercy of these two very hot and beautiful offspring’s.We stood up close to the girls as they proceeded to worship the meat and two veg that they were faced with and seeing what Lisa was doing to Mike I knew I wasn’t going to last long as Jenny did her magic.They started to increase the pace and it was if it was becoming a race to see who would cum first, this was going to be close as both girls sucked and slobbered their way to glory, Mike was close and so was I and as if my magic we both cried out at the same time, “OMFG YESSSS!” as we both filled their willing mouths with hot salty cream, they both worked hard getting every last drop from us and they both then looked up at us, “Mmm” Lisa said softly licking her lips, “I Think that was a draw” she continued with a giggle. As they sat back on the sofa I looked down at our cocks and noticed they were still rock solid and it became obvious what they had spiked our drinks with, fair play Both girls moved to the edge of their seat and opened their legs wide, “On your knees” Lisa said and I was so happy to know what was coming, Mike knelt down in front of Lisa and I was in front of Jenny.“Get your fix boys” Jenny said and Mike was first to get his head down between Lisa’s legs, she held her head back and moaned softly as Mike took a deep sniff and held his face there, it looked so hot and I leant forward and immediately felt the warmth of Jenny’s sweet mound, with my nose feeling her stiffening clit I took a deep sniff which nearly blew her mind as she moaned out loudly forcing Mike to look up.“OMG!, Mmm” I mumbled as the sweet musky aroma filled my head, I couldn’t resist giving her bulging cameltoe a quick lick, she grabbed my head as my tongue hit the button.It was time to swap and I was graced with Lisa’s slightly damp mound, it was obvious Mike had been busy with his tongue so I wasted no time in following suit, her pussy was warm through the cotton fabric of her shorts, the sweet musky smell was making my head spin as my tongue slowly licked up her slit, she responded by putting her legs over my shoulders hence giving me access to her arse, my tongue quickly searching out her crack as Lisa responded by pushing herself forward against me, oh how I have missed her, my cock was rock solid and throbbing.I reached up and put my hands under her tee shirt feeling her rock-solid bullets, damn her titties were hard. She helped me by pulling off her shirts exposing her perky little titties, Mike even looked up at her sweet globes before helping Jenny off with hers.My cock was solid as I ran my tongue up Lisa’s body canlı bahis to lick and suck on her little bullets, my cock pressed against her shorts as I gently kissed her neck before our lips met, our tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths in a frenzied kiss.My cock had somehow found it’s way inside the leg of her shorts and I could feel the prickle of her pubes as the head searched for it’s target. OMG the feeling as I felt her wet pussy tighten around the solid shaft of my cock, she groaned out as I pushed straight in. It had been a while and passion was high and while Mike was busy with Jenny I took full advantage and gave my Lisa a welcome home fuck, I knew it wouldn’t last long and within a few minutes I was emptying my hot cum deep inside her belly, our tongues still entwined.Mike still had his head buried in Jenny’s lap when I pulled my cock free and couldn’t believe that it was still hard, Lisa reached forward to gently suck the last drops and I don’t even think that Mike realised we had just fucked although Jenny did give us a smile of approval.Glasses were empty and Lisa adjusted herself and did a topless walk to the kitchen for more wine, Mike had emerged from Jenny’s lap and searched for another smoke and neither of us could get rid of the boner, the girls thought it was hilarious and in a way I guess me and Mike did too. Both girls were now in just panties and shorts while us guys were proud and naked.Lisa returned with the wine and gave me a peck on the cheek when she handed it to me and retook her seat on the sofa, I had Mikes chair so he was the unlucky one to sit on the floor to pass the smoke.The girls were whispering something and I wondered what they had in store for us poor defenceless guys, Lisa giggled at something Jenny said and they both had this mischievous look on their faces, Jenny stood up,“We know how much you like us in panties, so here is your treat” she said and pulled her shorts off and stood there in just a tiny thong, the front barely covering her little pubic mound but looked delightful.Lisa followed suit and although her thong was slightly bigger you could still see the pubes escaping, Mmm what a perfect sight as they both sat back down and we continued to smoke.Lisa spoke, “So Dad, how did you and Mike meet?” she asked and I knew that she knew the story from Jenny and obviously felt it necessary to mock me, but I was up for it, in fact such was the atmosphere I was up for anything.“Well” I said standing up and winking at Mike, “I had gone for a piss in the dingy hole and Mike happened to be in there, it was dark and it was difficult getting my cock out” I continued trying to do an impression with an imaginary pair of shorts, “Mike then commented about my novel way of getting my cock out and we both laughed” I said continuing the story, Mike was now laughing at the whole episode, “We then continued talking standing there holding our cocks, it was quite funny”Jenny then piped in, “And I found them in bed together in the morning!” which seemed to raise a laugh all round, “Nice one Dad” Lisa said, she knows me too well. Even Lisa had commented how in the short time she had known Jenny and Mike how similar they were to us, I had to agree.The evening was young and we decided to order some pizza, it would be interesting to see who goes to the door!! Mike and I stayed naked and felt very comfortable made more evident that our boners had subsided to a semi, the girls stayed in their thongs which they knew excited us, everyone felt good, we drunk more wine and rolled a few for the evening.The doorbell rang, everyone looked at each other, the tension mounted until Lisa stood up and walked out to the hallway…. To Be Continued….

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