My Mum, the model – part one.

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My Mum, the model – part one.The camera clicked, lights flashed. “Mark, can you just adjust the silk, its slipped.”I walked across the studio, and pulled the flimsy material back into place, so it covered the models tits. Covered but not hidden. Her red erect nipples were still visible through the see through material. I moved back out of view of the camera, as Gerry continued photographing the girl. I had been working for Gerry for six months. Six fantastic months. Photographic assistant. Three days a week, three poorly paid days per week. Still, it was the experience I needed, that and the foot into a very competitive industry. Two days a week I was at college, doing an arts and media course. But I was learning more from Gerry than I ever learned at college. The girl was now leaning back, on her elbows, her legs spread, labia parted. My throat was dry, she was gorgeous. “Mark, can you give me a meter reading,” Gerry called. I did as he asked, hoping she wouldn’t notice that my cock was as hard as it had ever been. Ever.I called out the reading.“Thanks Mark. Relax a minute, will you, just want to try something.”Gerry disappeared into his office. I smiled at the girl. I heard the security door phone sound, and Gerry answer it, a moment later a buzz and click, indicated he had released the lock. “Couldn’t get me my bottle of water could you Mark,” the girl asked. I got her water, and gave it to her, so I was standing over the naked girl when Gerry returned. He wasn’t alone. With him was my Mother.“Thanks Mark. Your Mum needs a quick word.”“What are you doing here?” I demanded.“Well now at least I know why you are always so keen to get to work darling,” she said.“Its not always like this,” I told her.“No I’m sure its not, darling. Look I won’t be back until seven tonight, will you still be here?”“Yes, yes. You could have rang me, you know I do have a mobile Mum,” I told her.“You do, don’t you, and here it is, it was by the fridge,” she said handing it to me. I sat with Gerry in front of his computer, editing the photos he had taken that afternoon. Some were deleted, some cropped. Slowly he whittled the photos down to a hundred. These he would send to one of his contacts. A contact who would buy them. We sat chatting, discussing the following days work. In the morning a couple were coming in to discuss the photos for their forthcoming wedding. The afternoon was a lingerie shoot for a website. “Look Mark, I know you’re not due in tomorrow, but could you come in for the afternoon shoot?” Gerry asked.I thought about it for a couple of seconds, “yeah, sure.”We were interrupted by his mobile. “Hello Vicky, how are………” His voice trailed off as he listened.“Fuck, fuck. That’s all we fucking need. Fucking Vicky, has fucking come on a week early. Fuck. Now we need a replacement model.”“What about the girl from this afternoon?” I offered lamely.“Don’t be a fucking twat, we need some one with some class, not some little slut.”I was rescued by the door, I ran down to open the door. It was my Mum.“Sorry I’m late.”“Late? I checked my watch, it was just after eight. “Hadn’t noticed, come up, shouldn’t be long.”As we walked into the studio, Gerry was on the computer, going through his lists of models. Then he reached for his phone.“Kris, hi, its Gerry. Any chance you can do a shoot for me tomorrow afternoon, pays well,” he said. He listened briefly, before saying, “shame, look I’ll have something for you soon, bye.”He turned, “ Mark we have a real prob………..”“Me model, no I couldn’t Gerry, why would you even think I could?” Mum said.“You’d be perfect, Linda.” Gerry said continuing his charm offensive. I’d seen it before, as he talked a reluctant model out of her knickers. “Well if you think I could, I’d always secretly fancied being a model, but I’m not sure Mark would be…..well you know.” Mum said.“Linda, Mark is a professional, you saw him this afternoon, and you will be wearing a bit more than that model. No Mark will be detached and professional at all times, anyway, I’m sure he’s seen you in your underwear before.”I watched as Mum thought about the offer. She was tempted I knew, knew too that she had always wanted to be a model. The trouble was did I want my Mum to be a model?“Well Gerry you’re right of course, and he’s seen me topless on the beach on holiday, what do you think darling?”