My Incredible Gift

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I don’t know how long I have been bi-curious. But some reason, women really turn me on. I have feasted on erotic literature of women seducing other women. I like the slow, seduction, or the accidental touch, and of course, the long lingering kiss. I think it is because a woman just knows what a woman wants. I get drawn into the stories. If I’m reading a good one, it isn’t long before my nipples are electric and my pussy is on fire.

One day, my husband and I were talking about sexual fantasies, and I let out that I love these kinds of stories. Every once in a while, we would play fantasy games where a woman would become a part of the story. He’s asked me if I would ever actually do it with a woman, and I told him absolutely not. I like it in my head. I don’t know if I could bring my body into it.

Our fantasy stories, over time, have gotten steamier and steamier. When I get into the midst of these stories, I have shed all inhibitions. My pussy gets soaking wet. The scenarios become so real to me that I feel I’m within the story. I do believe that if, at one of those moments, the fantasy was real, I would follow through.

I shared all this background information because it will help you understand this story better. It was Saturday, and my husband, Jeffrey, told me over dinner Friday night that he had a surprise for me. He told me that he arranged a massage session for me at our home. My first thought was the expense—but that is an old habit. These days, money is not an object.

At 3 in the afternoon the doorbell chimed. I answered. There was a gorgeous brunette at the door. She had long, thick dark brown hair and almost iridescent blue eyes. She was wearing a button-down shirt, tied into a midriff. She was wearing khaki shorts. Her abs were chiseled. I could see from her face that she was close to my age. I immediately felt comfortable in her presence. I noticed that she looked at me from head to toe. I got the sense that she was admiring my body also.

This is new to me, as this is the body I’ve wanted all my life. Only recently, I had the breakthroughs in my thinking that enabled me to shed the fat and to workout to the point that I had firm muscles, and was at the weight I’ve always dreamed of. But better than that, I was beginning to believe that this body was mine.

Her admiring looks pleased me. I felt a slight tingle throughout my body, which I immediately shook off. “Hi, I’m Angela, and I am here to give you your massage. Your husband told me that you have a massage table, so I didn’t bring mine.”

Just then, Jeffrey showed up. “Oh hi, you must be Angela. casino şirketleri I have everything ready for you by the pool. We have a pavilion that will give you the privacy you need. Ann will show you where it is.” I noticed Angela eying Jeffrey the way she eyed me. I didn’t think much about it.

As I led Angela to the back of our 2-acre property, she asked, “So how do you like your massage?”

“I like it deep.”

“Great, that is how I give it. Also, how comfortable are you with your body? I like to use minimal draping so that I can give a more meaningful massage.”

“How minimal?”

“However minimal you are comfortable with. I believe in full-body strokes, and too much draping gets in the way. I usually work with no more than a towel.”

“I’ll be wearing my panties?”

“If you wish, but then you won’t get the full benefit of my work.”

“That’s okay, I guess.” I think that if any other massage therapist would have said this, I would have been uncomfortable. But Angela exuded an energy that set my whole body tingling. We got to the pavilion. Jeffrey had set up the massage table. There were towels of various sizes on the end-table. I guess Jeffrey did not know what Angela would need. It was obvious, though, that she had informed him ahead of time that it would be towel draping.

Angela picked up a small bath towel and placed it on the massage table. “If you required covering, let us use this one, as it will give me enough room to work,” she said. “I am going to step out while you get undressed. We are going to start with you face down.”

For some reason, I was already getting wet at the thought of being almost totally naked for this massage. I got undressed and laid down on the table. I covered my buttocks with the towel. “Ready,” I called out.

She popped her iPod into the speaker system. It was the kind of music I liked: soft and new-age. Perfect for a massage. I could sense her presence at my side. I could feel warmth under her hands as she held them over me without touching me. She started at my feet, and worked her way slowly up my body to my head. She paused over my ass on each pass. I’ve had energy work in the past, and could tell she was a master. However, I never got the sensations in my pussy that I got each time she lingered over my ass.

When she started the massage at my feet, I gasped at the first touch. It was like a spark went through my whole body. She touched me first with a light touch starting at my feet, and working her way up my legs. The touch was heavenly. It was soft, but commanding. She lifted each leg and moved them casino firmaları to the edge of the table so that she could wrap her hand around my legs as she worked them.

