My Instincts Never Let Me Down

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Female Ejaculation

This is my first story ever. I have no experience in storytelling or writing Novels. I somehow got the urge to give it a try, probably because i needed some distraction from my dissertation lol.

The Story is somewhat inspired by “Witches’ Sabbath” from the Grimmoire Nier.

I am not a native english speaker, so excuse if the language might be rough here and there.


Futa on Male Story, if that’s not your kink better stop reading


My instincts never let me down.

Living alone in my Cottage in the forest can be quite lonesome, however, things were about to change.

I take care of the wildlife and plants around this area here. A year ago I decided to purchase the old cabin in the woods so I can be closer to my responsibilities and not have to travel like 30 minutes every morning and evening back into town. The wildlife is restless at the moment, we have quite some ferocious beasts roaming the area lately. Nothing too unusual for this season but more activity than usual, I probably need to take some action soon.

Couple days forward, the last night was very active in the woods, the animals were restless so I decided to take action and go out early to see what’s up in the forest. I took my equipment to leave the cabin and headed into the wilds. After traveling for around 15 minutes I arrived at a small glade. Surprisingly I did not find any wild animals but a young lady, seemingly exhausted and unconscious leaning next to a tree.

“What the…?”

I ran over to her to check the situation. It looks like she got attacked and dragged herself towards the tree to seek shelter. According to her torn clothing she must be from the magic academy from the other side of the forest. I wonder what she was doing here all by herself, usually the people from the University never roam the forest alone, especially not that far away. The Academy is quite some distance away, easy an hour on foot and the town is even further away. Anyway I can speculate later, I need to help her first, so I took my bandages and herbs out of my backpack to treat her wounds.


she moaned subconsciously, her eyes still closed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you!”

After treating her wounds I suddenly had a bad feeling in my guts, the presence of danger. If you live out here for a while you know when something is up and right now it was a moment like that. I turned around and saw a pack of wolves approaching.

“Shit, that’s not good, she can’t move on her own.”

I grabbed my arbalest and prepared to shoot. I was just ready to fight the pack when suddenly some magic flashes behind me and a lightning bolt flies past me towards the wild animals. I wasn’t able to see what was going on but I heard some whimpers and running. After a couple seconds all the wolves were gone, they probably ran off. I turned around checking on the Girl and saw her holding her magic wand towards the battle scheme. She casted that spell and she is conscious!

“Oh you’re awake!”

I ran over to her and kneeled down.

“Uhh.. Sorry, I had to… do this… revenge…”.

With that sentence, she was out again. I haven’t seen much magic in my life so far, so it was quite impressive what she was still capable of in her state. Gathering myself again, I decided to carry the Girl back to my cottage. I just can’t leave her out here, she would get killed and there are way more dangerous beasts around than just a bunch of wolves. After a while we arrived back at my cabin. I have a spare guest room in the house so I put her into the guest bed. I wanted to check if she had some more injuries so I inspected her face, arms and legs but suddenly she spoke again.

“Please don’t…”

I was confused, she was clearly hurt but I got enough of a glance to not notice any further heavy injuries.

“I need to treat you, you are hurt.”

“No please, just let me rest for a while.”

Well, I can’t force it. I treated her wounds as best I was able to, so I decided to give her some medicine to ease her pain.

“Thank you…”

She responded, barely awake. I just decided to let her rest for a while.

I did some chores around the house and started cooking some food. Making 2 meals, just in case she’s up later and wants to eat, she definitely could use it.

It’s getting late, the sun slowly starts to set while I heard some noise coming from her room so I decided to check on her. I knocked on the door.

“You… can come in.”

I opened and entered the room. She was somewhat upright in bed, looking way better than before.

“Thank you for helping me out earlier.”

“No problem, I couldn’t have left a wounded lady out in the wild”

She didn’t say anything, so I just began to speak again.

“You feeling better now?”

Suddenly she answered somewhat nervously

“Ye.. Yes, can… bahis siteleri can I clean myself up?”.

“Sure, the bathroom is just the opposite door.”.

“Thank you, you are nice but please could you leave me alone, i can join you later.”

