My little old lady… part 2

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My little old lady… part 2I found out later that her name is Joyce. 30 minutes after I left her, having given my dog a very short walk, much to his disgust, I’d freshened up and was on my way back to Joyce’s house. I was about half way there when the doubts started kicking in. I wasn’t what you’d call sexually experienced, although I wasn’t a virgin either. I was used to the old ladies along the street, teasing me, trying – and succeeding – to make me blush. What if Joyce was only teasing? What if she wasn’t, but was expecting me to be some kind of super-stud? These thoughts and many more plagued me on that short walk to her door. I stopped just as I was about to knock, fully intending to turn around and go back home. I really didn’t relish the thought of this level of potential humiliation. Then, just as I’d made my mind up to return home, Joyce opened her door! Had I knocked? I really don’t remember, but there she was, dressed exactly as I last saw her. My heart was pounding and I really didn’t know what to do next! She invited me in, giving me a sweet smile, asking if I wanted that coffee now. To give myself time to calm down and think before I went too far, I accepted. Joyce seemed to read my thoughts and didn’t push it. We chatted about nothing in particular as we drank our coffee. She’s an intelligent and funny woman, I was thoroughly enjoying my time with her. I felt the sexual moment had long passed and got ready to leave. Just before we got to the door, Joyce reminded me that we’d been interrupted bahis firmaları before I’d been paid properly for the work a few days ago. Ah yes! The kiss. I’d almost forgotten about that. I put my hands on her sides, like before and she had hers on my arms again. I could feel the warmth of her body on my hands. We came together slowly, our lips gently meeting. I spread my fingers, my thumbs now brushing the sides of her breasts. Her lips parted and we kissed with more passion. This time there was no knock at the door! We broke the kiss and looked at each other. I could see the impression of her nipples on her blouse and I’m sure she could see my erection pushing against my jeans. Without a word, Joyce took my hand and led me into the living room, to the sofa. We sat down, facing each other. As she looked into my eyes, Joyce took my right hand and placed it against her breast. I pressed my palm against it, feeling it’s fullness. I stoked across the front of it with my thumb, brushing her very erect nipple. Although still not saying anything, Joyce sighed, leaned back against the armrest and pushed her chest forward. This made her skirt ride up to just above her knee, revealing skinny, but beautifully shaped legs, made smoother with either tights or stockings. Using my thumb and index finger, I pinched Joyce’s nipple. Gently at first, but harder as she put her head back and groaned. I moved my hand over to her other breast and did the same. This made Joyce pull her legs up, making the skirt go higher. As it kaçak iddaa rode up, I got a tantalising view of stocking tops! Yes! She then lowered her legs a little and I continued what I was doing. We looked into each others eyes, almost daring the other to look away. I put my fingertips to the bare skin just below her neck and trailed them down to the first unopened button of her blouse. Did she want me to stop? I took her silence as my cue to continue. It popped open, the soft swell of her breasts just showing. I dropped my fingers to the next button, never taking my eyes off Joyce’s… then the next, her breathing got a little heavier. 2 more buttons and her blouse was completely unfastened. Bringing my hand back up, I opened her blouse enough to fully see what I’d had a glimpse of just an hour previously. Joyce’s breasts were about a B cup, which is probably why they didn’t sag much. Her areolas were about an inch across. A dark brown against her pale skin. What captivated me most, though, was her fingertip sized nipples. Jutting out, just begging to be sucked! As I squeezed and pulled them, Joyce moaned loudly and pulled her knees up towards her chest. She wore a lovely pair of white panties, with a plainly evident wet spot! I moved off the sofa and kneeled on the floor. Joyce leaned back again, the blouse fell wide apart. I kissed her on the lips, my hand resting just below her breasts. She writhed, obviously hoping my hand would move up. It didn’t. My lips moved down. I kissed her neck and the top of kaçak bahis her chest. I kissed along the sides of her breast. She tried to move my head so that I could kiss her nipple. I resisted… much to her annoyance! She spoke her first word in what seemed like a very long time. “Bastard!!”. Without warning, I pinched her nipple with my fingers. She arched her back like she’d been electrocuted. I then kissed it. She subsided, with a sigh. When I bit it, she spasmed again. She grabbed my hair, dragging my mouth to her other nipple, to do the same.As I was working on her nipples, I started stroking her legs, beginning at her calves. I moved my hand up, slowly but surely. She’d pulled her knees up again as she squirmed, so I was able to stroke the backs of her thighs. Feeling her stocking tops and the soft skin above. Her legs were slightly parted and I stroked her soft inner thigh. Her legs fell further open and I moved my hand towards her panties… which is when she stopped me… and she meant it. We lay beside each other for a while. My t-shirt was now off and her nipples were pressing against me. Our groins pushed against each other. We kissed a little more, then lay quietly. Joyce broke the silence by apologising for stopping me. She said it wasn’t that she didn’t want to go further, because she really did, it was because she was scared. She’d been without sex for such a long time, she didn’t think she’d ever do it again. She wanted time to get her head straight about it, before doing it… assuming I still wanted to. I guided her hand to the front of my jeans and asked “Does this feel like a ‘No’?” I can wait, because now I’ve had a little taste, I know it’s going to be amazing when it happens! And it will happen…

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