My life as a prize wife (Chapter 1 and 2)

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My life as a prize wife (Chapter 1 and 2)It is the confession Hello, I am Christine and I live near Trier. I am 39 years old, married and have two c***dren. I am a European woman, wearing shoulder long brown hair and my eye color is also brown. My body weight varies between 73 to 75 kg. My breasts fit in cup size 95 C and my Po is not big, not small, not fat and not flat. Body Mass: Size 165 cm, chest, waist, hips 95 cm 110 cm 108 cmFetish: i love it when my husband gives me strange men and women. This is my story.At the age of 24 on a Thursday in July 2004, I married my current husband Peter. Since the household coffers chronically weak was filled, we opted for a honeymoon in the nearby Eifel. My husband got us at the Belgian border as a holiday house accommodation for f******n days. Upon our arrival turned out to be this holiday house as a weekend house lying in the forest. From the parking lot, ten kilometers from the nearest town was a small foot path that led to the house. This was from there in eight minutes walk to reach. There was also a farm road, but it was on the basis of his wilderness only passable with an off-road vehicle. With our small Datsun we had no chance. It was for my feeling too lonely, but that would, as I should experience later, his reason.The block house had three rooms. After entering the house one stood directly into a 22 m² room, the living room with kitchenette. Through the only window in this room, could be found on a small wooden terrace and the densely overgrown forest. From this room was reached through a door into a room about 12 square meters large bedroom. Here was a queen size bed and a chest of drawers. Through another door was reached from the bedroom in a 8 m² large room. This was the bathroom with a toilet, a sink with a small mirror hung, and an impromptu shower. On the wall was a boiler for hot water. These two rooms each had a small window with a view of the dense forest.After our arrival i got a towel from my suitcase and tried the shower directly from. It felt good after this two-hour car ride without air conditioning to stand under the shower. After i had dried, I decided on the basis of the heat an airy summer dress to attract. When I entered the bedroom, I saw that my suitcase from the bed had disappeared. “Peter, where is my suitcase?”Peter was sitting in the living room and drank despite the scorching summer heat a pot of coffee. Since he did not answer to my question, I went, just as nature has created me, toward the living room. Naked, I stood in the doorway and repeated my question. Peter looked at me and gave me the answer: “Now you needn’t. Clothing is generally overrated”.I heard a certain excitement in his voice. Since I was naked, I assumed that my sight Peter on tours. He loved the prelude with an erotic word game to begin. I put a seductive look at and danced in his direction, more hauchend than talking I asked: “Why not?”Peter looked at me still to move, without in any way. Why he grabbed me not so greedy, as he always did it otherwise? I assumed that its serenity a new version of his foreplay.”It sounds promising,” I breathed with a sleazy voice. I noticed that what I did in the step.He drank a sip of coffee from his cup and then looked at me in a way that seemed very seriously. Now I was irritated. He looked at me, as my parents looked at me, if I had had something to eat out. Then he brought his concerns in a serious tone.”Didn’t you tell me what to say?” I looked at him and shrugged.”However, there is already a bit, what you need to tell me,” he replied to my shrug.I became uncertain: “What is it?”Peter looked at me for a long time and then asked in a long-drawn tone: “flow..mler..choir?”What does he mean by that? Then the penny dropped with me.He had the idea flash in my eyes. “I hear the penny. That is a good thing. Thomas has me in drunken state tells a story, but very surprised me,” he continued.Oh no, he had to learn from my frivolous times, some years ago, I as a nineteen-year-old in a pub in my hometown. I decided I was once more ignorant. Perhaps he knew not everything and i was able to defuse the situation. I went on the offensive and provocative asked: “What do you mean exactly?”He only said: “Close Christine?”Now, I am aware of, if he knew, then he knew already too much. I introduced myself, naked as I was, right in front of him and asked him to be more precise in his statements. “What did Thomas exactly?” I just hoped that Thomas had not told everything.Peter took a sip of coffee in peace again in order for me to create an awkward pause. Then he began. “He has told me that you until a few years ago every two weeks from Friday evening to Sunday morning choir regularly for the men of the drummers the legs wide. Would recommend you, even as an insider tip. Agreed?”Ok, now I remain very calm, shot through my brain. It was clear to me that now is the moment of the long inevitable confession had come. I said with an embarrassed smile: “Peter, I was young and wanted to have fun. No more.””I’ll go that was a lot of fun,” Peter interrupted me.”Yes, that it has to be tempted,” I admitted. With accusation full voice, he asked: “Would you need it?””Yes, I had been so n..o..t..i..g!” I gave back snippy. After a short period of silence, I said: “Peter, we can talk about it, if you want? Think about it you but well, if you really want to hear in our honeymoon now?” “We are talking already about it,” said Peter. He made it very hard with his provocative remarks. I felt like me to shame the red in the face.”Do you really want to know everything? Maybe I should not tell you everything? It might be a bit heavy for you. It was before your time.” I hoped to come out of this situation still got off lightly. “We should let it rest prefer certain old stories,” I added swearing way still lagging behind.Peter put his cup back on the table and took me on his lap. “But I would also like to get to know your wicked past,” he said now lovingly.The thoughts in my head turned. That was hard for a freshly baked husband. He knew that I was no morality, but the Apostle was now his ideas from my previous life certainly surpass them. I had to tell him about my sexabenteuer before the wedding and not now under pressure. Then he had me in the worst case even as a former hobby whore cases. Since the matter would be not be kept in cases. But when he dropped me now, it would be a disaster for me. In addition, it was unfair of me to tell him it was on our honeymoon. He was now angry or he wanted it really only confirmed by me? The situation was completely unclear and i saw the honeymoon ended already before you started correctly.”Very well,” I began as a small c***d, what now had to confess his evil deeds. “At that time I was in Cologne in the training to become a nurse. Because of the large distance home, I could only every 14 days there. On average, i was only 6 days in the month at home. In an age of nineteen years ago, this is far too little, in order to maintain a love relationship and a long-distance relationship in this age. So broke after a short time my existing relationship with a twenty-year-olds. In Cologne, I spent most of my free time with my female colleagues from the training. The male trainees were boring and not at all my case. The leisure took place mainly in the sister home or in the city, mostly in the form of shopping. Men to close acquaintances in Cologne was difficult for me. I came up from the country and had extraordinary respect for life in the city. Visits of discos were on the basis of the work time in service to the free weekends Weekends nearly impossible and I was at home. So i lived most of the time in a catholic sister kaserniert managed home without having sex. On the first floor were nuns. Where you had gone, in the floors of the secular brothers and sister student to come. Since I was already in front of the training a sexual relationship, I lacked this horny thing,” I went in my confession apologetically. “That’s why I decided for this simple way to satisfy my lust. It had been so easy and there was absolutely no obligation. Just k**ding. Do you understand? I was young and simply wanted to be fucked.”His eyes signaled the understanding and then he asked what I had expected:”What was with the doctors, nurses, the masseurs, i know anyone who has everything? There was no one who could get it to you?””But, there were already some nice types, but I was a sister of pupil. A sister student had to behave decently. Also fell under the prohibition of erotic adventures with staff of the hospital. If the come out, they would have the threw me out. So I could not allow me as a date. Only flirting was possible, more was taboo. Two of our training course for doctors had to go because they had made the legs wide. The nuns knew no mercy”, i finally answered his question. “Tell now of the weekends in this local choir of the drummer”, Peter asked me. I looked at him and asked, “You sure?”. He nodded. Ok, I thought to myself, how you want. I went with my confession.”My Girlfriend Gudrun had noticed my distress. She told me that she for some time on the infamous weekends in the local pub of the drummers choir took part. I should come along, but times have finally come to an end so that my trouble. At first I didn’t dare, but my lust cave was yelling for a tail. The next weekend, in so far as it was then. She took me on a friday night for the first time in the notorious neighborhood pub. In the event of a male average age of about 40 – 45 years ago, I was there with nineteen years of welcome fresh meat. When we entered the restaurant, I felt the eyes of the guys on my breasts and my ass. I was convinced that this evening would have put an end to my trouble. I was at the counter directly from a fifty-year-old named Willi invited to a beer. I saw the lust in his eyes just sparkle. His campaign was becoming more and more intense. He constantly sought physical contact with me and always gave me to understand that I had a perfect body. His lust made him almost to the a****l. So, I enjoyed that i was sought on all trains. After an hour, he said that I should not be so. Finally, I have come to fuck yes. Or? He had been right. In this place you as a woman came only to fuck. I gave in and sought his body contact. I felt that his grip was easy for him in his step and the tail. A thousand butterflies in my stomach began to fly. How long I had no stiff cock. I looked him in the eye and said only. Where? He smiled and took me by the hand. We walked toward the door that led to the backyard of the house. We came to Gudrun over, from two guys anbaggern. We exchanged a look and she grinned sympathetically. Just the thought that I would have the same sex, let it flow from my young lust cave like a torrent. I was glad that i had followed Gudrun’s council, and only a rock medium length without panties dressed. Thus, no stains on my clothes that my lust so direct signalling. Should my pussy drops, what they always did when I was horny, it was in this dimly lit pub no notice. The panties should I omit from erotic reasons. The guys were on something like that. Arrived on the backyard he led me to a small shed. He opened the door and pushed me to go in. He seemed so desperately to need it exactly as I do. He pulled the door behind him, but neither did he. Now I saw the infamous fuck chair in the middle of the room. In addition, mounted on a wall, a narrow, thick old mattress on the floor. In the corner stood a trash can, where the used condoms should be clean.”Peter interrupted me. “What kind of a chair?””Wait there. It is hard enough for me to tell you. The so-called fuck chair was a normal chair. He only had this name because some of the guys on a chair. My future Stecher belonged to this group. He opened his pants, let them slide down his legs and sat down expectantly with its stand on the chair. With shaking hands with excitement, he began a rubber over his big cock. I interrupted him in his activity and pulled the condom with the remark, this is not something that I needed. His cock pulsed against increasing arousal. He could be a nineteen-year-old blank fucking, without paying for it. He asked in a voice that rolled over in front of excitation, if I would take the pill. I nodded and assured him that he won’t have to worry about. I had a goat on c***dren. But, since I had on his cock Bock. Slowly I lifted up my skirt. He should see that I wore no panties. Now he began to cook almost to lust. You’re such a horny sau, he breathes. Let me digging like a madman, even though you were ready long ago. When he saw my young shaved dripping lust cave, I had already fear he was hosing down. I went up to him and introduced me with his legs apart over his cock and looked him directly in his blue eyes. Then I went with the intention to put me on his cock, slowly into the knee. While I positioned my fuck hole over his cock and his penis felt a wave of lust, transit me. While he began hastily to open my blouse, I let myself to fall and his tail pfahlte me. I felt like my pussy stretched