My Lovely Mother

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Good to see people on this planet with common tastes. Loving mother is such a divine thing if one believes in it deeply.

My writing reflects my love, affection and physical need for my mother. So without effort the story comes out in such way. I have masturbated 100s of times looking at my mother’s cleavage, or when she used to change her saree or just her lips when she speaks. It is a wide range of emotions.

As my mother she could quickly capture my thoughts and while being bit standoffish in the beginning gave into the inevitable. Falling for my overtures was inevitable.

I read somewhere that a woman cannot resist a man who fights on her behalf. It actually happened with me.

While the story I you read is imaginary really what happened is quite different.

I am an engineer. My mother is as I describe in the story. Voluptous, very fair, nicely formed and curvaceous where it matters. Wide hips, beautiful tummy. Wonderfully formed breasts..almost similar to the Aladdin’s Magic lamp with the nipples sticking out like the lamps mouth. Very dark nipples which used to stick out when she would wear a blouse without a bra. Her arm pits would sweat profusely and seep through her blouse underarms making her look and smell divine.

The best feature is her face, angelic, round with nice cheeks, fantastic nose with a nose pin. Her wide forehead with black eye brows and expressive eyes complete the whole package except two important features which drive me crazy.

Her lips..cherry in color, oozing with shine, very pulpy and very tasty.

Her Back. Wonderfully flaring out and nice round buttocks which twitch and fall and rise when she walks.

Overall a great lovely motherly lady.

She is sweet and musky everywhere. I know because I have kissed her lips, I have taken her tongue in my mouth and caressed her tongue and her mouth’s insides for hours.

I know because my cock has felt her hot tongue, her wet lips kisses and her mouth on them. She likes it the best when she pushes the foreskin of my cock back and then takes me in her mouth all the while looking at me intensely to convey her love and pleasure of the activity.

I know that she is sweet and musky because when I kiss her in between her legs I can smell her sweat, and when I lick I get a tangy ethereal flavour of her elmadağ escort pussy. I can bring her to climax by just licking her pussy. Oh! when she comes I can feel the juices oozzing and her grunts and sounds of pleasure.

My friends, sorry to have given such a long account of my mother and her special features. I just get carried away when I think of her.

Now what really happened.

As I wrote my father was an alcoholic. Failed in business and frustrated in life. I had finished my Engineering Degree and found work. I started earning handsomely and suddenly things changed at home.

My mother gave such hints of change first. Earlier my father would get food hot cooked when he felt hungry and I would get after him. My mother would take his opinion on what food she should prepare the next day. She would ask him money to buy the groceries, she would ask him and inform him before going out of the house to temple or shop or even to gossip in the neighbourhood.

At the end of the first month of my working I took the salary from my company and took it home. I called my mother to my room and gave her the Cheque. She looked at it and smiled happily and passed a comment “from now on you are man of the house’. I said I did not understand. She quickly looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes and said “you will understand all the things in the course of time”.

Next day was saturday and morning she came to me and asked me what I would like for breakfast. I said anything. She asked me again, “please tell me because I would like to prepare stuff that you like”.

Further on I started seeing her wait for me late into night to serve me food and then only sleep. Further on she would request me for money for the groceries. Further and further it so happened that I would travel and when coming back i would buy a saree for her and she would promptly wear it and come to show me and ask me if she looked good.

Possibly my father was noticing these changes and as a fallen guy with frustration, his pent up anger erupted into an issue one night.

It was a night when I came late from work. Mother was waiting for me and once I came she happily said “wash up and come down for dinner, I am also waiting for you we can eat together”. My father was hovering around and quickly retorted esenyurt escort “Why are we waiting for so long? Lalitha dont you know that I am hungry, you bloody bitch. You shitty woman. I will kick you if do this again”.

I was just back from a difficult day at office and I was so happy to be welcomed like a hero by my loving mother. But here was my lousy father ranting away in his drunken state and calling my mother a bitch and threatening her.

In a concialatory manner I asked my father to back off and told him that mother will do the needful but he needs to be careful about usage of such crude language.

My father laughed hysterically and came at me smelling of alcoholic breath ” what will do..hero..he asked me?”and to provoke me kicked my mother who was standing beside me.

My mother took the kick on her thighs and fell. She started crying and looked at me and said “Rathan, what is this, I am waiting for you for dinner because you are the man of the house. As a man you need to protect me? If you dont bother when I am being kicked then the only thing left for me to commit suicide.” I was so enraged by the whole thing that I just could not control my actions. I turned to my father and gave him a mighty slap on his face. I slapped so hard that I could feel his jaws shake and he fell down on the ground.

By now my mother stood up came to me and hugged me and started kissing me. She started egging me “you are my man, take care of me, why should this drunk trouble me. I am not his wife anymore. You take care of me if you love me. Hit him again, hit him again. Let him go to hell. I will think that we are lucky if this drunk goes away. If he does not go away, you make a separate house where you and I will live. If required I will divorce him. Anyway I dont have any feelings for me for the last 10 year. He has not even treated like a wife for so many he is a man.”

While being surprised at my mother’s words, I was also getting a thrill of being a hero for my mother, I was also getting a hardon as my mother was clinging to me very closely and kissing me with her wet lips.

In this mixed state of mind I hit my father who had gotten up and this time he went and banged the wall and fell to the ground unconscious.

I dragged him out of the room all the etiler anal yapan escort way to his bedroom and closed the door and came back to my room.

My mother was still standing and as I entered the room, she ran up and embraced me and kissed me on my lips harshly. As I kissed her back our teeth jarred against each other and her teeth scratched my lips and I was bleeding. We continued kissing with the coppery taste of blood entering our mouths.

She freed herself breathlessly. She took a deep breath and asked me “if you love me, then prove your love by making me your wife, prove to me that it is not just lust but you want a relationship. I want you very badly but do you want me.”

I smiled at her and grabbed her head and pulled her to my lips again. Kissing her passionately took her to the bed and fell down beside her. Roughly I pushed up her saree, her petty coat up to her panties. I pulled at her panties which were ripped and came free of her hips.

I released my pants buttons, pulled down the zipper and hurriedly shed my clothes. I pulled her legs apart and roughly positioned myself above her.

As a virgin guy I had no idea what to do next. As the uncertainty came up for me all the aggressiveness also came down.

My mother till that time had shut her eyes and was a mute object to my overtures opened her eyes. Instantly she must have realised her son’s problem. She lovingly looked at me and with a smile on her face, unbuttoned her blouse provocatively one by one, slowly..and then looked down where my cock was majestically pulsating just above her pussy. She laughed and murmured ” I am the first woman for you..I am so lucky”. Quietly her hand moved to my cock and she took it softly and guided my cock to her pussy. As my cock touched her furry pussy entrance she again murmured “please push rathan..let us become one, I want you my man…”.

I pushed and as my cock entered her pussy, I could sense a feeling of friction from her pussy walls, the feeling of hot desire she had for me and as I entered her fully, she breathed out a long sigh. I just fell on her.

As I fell on her I got a new feeling of her soft breasts and the hard nipples. I pushed and kneaded her breasts like a kid on her chest and like her man I rammed into her pussy and like her lover kissed her lips. The mix of the feeling coming from kissing, my hands kneading her breasts, my cock fucking her and my legs between her soft and fluffy thighs made me go into an uncontrollable orgasm. I could not control it any longer. I just came..came.. came and came.

Any mothers, aunts may write to me through the link below.

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