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My name is Viv. I would like to tell you about an experience my boyfriend and I had one evening. It was incredible. Viv is short for Vivienne. I am a model by profession and I met my boyfriend, Jan, while on a shoot last year. Jan is a photographer.

I am 20 years old and stand 5’5″, weighing 90lbs. My hair is long and chocolate colored it matches the darkness of my eyes. Because I am a model, I keep in shape. I have a well-toned, small body with a tight stomach. Men love my tight ass, but my breasts could be a bit bigger.

One night, Jan and I were out on the town drinking and having fun. We had joked about this and that for a while. The alcohol was working its magic on us. Jan was as horny as hell, and wanted to leave to go home and fuck. I resisted, driving him crazy. One of our female friends, Tania, was out with some guy who she’d met earlier in the day. In jest, I bet Jan that she would end up in bed with that guy by the end of the night. Jan thought not, but took the betting seriously.

“What does the winner get?” He asked.

My mind, fogged by the alcohol, responded with the following. “Well, Jan. How about this? The winner gets to pick a partner for a three-some with us.” Jan’s jaw dropped to the ground, but eagerly responded.

“Sure! I’d love that!”

Well, as the night progressed, it became apparent that I would win the bet. Hell, Tania was letting this guy in her pants at the club. Jan conceded the fact that I was going to win.

“Okay, who’s it going to be?” Jan asked.

“Hmmm, let me think. I’ve seen so many people in swimsuits lately. Who would I like to see out of their clothes?”

“Oh come on. Just pick someone!” Jan demanded.

“Let’s see, Tania looks nice. Lynn has a nice figure and beautiful blonde hair. I have even heard she likes women. Then again, Sean has a huge cock. I think it will be…” I replied leaving Jan in suspense.

Jan’s mind was racing. He would love to have 2 women in his bed. I could see the bulge growing in his slacks as the idea raced in his head. Then my answer came to me. Sean came walking over to our table to say hello.

“Hey Viv, Jan. What’s up?” Sean asked.

“How would you like to go home with us right now and join us for a good fucking?” I asked.

Jan and Sean’s eyes both lit up. “You must be joking, right?” Sean asked.

Jan istanbul escort replied, “No, she’s dead serious. We had a bet on something and she won. So she gets to pick a person for a three-some. Interested?”

Sean replied. “I guess. I’m not one to turn down a beautiful woman who wants to have sex with me.”

With that, Jan paid for our drinks and the three of us headed to our apartment a few blocks away. I kept teasing both of them as we walked, constantly grabbing at their cocks and asses. By the time we arrived home, both men were ready to go. We got into the apartment and instantly the two ripped off their clothes. Two hard cocks now pointed at me. They didn’t waste any time undressing me either. Matter of fact, they tore the clothes from my body. We made our way to the bedroom.

I lay down on the bed, waiting to see who would fuck me first. My already wet cunt was craving Jan’s fullness, but my mind wanted Sean’s nine inches inside me. Jan had always wanted to watch me get fucked by another man, so he kneeled by my head and pointed his cock at my mouth. Sean wasted no time in pointing his cock at my cunt. I was a bit surprised by Jan’s move; I thought for sure that he was going to suck on my pussy for a while. Sean slowly inserted his length into me. His cock was hitting places Jan’s had never even thought of.

I moaned with the pleasure I was receiving from Sean’s cock. He probed me deeply. Jan’s cock slowly fucked my mouth. He moaned with pleasure as my throat vibrated from my own moans. The two men worked me slowly and deeply. Both men had incredible control. We had been fucking for about 10 minutes, when Sean leaned over to kiss me. I thought this a bit odd, especially since I had Jan’s cock in my mouth.

That is when it happened. Sean started to French kiss Jan’s cock and me at the same time. I could feel Sean’s tongue entering the side of my mouth and could feel his tongue licking at Jan’s shaft. I had no idea that Sean liked men. He seemed straight. An even bigger surprise came when Jan grabbed the back of Sean’s head, pulled his cock from my mouth, and inserted it into Sean’s. I couldn’t believe this. My boyfriend was fucking another man’s mouth. I enjoyed watching it, which in itself was strange. I watched as Sean willing allowed Jan to fuck his mouth. This kadıköy escort was an incredible turn on for me, yet I don’t know why. I soon found myself rubbing my clit with my hand.