inside, while his cock penetrated in me. He and I groaned. He quickly opened the shutter of my bra and my big tits spread out before him.”I noticed that Peter was becoming increasingly restless through my narrative. It seemed to excite him scary. The calmed me a bit and my fear of the consequences of the confession fell. I decided to tell more details in the hope that his lust would vote him peacefully. Then I realized how bizarre the situation was. A naked woman sitting on the lap of your dressed husband and tells him, as you do with other guys. The butterflies in my stomach began to fly said. This situation tornte me now.”Willi was impressed by what he saw and felt. You’re still so tight. I love that he groaned,” I went with my confession. “I felt the urge to push Willi my tongue in his mouth. Our tongues dancing with each other and we increased us more and more in our lust. His hands were measure my big tits and i began to ride him slowly. He played with his fingers on my nipples. Then he clutched with both hands in my ass cheeks hard and pushed his face fixed in my thick breasts. That was so cool. He solved the hands of my ass, grabbed a my tits and lifted her so that he could take my severely swollen nipple into his mouth. While he did all of this, i rode on his cock faster and faster. His tongue play at my nipple was the spark that final attracted me. I cried and gave me a short time later in his arms. I was all of a sudden come quickly. It was so horny again to have experienced an orgasm through masturbation was not created. As if he had known of my distress, he let me enjoy this moment in detail. Then he called me to him to get it further. I began to ride his cock again. He kisses me again and again in my lower lip and intense, bite tits, clutched his fingers pain in my ass cheeks and let me ride to the climax. I felt like his semen splashed against my cervix. I was so happy to finally cum in me. Now I felt again as a woman. I got up and let his cock out of my pussy slip. When I wanted to get dressed, he stopped me. Not so fast small. You’ve got to lick the cock. This is one of the program. We have to pay for your drinks. Since my financial situation was chronically dissatisfied this agreement, sound very appealing. I have never done this, I replied. Is not difficult, he said lovingly. You lick and swallow all the cum you simply download from the remains of him. Ever swallowed semen? He asked with an expectant look. I shook my head. Then it’s time for you. Cum Swallowing was new for me, but what was not new to me? I pulled my skirt back down so that my pussy and ass were covered. Then I knelt before him and took his still rather stiff cock in his hand and began to lick clean the glans with the tongue a bit clumsy. This feeling that I did this for the first time, aroused him again and I felt his cock getting bigger. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of his sperm. I had it was disgusting. I decided, out of gratitude for the sought-after orgasm, it to get him a second time. I took his cock and began to suck him. I gave everything to make him a good oral sex. Suddenly the door opened and another guy named Heinz stepped in. He was about to leave again when Willi my head, with his cock in my mouth, took in his hands and fixed. I now had no chance my head and thus also to liberate the rest of my body. I was delivered to him. Come in and take it from the rear, Willi Heinz asked the uninvited guest. Heinz pulled his pants down and knelt behind me without comment. He positioned my body so that I was now on all fours, so kneecaps and palms knelt down. Then he lifted my skirt. I wanted to deliver me, but Willi and Heinz kept me so hard that I had no chance. While still sitting on the chair, Willi, fucked me in the face, urge Heinz into my pleasure cave and began to fuck. First I was angry and wanted which after the hell hot, but then I realized that these situations, of two guys at the same time used to be dominant, me horny again. I have often imagined in my imagination, but in reality it was much hotter. Willi began to move my head up and down. These movements were always faster. He rammed his cock into my throat continuously. I had to constantly choke. That seemed to make him even more. Heinz came very quickly. As a result of this dominance, which of the two was administered to me, I experienced an orgasm of unknown quality. Willi took a bit longer until he shot his cream into my mouth. Then he let me go and I freed my head. His sperm was on my lips out of my mouth. Only now, after Willi Heinz also attracted me, his cock out of me. Willi had a good portion into my mouth. But as much as i wanted to not be able to swallow and spit it into the trash. The two laughed. Then I did what I had at the unsolicited with Heinz, Willi had begun. Oh, she learns quickly said Willi. Heinz laughed again and let it happen without comment. I licked his cock clean and then moved to Willis spanking. Heinz withdrew again the pants on again and left the shed. After the Willis was also licked clean, we were on the tail and pulled us back. Willi language first. I believe you have as much fun as us? If you liked our game rules and you beach test, are you a welcome woman in our base locally. He looked at me and I nodded.”This was the best fuck i have ever had,” I heard me say. Willi nodded with a smile and left the shed. In the awareness that i also not just sex, but with two guys at the same time, and even of them was dominated completely euphoric, i left the shed.On the way i saw Gudrun and one of your previous admirer in a corner of the backyard. She knelt down in front of him like an altar boy and sucked his cock. When our eyes met, I made the sign of thumbs up. Without your doing at the young guy to interrupt, she confirmed this character with the same gesture. I went back to the common room overjoyed. There I drank two grain around the taste of semen to be rid of me and came back under the guests.”Peter’s eyes were always great in astonishment. I asked if i should stop me better, even though the answer was clear. As we thought, he wanted to hear my confession. I looked into his eyes a growing lust and drew increasingly now hope that the honeymoon but not going to end at an early stage.”Quite late in the evening, I had a nice tidy in the tea. I let myself by a slightly younger, around the age of 40 years, in the shed on the mattress again fuck”. That he was the first person to introduce me to the world of the anal exes, i mentioned. “On Saturday evening,” said I, “am I with Gudrun went there again. After some time I was from all the drinks to the guys gave me, quite tipsy and was very willingly. Willi took the opportunity and asked me whether I was also the only woman with several men at the same time. I had until then only in my fantasies. Now we had the chance to do it real. My lust answered faster than my mind. Why not, i gave Willi to answer. I still don’t know that I had listened to me, as if i was an invitation to a glass of beer.”I looked to Peter, to see what the idea of a gangbang with him. He looked at me greedily and his eyes cried out for further information. His growing lust calmed me more and more. It seemed to him more and more liked what he heard. So I went with my confession. “Willi brought me to the infamous shed and sent me into it. He would not at this time. Four of his comrades were equal. I could ever make me naked. Then he left the shed and pushed the door slightly. I felt like me the idea, the first time a gang bang to experience made me became increasingly hot. I, a nineteen year old young thing, there will be four older men. At this thought it properly from my pussy began to drop. I was like that of the senses. As I was just naked on the infamous chair that he had, came the four in the shed. The youngest was 30 and the oldest around sixty or so. On the basis of their eyes I saw that they liked what they saw. Their behavior clearly showed me that I should take only the role of the lust object. This was not about me, but it is only now that the guys had fun. It was more than ok for me. I could hardly expect that you used me. Then also pulled out and I liked what I saw. Tails were different format now fill my holes. As one of the guys my dripping lust cave, he saw his comrades with various sayings. The geile sau, what a whore, fuck buddy was born and so on. The usual sayings,” I said and looked Peter in the eyes. Now I saw that he almost burst with lust. “Do you want me to stop Peter?”, I asked again provocative. “No, go on,” he said in a very excited tone of voice. You are all the same i thought. The sloppy the old, so horny you are. So I went on with my story.”Since I am still sat in the chair, the first so that his stand before me directly in my face. I took his cock and began to jerk him back, pulled his foreskin. A short time later I took him into his mouth and began his glans with my tongue. The other two stood next to me so that I could deal with my hands a tail”. I noticed that I got this scene in the narrative stiff nipples. Peter also seemed to have noticed his joy.I went with my confession. “Later I had to me on the mattress in the kneeling position. One pulled my ass cheeks apart and another began to prepare an anal fuck my asshole. That was pretty cool, as he always first one and then two fingers in my ass was stuck into it and turned back and forth. In the meantime, one with his back on the mattress beneath me. I came to lead the promotion, his cock in my cunt, and then felt as one with his cock in my ass was looking for a way. At the beginning it still hurts, in the course of the analficks won the feeling of lust and outplayed the pain. At the same time as the other two knelt next to my head, I alternately suck their cocks. I thought it was wrong and could not get enough. I felt like a slut, and it felt very good. The guy in my pussy first came and I felt like my uterus opening his sperm torp edited.”I saw Peter again in the eyes, to see what the history with him. His eyes told me that he could hardly expect my other versions. I decided to use the word now for my pussy only what we used during sex. In addition to the words cunt tornte him always.”The Below me lay then withdrew back and one of the guys who knelt next to my head, took its place. I immediately took his cock in my cunt and also the double fuck went on. As a second squirted his juice the guy with his cock in my ass was. I felt a strong beam to my intestinal wall. The guy who told me just inseminated the bowel, then she reached in my hair and pulled my head back so that my face so that in the position of the head into his mouth could fuck me hard now. It didn’t take long and a good amount of semen shot into my throat. This stimulus in the throat triggered a swallowing reflex and I gulped fresh sperm for the first time in larger quantities. I felt so used and i thought it was so cool. This bizarre situation meant that I went off like a rocket. My erogenous zones were now so sensitive that they triggered an emotional explosion with minimal irritation. I experienced for the first time multiple orgasms. For the guys, this was the evidence for their strong masculinity and i was a completely young spoiled bitch” I noticed only now that it no longer mattered to me, all this Peter to confess in detail. On the contrary, I had my narrative u*********sly with a sleazy voice inflection. Somehow I felt in me now also increasingly rising horniness. “After all the guys $10,000.00 and i all had tails had licked clean, they finished the pleasure. I was exhausted. After some time I had recovered enough again, that together we went back to the pub. We still have until deep into the night drunk and gequatscht. No one had touched me.On Sundays I recovered from my hangover and my body kept satisfied. Monday, I am then again for 12 days after Cologne to work. This was my first so-called weekend experience in the pub of the drummers choir. Most of the time they met me and my willing cunt every free weekend in the pub. When I search for closure of the pub not in a bed of the guys had landed, accompanied me Stefan, a onetime neighbor who lived two houses away from my parents’ house, always coming home. The brought it then somehow always ready, that I still have a blown him on the way or brought down. After the second weekend I was clear that I was now in the village for many a slut. But since I just six days a month in the village, was this price to satisfy my lust in order. So, now you know the story. Now Art thou me evil?” I asked, knowing that he was not. He didn’t answer, but posed a question.”It was always the same guys at every free weekend?””No, there were always other from the club.” “You standst so all from the club?””Yes, all.”Now I consciously felt his aroused cock on my cheeks. I got up from his knees and knelt in front of his chair and saw the bulge between his legs in his pants. His trousers was quite soaked by my lust slime, on the basis of my memories back from told me properly. Now was the time my buses. I opened his pants and freed his highly aroused cock. I pulled back the foreskin and started to caress his penis with my