She indicated that I should leave the room.

“Sure, i started cooking some food, you can join me when you’re ready.”

I closed the door. She was quite beautiful, I have to admit that but some of her gestures are a little awkward. Nevermind, I put the stove on low to keep the food warm and went out to my porch to sit down and enjoy the sunset for a while. I didn’t even notice how the time went by because suddenly the young lady was standing in the doorframe.

“Hey, thank you again, I am done now.”

“Everything good? Well let’s have dinner, then we can talk a bit.”

She was still wearing her torn clothes, obviously I don’t have any replacements for her and she probably doesn’t want to run around in underwear. We sat down at the table to eat.

“I’m Emily”

“Beautiful name, I am Patrick”

She was blushing a little but didn’t say anything else. After a couple bites from the roast I finally had to start to ask her.

“So uhm, Emily, how did you end up out there? You are from the Magic Academy right? Usually you all stay over there, don’t you?”.

Well, it seems like I am bombarding her with questions, however, she doesn’t really seem like the talkative type.

“It’s complicated… but yes i came from there, i ran away…”

“Why did you run? the Academy has a good reputation, never heard of anyone trying to get away from there.”

“I can’t tell you, sorry, i dont belong there, I don’t belong anywhere…”

her tone saddened while saying this.

“Uhm, okay… but don’t you have a family?”

She didn’t answer me and was looking sorrowful.

“Sorry, you don’t have to tell me, I am a stranger after all.”

“It’s alright, it’s not your fault, it’s me i just can’t…”

She suddenly stopped and her face turned from sad to a somewhat uneasy tone, I really couldn’t make it out.

“Sorry… I need…”

She quickly stood up and ran off to the bathroom. I was confused, maybe she is sick? I decided to clean the table since we were finished anyway. After I was done I sat down on my porch again, waiting for Emily to return. Suddenly she came back and sat down next to me.

“Everything alright?”

Yes I am fine.”

She looked a little happier again


“You don’t have to excuse yourself all the time, I am sure you have your reasons for everything and if you don’t want to tell me that’s alright.”

I tried to make her a little more comfortable.

“You are nice, thanks for helping me though”

She gave me a light kiss on my cheek.

“Uh a sweet Kiss from a gorgeous lady”

I joked and tried to ease the situation. She blushed again but turned to a somewhat sad look again afterwards. We kept talking for a while, about Magic, Life and a bunch of other things until the sun was gone and the moon had risen up.

Just the lights from my cabin and the moon illuminating my porch.

“Guestroom is free, stay as long as you want.”

“Thank you but I don’t want to be a burden for you and I don’t belong here either…”

“Oh come on, I said it’s alright and you are a good person. Just stay for the night and tomorrow we’ll see.”

I tried to cheer her up a little more

“And at some point we will all find our place where we belong, trust me!”.

I noticed a smile on her face.

“Thank you, it has been quite some time since somebody was nice to me.”

I was confused, I wonder what she has been through. After all the talk I really couldn’t understand why anybody would have some problems with her.

“All good, stay as long as you want.”

I am getting somewhat tired so I got up and tapped her shoulder

“I’m going to my room now, if you are ready, you know where the Guestroom is”.

I don’t know why but my instinct told me I could trust her letting her roam around the house, and my feelings never let me down so far.

“I appreciate that, I just… need… another moment.”

Her behavior again slowly turned into the somewhat uneasy state from earlier. I have bombed her with enough questions for today, so i just decided to leave her and head to my room. I got ready for bed when I suddenly heard some strange noises so I opened my bedroom door again. I heard Emily was still on the porch. She was moaning, I wonder if she really was alright, maybe her wounds are hurting and she hid it from me? I was torn if I should check or leave her when suddenly a loud moan came from her.

“Uh please…”

I couldn’t just ignore that anymore, I had to go and see if she’s alright. Maybe she needs more medicine, so I took the pills and headed towards the porch. Through the window I saw how she was still sitting on the bench. I was only able to see her from behind but she was definitely restless. She didn’t notice that I got up again. I put my head around the corner out the canlı bahis siteleri entry door towards her. Emily was sitting on the Bench, her pants lowered and her right hand was around a large engorged male genital which arises between her legs. She has a Penis! and she is masturbating! Emily was heavily focused but suddenly she looked up and noticed me watching her. She stopped stroking her hard Penis right away and shouted at me.