She started with my left leg, and smoothly worked her from my ankle to my upper thigh. Her hands kept going past my buttocks, up my back, and to my head. It was electric. She then worked her way down and did the same with my other leg. She did this a few times. Each time, her hand got more of my inner thigh, and closer to my pussy, but without touching it. Each time, I got more aroused. I was in bliss. At some point, I noticed that the towel was no longer covering me, but I didn’t care. I just wanted those hands to somehow brush against my pussy. But then, I doubted that this would happen—after all, she was a professional massage therapist.

She then started with the oil. All strokes started at my feet, and went the full length of my body without stopping. Each pass got more oil on my body. She covered my entire legs, only stopping a millimeter short of my pussy. She got so close to it, that I could feel the warmth of her hands. She covered my ass with oil, and managed a few times to brush against the most sensitive areas of my ass. I gasped each time.

By now, I could feel my pussy heating up. For some reason, it didn’t seem strange to be so aroused from a woman touching me. I guess it was because of her skill.

Once she was done getting me oiled, she got down to the real massage. She worked my legs, my ass, and my back. It was heavenly. Then she went back to working my glutes. When she surreptitiously touched my pussy for the first time, I gasped. “Is that okay?” she asked.

“Mmm hmm,” I breathed out. I couldn’t believe she asked that, and I couldn’t believe that I said it was okay. But by now, I was on fire, and I couldn’t have stopped her. My pussy was in charge.

“Good. I thought you would enjoy my touch. Just relax, and give into my touch.” She then started working my ass with firm strokes. As she worked on my ass cheeks from my upper thigh, I could feel my pussy lips opening. I gasped or moaned with each stroke.

Then she started working my upper thigh with both hands wrapped around my leg. The fingers of the hand on the midline kept slipping along my slit. I could tell how wet I was. “You have a beautiful body. I am enjoying touching you. Now, time to roll over.”

I rolled onto my back. She didn’t bother to cover me. She worked my whole front the way she worked my back. First with soft strokes, and then strokes with more depth. I looked at her. Her hair was tied back. Somehow, she güvenilir casino had gotten out of her shorts. She was wearing only thong panties. She still had on her shirt.

She started working on my breasts. She used a very light touch all over my breast, and then the lightest of touch when she reached my nipples. The way she touched my nipples drove me crazy. It was as if she knew my body and how it would respond. She then started kneading my nipples, every once in a while giving them a firmer squeeze. Each time she did that, a bolt of lightening shot down to my pussy. Then she started to lick my nipples, flicking them with her tongue. She also would suck them into her mouth, and squeeze with her lips.

She then worked my abdomen. Each stroke got closer and closer to my pubic hairs. She then did full body strokes with the oil, brushing over my pubes, as she worked her way to my legs. She spread my legs at the same time, so that my pussy was fully exposed.

She then massaged my legs, working from ankle to thigh and beyond. Each time, she would pass my pussy and brush against it. Soon, she was sliding her inside hand along my entire slit, making sure to flick my clit each time. She then massaged my pussy, working the outer lips, and squeezing my clit. She pressed her body against my hand, putting her crotch by my fingers. I started to stroke her. I reached up, and untied her shirt, which fell open to reveal beautiful small breasts. She slipped her shirt off. I tugged at her panties. She slipped them off, and climbed on the table with her ass in my direction. She started to lick my pussy, while she put her pussy in my face.

I could smell her musk. I touched her—she was much wetter than I was. I could see her juices flowing from her slit. I licked her. She tasted so sweet. Her scent was intoxicating. Her tongue was doing its work on my pussy, but I was enjoying eating her so much that I was even noticing my building arousal. She was sweet, juicy and aromatic.

I brought her to climax. I had heard about how some women, when they cum, have a gush of juices. She was one of them. My face was suddenly covered with her juices. It was then that her ministrations on me took over. My climax built and built. I came loudly and explosively.

As I was lying there, panting, my head rolled to my right. Only then did I notice Jeffrey on the day bed in the pavilion. He was naked, and holding his stiff, leaking cock. Angela got up off of me, and I sat up.

“Did you enjoy your gift?” he asked me.

“Oh yes! I loved it! Thank you!” I got up, and went over to him. I first gave him a huge kiss, and then I took his leaking cock into my mouth. Then I asked him, “Would you like a massage also?” I wanted to return the gift. He nodded.

I said, “Angela, if you have time, please give him as good a massage as you gave me.”

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