My Mother in Law,, Jean ,, d**gged and used

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My Mother in Law,, Jean ,, d**gged and usedIn a previous story i told you how i was able to get my Mother in Law Jean drunk and passed out and how i was able to strip her naked,, tie her up and use her..I still jack off to that often… I thought how easy it was to get her in this helpless state.. I thought what if i could get some roofies,, or some other d**g that could be mixed with her drink.. something that would cause amnesia,, no memory hummmmm.The situation would have to be right,,, her staying here with me alone over night or better yet the weekend..I prepared,,, I was able to get a couple of roofies anda d**g called ketamine,,, a tranquilizer used on horses but in humans causes amnesia..used the internet to see how much to use and got ready..I remember how this all started,, the first time i saw her naked.. she was about 48yo at the time and staying with us for a week. We lived in a different town at the time and she was visiting us..Jean always took a shower about 9AM every morning. I had a hole drilled in the floor next to the vanity in the bathroom.. it came up between a piece of molding around the vanity and gave me a great view of the shower..I waited till she went into the bathroom and quickly went to the basement.. stood on the ladder and saw Jean undress and get completely naked..WOW my cock was hard as hell… She was slim,, black hair thick black pubic hair nice breasts with huge aeroles..WOW I started jacking..I watched Jean take a shower,, shave malatya escort her legs,, and watched as her finger wandered into her pubic area and stroke her genitals..I shot all over the basement..GOD i saw her naked that week 3 times it was great.. This started my life long adoration of my mother in law Jean.Well my chance came,,, father in law and my wife made a trip to her brothers and Jean stayed at my house for the weekend.. I could hardly function..waiting for her to ask for her Vodka martine… I slippedin the roofie and gave it to her…WOW does that shit work great in 30 min she was slobbering,,confused babbled,,,didn’t even know me.. Jean was helpless stood her up and kissed her my tongue slid into her mouth and i gave her a wet loong french kiss… she sort of kissed back,,, but didn’t resist.. God i was hot..I had locked all the doors and pulled the shades,, i wanted no one seeing what i was going to do to Jean…I wanted to immobilize her,, and see her struggle,, mmmmmmmmmmm.. I had prepared well… i wanted to subdue her expose her completely.. I undressed her as she stood there confused.. everything off..I pulled her arms behind her back and handcuffed her..Her body was beautiful… breasts saggy now but still huge aeroles.. her pubic hair is still thick and black,,, I led her to the basement.. where i prepared my device..It was simple,, i got the idea from the internet.. Its called the Boger swing.. and ingenious device used by the nazis to escort malatya interrogate women.. also used in south america and many thirld world countrys to torture ..I wanted her on it naked,, hanging suffering,, her genitals and anus wide openI made her sit on the floor below the winch,,, i made her pull her knees up to her chest.. I then took her arms and pulled them around her legs and tied them over her ankles…I took a bar and put it through the openning behind her knees and over her arms.. connected the middle of it which was between her knees to a rope hooked to a winch.. I pressed the button and Jean was hoisted off the ground to hand on the bar…She went crazy,,,, yelled what are you doing ooowwwww oowww let me down.. let me down…She struggled but could not get free…God she looked uncomfortable… I was rock hard seeing my Mother in Law Jean hanging,, suspended on this terrible torture device..and COMPLETELY NAKED….She struggled and yelled ,,, i had to gag her to keep her pleas and screams from being heard outside….there she hung,, i got the camera and took her picture from all angles..tears streamed down her face.. Still i left her there… I put the camera down and pulled my cock out,,, i showed it to her as it dripped pre cum… I wipped it on her cheek she shook her head no no no…I went to her bottom and placed the head of my cock on her thick mound,,, felt the thick black hair rub my hard cock… i rubbed it up and down parting the malatya escort bayan hair and feeling warm smooth labia,,, i pushed and i entered her cunt ,she gasped as i pumped her cunt… it didn’t take long i came deep in her as i withdrew my cum dripped out and on to the floor…God it was nice…..I went upstairs,,, and watched the clock,,, I wanted her to suffer,, i knew time on the boger swing goes slow its constant pain discomfort in the shoulders neck,, and pain on back of legs…constant pain…. Storys from thirld world countrys tell of women screaming in the night,,, moaning for hours as they hang…I left Jean there for 3 hours… Getting hard and listenning to her crying gasping,,, muffled pleas….I went to her and showed her my cock again i approached her bottom and this time put the head of my cock on her anus..I pushed in real fast diliating her rectum and causing her great pain. Her ass hole gripped my cock as i pumped in and out…MMM took longer this time but i finally cum deep in her bowels…mmmmmmIt was now 4 hours since Jean was d**gged and i was afraid she might start to remember… so i let her down… I carried her to her room and cleaned up her genitals best i could she seemed to be sleeping….I covered her up and left her to sleep it off..Again next day she didn’t seem to remember anything besides complaining about the matress ,, she said she was very sore,,, maybe coming down with something.. said her legs hurt especially behind her knees and her shoulders and neck…hummmmmmmmmmI got away with it again,,,,, i have lots of plans for Jean in the future.. If you like what i did to her… let me know,,, i have lots of storys….PS chekc out photos section i posted a few pics of her….

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