“No! Why did you come out again! Go Away! Now you also will hate and despise me for what I am”.

She covered her face in her hands and started to cry. Obviously I was very confused about what I am witnessing here, however, I began to put the pieces together why she dodged most of my questions earlier.

I really don’t want to make her cry out loud in full force on the porch, worst case she attracts some ferocious animals or runs off into the dark alone.

“Listen, it’s not my business what you’re doing, but please come inside, if you keep up with the noise out here we both get way bigger problems with some dangerous creatures from the dark.”

She looked up to me again with a surprised expression. I think she expected that I would kick her off into the dark after what she was doing there. She pulled her pants up and followed me inside. We sat down in the living room. Emily huddled herself embarrassed into the couch, not saying anything. I was thinking what i could do now so I tried to pick up a conversion again.

“No worries of wild animals here.”

No response. I was thinking again, this time I tried to be more straightforward.

“So… uhm… about what happened on the porch…”.

She looked at me, and interrupted.

“You have no idea! I got bullied all my life because of my body! My parents abandoned me, the Academy was my last resort but the other Students…”.

She told me how she got harassed by the others at the Academy until she decided to run off this morning.

“I lost everything and now even you will hate me for what i am…”

Life seemed to be rough with her, I just can’t throw her out. She is not a bad person.

“Stop It! i don’t despise you or anything, you are a nice Person, no matter what”

“I have a Penis, I am a Freak…”

I interrupted her again.

“Bullshit. I have a Penis as well, so should I throw myself out of the house now?”

“But i masturabated in front of you…”

“Sometimes we all need some relief after a terrible day, so what?”

She was visibly confused by all my responses, she probably didn’t expect that i am not throwing her out of the house. I wanted to understand her so I kept asking.

“So, can we go back and talk normally again?”

She was visibly relieved by my last words.

“Ye… Yes… I just need a moment.”

I gave her a moment to gather her thoughts but eventually I am the one to start again.

“So, now talk to me, tell me your story.”

She took a couple deep breaths and finally opened up to me.

She was born with additional male genitals. beneath her Penis and Balls she also has a vagina, she is a so-called Futanari. I heard rumors that people like this exist but i didn’t expect it to be real. After she was done talking, I began to speak again.

“People can be rude but no matter what, I like you Emily and it doesn’t matter what’s between your legs, you are a kind person and we were talking so cheerfully earlier. There is no reason for me to throw you out of the house, you’re still welcome here.”.

She was very surprised and started to blush again, I think she hasn’t heard anything nice towards her for a while, if ever.

“Thank you Patrick.”

“I am quite lonely by myself out here as well. I have been living here for a while and only have the Forest, so no matter who comes around, everybody is welcome in my cabin.”

I tried to cheer her up more. She finally relaxed again and opened up from her protective posture, however, suddenly she reverted back to her uneasy face, like a couple times before already.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing… I just…, it’s nothing…”

“Oh come on, you just opened up but now you’re hesitating again?”


“Just tell me what’s wrong, no matter what but please tell me finally!”

“Okay… you know…”

Finally she started talking and opened up.

“… Finding me masturbating has a reason…”

“I just can’t do anything about it, my body is acting on its own. My Libido is uncontrollable, I have done some bad things in the past…”

Of course, now everything adds up, she gets uncontrollable erections and can’t hide them. She runs off somewhere and secretly masturbates to relieve herself.

“I see… that’s why I caught you…”

I just realized that she came closer towards me.

“Please don’t be afraid, but you are the only person that has not demonized me after knowing that about me. I just can’t hold back anymore….”

Suddenly she gave me a long and intimate Kiss. Herr Libido must be off the roof when she suddenly switches to a mood like that. I was irritated canlı bahis but I responded to the Kiss, I it didn’t feel bad after all and she is surprisingly good at it. She leaned over towards me, I noticed her Bulge swelling against my leg, she was quite packing.

