My Neighbor Husband is a Jerk Pt. 03

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The following story contains forced bi, pegging and cum eating if those are not your things please look for a different story.

As always i would love to read your suggestions, comments and messages.


I had a lot of trouble falling asleep that night, her words kept on echoing in my head, I was so afraid that she would actually make me suck her husband but yet so turned on that I had to masturbate few times that night.

When she arrived she sat on the sofa, made me kneel in front of her and started taking her clothes off. I was sure she was going to present me with her cum filled pussy, but instead she looked at me and said, “today you will eat my ass”.

She turned around and spread her ass cheeks, “come on, my asshole isn’t going to lick itself!” she said with an annoyed voice.

I have never eaten my ex wife ass, as I always thought it to be degrading, but for some reason I felt that I need to satisfy her every wish.

I extended my tongue and lightly put it on her asshole, a big gasp escaped from her lips.

“That’s it, don’t be shy.. eat my ass like the bitch you are,” she said.

I moved my tongue in circles around her asshole, to my surprise it did not taste that bad.

“Stick your tongue in my ass!” she commanded.

I opened her asshole with my hands and pushed my tongue into it, this caused her to go crazy and she held the back of my head hard and started pushing her ass into my face and back away fucking her asshole with my tongue.

This continued for a few minutes and her moaning got louder and louder until she finally eased her hold on my head, I took the opportunity and started licking down hoping to reach her pussy only to be stopped, “oh no! you are not worthy to lick my pussy, you will only get to lick it when I need you to clean cum from it,” she said, and forced my tongue back into her asshole.

All of a sudden I heard a deep male voice behind me, “my my what have we got here?”

My mind raced, Escort Bayan who is it? how long has he been standing there? I tried getting up only to feel a large hand hit the back of my head and it pushed my face even deeper into her ass.

“It’s my slave eating my ass, master,” she said.

Master? she has a master and I am her slave? what is going on here?, I tried escaping his grip but he was way stronger than me.

“That is a good slave girl,” he said. “Isn’t it your third one?”

“Thank you master, yes it is my third!” she said with an exciting voice.

“Finally!” he said. “So tomorrow night we will finally declare you,” he said and released his hold on my head.

I jumped up, only to have her scream at me, “WTF are you doing?! get on your knees in front of our master!”

I immediately complied and she did the same, I finally got a look at him, he was tall and muscular guy, and I could see the lust in her eyes as she followed his every move.

“Slave, this is my master and husband”, she finally said. “Now that you finally met him, you should thank him for sending you his delicious cum in my pussy yesterday.”

“Thank you master,” I said with a shivering voice.

“What are you thanking me for exactly?” he asked with an annoyed voice.

“For sending me your cum in my mistress pussy,” I answered.

“Oh, you liked it?”

“Yes. I did”

“Well then,” he said as he walked towards me until his groin was inches from my face, “Its your lucky day, because I have a lot of cum in my balls for you.”

I started unbuckling his belt and lowered down his pants so he could step out of them, a big bulge was clearly visible in his boxers, I reached out and with shivering hands pulled them down until finally his cock spring out hitting me in the face, and they both laughed.

“So finally you get a chance to look at a real’s man cock, right slave?” She asked.

“Yes,” I answered shamefully.

“And Bayan Escort what do you think about it?”

“Its so big,” I said.

“Well, you’d better get used to it, because you will be serving this cock on a daily basis, now open up!”, he said as he pushed his cock forward.

I opened my mouth and felt as the head of his cock pass through my lips and started going into my mouth, I raised my tongue and got my first taste of cock and to my surprise not only that it did not taste bad, I actually liked it.

“Wow look how hungry he is for your cock master,” I heard her say.

“I am going to enjoy abusing his mouth,” he said as he pushed his cock deeper into my mouth causing me to gag a bit, that did not stop him instead he held the back of my head and pushed his cock even further until the whole thing was down my throat causing me to gag hard.

I felt so helpless, but to my surprise so turned on from being forced to suck his cock, suddenly I felt something familiar getting pushed into my ass, I was so lost in sucking his cock that I didn’t even notice that she moved behind me.

She started fucking me hard, and every time she pushed her cock into my ass it caused me to move forward and his cock gagged me.

I couldn’t believe it, there I was getting both my ass and throat fucked and I loved every minute of it, where only a month ago if either of those had happen I would have puked.

The more they fucked me, the more my moans got louder and louder, and I was about to cum when suddenly they both stopped and took their cock out of my holes.

“You will only cum after he cums in your mouth!”, she told me.

I needed to cum so bad that without even thinking I begged, “please cum”.

“Where exactly do you want me to cum?” he asked.

“In my mouth, please… “, I begged.

“Lick my balls!” he command as he started rubbing his big cock on my face.

I licked his balls and his moaning got louder and louder, pre Escort cum was running out of the tip of his cock and from time to time he forced his cock back into my mouth so that i would suck it clean.

I could feel his balls tense as I licked them, and at that point she pushed her cock back into my ass and he pushed his cock back into my mouth and they got back to fucking me from both ends.

His moaning got louder and louder until he finally took his cock out of my mouth and commanded me to open it for his cum, I gladly did and his cock started shooting his hot cum, as soon as the first jet landed on my tongue I started cumming my self.

He shot a huge amount of cum that filled my mouth and face, when he was finally done my mouth was full with his cum, I played with it a bit with my tongue before swallowing it all, making sure to lick all the remains from my lips.

“You know, I never said you need to swallow his cum,” she said. “I guess you really are a cum loving sissy aren’t you?”

I nodded, as he rubbed his cock all over my face scooping the remaining cum with it and pushed it back to my mouth for a final cleanup.

“You are a natural cock sucking sissy,” he said while looking at me.

“Thank you master,” I replied.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” she asked me.

“Forgetting what?” I asked not knowing what she means.

“To thank you master cock and balls for giving you his precious cum!” she said

“Thank you,” I said and kissed the tip of his cock and each one of his balls.

“I think he passed the test,” she said.

“Yes, with flying colors,” he said and they both laugh.

“Here,” he said as he gave me a piece of paper with an address on it, “Meet us there tomorrow at 21:00 exactly.”

“You will be wearing only the things that are in this bag,” she said as she hand me a closed bag. “Don’t you dare be late or wear anything else!”

With that they both left.

I opened the bag to find a long black coat, and pink panties and bra.


To be continued in part 4

Thank you for reading my story, if you have any plot suggestions please let me know either by comment or by leaving a feedback.

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