tongue. I didn’t get to his eggs, since only his canlı bahis cock out of his trousers looked. He closed his eyes and I would like to know where he was now. He was with us, or was it that i just delighted a stranger. I began to rub his cock firmly and was surprised at how quickly he came. His beam hit me in the area of the right eye. This was the first time he had inseminated me in the face. With the non-bonded eye I saw that he loved . I had always been. Peter settled in the recovery phase and I went into the bathroom. I was sure that he was angry because of my frivolous past. On the contrary, it makes him today that I was such a bitch.When I had gone back into the living room, I asked for my clothes. “Have you always without rubber?” asked Peter, without having to respond to my request. “Yes. Because a packed with rubber cock, as you know, not in me that brings, what triggers a BLANKER. That is why I never stopped taking the contraceptive pill. What is now with my clothes?” I asked, now a bit more energetic.I saw in his eyes that I, in his opinion, a bit too cheeky occurred.”Needs a how you ever wear clothes?” he asked provocatively. I was surprised. “What do you mean, so a like you? Become a bit clearer?”, I asked him in a praxis ppis are sound. “Well, so a versautes bitch like you.”, he replied. “So I am a slut in your eyes, or what?” I interrupted him, although I am tempted since my goings in the hangout of the drummers choir even so it looked.”Let’s put it this way, I find it worrying that my wife was such a bitch,” he answered carefully. I had the answer uncommented and brought me a coke out of the refrigerator.I was lucky. He was not mad, no he wanted to hear it from me. The fact that he did so because he had married a slut and he humbled me with the forced confession, pretty cool.My thoughts went in a different direction. They were at our Hen party two days ago. Actually we had decided against a hen party. Since we lived in Bonn, we wanted to do with our friends a week before the wedding a properly. Then it should have been. But my parents insisted on a hen party in our village. Peter had the feeling that my parents felt obliged vis-à-vis the village. I felt they wanted only to show that their daughter with the reputation as a slut, but still had a husband. My parents knew of my goings in the circle of drummers choir. But nothing they could do, I was of legal age. All the more joyful was my mother, Peter came not from the vicinity. You nerves with the hen party continuously and even threatened to make the hen party, without us. We agreed then at some point, rather annoyed, since it is the total cost of the wedding takeovers. I felt blackmailed and had great fear of this evening. My mother told me a couple of days before the night that I do everything, so that Peter nothing from my past experiences. How should I prevent this? The drummer choir was always on such occasions. I dedicated my girlfriend Gudrun, which promised me help. Of the hundred guests were predominantly men present, what with Peter determines already had raised some questions. My glasses from the drummer choir brought me even a serenade. Stand you already had enough. Your lustful looks were me very uncomfortable and embarrassing. I tried to avoid any direct contact with them. Eventually they had three of them caught me. Your comments, such as, for example, you had me for Double bed Yes well eingeritten and whether he would get on my nerves because I am well, and I looked at me seeking help after Gudrun. When our eyes met, she realized my distress and handle. You came to us and shoved the guys on so that I could escape. I went into the parents’ house with a red head quickly in order to calm myself down. On the way I met Peter, who asked me whether it went well. I nodded and went quickly. Now, after my confession, he knew the reason for my red face paint.”Christine”, I heard him call. “Hey, where are you with your thoughts?” I looked at him from the refrigerator.”With our hen party,” I said softly. “I will take thee evil,” he said with a fine voice.He had surely heard.”What is it?” Even though I knew what he meant by that. “You have me as a fool demonstrated.”I went to him and knelt again in front of his chair. “I’m really sorry,” I said. “I had you are supposed to tell everything much earlier, but I didn’t know how you would react. I was afraid of losing you. This stupid hen party was only stress for me. Why do you think i have lured so early in our hotel? I wanted to ask you and bring me out of this shitty situation,” I replied, hoping that he accepted my apology. “What man wants to marry a party whore?””I,” he said. I smiled at him and said with a sleazy voice, that I now only his party whore.He smiled back. “There were also determines married men under your glasses?”The author would not let him go. “Yes, there were also family fathers. The women took care of the c***dren and their men at home helped us in the pubs backyard. All the wives whose husbands were in the choir, drummers did before her wedding on the hustle and bustle of their future husbands decision’, i added as an excuse for their passive behavior it up with “for some time, however, the marriage was broken. Gudrun and I weren’t the only women, the legs wide. All notgeilen Ladys went out at the weekend in the said pub. Everyone came to his fuck and some of them also to a life companion. So it was. Just wanted to pop the young mares family father, again and again. This greed for us we found very exciting.””So they were the best?” he wanted to know. “You can not say, but it had a special kick with married guys to fuck. Stop the knew how to make a good fuck.””What was at that time would have been a good fuck for you?” he asked. “At that time he was good, if he was fast. Fast and hard in all holes. No Muse as the young guys pushed it always wanted. Just trousers down, cock in the cunt, then in the ass, back into the pussy and the cream in the mouth, or wherever. Quick satisfaction was the goal. However, some went quite in the length. I liked this is not so. This was not about relationships. It was just pure fuck. Only fuck, Peter! No longer,” I said apologetically.And he reacted not as I had hoped.”Thomas spoke of a protection that it in itself.”Oh dear, as he well knows. Now I have been slightly panicked, because it was harder material. “Ok, I don’t know whether this is so good,” I began. “This is already much material for you Peter. Even if you made the very horny, but that now?” I took a break and hoped that the cup be taken from me.Peter looked me in the eyes and I saw that he absolutely wanted to know. In the hope that it would make this confession only horny again, I began with the second confession. At some point he would find out anyway. “It was so. My car was broken and it took me three thousand mark for the repair. I didn’t know where i should take the money and saw a significant problem to come to me. From my awkward position had somehow the former protective king. Three days before the protection hard, he made me and gudrun a highly immoral offer. Each of us was three thousand mark bar on the hand, if we receive on the evening of the king balls in the so-called “pubs shed, not far from the festival square was, as a special event for some available to protect. But we had to be open for everything. I still had it on any protective hard and he wanted his king time length for the comrades as a special experience in their minds. What should I do? I needed the money. Helga, i needed not long to persuade them. She was so whatever. So we said. From 21 h, we went to this said Sunday item.””It is clear that you were paid as a young whore,” Peter interrupted me.”I felt it was clear from the beginning,” I replied somewhat irritated. “Actually I was from the beginning a paid whore. The guys from the drummer choir paid me with their drinks. Somehow, most women are always a payment in a different manner for sex.”Peter looked at me in surprise. I saw was probably the sex so new for him. I went with my second confession. “If you came second in the Shed took each one of us. Crest of a alone, he could choose between Helga and me. But there was also the option we drove it to third parties. You can think that this option determines the favorite was.” Peter nodded and interrupted me again. “How many were there?””It is still not too late. Please let me until the end of telling”, I asked him. Peter nodded. Although this situation is always exciting for me, I wanted the confession as soon as possible behind me. “In the early hours of the morning, so at three o’clock, then came ten at once, including the protection king,” I continued. “They all had extremely a in the tea. Although they strongly were drunk, she was still highly potent. We were interrupted and without mercy in all holes fucked simultaneously or alternately. Then they wanted to that Gudrun and I drove there together. We did as if and played an orgasm.” The US had quite arrived and we both had a real orgasm, I left unmentioned. “After 90 minutes we were so ready to fix and then carried out at three o’clock in the Eram melt and inseminated. We were allowed to go home. Did everything hurts us and burned. In our pussies, Arschen and stomach had accumulated large amounts of semen. Our bodies are also stuck full of cum and we just wanted to take a shower and go to bed to sleep. I sent a quick prayer in front of the still sleeping in the direction of the sky. I asked fervent prayer that my birth control pill today not had failed. Satisfaction with the fact that I had three thousand mark for my car, I fell asleep then exhausted.”Peter interrupted me again. “So full program in the pack?””Yes, a full program,” I said with a grin. “We no longer appeared on the other hard, made in the insider for a smile. How to protect under the bounced to it had us worried.””And why was your nickname – close Christine?” He could have thought, why he wanted to hear it from me. Why? Because it makes him horny, if i was going to say. So I did it.”Well,” I began. “According to our clients by Gudrun was the cunt as if you were a salami in the hallway. Compared to her, was my pussy still closely connected. Then I called the close Christine.” So now it was enough. I did not want to tell more. Also not how many there were. In the last ten contactors when group sex even the village priest had been, he needed to know. I drew the conversation to the time where I got to know him. “A little later I got to know you in Cologne and finished despite high demand my frivolous hustle and bustle,” I said with the intention now to come to one final point of my confession. “Gudrun went on and was careless. A short time later, then she was pregnant. The wars. You now know everything,” I said and finished my confession.Peter hooked. “So at the end of the king ball is a small gang bang for the shooters? According to the motto, old sacks on young mares.” “Yeah, and? You were too young? Hast thou not even time to fuck around exaggerated?” I said angrily with superior voice. It shouldn’t be so as moral apostles list, I thought. I didn’t want to talk about it. Especially not on further details. For me it was now here.”Of course, but interesting how you define a bit,” replied Peter.”Ok, I admit that I was already extremely shrewd and maybe I am,” I said soothingly. I looked him in the eye and ask him a more important question for me: “Everything is fine between us?”Peter calmed me and said: “It is all good. I think it is even very horny that you were so popular, willingly and messed up and hopefully still are. I have already recognized early on that you have a lot of experience in bed. Even your use as a whore makes me right.”I noticed a stone from the heart and I saw a bulge in his pants again. It seemed to make him really really cool. As it became clear to me that Peter found it horny wives, if any. “You will find the idea that I as your wife with other guys doing it’s not so bad. Or in?” I smiled seductively. The thought made me edgy. He just nodded. I started to rub his recurrent bulge in his pants again and said: “Today is Friday. Friday I had then and still today it is needed the most. As for your wife at the moment there is no stranger…..” My hand started to massage the bulge in his pants becoming more and more. As far as I opened his pants and pulled them down, that this time I also came to his crown jewels. With the index finger and thumb cupped his glans and pulled his foreskin back and caressed the opening of his glans. At the same time, played the finger of my right hand with his eggs. I tasted his lust drops on my tongue. Then Peter suddenly after my head over and over again and pulled me up to his tail to his pelvis. His cock penetrated deeper and deeper into my mouth. He was firmer than usual. His penis was continuously and i had to choke my throat and almost passed me. Then he pressed my face, with his cock in my mouth, so fixed on his pelvis and abdomen, that I could no longer breathe. I had to continuously retching and my desire for air became increasingly urgent. It took forever until he released me. It was only when I struggled with my hands, it made me take