“If your asking me, your son, then I’d say go for it, why not. If you’re asking me Gerry’s assistant, then I’d say Linda, that you couldn’t be in better hands, Gerry is a great photographer, me, I’m his assistant and will help you during the shoot as much as I can. Does that answer your question Mum?”I heard Mark leave the house, as I hit the shower. I had a knot in my stomach. Nerves, but also an excitement. I had always wanted to model, and now I had my chance. Luckily I had, had my bikini line done only a couple of days ago, my legs bursa escort too. I had an appointment at the hair dressers in an hour, so my hair would look good as well. This was, I knew a one off, so I intended to make the most of it, even if Mark was there, he was used to watching other women being photographed, I hoped he could really cope with seeing his mother in front of the camera. He had given me one piece of advice on our way home last night, and that was to ensure I didn’t turn up with underwear marks, so braless, and just loose panties I headed out.“Fucking hell Mark, I thought they were never going to fuck off. Now lets get ready for this afternoon. The stuff they want the model to wear is in the changing room, go and get it arranged so the model can change quickly, there’s some props, and notes as to what goes with what. Better find something less revealing for the first few shots though, don’t you?”“Of course Gerry, know what you mean, I’m still not sure how you talked her round.”Mark let me into the studio. It was just before two. I was now bitterly regretting my decision. “Come in Mum, I mean Linda. Let me show you to the changing room, can I get you anything, coffee, tea?” He asked.“I’d murder a vodka, but better not, no just some water darling.”I stood looking round the changing room, a make up mirror, and table, a chair. On one side a sofa, over which were lots of underwear, some hung from a hanger. Mark was soon back, with my water, a bottle. “Better get out of those clothe, did you bring a wrap? Did you bring two photo ID’s?” He asked.I handed them to him, and he disappeared. I stood for a moment, then undressed, as I reached for the wrap, he returned, and there was an awkward moment, before I slipped the wrap on.”Mum stood naked, she had the most amazing breasts, her nipples a dark red, with a large aureole. She had a fantastic figure, her 36D breasts, a slim waist, and thirty five inch hips. Her long legs were shapely. As she tied the wrap around herself, I couldn’t help but notice her waxed cunt, smooth, with a small strip of pubic hair just above her clit,, or where I knew her clit was. My throat was dry, my cock hard. My mother had given me a hard on. I led her out into the studio.“Linda, if you can just stand there, and hold both your id’s in front of you.” I told her.She did as I asked, and I clicked the camera, recording both her and the id’s for our records, I had already photocopied them, but we always took a photo with the model holding them.“Thanks Linda, can you go and do your makeup, remember do it heavy, we’ll be ready in about twenty minutes, if that’s ok?”I had just finished my makeup when Mark came to get me. He explained how the shoot would progress the night before, but went over it again.“Ok Linda, Gerry will video you in each of the outfits, then a few stills. The sound will be off, so you can ask anything you’re not sure about, and we’ll give you directions. I’ll come back each time and give you the next outfit to wear, and help you dress if you need it, and pack the outfits away as they’re worn. Now we’ve a lot to get through.”Mark handed me a black bra, and matching panties, silk, but not see through.“Wear your black stilettos‘, for now, I’ll do the buckles.”I did as he said, putting my feet into the shoes, while he knelt and buckled them. He left me to put the lingerie on.I watched as Linda walked into the studio, she looked as I knew she would. Fabulous. I knew she was thirty seven, she was toned, with an even light tan. Mark had told me she worked out twice a week, and swam after each session. It showed. I wished the younger girls that passed through my studio were half as fit. Her shoulder length blonde hair was freshly done, as were her nails. I zoomed in on her, and recorded her. She reached her marks, turned, a nervous smile on her red lips.“Ok Linda, remember to look right into the lens, yes that’s it, great. I took it slowly, the nerves faded. Next a few stills. Ok Linda, first one done, time to change again.”“That wasn’t so bad Mark, right what do I wear next?” I asked.“This set next,” he said handing me a black lacy pair of knickers, and bra. The knickers I saw were lace at the front, but transparent at the back, the cups of the bra lace, but my nipples would be visible through it. Had I done the right thing, prancing around like this in front of my son?“Do you need a hand Linda?” He asked.“Just unclip me, oh, and what shoes?” I asked.He undid my bra, as he said “keep those ones on. I’ll be outside.This time as she walked out I could see Mum had lost her nerves, and settled into becoming a model. Fuck she was hot, how had I never noticed before, maybe because now she was Linda, and I was looking at her in a different way. I watched as Gerry filmed her, then photographed her, soon it was time to change again. “Right Linda, this time the white heels, here bursa escort bayan let me.” I helped her change shoes. Handed her the next set. “Want me to undo you?”