My Husband Works A Lot

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My husband works a lot, not having much time for family or more to the point me. He is often too tired to have sex with me. This means a lot of the time I am left sexually frustrated and need release. I do not ever think of cheating on my husband, I love him far too much to take a lover. I masturbate instead of finding another man. Today I was doing just that very thing. Here is how the story goes…

I go into my bedroom to lie down. Standing in front of the full sized mirror, I undress checking my body out as I go. “Not to bad for a 40 year old woman” I think to myself. My breasts are still round and firm with large brown nipples, my stomach with just the slightest hint of roundness; lower my shaved mound, legs shapely still, “nope not bad at all.” Going to the bed I make sure I can see myself in the mirror. Spreading my legs to get a good glimpse of my pussy, I examine it with my eyes first. “MMM” thinking to myself too bad hubby isn’t home.

I began touching myself, slowly taking the time to feel each part of me. I slid one finger into my pussy, pulling it out and tasting it. Touching my breasts still my nipples were rock hard. I was so into it I was starting to imagine it was my husband gebze escort touching me like this. That is was his hand caressing my ass, his finger sliding deep into my cunt. I got so wet thinking this, my finger slid so easily in that I decided to try two fingers. I was so wrapped up in my self satisfaction that I didn’t notice my husband standing and watching me. I was close to cumming when I heard him tell me to stop.

Looking up, I saw him standing there, already naked and his cock so stiff. I had no idea how long he watched me but I knew it had turned him on. He walked over to the bed. I sat up on the edge. He got on his knees and pushed my legs apart. He darted his tongue straight into my wet hole and started fucking me with it. His hands were sliding up to my breasts and taking one in each hand, pinching each nipple sending shocks through my body. He stopped fucking me with his tongue and stood up, he told me to stand up too, then he turned me around where my back was to him and he bent me over. He slowly inched his cock into my pussy, sliding it slowly so that I wouldn’t cum too fast. He would pull his cock out of my so wet cunt göztepe escort and slowly slide it in again. He put both of his hands on my ass cheeks for support and plunged himself all the way in, hard. I screamed in pain and pleasure. He got his rhythm going and he started smacking my ass each time he drove his shaft deep in my pussy. With each plunge came a hard slap. My body reacted so violently almost bucking him off me in the need to get the release now.

He reached up and grabbed my hair pulling it so hard, when he did this I let go in one big explosion, my pussy grabbing his cock in violent contractions. I started screaming that I liked the way he fucked me. I realized he hadn’t cum yet. I wondered what he was going to do. He pulled his still rock hard dick from my dripping cunt, and pulled my ass cheeks apart with his hands. He positioned himself at my ass. He gently started edging into my tight hole and started pumping me there. I thought I had had a big climax before but nothing compared to what he was doing to me now. He put his hands under me and found my breasts. I lifted a bit so he had easier access to them. He tweaked halkalı escort and pinched them; they were still so sensitive from my orgasm that they responded immediately sending tingles all the way to my pussy and ass.

He leaned down and whispered in my ear that he loved how tight my ass was. He asked me if I liked it. I couldn’t say anything I was too lost to this new experience. He was pumping hard now slamming his cock in and out. I could tell he was close to loosing his load now. I was so close again too. I knew how to get to not hold back any longer. I started talking dirty to him. Telling him I was his whore, telling him how good his dick felt in my ass, telling him to fuck me harder and harder, to make it hurt. He lost control; he was fucking me so furiously I thought he would rip me into. I was starting to cum when I heard him say here bitch, here it cums and with that I felt my ass get wet with his hot cum. He kept cumming his dick throbbing as each spurt burst forth.

We collapsed down on the bed with his cock still locked in my ass. He was still breathing hard so I knew he was still enjoying the feeling of busting his nuts in my ass. He finally slid out of me. He stood up and helped me put my still trembling legs up on the bed. Lying down beside me, he cuddled me close. I could feel his breath on my hair. I asked him why he had come home early. He told me that he had left work early because he was horny and wanted to fuck me. He gave his boss some excuse about needing to check on things at home. Am I a lucky girl or what?

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