a deep breath. I greedily gasped for air. I was still trying to grab for air as he pulled me in my hair and handle back and forth. Did it really hurts. My pain seemed rather loud cheering him as mercy. When he saw me he had brought in the desired position, on all fours, he said in a dominant tone: “So you are a little bit broken marriages, now i used you!” Now I knelt before him like a dog on all fours. He had never taken me so hard. But I thought it was just great. I was amazed that his cock slid gently into my cunt. Now I noticed that I had made everything so wet as a filled bath. This hard sex made me properly. Then he began with massive jerk me by zuficken. “Hi, I’m not a battering ram,” I exclaimed. “Hold still you whore,” he cried and haute me on the ass. This was new, but also resulted in a further increase my lust. “Ouch,” I exclaimed. “I think yes.” I moaned still lagging behind. One is the horny, cried my brain. Then he grasped very firm in my hair and pulled my head up toward the rear. “Yes give it to me, your little whore. Show me who’s boss in bed is,” I heard me say before an orgasm is reported in its beginnings in me. He then pulled his cock out of my ass and my massively distributed present mood slime on its tail. I could hardly expect that it got me anal. Then he led him without mercy. “Yes, take my ass! Yes, ramming him fixed! Super!! Show it to your anal sluts! Reiss so correctly on my ass,” I heard call me. I wondered about my behavior, but I felt the need to cry out my thoughts out of me. Then he moved from my ass back into my pussy. Several times he hides with the flat hand on my two asscheeks. I exploded. So I had never experienced an orgasm through him. I was exhausted and could only hold the position with a lot of effort. That seemed to make him creepy, since it is now very fast. I felt like his fixed beam semen splashed against my uterus. “Yes, it is good. Pumping your eggs empty and pregnant me,” I fired him with tired voice. After he had pumped properly, he pulled his cock out, and sat down exhausted in the chair. I slipped on all fours after him and began to suck his cock clean. When I was finished, he stood up and took off his trousers up again, then back into the chair. I stood up and brought my mouth to his right ear. “I am forever your bitch,” I whispered again and went into the bathroom to take a shower.On the way to the bathroom, it was clear to me that something had changed. I again felt the butterflies in your stomach, as it was in the sleazy bars. I was still not quite clear whether this change was positive or negative.Peter was sitting in the armchair and looked after me. Yes, you are. A whore. If you knew it was him by the head. Now he was sure that the conditions were optimal for his projects. When Christine came back, he would dare.Chapter 2Submissive marriages hutUnder the improvised shower I let my body through a gentle beam of lukewarm water. I felt the great relief in me that Peter now knew from my previous frivolous life. But what is much more important was the fact that there is no crisis. On the contrary, it was something new, something promising, developed from it. I again felt the longing for the past couple time in me. Every second weekend to have the option, with several men in an uncomplicated way sex to practice. In these hours I was not the brave virtuous Christine, but Chris, the freewill object of lust. I loved these hours of unbridled and unrestrained lust. Here I also discovered for the first time the submissive Chris in me. With the time you ever more clearly signalled that they wanted to be externally determined during your drive. The men also felt this desire in me. I grew more and more the role of the submissive wife. Especially for the guys, where the women at home were the pants, entered my devotes behavior very well. Gradually played itself out fixed rules of conduct in my life as a pubs slut. Some examples: I had to any free weekends Friday evening from 9 pm on time available to the guys . Delays were caused by the club chairman with pubs ban for the respective weekend sanctioned. I could not, i had to log out when Club Chairman Fridays until 5 pm. At that time I had no cell phone and sometimes this was out with a lot of effort. He then placed when and how I had to compensate for the incorrect time. This happened very often as a cleaning lady said in the pub. Especially the toilets for men I had extremely thorough cleaning. This was often a challenge. At any time of the year, I had to appear in the skirt or dress without panties. I had during my stay and had only the drinks were brought to me. If I am not just a club member happy, I had to serve as waiters or in the kitchen manager. So I always knew that I was at the very bottom of the hierarchy of guests, I had the female guests, for the same reason like I originally were present, with food and drinks. The female regulars should also call me bitch. There were nights where I am only staying in the shed in the back yard. Especially in the winter season, this was often uncomfortable, because the small electric heater up to an ambient temperature up to 15 degrees. If you are clothed sparsely or not at all hours in such a room, it was certainly a the cold. When I served as an object of lust, I had no say on the way. I subjected myself always voluntary and could at any time get out from this life. But I thought in the most remote didn’t. The more subservience was demanded, the more I liked it. I felt that my submissive behavior and the associated withdrawal of freedom in the long run me more and more to a very satisfied and balanced human powers. I was addicted to this behavior with all its implications. I believe that this can only be the to understand exactly how I feel. With the time I had the status of guest then completely. I just wanted to be referred to as the maid or the bitch. Especially the chairman i was more and more often to the so-called personal. At some point he visited me regularly in Cologne. After work I had to serve as an escort girl somewhere in Cologne. We stayed at the beautiful hours. He loved to treat me as his precious whore and this is reflected in the performance of many of my material desires. I was pretty much at the end of my frivolous time already been significantly dominate. He established what hairstyle i had to wear when i go to the hairdresser, what clothes should I wear generally, what perfumes and body care products i used, and much more. I went with him as well as his lover in various getaways. My life was very foreign to this time and it was a good thing. I was his willing slave. And I was happy.As long as the other club members of the said weekends still had their fun with me was the more intensive relationship between the chairman and me for you no problem. With the time I was always more about the sex toys. The older wanted to fuck young meat for a change. Singles loved the easy and inexpensive way uncomplicated and non-committal to have sex on a regular basis. I didn’t care why she drove there with me, the main thing is that they did it in dominant type. My girlfriend was my submissive behavior and their further development not just loved it. But it didn’t bother me not. It was my life. With the time you tolerated my decision.With every fuck in the pub i went off like a rocket. Only at a late hour, when I was quite tired and exhausted, came the hour of the guys who loved it, passive women to birds. I was just apathetic on the mattress and gave all the holes. In many pubs days i was in the early hours of the morning KO fucked in the truest sense of the word. There was also violent experiences, which in the worst case brought with it a significant consequence. For example, the said carnival Saturday. To the late hour I had six glasses at once. In a wild gangbang i was wild and performed extensively eram melt. What then happened during physical heavy load in combination with a lot of alcohol had to come. I suffered a circulatory collapse. While an engraver ever faster in my now sore ridden cunt fucked, i saw only stars and then darkness. I collapsed on the floor on all fours. But that didn’t bother my glasses. A kept me on both sides of the hip so hard that my lower body continues to be in the position was favorable for him fuck. The rest of my body was lying limply on the mattress. He later told me, how cool he found it, a drunken woman fall to birds. The others had watched the game with relish. Only the chairman recognized the danger in this situation and apologized later with me. But I was able to reassure him. I believe that everyone has a fetish foreign nationals should also, if all those concerned with the actions agreed that this event is not a problem for me. With everything you did was with me in the pub i agree. I was always aware that this life is also dangerous pages. After a successful first aid by the host, I was conscious and was quickly brought home again. I had been a long time since so much semen swallowed as on this evening. Also the quantities resulting in my abdomen was, they had been remarkable. The next three months I always looked anxious for the calculated my menstrual period. The hazard that my alcohol consumption on this evening, the pill had failed, was not to be underestimated. But I had great luck. She came regularly and the pregnancy test came out negative. The Gau was to materialize. Since this experience I have never consciously made sure that my alcohol consumption is so high that there was a danger of a circulatory collapse or a failure of the pill. Yes, it was a nice frivolous and bizarre time. Whether Peter of this part of the frivolous time also knew? I hoped not, because I was not sure whether he would come so clear. If it were up to me, he should not learn it for the time being. Then and now I see myself still as a joyful submissive wife, their passion with alternating partners extensively lived and hopefully can live again sometime. I was sure that this need the constant suppress my health with the time is not doing well. Since I had come to know a lot of Peter, it was getting harder and harder to suppress this desire. In role-playing, although I tried to satisfy the submissive in me, but who had lived there once in reality, the role-playing games in the long run, not enough. The submissive slut in me up to my end-of-life were constantly on your chance wait in subservience, re-live and serve. Maybe I had my confession by the door open a little in this direction. There they were again, the butterflies in the stomach. After I had left the bathroom with fragrant, I hoped to find my suitcase with my clothes on the bed. But this was not the case. I went to Peter in the living room.”Peter, I can’t run around naked all the time?””Why not?”He was still sitting in his chair. My gut feeling told me that although my confession was finished, but the issue has for a long time. The slut in me listened to and she began to explore the situation. You asked a question, which should lead back to the author.”I was as good as a whore?””Yes, you were,” replied Peter. “I think you should move your sexual needs are not so. I am a very tolerant husband.”There it was! My butterflies in my stomach turned on. The slut in me saw their chance and stepped out of the left to take their place alongside the wife.”I don’t understand?” I exchanged before. I was so easy, the wife, it him and the bitches not in me.”What is it so difficult to understand? I think it would be great if you as my wife, with my consent, hupfst in strange beds. Why thou shalt only me happy. There are certainly enough men who wish to take advantage of your body and your sexual benefits. As long as you stay faithful in my heart, I am willing to share your body. Of course, only if you want it.”The butterflies in my stomach began to celebrate a party. He wanted that I return a life as a bitch? The hoped-for positive response from him, he was still not as easy and fast. I refused at first.”Peter, I think it’s great that you are so tolerant, but I don’t need any other guys in the bed. You fulfill my needs very well,” I reply as a brave wife. But the bitch hoped that he on the fulfilment of his proposal.”But it is not satisfied a need from me,” replied Peter.Yes, I would like to thank you Fate, I heard the bitch in me. Now I was promoted as a loving wife, to do everything we can to satisfy his need. Not so fast I heard the wife in me. He is to us all say exactly what and how he imagines. I asked for.”Peter, you want me as your wife with other guys go to bed? Is this your unbefriedigtes need?””Yes.”The slut in me was full of joy. She saw rosy times come. What more could you want, asked the slut wife. You have fun and keep a beloved wife. It couldn’t be better. No, it is not as simple as that,” said the wife. It should be more precisely formulate their wishes. I want details.”How do you imagine it? And do you really clear when I drove it with other men?””Well,” Peter began. “I will allow you to go to bed with certain guys.”So the guys are filtered. Not everyone may i have? He would ever have a say? The wife hooked bahis siteleri again after.”So you’re telling me with whom I want to