The sensations that rushed through my body were intense. Sean kept thrusting away at my pussy, while accommodating Jan’s cock. I think Sean was a bit distracted; he didn’t appear to be enjoying my pussy. Soon, Sean pulled out and concentrated solely on Jan’s cock. I rolled onto my side and played with my pussy watching the action take place next to me. Jan was definitely enjoying it. I could hear a different type of moan coming from his mouth. Moans I had never heard before. Jan’s moans became more frequent, as did mine. Jan and I just stared at one another as our orgasms approached.

I then kneeled next to Jan and started kissing him. His breathing was labored. I could tell he was getting really close. I kissed him deeply just as he came. His whole body seemed to tense up and then just release. Jan’s cock pumped its hot cum deep into Sean’s waiting mouth. Sean kept sucking until Jan’s cock stopped throbbing. Sean then got up and shared the last of Jan’s juices with us. The three of us kissed one another deeply and embraced one another.

Jan’s hand then moved slowly down my body to my waist. I felt his hand trace its way across my stomach to Sean’s. Jan then reached down and began to stroke Sean’s still hard cock. I smile approvingly at Jan for giving Sean some pleasure.

“Honey, I would really love to eat your pussy now. ” Jan said.

“But what about Sean? He still hasn’t come yet. How should I get him off?” I asked.

“Viv, I think Jan has plans for that of his own.” Sean interjected.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Just lay back and spread your legs. You’ll soon get the picture.” Jan replied.

Confused, I did just as Jan instructed. I laid back and spread my legs. Jan got on all fours, and moved to lick my pussy. As Jan’s tongue began licking me, I watched Sean move around behind Jan. The picture became clearer to me, but I didn’t believe what I was seeing. Sean reached over and grabbed the bottle of massage oil, Jan and I kept on the night table. He opened it and put a generous amount in his hand. I watched as Sean rubbed it all over his cock; it was now shiny with an oily kağıthane escort sheen. He then poured more in his hand and began to massage Jan’s anal area with it. I really could not believe I was seeing this; my lover was going to get fucked by another man.

Sean moved closer to Jan and put a hand on his cock. Jan gasped when Sean touched his ass. I could feel Jan tensing up as Sean guided his cock deeply into Jan. He moved slowly at first, allowing Jan to relax. Jan struggled to keep any kind of rhythmic action up with his tongue on my pussy. Sean then began to build speed, but kept his movements gentle. Jan became more comfortable with Sean in him and he began licking me as if nothing else was happening.

I watched as Sean fucked my lover’s ass. It was strangely a turn-on. Sean kept up his speed, but build up forcefulness. Soon, I could feel Jan’s face being planted harder and harder into my cunt. All three of us began to moan, almost in unison. Our moans let one another know that they enjoyed the pleasure they were receiving. I soon found myself losing control. My body let loose with orgasm after orgasm, each time, my moans got louder and louder.

Sean’s did as well. I could tell by the look on his face, and the moaning that he was getting close to orgasm. I suddenly found myself yelling out orders to Sean. “Fuck him! Fuck his ass good! Shoot your hot load deep into his ass! I want to see you cum in his ass!” This turned Sean on immensely, as well as it did Jan.

One loud, final moan escaped Sean’s lips as he sent his juices deep into Jan’s bowels. His pace dropped immediately to a crawl, but he kept thrusting the entire time he came. Jan was so turned on by this that he also came. I could feel his cum shooting from his cock, hitting him in the chest and me in the thighs. This was and incredible rush having two men cum at the same time and not because of me. Jan let out one final moan as Sean pulled out from his ass. The three of laid there kissing and caressing one another for hours.

Later that next morning, Jan confided in me that he and Sean had slept together on a few occasions. It started on day when Jan was doing a shoot of Sean. Sean was modeling underwear and the female models he was with got him a little hard. Jan told Sean later that night that he was impressed by his cock. He said that the alcohol, among other things, lead to the two of them sleeping together. That is why he had no objection to Sean joining the three-some. He found Sean to be an incredible turn on, and if anything happened between the two of them, he was sure I would get as turned on as he would, and therefore wouldn’t object. Jan was right.

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