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My Latest ShootSo many guys and girls enjoy my blog entries about my earlier adventures, but also many others wish to hear of my present day encounters, so here we go with a tale of what happened on my latest shoot at a local Travelodge hotel.It was to fulfill a privately commissioned video and photo shoot for a fan of mine from Chester, Gerald, he was in his sixties and had been a fan of my work since my earliest days. Hubby chaperoned me, as usual, my usual photographer, Mike, was not available, but he had got one of his closest friends, John, to do the shoot. When we arrived he told us that my ‘co-star’ , Tony was slightly late due to traffic, but should be there shortly. I requested a drink, a Vodka Ice, and hubby had a beer, I told John, I’d go get changed so we could start as soon as Tony arrived.In the bathroom I put on a lacy black bra, matching black knickers in a sheer material and red topped stockings. Over this Gerald had requested I wear my finest St Trinians’ style school uniform, my hair was already tied in two plain. I applied ruby red lipstick, a little blusher and eye shadow. As I was having a little perfume to my ears and cleavage I heard voices from the other room and the door being opened and closed, I guessed my ‘co-star had arrived.The hubbub of voices rose, laughter mixed in, ” You lot talking behind my kaynarca escort back,” I asked as I emerged from the bathroom, John said, ” Not at all, just letting Tony in, Tony this is Anne,” the young man rose from his seat on the bed, “You’re photos don’t do you justice baby, you are beautiful,” his voice ,deep and sonorous matched his look perfectly. He was around, 25 or so, 6ft 4in tall, broad shouldered, black as the night sky, not an ounce of fat on him, a true black Adonis! ” Might I say also, that you make an exquisite English, chubby schoolgirl,” he flashed a dazzling white smile as he stood to give me a light peck on both cheeks, “Right then, shall we make a start?” Asked John, moving behind one of the three cameras set up, ” Stu, Pete said you usually do most of the stills work?” Hubby nodded, being a photographic studies graduate meant a camera held no fears for him, plus he’d taken this role dozens of times before. Tony moved nearer to the wall and I got ready to go, “Action!” Called John, my opening line was hardly Shakespearean, but I did my best with it, “Hi big man…you big all over?”” Not a question a young girlie like you should be going about asking,” his melliferous voice filling the room, ” go on home to your mamma , shouldn’t you be in bed at this time?”” In your bed you mean?” My well worked orhanlı escort seductively unruly teen routine slipped into my role with consummate ease, Tony laughed, “OK ! Well let’s see,” he pulled me to him and kissed me, his lips melding to mine then separating as his tongue snaked into my mouth locking in a grip with mine before I reciprocated by entering his mouth, he pulled back, ” Just how old are you then?”” Old enough you sexy hunk, quite a kisser are’nt you?” I improvised the line, well it was true! I looked into his Brown eyes, his deep red shirt was open, almost to the waist, I let my fingers trace their way down his bare flesh, across his flat stomach then gently over the swelling in his tight, dark chinos. Tony gave a huge laugh, ” Right let’s see how good you are, old enough or not, on your knees girl!” He pushed down upon my shoulders, my knees buckled and I knelt, Tony dropped his trousers, rolling down his pristine, white boxers his semi-erect cock sprang up before my face. ” Suck it you little bitch, show me what you got,” I licked at the broad bell-end, teasing I slowly unfolded my lips around the tip, sucking it in gently, then moving back as my lips and tongue caressed the long black snake of a cock, I felt a thrill inside me as it grew in my mouth, becoming harder with every lick, then I deep- tepeören escort throated him as best I could, he was all in, eleven or twelve inches fully taken, belying my supposed youth of my character, ” God girl you are good,” Tony’s vnice was sincere, well I hoped it was, I think he was being truthful about myoral skills, John spoke breaking the mood as Tony effortlessly face – fucked me, “Tit- fuck guys, don’t forget ,” Tony reached down, his hard cock sprang from my mouth with an audible pop, he began to unbutton my shirt, after fastening two or three he grabbed the shoulders and ripped it from my body! Next he pulled away my bra, ” Now you little whore Daddy wants a butty-fuck!” He pushed his cock into my cleavage as I held my blobs tightly together, ” Hmmm looks good guys,” John gave us the thumbs up as Tony fucked my tits, gently at first then with ever increasing speed and force, the tip of his engorged cock hitting me hard on the chin every few strokes, after ten minutes he stopped and pulled away, ” Time for a drink I reckon!” Tony wanted slightly, his skin glistening with sweat, rivulets of it running down his brow, ” Had to stop was getting mighty near the point of no return!” He laughed again, “Never been known to happen with any woman before,” he grabbed a beer bottle and downed it in one huge gulp, I looked at him, my tongue ran idly over my lips, soon it would be the main course and I’d have that monster duck buried deep inside me. I smiled at my husband, took the bottle he offered and drank it deeply as I waited for the next act. (To be continued…)

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