fuck? And I don’t have a say? And again, are you really clear?”””Yes, it is. The guys i only search for you and I’m ok with that.”I felt how beneficial this small dominance on me. The submissive in me listened to. He brought under certain circumstances, the long-awaited key for your Kerkertur. A mild scent of freedom was in the air.”Women”, he threw still lagging behind.”Women?””Of course. I have seen your lights in your eyes as you so casually told me that you can stick it with your girlfriend in front of the archers must test drive.”He had noticed it. But it was also an experience. Gudrun had soft and has a well proportioned body. Your scent, your touch and the desire of your tongue in my tongue, had already worked hard on me. How to rotate your tongue my clit, I was blown away. Then I had but never again the desire for a woman. The slut in me said that I should leave open the option. Since the wife not in me protested, i decided to let me on this proposal.”Yes that’s true, but I don’t know about that? I used it only once with Gudrun begin.” I didn’t mean that he already learned of my decision. I would not make him so easily and I now had fun at this question game. “In front of the audience”, he threw still lagging behind.”Yes, in front of an audience. But what do you do now?””Well, I think it was very cool for you, that you have the guys watched. Or?”I nodded. “It was cool to see how the guys moved in. I felt like an actress on a stage show in a sex shop. We had played with the lust and greed of the guys.””Would you like to go for a sexdarstellerin or perhaps even a whore?”Peter looked at me with this question directly in the eyes.Now he entered dangerous territory. How does he do that? Should I buy for him or he only wanted to know what kind of wishes still slumbered in my imagination? Caution, he called his wife in me. The slut found that it now was really interesting.”Well, yes, in my fantasies, I am often a noble hobby whore. This makes me already.”The game was opened. Where the journey now? What would peter answers now?Peter looked me in the eye and asked a further question.”Would you do it for money?”I knew it, I heard the outraged wife say. Yes, and? Why not, said the bitch. Pocket money is never bad. Thou shalt go buy, screamed at the wife the slut. This just shrugged his shoulders.I wanted to know and handle.”Wait a minute. Do you want me or should I purchase for you as a whore?””So and so,” replied Peter”You want me to?”Slight panic arose in me. I was on a pimp purely? I saw in Peter’s eyes that he knew exactly how dangerous this answer had been. He asked a question.”Is the hustle and bustle as a whore for you new? For him, it was my onetime frivolous life is nothing more than the hustle and bustle of a whore. Well, if you took it exactly, it was this, too. Against contributions in kind, such as drinks and gifts, you could fuck me. Yes, I was a whore. But I was a hobby whore and no sex worker.”No, that is not it,” I said with a muffled voice.”So,” Peter said. “Since you can always pay a hooker, thus also creates?””That’s right,” I replied. “Only for whom it creates? For yourself or for your pimp?””Ever After”, he gave as a response.”What was I going to buy? So, just say,” I threw still lagging behind.”For us,” he said quietly. But in his eyes I saw his nervousness and anxiety. He knew that he was playing a risky game. He did not know that I have made during my frivolous time ever have thought in the holiday season as a submissive whore in a brothel in a big city to go buy correctly. No say regarding the free. Just to see how it is when you men as object of lust was clearly purchased and used. The guys, you would not in itself ran. Just to see how it is when hookers to have sex with guys, you disgusting place. When I turned it on, so why should I let my erotic fantasies and not to give it a real experience? But I was always too cowardly. I lived this desire is still only in my dreams. In every dream trip was my longing after this experience, however more and more. Later, after I had got to know Peter, I introduced me to sex, time and time again, that he paid me for this. Thus I could dampen the desire. But now! This idea, really as a whore for him to be active, let the butterflies in my stomach somersaults fly and the longing for this experience blew again. I felt like I was wet between the legs. I wanted to hear it from him with clear words. I looked him straight in the eyes.”Should I really buy as a whore for you money go?””Calm down time. I will not buy you as a simple whore go. Let’s put it that way. I would be pleased if you for certain persons for their services rendered by from time to time to provision your body, this pay for,” he said in a nervous tone. I felt he wasn’t sure whether he had now crossed the border. He should still struggling a little bit. I liked the game more and more, especially because he didn’t know where the journey went. I knew it.”So you want to that i pay your bills with my body in the form of sex work? As a whore? Is that so?” As I asked the questions now, he had to realize that it had gone too far. He was now a cop? “Well, so you can see it too. I do wish, however, that you only for certain persons as a whore, your service provider test,” he said soothingly. Before I could answer he asked: “I find this idea very exciting. Don’t you think?”No cop-out, but he had it clearly formulated. Of course I found it provocative? The idea from time to time to have another cock in bed, was always horny. His dominance in the form of lived across from me that he selects the tail, made me even more. At that time I was choosy to satisfy my need not. The idea to improve our financial situation to be used as a whore without representation, was like Christmas. The submissive in me smiled. It wouldn’t take too long and you can leave the dungeon. But the danger in this game was dangerous. What would happen if he offered me more and more as a payment and i sometime only for him was a profitable whore? The idea terrified me and excited me at the same time. A decision in me conquer chaos. The slut in me screamed yes and the wife just shook his head. But her shaking was very weak, as the submissive to usurp the wife began. “Tell me, it is lived fetish or am I here on a lousy mesh net like it? Did you married me because you love me or was it just a means to an end? Do you have more horses?””I’ve got you married, because I love you. There are no other horses and it is only the implementation of your and my fetish. I don’t want you as a professional work. I am not a pimp…””So than married hobby or pocket money whore?” I interrupted him. I wanted him exactly.”Yes, but the term marriages hut I like better. Unless you want dear hobby or pocket money whore.” He grinned.”Are there any open invoices, i had to execute for you?”The slut in me encouraged to rely on. You introduce yourself but not so! What’s wrong with that, if you as payment for your open invoices with other types do? You’ll find the but cool! Also a wife has the right to live their sexual needs. You want it but also as a wife! Finally say YES! “In the two weeks of our honeymoon you must test with five creditors in the crate,” he replied.He said in a factual tone as if he would tell me that it is at Aldi washing powder in the offer. I looked at him with a questioning look that clearly signaled that he should refine his designs. About the high number of my free in this short time, I was a little surprised.”Believe me, our financial situation will be significantly improved. With your history it is no problem for you? You have already fixed on the protection of the legs for money.”I looked at him with an evil look at. He went quickly in its execution.”As you said, your women for sex, let yourselves be somehow always pay a paid with money, the other guarantees the supply of a non-working housewife in a marriage. Even in the Civil Code in accordance with paragraph 1353 is that the wife to the husband regularly make the legs wide. If you pointed it sees is the payment in the marriage and she is also regulated by law. So, where is there for you the problem? I see none?”I heard the bitch just say triumphantly.”Eh.. yes..! I …….. ” I stuttered and the wife in me.”From a part of the money saved i would then buy the earrings you want for so long,” he laid still as sweet on top.He looked at me and I kept silent. He knew that he was now a strong attractant had thrown into the game. And it worked. The Wife in with listening. The earrings were already horny. But as payment for the service as a whore? Now when I say yes, I am definitely a purchasable marriages hut. Yes, and said the bitch. But the wife was still not sure. For him, it was really just a fetish or more of a business. So what he did was right. I even told him that we somehow always pay for sex. I was always for sale. The slut grinned. The Power of greed for the earrings was stronger than anything else.He unhooked. “Is that a problem for you now?”The Wife in me also saw that they no longer came out from this situation with moral arguments. My previous frivolous life, each more moral outrage appear as untrustworthy. What is also immoral? I do not deceive him. It allows me to go outside and it displeased him even more. How many wives, a dream of freedom to have? Also I am working as a venal whore, is for me and him also no problem. It all happens on the basis of mutual consent and VOLUNTARINESS. What is the moral norm of society from me, I was always as unmarried regardless. After i played had resigned on the couch I shook his head. “No, it is not a problem. The earrings for 1,000 euros but are a must. I want you to me so that entlohnst. I will also have some of the money. As you said, I have created for us.” Now I had confirmed that i was to have him for sex work. I noticed his twinkle in his eyes. Yes, he found it so as to have a horny slut wife. I only hoped that he saw as a free ticket for the future. It would be so bad, asked the bitch in me. No, I heard the wife softly say. There will always be time to give financial bottlenecks and if I can contribute with my body to improve our income. Why not? Between Peter and me yes this changes nothing. I hope each case, said the wife slightly Pleadingly. The slut next to her smiled approvingly.”What did you say?” Christine “OK, I’ll do it. But only for two weeks.””Voluntarily, Christine?””Yes, voluntarily and for the earrings, worth 1,000 euros.””Well, then I thank you” he said smiling and stood up to get another coffee. When he came back he brought me a glass of cold Coke with. “But….” I wanted to argue with.”Nothing but. Yes or No? It is up to you,” he interrupted me. “There will be some of my guests of the wedding party under your bed partners,” he said still so also on the side.I looked at him in surprise. Now it became clear to me why some of his acquaintances who I had never seen before, I am constantly during the wedding celebration with their eyes had scanned from top to bottom. Peter had referred to them as old school friends. At first, I thought the admire my appearance as a bride, but their eyes had something expectant and demanding, what I could, given that it is not possible to assign unique. The wedding ceremony was a kind of offer for the examination. Who can claim that you as the bride already on your own wedding the guests as a bed bitch is offered. “It has changed but not much to your previous drive. I now only your guys aussuche. A good wife trusts her husband.” He whispered lovingly, when he saw that I was deep in thought.I looked at him and smiled back unsure. The last sentence could also mean something unpleasant for a wife.”You can never get enough sex. I give you now have the ability to live fully your needs,” he continued. “And I will go the way my debts, you have fun and get expensive earrings. So, what it brings to both of us,” he said with a satisfied smile.”Fun perhaps, but now are you doing, my husband, me to the real whore. I do now for thee. This is something other than our role-playing games,” I said.He corrected me: “Once the paid whore and you create for us.”The butterflies in my stomach began with the words whore and buy how to dance in the noise. After a pause he sticks by: “How does it feel now for you?”In order to act embarrassed, I lowered my head. I wanted to show the bitch not in me so openly.”It feels good.” The Bitch in me screamed, it feels fantastic. The wife remained silent.”I knew it. See it that way. You are a wife, your body to improve the economic situation. So no ordinary cheap whore, but a wife as noble marriages hut.” It was unpleasant. He tried to talk about it constantly. I let him. He should feel a little uncomfortable at the Thing.He stood up and went back to the kitchenette, now also a glass of cola. His offer to bring me a soft drink again i refused. My body was so upset that my stomach every recording of drinks and food. I sat down on the sofa as naked as I was, in order to sort my thoughts. He came back and sat back in the chair in front of me.”What the?” I heard ask me.He smiled and I was angry that I had thought it would be.”For the whole two weeks will be invoices to the value