“I just can’t stop now, please I just need to…”

She realized that I could feel her dick pressing against my leg, begging for release. “It’s alright, go ahead, you don’t need to hold back anymore.”

With these words it felt like I flipped a switch in Emily’s head. She began to Kiss me again, even more passionate than before. I couldn’t hold back anymore either and noticed my Penis growing inside my pants and getting hard as well. She stopped the Kissing, got up and started to remove her clothes one by one. She was standing naked in front of me. She took an unexpected confident pose with her erect penis facing towards me.

“I want to show you my gratitude for everything today please accept.”

She had a near model-like body, like these models in magazines. She was just packing a little extra between her legs, I guess like 6-7 inches. Her wounds were covered with bandages but it wasn’t as bad as i thought and luckily she recovered quite well in that short time.

“Emily, i don’t know what to say but your body is amazing! And hey, now I see that I didn’t miss to treat any wounds.”

I was just messing around to make her feel better.

She smiled and put her hand around her throbbing Cock and slowly started to move. I got up from the couch and removed my clothes as well so we both were facing each other naked.

“Oh you join me?”

“Sure thing, double the fun am I right?”

My penis is rock hard as well and I started moving closer towards her. She slowed down her stroking and released her hand from her Penis, clearly surprised. I was standing right in front of her, both our Dicks tip’s touching for a second. We were both looking down to our dicks then started Kissing again, both our Penises rubbing against each other. She reached towards her crotch again and tried to grip both our dicks and started stroking them.

“They barely fit in my hand but it feels quite nice”

She was blushing again and started to stroke faster and faster. I started to lose my thoughts and just enjoyed the pleasure from her.

“Ugh Emily… please keep going.”

I moaned as she was jerking us both off with her soft hands. Her left hand grabbed mine and she guided it below her balls towards her wet pussy.

“Here is something for you to do”

I tried to pleasure her but I could barely focus on anything else except her rubbing. I got close to cumming but she suddenly stopped.

“Not yet.”

She pushed me back onto the couch with both our dicks still rock hard. she jumped next to me in a somewhat cuddling position.

“What now?”

“You will see soon.”

She got off of me and started to push me over. I was confused at first. She kept pushing me over on the couch until I was halfway facing down.

“Don’t be afraid, everything will be fine, just let’s have a good time together.”

I know exactly what she had in her mind and what comes next. She kept pushing me over until I was completely lying on my belly. I was very unsure but my instinct told me not to act against what is coming up. I tried to look up to her and noticed how she was already climbing on top of me. She was lying down on me hugging me from behind. I felt her breasts pressing against my back and her cock lying around my Kidney area.

“Ready? I will be gentle”

“I hope so, but I trust you.”

She moved a bit around on top of me when I suddenly felt how her cock was wandering down towards my Ass. I felt how her tip pressured against my hole. She increased the pressure slowly and tried to enter.

“Ough, not sure if that’s a great Idea Emily….”

She retreated for a moment.

“Wait a second, don’t move!”

She reached over to the coffee table where she put her magic wand.

“What do you want to do?”

“Don’t worry, just a little bit of magic will help us!”

I couldn’t see what she was doing on my back but suddenly I felt very relaxed.

“This is usually a healing spell, I modified it a bit to decrease the healing effect but increase relaxation.”

“Now let’s try again”

Her Cock pressured against my Butthole again. I felt how the tip of her cock slowly slipped inside me with way less issues. Her Penis slid down deeper and deeper into my ass until I could feel her balls pressing against mine from behind.

“See, better now isn’t it? It feels amazing”

It felt surprisingly good having her dick resting inside me, quite full but it’s not bad at all. She started moving, first slowly but then she picked up speed and started gentle thrusts. She exactly hit the right spot inside me, massaging my prostate with her dick, like magic. You could always hear the “plop” sound when her balls hit the back of mine during her thrusting rhythm. It feels like we are puzzle pieces that were made for each other, fitting perfectly together. Our Mouns could probably be heard in the entire house while she was fucking me relentlessly. She picked up speed and also moved heavier, she was getting close and so was I. After a couple more thrusts she was at her peak

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