“Yes thanks.”I waited outside again. She walked out wearing a half bra, her nipples barely covered. The panties were tied on her hips. My cock throbbed at the sight of her, “fuck at this rate I’ll come in my pants,” I thought.It was time for the stills when Gerry called a stop.“Mark, can you tie those knickers a bit higher.”I moved in front of her, pulled both bows, in turn, retying them much higher on her hips. The material pulling up hard against her cunt, the slit obvious through the material.“Better, now pull the bra down a fraction, so her nipples poke over the top.”I did as he asked, noticing Mums nipples were like my cock. Hard.Gerry redid the video and the stills with the underwear adjusted.“Ok Linda, can you take the bra off, slowly, then d**** it over your left shoulder, and look over that shoulder staright at the camera.”She hesitated for a fraction of a second, but did as he asked.I unclipped my bra, let it drop, then did as Gerry asked. I had a knot in my stomach. Nerves, no. I was excited. My pussy was tingling. I hoped I didn’t wet my knickers, that would be so embarrassing as Mark would see. He’d know.We walked back to the changing room, I held the bra in my hand. I handed it to him when we got there. “What next?” I asked eagerly.Next was a sheer red top, red pvc shirt, red boots, and red fishnet stockings, hold-ups.“I’ll need a hand with these, or I’ll be all day,” I told him. “Sure you don’t mind honey?”“That’s my job Linda.”“I can’t undo these ties, would you?”He undid the knickers, I didn’t hold them, and they fell to the floor. I was naked, but for my heels. Naked in a small room with my son.I sat back, and rolled the stockings up my legs. “Knickers?” I asked.“No, just the skirt,” Mark replied. I wriggled into it, then pulled the tight sheer red top on, my nipples pushing against the thin material. The Mark knelt in front of me, lacing the boots. I knew if he cared to look he could see straight up the short skirt, at my waxed pussy. Waxed, wet pussy.I walked out into the by now familiar studio, this time Gerry had me lay on a sofa, filming me.“Let the skirt ride up a bit Linda, that’s it, good. Now let your legs relax, good, good.”I did as he wanted, not because he wanted it, but because I wanted to. I put a finger in my mouth, biting lightly, my other hand lifting the hem of the short skirt. I was rewarded by a “fucking great,” from Gerry.I zoomed in, as she let her legs fall apart. Not wide, no that would come later, but just enough for the camera to see her cunt, fuck her wet cunt. Her lips parted slightly, moist and inviting. I wanted to fuck her, later. I needed her to get into this. I could make a fortune from her, I just knew it. That she was doing this in front of Mark was amazing. This was going to be a great session, the next time would be even better, and I knew there would be a next time, but I needed to know how far she might go. Time for a test.“Can you just part you pussy Linda?”She did it without hesitation, recorded on video, and on a series of stills. My cock ached.“Great, and lets take the top off,” Gerry said. “Mark, take over the stills camera will you?”“Squeeze you tits Linda, between you arms, that’s it.”Her nipples were rock hard. “Can you pull the skirt up a little more, then open your legs.”She did as she was directed, Mark beside me was snapping away with the stills camera, taking pictures of his own mother, her wet cunt glistening. We took more, some on her knees, her shapely arse in the air.“Ok Linda, time for a change.”Mark followed me back to the changing room. What would I say to him. I’d gone much too far, I knew. But, and it was a big but, I loved it. “Mark,” I began.“Linda, its fine. You looked fabulous, your enjoying yourself. Remember this is my job. You’re the model, your Linda. I’m the assistant, that’s all. Here you’re the model, I’m at work.”“Quite a speech, are you sure?” I asked.“I’m sure, but how far you want this to go. You came to do a lingerie shoot, we’ve still got to do that, but we can push the boundaries, if you want to?” Mark said.“I’m not sure Mark.” I said truthfully.“Then lets carry on, if you don’t want to do something, just say. Lets push until you say stop.”“Ok, what’s next?”“Some boundary pushing. You want to do this, then lets do it Linda.”I was already naked, but for the stockings and boots. Mark unlaced them. Next was a pair of eight denier stockings and killer heels. I pulled the stocking up my legs.