of 20,000 Euro will be charged. I looked at him with a grin. I am not “Cheap.””Not quite,” he noted.I looked at him in surprise.”Creditors, with an amount of up to 3,000 euros once you are helping. Those to whom I owe more, you can as often as you want to get you to bed,” he said, without looking at me. He said it as he would tell me that the wooden floor in the room once again needed a coat of paint. “What, I am also a flat rate whore?!” came it from me indignantly shot out. The slut in me I found not outrageous. You thought it was fantastic. To be so humiliated, tornte you correctly. You would rather jump on him to make it as a thank-you now with him. No, that’s not very quietly, reported to the wife in me. Oh yes, this is the bitch replied with vigor and the wife remained silent.He just smiled. “Still at a relatively high price per visit, as there is only one creditor is.””The interesting thing like you.” I said playing relatively interpret outraged. I wanted a bit to give the impression that I was horrified. “Ok, depending on its potency did you know in the cheap area slides.” he said with a smile. I saw his smile, which he knew exactly how cool me all this made. Hopefully he couldn’t see the stream flowing from my pussy. I closed the legs close together.”Great!” I sent gloated behind. It sounded angry, but inside I found it really great.Then we ceased for a short period of time. It was getting harder and harder to control my thoughts and to dominate me. I was now a married woman. I really do as a wife? From the other corner in my head someone cried out, of course. Your husband will allow you and your dreams will finally come true. The we have already clarified.He stood up and came toward me, took my hands and pulled me from the couch. I was hoping that he had recognized my lust and act accordingly. But he wanted to see how big the humidity station on my seat. He knew that I on issues that made me horny bathed in the juice. He looked briefly on the place, looked me in the eyes and said: “I knew it.” With a triumphant smile he went back to his chair.”Ok, I had as a wife a little rum zicken. Do you have at least enough condoms?” I continued.”You don’t need.”I saw in scared. “How vulnerable?!”Peter looked at me questioningly. “Are you doing but otherwise too. As you always say: how nature intended it, so am i it.””But as I took the pill! And since a few weeks I will take on your explicit request no more. You were afraid that after many years of taking further taking health consequences for my body. And since we were a couple soon, would be a pregnancy for you already in order. Whatever it is for me. And right now, I find myself in the fertile phase of the cycle, I gave something back in panic.””I know.” he said with a smile. “So much the worse,…”Now I realized why he has asked me a pills break. For him it was not about my health. No, he wanted me during the time my work as the whore conception was ready. I may be impregnated by another man, seemed not to disturb him. No, that couldn’t be true. I wanted to know for sure.”What is one of your creditors, if I am pregnant? What do you do then?” “It would be ok for me.””Please?!” blurted it out of me. “Stay calm. For the fact that you impregnate me my creditors will be 40% of the respective sum per invoice. I couldn’t say no to this offer. The you understand it, don’t you?”I was horrified. “Just so you pay less, you can make me a big belly?”I looked at him angrily. “So bad it is not. Very often, the wife after the wedding but pregnant during the course of the year. Whether you are from me or one of my creditors is pregnant at the moment, no matter to me. To whom we are accountable for the paternity? It is our life. The next c***d then I do. I am not so petty.”I was as stunned. He couldn’t care less. He is not so fussy when it comes to me who makes the first c***d. If need be, by a strange man impregnate me someday, this would be after the first or second c***d may have been to consider. Possibly!! With a decent number. However, in order to obtain debt relief and then even at the first c***d, that was a no-go number. And how indifferent he had said. He didn’t really matter. My arousal was handled in anger. To be used as a whore was ok, but foreign impregnate so that he had less debts? Nah, not at all. “As your fertilization whore, I won’t go!” My voice went almost with excitement.After I had won again, I thought as i version number from this fertilization could come out.”Ok, if you want the notion that i would be impregnated by a strange man, is the antornt as an idea ok. But as a real act, is the real problem for me now. Hello, a pregnancy changes the whole of life”, I cried. I looked at him and waited for his response.He looked to the window and said in a very calm tone. “You seem to have forgotten that we have set before the wedding that I am the Lord in the house.” This was his answer? I was shocked.”That’s true, but that is not the issue” but now i cried again.”No?” He stood up and came toward me, took my chin in his hand and exerted a slight painful pressure on my lower jaw. At the same time, he bent down to my right ear and whispered threateningly: “Yes, this is it!”He pulled the handle on my lower jaw and went to the kitchenette, in order to bring the third glass of coke.I was paralyzed. I had vigorously protest against this treatment, but something held me back inside. It was ok. I felt no desire to oppose me his dominance. The submissive stepped out of the prison, and again took his place in me. Submissive did i ask the question, whether I was also his broodmare.”No, you’re not,” he said. “But the guys find it totally horny, a freshly baked wife to impregnate. Like in the Middle Ages. Since the count often had the right to the first night with the newlyweds had bride of his subordinates. Often, she was also pregnant by him. Today you pay money for that, in order to find a foreign bride on her wedding night or as in the case of you now can impregnate a two days later. The even a decent chunk of money for that. To each his fetish.””And what if I have a really pushes a roast in the pipes? What do you do then? Do I have to unsubscribe the c***d?” As I asked this question in devoter way, was the stormy atmosphere in the room go out.”Unsubscribe is a must. As we then in the individual to deal with the situation, which we consider then.”I don’t believe it. A stranger guy with the consent of my husband and I must make me a c***d is also unsubscribe. In general, we do everything for the first time at us, and then we can see that we have time. I don’t believe it! I wanted to be the first c***d from him! Not from any wanker! But what should I do? Running away didn’t work. Where should I even without clothes and money from this wilderness? Now it was clear to me why he had chosen this place. He had planned it so that I could not flee from the situation. Now I had to find a solution on the spot. My mind told me that I had no chance to escape this danger, with arguments. I could just say no. Then I had to but also with all the consequences of life. That is what I wanted to. To this whole story as marriages will only bother me any possibility of an unwanted pregnancy. Is it really unintentionally, asked the bitch. The humiliation by the cross-pollination is intentional, the result in nine months. The price for me and the c***d was too high. So I decided to give everything for my use as a whore, so the guys their semen in my uterus toward the ovum syringes. As it was now Professional do tricks. At the thought to be so helpless, I felt my anger is transformed in soothing excitation. The idea that I delivered my husband somehow was and he gave me like a cow to foreign fruit of a tree yielding seed, let the butterflies in my stomach fly again. I then for successful fertilization the fruit even at the behest of my husband needs to unsubscribe, gave me the feeling like a farm a****l to be treated. A SUBMISSIVE livestock. The idea was cool, but as I said, the idea.”Well, if you remember so much, I give my belly for it,” I said quite snippy.He looked at me in surprise. With such a quick capitulation, he had probably not expected.”It attracts you to take the risk? It is like a kick for you? Or?”I nodded. “With the kick you’re right. The idea of a cross-pollination in the form of Russian roulette to be exposed, there is already a great idea. As I said, just the idea. The Kick is the risk that the ball meets”, I gave as an answer. He smiled and i saw in his eyes that he felt exactly the same.Now not only my limited began life as a broken marriages, but also as a fertilization whore. But I would be with all the tricks to defend against the fertilization experiments. The submissive slut and his wife had read my thoughts, without disturbing. None of them dared to comment on this. The fighter in me, for the part of the fertilization history the rudder.”You know what i want to hear?” Peter said.”Ok. I agree with your creditors to be inseminated. I am also aware that I may be impregnated by them. Is that what you want to hear?” I said in a annoyed, but submissive way.He looked at me. “It sounds as if you were there not voluntarily?””But, I do this of their own free will,” I replied a bit snippy. Voluntarily, don’t make me laugh,” said the warrior quietly.”And in the case of a pregnancy I get a ring with diamonds! This is the condition!” at the last moment, the venal wife reported in me have the chance to speak. The opportunity for you to get a profit from history, suppressed for a short time the submissive in her. The Fighter liked this interference. It should make him a little cost.I looked at him: “And?””OK,” he said without smiling. I had taken him to a sore point. For me the ring passed einkalkuliertes budget. I smiled.”When does it start?” He looked at the clock. “Only patience. The first had to appear at any moment.” “How? Already?” I had just finished the sentence, because a knock at the front door.What a perfect timing, I thought. He had to have been very sure my consent. Only the price for him, was not yet clear. Thomas had told him about my frivolous adventures much sooner. He must have taken a few weeks ago then this plan. The dropped off the birth control pill was then step one in his plan. At the moment I was still not clear how I would deal with this knowledge. This decision was made at a later time. Now it was to fulfill the job.I was curious to see what type of man I was offered for the first time. A 50-year-old obese heavily sweating man stepped into the room and scanned with his greedy eyes my naked body up and down. This man was not included in the no-go category, but it was not my type. He was also not on the wedding. Who was he?”May I make known to you. This is my wife Christine and Hans, my boss, us this beautiful weekend house.” his boss, how embarrassing is that? With him, I had probably the rent for this House. After he had presented us, waited for Peter to the first reaction of Hans. This looked at my legs and saw the dried shut up juice of the lust for gluing them. “But it has necessary” he said with a smile to Peter.Peter smiled back. I said nothing.”Turn times in a circle. But please slow.” Peter asked me. I began to turn slowly in a circle. I was never as object of lust in a meat seemed to have been offered. I noticed that the butterflies in my stomach again were very restless and in the step it was wet again.”The runs almost sounded in the room.” Hans “Yes also had to wait for a long time,” said Peter grinning back. “You have about your body not promised too much, Peter. Is it really only 21 and still a virgin?”I felt like I was on a cattle market. “Yes. She has two weeks until the age of 21. Christine comes from a very strict parents house. There is the education you may find that a young girl until the wedding night is made for woman. But Christine had to wait until the present day. So still a virgin.” Peter offered myself as a Mare on the cattle market. “How according to the old custom in our family,” he went on, “You must be Christine of a person of authority entjungfert. In the past, it was the manor, with my mother it was the leader of my father and my wife was my boss for one night. So you.” While Peter told, looked at me with more greedy eyes. He was impressed by what he had seen and heard. My body turned it on, I took advantage of it. I did a two seductive movements and I saw how he almost burst with lust. I also saw that this Peter did not like. Now she liked me. If you thought that you have the upper hand in the game, then you are on the wrong ship. We are mainly women, the control men in every erotic game. Our body signals make you hot and servile. Both of you, I now have nicely on a lead, I thought. When I had turned me twice in a circle, I stopped and brought my body in a seductive pose. I saw Hans astonished look at that he was surprised. He looked questioningly to Peter of my pose was just as surprised. I felt a conflict arising between bahis şirketleri the two. “Just because you’re young woman is, it does not need to be a prude,” Peter answered on Hans unspoken question. “It is extremely dirty and is just waiting to be made finally to the woman,” continued Peter. I smiled and Hans seemed to suffice as an explanation. “At the moment it is fruitful?” asked Hans and set his eyes on my lower body.”Impregnate included without further obligation,” replied Peter.Hans looked me in the eyes and smiled. He was one of these men, who loved to ride, young women and, if possible, to impregnate. Why else had made Peter me three years younger? What had happened to the women then, it was probably him regardless. Only the history with the virginity was a problem. I was certainly not more.”Hans puts you but a moment in the chair and drinking what. I am going to bring Christine ever into the bedroom.” Peter sat in an armchair while Hans brought him a glass of water. Then Peter took me by the hand and pulled me into the bedroom. When he had closed the door from the inside, he whispering item.”Don’t overdo it with your charms!” With joy I saw the jealousy burn in his eyes. He should burn. “Peter, I have to offer to the buyer. This makes a good whore,” I said with a gentle baby doll voice. “But you are not jealous? Now it is too late, Peter.””Nonsense,” Peter whispered in a harsh tone.”You sure?” I looked like he was burned to the ground. In addition, the rejoiced and stimulated me. “Yes, sure. Now you are not my wife, but a whore! Hookers require a lot of money and do as little as possible. So keep it,” he said.”But surely Peterle,” I said with a grin. “I have a bit of fun? Or?””Yes, you. Now to the point of virginity,” he replied. “Since I am now curious how you get out?” I asked.”I have already,” Peter said and pulled out a small object out of his pocket. “This is a ampoule theater blood. After he has pulled his cock out and he has inseminated thee, go Ruck Zuck with the ampoule in your hand to your pussy and zerdruckst. Pretend as if it hurts you and rub with the flat hand on her. So you distribute the blood, and he has the proof.”Peter looked at me like that, as if he wanted to now also be praised for his plan. “That could work,” I said in a sober tone of voice. I would not praise him.”You will operate only once. After the entjungferung and insemination are you as a woman for him uninteresting”, he said.I nodded and took the vial in the left hand.”Are you sure Peter that you are not jealous?” I nuzzled his left side of the body. “Hm, Peter, because now your boss comes and makes things with me, which otherwise would only be with me. Is it really for you OK?” I felt like it was boiling in him. If he could he would end this meeting? But this reproach, he could not afford to his boss. I broke away from him and went toward the bed. There I sat down and took a seductive pose.”You wanted it so Peter. Was not sad. Even if my body and especially my belly now belongs to another man, my heart belongs to you. If it’s not too strenuous, perhaps even later my body. But my abdomen will possibly already be populated.”, i said with a pout. klimp enriching eyelashes and compassionate He almost burst and i enjoyed it. It was a small part of my revenge for the thing with the swan.Peter opened the door and invited Hans. “Come On Hans. You can hardly expect.”As Hans Peter entered the bedroom, she wanted us to have a lot of fun and then left the room. After he had closed the door a little too hard, Hans saw me again. This time he looked me in the eye. His gaze had some test. “Is he mad?””And if that should not disturb us,” I lied.Hans grinned and i saw his thoughts in his eyes. Yes, I am a b**st, I answered him in thoughts.”You have never been fucked?” he asked.I shook my head. “Never.””Have you ever seen a tail but in real?” He went on.”Not only one,” I said with a seductive smile.”Even touched, sucked or shrewd?”I nodded again. “More often.””If you’ve ever swallowed semen?”” Only by Peter”, log i have played.”Your other holes were really never fucked?”I shook his head again.”Well, we’ll see if this is true?”He came up to me and took my hand and pulled me up from the bed and pushed on my shoulders until I’d like an altar boy knelt before him.”Come on. Get him out and show what you already know,” he ordered me.I liked his dominant may occur. I opened his pants and let them slide his legs to the floor. I then moved his slip by a UPLIFTING tail indicated, up to his knees. After the liberation of the tail, he built a stand of medium size exactly in front of my face. This was a considerably larger and well-filled bag.”But it looks promising,” I said and smiled at him. Men like such compliments. My intention was to him even hornier so he got ready quickly and found a quick end for me here. I took the glans between the thumb and index finger and pulled his foreskin back slowly. I was relieved when I saw that he laid great emphasis on hygiene. He enjoyed this ceremony. Slowly I approached me with my tongue his glans opening. I circled around the opening with the tip of his tongue. At the same time I covered the rest of his cock with my right hand. I felt like he was swollen to bursting. Now my lips enclosed the glans and I pushed very slowly opening my mouth ever further over his cock. “You’re not the first time,” I heard him groan.I closed my eyes and enjoyed it again as another tail of Peter in the mouth to taste. His lust drop came very quickly. My right hand constantly moved between tail and his eggs, without sucking and sucking on his glans to interrupt. My finger game with his considerably large crown jewels aroused him more and more. The size of the eggs that my uterus with a large amount of sperm count and thus had a high risk of fertilization. I increased the pressure of the Massage on his crown jewels. His groan was stronger. Yes, come on, spray, or so i thought. “Not bad small. You realize that you already have done this more often,” he groaned.Come, spraying me your cum in the mouth. I had the thought hardly thought through to the end, because he pushed me jerking his cock all the way into the throat. I hadn’t expected. His cock penetrated so deep that he immediately triggered a gag reflex. I wanted to pull my head back, but he held it with both hands in this position. He moved my head back and forth ever so minimal that his tail constantly in the throat a gag reflex triggered in me. I felt we had tears in my eyes shot. Only when my gag was so strong that he believed I had to vomit, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and grip in my hair at the back of the head. By the train on my hair, he brought my face into position so that he could see. He looked like tears the cheeks. He smiled. “And? Has someone ever so fucked in the mouth?”Before I could answer he pushed with the left thumb and forefinger to my two nostrils and rammed his cock until I am once again in the throat. He began to fuck me brutally in the throat. At the same time I began to cough and to strangle her. The saliva ran me right and left out of the corners of his mouth. After a few bumps in the short term, he reduced the pressure on both of my nostrils, so that I could get some air. After twice breathe through the nose he pushed back and made the fuck in my throat. The gag reflex and the renewed demand for air were always stronger. I wanted to take a deep breath, but he did not. I wanted to hit the frothy saliva out of my mouth. But I had no chance. On the contrary, his actions became increasingly brutal. As I fought back from my nose and solid, he pulled his cock out of my mouth. I almost vomited the saliva from me. He let me four times. Then he rammed his cock until it reaches the stop point me deep into her mouth. Suddenly he pushed with both hands firm against my back of the head, so that my face in his pelvis and lower abdomen fat disappeared. My face was now completely sealed. I couldn’t breathe. In this posture, he rested the fuck in my mouth. I was always uneasy, because my desire for air is now again and I reported slightly freaking out. He just laughed. Then he moved his cock in my mouth and i had to gag in addition to my shortness of breath again. It was only when i hit me with my arms around wildly, he gave my head all free. I took a deep breath immediately with a loud noise. I began to breathe quickly on and off, as I didn’t know how long he gave me time to let. He grabbed my hair and pulled me fixed in slipping across the floor to the bed. I felt like the submissive in me increasingly blossomed. It had always dreamed of this treatment. Yes, give it to me, I heard it. The bed changed the direction of Hans arrived on my hair. He moved now so that i had to get up. I gave several pain loud from me, he immediately commented with a slap in the face. I was shocked and before i could defend myself, I felt like my body accepted this discipline is satisfactory. It was the first time that a man had hit me in the face during sex and it was good. When I was with my make-up running face still on the air japsend stood in front of him, he laughed. “Well, how do you like it? If you thought you have when I say this, then wast you wrong. Young mares must be ran hard.” Before I could answer he schupste me away from you and I ended up with the back hard on the mattress. I looked at him surprised. It was clear to me that he had usurped the rudder. “Don’t worry. Still will not be ridden. Show me your first young Cunt” the last sentence came in a commanding tone as if on a barrack. The submissive in me obeyed immediately. I spread my legs and angled it by pulling back. My pussy was presented in its full glory.”Clean-shaven. For Peter?”I nodded with a submissive expression on her face. He groped them and parted my labia with two fingers. “For a virginal cunt, already quite soft and wide open?” He looked at me. I had a good explanation, otherwise everything would be blown.”Is …in the .. Family,” I stuttered. “My sister has a”, I pushed behind. “This is only 18.” This seemed to interest him. “And?” he asked with a dominant tone, which only allowed an immediate response. I began to think about intimidated and panic. What do i do now? It was clear, depending versauter is even better. “Well, yes, …we have often looked each other in the cave. To see what you had already spread pretty far.” The opening lap it out of me.”What?” he asked purely pushed testing.”No, just looked into it,” I replied, knowing full well there is the question of the review my virginity hinzielte.”All Clear. For a good home. I didn’t laugh. You are all the same. I hope your cunt is still tight?”I thought of my previous nickname “Close Christine”.He went in front of the bed in the knee. “Come to me with your pussy slip.”I followed immediately and he put my spread thighs on one of his shoulders. Then he began to lick my cunt. Now I had me a little time to recover. I was no longer the game guide. I was just the toy. He put his mouth on my lust hole directly to the abundant juice to suck the pleasure out of me. Never experiences a feeling of strong lust spread through me. The had never made one with me. During the vacuuming he massaged my clitoris with his nose. I felt like the juice is the only way out from my cunt was moving. The lust in me developed rapidly and i felt like a high point for me. As he sucked ever wilder and more and more with his face rubbed in my cunt, exploded a never experienced orgasm in me. My thighs tried to close it and jerkily pushed fixed on the side of his head. He heard immediately and freed himself.”Always slowly you small Sau” he urged me on. “You come fairly quickly. This gives the time.” As he turned me so that I was now on the belly with relish, he added: “There is nothing like young cunt water. And then even in these quantities.” After he had positioned me to his imagination, he pulled my ass cheeks apart and looked at my asshole.”Still looks closely. Here you have probably not looked clean?”I shook my head and baumte scared me. The pig without lubricant and work with all the v******e had his cock in my ass. “Ouch, ouch! That hurts!” I was often anal, but have never been so brutal. I had the feeling that my asshole was torn.”Yes, Quicktime only you young pig!” He pushed my aufgeschreckten upper body back onto the mattress. I hit with the face on the mattress. Then he laid his hand on my head and pressed my face deep into the mattress. His thrusts became more and more intense. I screamed in pain into the mattress. But my cries of pain only made him even hornier. “Who says that the maturation of the woman without pain,” he said laughing.His kicks participated in speed. I had more trouble with the face more in than lying on the mattress, air to breathe. I tried again and again to raise my head slightly, but he reacted immediately and let this is not the case. Just as I made my way massif with head movements and fought back with both hands on the mattress behind each other several times a game hit, he let go. I snapped my head up and pulled hastily and strong on the air. Then he pressed my face fixed into the mattress again. My trouble always seemed to make him horny. He stood to take the women through fucking air, to torture and who knows what to do yet. I only hoped that he was so tornt was that he was now in my ass finally came. I wanted to by the no c***d in me. Not really, asked the bitch in me. He