“Turn around,” Mark said. “Seams are not straight, here let me.”He pulled them down, then adjusted them, and pulled them back up. Them were high, almost to my crotch. As he did the second one the back of his hand brushed lightly against my pussy. I didn’t pull back, escort bursa or say anything. Then the killer heels. I stood tall in them. I raised my arms, as he pulled the sheer dress over my head. It was embroidered all over with a floral design with a plunging neckline, the shoulder straps four thin straps. Mark looked at me, then reached up, and pulled the straps off my shoulders, he smoothed the dress down over my body, over my bum, around my breasts. He readjusted the stockings, his hand again brushing against my pussy. Then he licked the back of his hand. I shivered.Mum looked so hot in the see through dress as she walked her familiar route. I’d told Gerry that she was up for it. We would see.I had the camera, Gerry the video. We had done this routine before, pushing the models limits, seeing how far she would go, this time it was my Mum, but not like the mother I knew, this was Linda, and Linda was a model. What type of model remained to be seen.I framed her face in the view finder. She was gorgeous, her eyes dusky with the grey eye shadow. She thrust her tits out, clearly visible through the dress, as was her cunt. I zoomed in. More shots. Gerry’s eye didn’t leave his view finder. Now it was time, a bed was behind her. I passed her a black vibrator, with a gold tip.“Do what you want, push the boundaries, or not. Up to you Linda.”She looked surprised at first, then a wicked smile flickered across her face.“You want me to use this?” She said. “Your choice,” I told her, returning to my camera.I didn’t have to wait long. She ran her tongue along its length, then tossed it onto the bed. She lifted the hem of the dress, flashing her cunt, she turned, looked back over her shoulder, then cat like stretched onto the bed, her cunt visible between her legs, she turned, raised a leg, and ran her hand over her cunt. My camera set the studio lights off, freezing each moment. I spread my legs, parting my labia. I was wet, so wet. The vibrator was in my hand now. I knew I wouldn’t stop. I was doing what Mark had suggested, pushing the boundaries of what I had agreed to. I wanted to do this, I wanted to. I slipped a finger into myself, then two. I was soaking, they sank into my aching cunt. I looked at Marks camera, saw his face behind the camera. Lights flashed as he photographed me. To one side Gerry was filming me. I pulled the dress down, exposing my tits, nipples hard, I gave them a twik, and felt a little wave of pleasure in my stomach. The vibrator was in my hand, between my legs. I parted them wide, and slipped the tip into myself, then a little deeper, then deeper. I came straight away. I bit my bottom lip, but the groan escaped my lips, so they knew, knew I’d cum. My thumb searched for the switch, hoping the batteries were charged. I wasn’t disappointed, it buzzed into life. I was lost to the pleasure, coming again. I was enjoying myself, and then some. I was jolted by Mark, who called out “ now on your knees, bum to us Linda.”I did as he commanded, directed by my son, as I masturbated. I fucked myself with the vibrator, rapidly. I came again, my anus pulsating, I wondered what it looked like, I’d have to watch the film, see the photos, would they let me?“Now a finger in your bum Linda,” Mark said.I looked back at him, and shook my head. I didn’t do that.“Linda, push a finger into your arse,” he said forcefully. “Do it.”I did it. Slowly at first, until it was all the way in, it had been wet from my pussy, now I pulled it back a little, before pushing it back in. It didn’t feel so bad, in fact I quite liked it, as I became accustom to it. Then I came, like I’d never come before. And so noisily, I was almost screaming. I was screaming.“Ok Linda, that’s great, you can stop now,” Gerry said.As I walked back to the changing room, I turned, “what’s next Gerry?”“Cool down, then came and talk.” He replied.Mark followed me into the changing room. “Well Mark, did I push far enough?”“You were amazing Linda, fucking amazing.” I was still on a post come high. I pulled him close, and kissed him on the lips. I felt his cock through his trousers. He was hard, so hard, it surprised me, but then he was a man. “Did I turn you on Mark? Did Linda turn you on?”“Fuck yes,” he answered.I held the wet vibrator up to his mouth. “Taste?” I asked.He took the vibrator in his mouth, wet from his mothers cunt. Tasting me.“Want to taste me some more?”He nodded, and reach down, and pulled the dress over my head. My arse was pushed back against the dressing table, I spread my legs, and pushed his head down. Down between my legs. He was good, parting my labia with his tongue, then licking up to my clit. He was so good. I came again, and then again. The whole world must have heard.Mark drove us home. My legs were jelly. My cunt still dripping with my juices, nipples hard. I could smell my cum juices. His cock no longer hard. I could still taste him.“So what’s for dinner Mum?” He asked.That shook me. Suddenly I was Mum again. Not Linda, not the model. I was a grand richer. But Mum, Mum who had to decide what was for dinner.“Take away, I can’t cook tonight.”

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