gives you what you always wanted, but added the submissive wife still lagging behind. But he did not want to be in my gut lining their pockets. He pulled his hard spanking from my ass, I turned on his back, he took me with both hands on the right and left to the Basin, pulled me abruptly to him, put my legs with the feet toward the ceiling in the area of right and left shoulder to his chest . He looked me in the eyes.”Now also which is why I’m here.”He laughed when he saw my scared face. Now, it was important that I feigned a small pain at the right moment, otherwise it would be with the fake entjungferung gone wrong. In this treatment I had trouble to concentrate. With a strong shock he rammed his cock in my heavily dripping cunt. I acknowledged this with a ouch. This also was enough for him and he grinned like a winner. A short moment later I began to moan. I did so as it was with me right now. “It’s awesome, what small?”I moaned a soft yes. His cock in my cunt solves real soothing feelings in me. Or was it something else what ensured that now dwell in me did some. I was surprised and felt like I was increasingly horny again. Then it became clear to me that I enjoyed it to be used. It made me horny, that he would selfishly brutal way to live out his shoots. It was totally indifferent to him whether i enjoyed it or not. I was just his whore. That everything tornte me today.”Finally I fucked. I had an inkling that it is considered cool, but so horny,” I breathed as a young fried fish. I needed him to pretend no incipient climax. It really happened. His hands left my hips and devoted himself to hardness with a soothing my tits. He took them ran as if he was kneading bread dough. It hurts and i enjoyed the pain spread into my breasts. The pain was so could be beneficial, was new to me. He then hides me on the left-hand side ass cheek. I shrugged and acknowledged this with a notes rock driven ouch. Immediately I felt his hand strike again in my face. Then he proposed on my tits. In many erotic dreams I had often dreamed of such a treatment of my tits, but it was better than I had hoped for. His strikes led to a massive increase my lust. The orgasm began to rapidly build up in me. I just wanted to be yet to come. “Come on! Give it to me!” I was like that of the senses. I felt like the orgasm in his construction slowed down. Why?”Beat me. Yes Show the unruly young cunt.”His batting was always strong and I gave myself to him completely. Yes, use me, screamed at the submissive wife in me. I had never experienced such an orgasm building. Intensively on strength, but slowly under construction. But I wanted to get. I threw my upper body from one side to the other. I felt that my high point just before the explosion. But then again, in order to lull he then re-build even more intensively. This up and down was a distressing affair. I saw him in his greedy eyes.”Come on, pregnant the young mare”, asked him the slut in me. “I want your juice! Item squirts him in! Make me a thick belly! Spray it deep inside me!” These sets were honest and came from the depths of our hearts. I was by this agonizing, but fantastic way of orgasm building as of the senses. I could not be more clear thinking. I only felt this massive desire, this brutal guy to be flooded with semen. From such a brutal guy who avenges me so, but I wanted to have a c***d. The wife and the slut in me screaming for his sperm. I had never experienced such a horny fuck. I gave myself the situation perfectly, and she had me fully under control. In my thoughts I opened my womb, so that his sperm could reach his goal in any case. Then I felt his fingers on my become a form of chocolate pieces of the toblerone grown brand nipples. He squeezed it, she turned back and forth. He then pulled firmly and brutally in the length. This pain for me was the final trigger. I came in a never experienced orgasm. I exploded. He came a short time later and I felt his hard jet sperm on my uterus opening. My body was again as a result of a violent orgasm flooded. The shaft was so immense, that my back up into a hollow cross was lifted up, and remained in this position. I touched only with my ass and my skull the mattress. In this position, I left the accumulated lust with a cry out of me. During the entire time he fucked me continuously. After my body lost its tension, I fell like a wet bag on the mattress. Now I felt that I am in my sweat bathed. I still felt his cock into me, as he slowly went back and forth. However, the sensors no longer reacted in my pussy. I was lying passively on the bed. I was exhausted. It had not yet driven there with me. I had never experienced such a satisfaction. This brutal procedure, these blows to the face, tits, and wherever else were wonderful. I was like a lifeless piece of meat on the mattress. He had his cock still in me, but had the bumps. As a peg he put in me. This time I was not of alcohol, but of perfect orgasms almost fucked senseless. After I could think clearly again, I opened my eyes. Why he pulled his cock out. Only now I noticed that he was still completely dressed trousers down to the left. He sweats extreme and i wasn’t sure if i was only in my welding.”Your udder are not bad either. If there is milk in it, the bombastic.” He took the flaccid nipple of my right breast into his mouth and began to suck on him like a baby. Since my body was now very sensitive, I found this to be a very unpleasant. But I let him. Since this unpleasant feeling me on a different kind also did well. Now I knew why his tail still was inside of me. He wanted to make sure that his semen reached the target area and not from me. You should achieve it. I was so exhausted that I didn’t care. “Didn’t you tell me now a baby?” I asked him with a tired voice. “I hope,” he replied with a grin. “You wanted to yes one of me. You did it, of course, according to the out of you crying” he went in his reply. “Of course, you always. It was the horny,” I replied. “And Peter really has no problem with it,” he insisted. “No,” I replied shortly. “It is no matter, if you give me the belly fat do”, hung up, I do a lot of the short answer to it. He looked at me with a look that clearly said that he did not know whether I was mocking him or whether I really meant. Quite irritated he pulled his cock out of my pleasure cave and sat on the edge of the bed. “You stand on pain. Or?”He looked me in the eye and my eyes gave him the answer.”It’s ok. For some, it’s going to hurt and some do not. Both are ok,” he said almost paternal.Yes, I was standing on pain. It was now clear. Only no blood. The term blood much me the thing with the ampoule. I was terrified. Where was she? I turned my head to the right and left still completely exhausted. She was gone.”You were still young woman agreed.” I looked at him in surprise. He showed between my legs. I grabbed my hand and pulled her back to my Venus mound. The hand was stained of milky slime. I sat down and saw that the sheets had a few blood stains.Whence came the spots. No matter, at first i thought. And gave me falling backwards on the mattress of the exhaustion again. I wanted to know what he was thinking. “I was good?””Yes, that was you. I have rarely seen such a young woman, so it was happening,” he said appreciatively.After he had pulled up his pants, he went out of the room. “Will You Come Again?” I asked. But he made no reply. Now that i have a much better for me kind of sex had come to know from Peter, was it difficult today in bed. I had heard how cool it is to be chastised during sex. From now I would like to regularly in bed with a heavy hand. If Peter is the right?I also corrected my attitude toward leadership in erotic play. We women are at the start of the game guide. During the game we gave them, and let us in different ways. Soothing fatigue overcame me and I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was still so, how I gave my exhaustion. I had my first customers, and especially me, well served. The rent was paid. And it was an awesome feeling, to feel as a paid whore. I really made me a bit nervous shock dissipation. “You’re a good whore,” I whispered quietly to myself, “and it makes you a hell of a lot of fun.””Nice to hear” I heard Peter say. I lifted his head and saw him standing in the doorway. I stood up and went into the bathroom. While I was in the doorway of the bathroom freshly made he stood suddenly.”And? We was it? He was very satisfied. So he had never had a horny young woman. In the bed be thou a wild mare, which one could hardly curb.” Peter. I used to have it he was not allowed to watch me in the body cleansing, but now, where I was his whore, it wasn’t really bothered me. After I received the abdomen finally dried with a towel, I saw him grin on his face. “I’m sorry. I’m exhausted. You have to wait until tonight.” Peter did not respond to my provocation. “Do you see in your bed never again,” he went on in his conversation. “The rent for the here is paid.”This was really no good news for me. I was still blown away by the Fick. No, for the moment, it was not good news.I made a disappointed and at the same time desperate face. Peter noticed this.”What is it? Did he hurt you? I have heard you scream?” he said this with a worried expression on her face.”No, everything is fine. It was very nice.” I said with a friendly smile. It felt good to feel his care. “Why have you forsaken me, where you have used me as a whore, not pregnant? The others hadn’t noticed it. You were then the Father of our first c***d. Now, it may be your boss.””I may not be the father.””Why not?””The deal is. It should be taken so that you will be pregnant. I must not only actively contribute my part. That is why I have also injected in Your Ass. You’re prone, is a test if I am the father. The success of which you do not want to know who has rich inseminated? The only want to be sure that I was not.””What am i really for you? I am your livestock? Or why do you always be pregnant?” I asked him provocative.He looked at me and then said after a pause in a matter-of-fact tone: “You are my wife and my marriages hut, which I can use and rental. But the most important thing is that I love you.” He kissed me on the lips and went through the bedroom back into the living room/kitchen.I looked into the small mirror above the sink in the eyes of my mirror image.”Wife and marriages broken….,” I said softly and completed the sentence in thoughts. … Maybe not only for 14 days. If this continues, then i’ll it forever. “….As much as you like and with customs and give…..” Wow!When I came back into the living room, there was a lingerie and bathrobes on the sofa.”Is that for me?””Yes, go look at the lingerie.””I think I need to stay naked?”He smiled: “do it.”After I had pulled it over me, ended the shreds of fabric just so that you no longer saw my pussy. The lingerie was made of opaque red polyester, open bottom and the baskets for the tits were decorated with ruffles. Since the cup size at least one number was too small, I had trouble my tits in the cup to fill. It looked as if they were every moment out of them. He had diagnosed with intention. He wanted the you have moderate impact.”Turn around. I take a picture, so you can see how you are.””Remember that i still break. Not here to you horny,” I told him.”I come on clear. Fishing,” he said still smiling.I began to turn and ended in a seductive pose. I opened my mouth slightly and put the tip of the tongue discreetly on the upper lip.The image on his mobile phone display confirmed that I was in a porno mag or on a porn site on the web would make a good figure. Peter confirmed this and left the cell phone in your trouser pocket.I pointed to the bathrobe made of thick terry cloth. “Should I even try it?””No, you don’t need. The is there, if it should be cooler and freeze you.””What a pity, I would have liked to have seen how I looked in it. Then later. I am hungry. What if i find i look.” I said a little disappointed and went to the kitchenette.”Sounds good. I go to the terrace a smoking,” he said and went out. Through the kitchen window, I could see how Peter ignited a cigarette. Then he took his cell phone out of his pocket and looked at the display. I assumed that he also looked at my picture of again. His grin, gave me a good feeling. I took it as a compliment. Peter later told me that he was there at that moment to the members of the WhatsApp group “honeymoon” had sent the image. The Members of this group were, except for his boss, the creditors, for which I have the legs would open. The picture he had added the following text message.”The wedding is a thing of the past. Now it is time to pay outstanding invoices. I, the bride, I am ready to receive. You know what i mean? Your Christine.”While I was in the kitchen something to eat, I thanked Peter herrichtete in thoughts for the day. At the same time my mind sent a quick prayer to heaven. He asked that Hans semen would not reach his goal. What is still not clear, was the thing with my clothes. Did he really want that I have the entire honeymoon lingerie around naked or in the course? (To be continued)

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