My husband and his roadie

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My husband and his roadieI came in from work one evening and discovered that my estranged husband and his roadie, Danny were back in town. My husband was a traveling musician and I was never quite sure when he might arrive back from a tour. When I walked through the front door, Danny was passed out on the floor in his boxer shorts with an empty Jack Daniels bottle lying beside him. My husband, Sam were sitting on the floor with a towel wrapped around his waist and appeared to be fresh out of the shower. As he sat rolling a joint, he looked up and smiled, saying “hey girl, nice to see you.”  I smiled back, surprised and glad to see him and said “Nice to see you too. When did you all get in?” “Oh, I think a couple hours ago” he replied “We’ve been here long enough for Danny to kill that bottle and pass out on me. Care to join me?” He asked, nodding down at the freshly rolled joint in his hand. “Let me get out of this uniform real quick” I answered, heading toward the bedroom as Danny snored softly.When I stepped into the other room, I left the door open figuring with Danny asleep, maybe watching me undress would entice Sam into taking care of my physical needs so to speak. Lord knows, I could stand it. I pulled my top off and reached around to unhook my bra. As it fell away, my boobs spilled out and I moved my hands up to them, rubbing them gently and teasing my hardening nipples with my fingertips. That bra was so restricting and it felt so good to be free of it. Pushing my uniform pants down to the floor, I stepped out of them and reached for my long sleeping tee shirt. Pulling it over my head, I decided that due to Danny being passed out, it would probably be safe to take my panties off and let everything breathe. As I slipped them off, I ran my hand down through my pubic hair and caressed my pussy for just a moment. God, I was horny, maybe with Sam home, I would get lucky tonight. Heading back into the living room and hearing that our friend still snoring, I sat down on the floor across from Sam, carefully crossing my legs and smiled. “Okay, let’s do this” I said. Lighting the joint, he took a long hit and passed it to me. I put it to my lips and sucked the rich smoke in, inhaling deeply. I could tell by the taste that it was some good stuff. As I blew out the smoke, I had another strong hit before passing it back to him. He took another toke and then set it in the ashtray. “So how have you been?” He asked as I leaned back and felt a strong buzz settling in. “Oh, I’m okay. Just a little tired from work. Seems like every room in the place needed cleaning today.” As I leaned back, my tee shirt rode up on my thighs and unintentionally I was flashing him. I looked at Sam’s face and realized his eyes were fixed on my crotch. Feeling a throbbing ache shoot through my clit, I decided to go for it. Spreading my legs slightly, I slyly exposed my wet slit.  Looking over, I could see something rising against the front of his towel and I knew I was in for it. Moving the ashtray out of the way, Sam motioned to me “Slide over here and I’ll rub your shoulders for you” Thinking I’d rather he rubbed something else, I replied “That would be great”. Turning around and I scooted over, moving my back in front of him. He put his hands on my shoulders and began to massage them gently. Working up and down with his hands, loosening the tension and making my tired muscles feel wonderful, he soon had me completely relaxed. As he slipped his hands down to the small of my back and ran them around my sides, he pulled me up against his chest and lowering his mouth to my ear, whispered “ How’s that?”     Sucking in my breath, I half moaned “ Ummm, that was wonderful.” I was stoned, relaxed and getting very turned on. Slipping his hands up my sides, he deftly cupped my tits and kissed me on the back of my neck. My nipples became rock hard as he ran his thumbs across them. I could feel his hard cock throbbing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri against my back. “Look “ Sam whispered “ Danny’s putting on a little show for you.” As I glanced toward our sleeping guest, I realized that the fly of his boxers were gapped open. I could clearly see his cock and ball sack through the opening and it sent shockwaves through my clit. As he continued to snore, I felt Sam’s hand moving down my belly until it reached the hem of my nightshirt. Pulling it up slightly, exposing my pussy, he ran a fingertip down my slit and said” That turns you on, seeing his cock , doesn’t it?” Dipping his finger into my slick cunt and dragging it up across my clit, he whispered “Oh yeah baby, that pussy is nice and wet.” Moving my hand around and up under Sam’s towel, I wrapped my fingers around his thick, hard dick and began to pump my hand up and down the shaft. “Um hum, I guess I’m not the only one turned on” I whispered as I gave his cock a squeeze and felt it throb in response.       Sam moved his hands down to my thighs and pushed them apart. Running two fingers up my slit, he spread my pussy open and slipped them inside. As he finger-fucked me, I laid my head back on his shoulder and moved my ass up and down, meeting each stroke. As I moaned softly, he whispered again “It really turns you on seeing his cock, doesn’t it? Why don’t you crawl over there and get a closer look? I don’t mind.” Pushing up on my shoulders, he egged me on so I raised up on my knees and looked closer. I felt Sam running his hand over my ass as I whispered “What if he wakes up?” Sam replied “He won’t, he’s out cold. That Jack has knocked him right out. I bet you could touch him and it wouldn’t make any difference.”   I felt Sam’s hand slide underneath me and as he gently massaged my hard little button with his fingertips, he whispered “Put your hand in his shorts and touch his cock. You know you want to.” Looking around at Sam to be certain he were serious, I saw him smile and nod at me. Listening closely to Danny’s breathing for any change, I reached out and slipped my hand into his fly, As I wrapped my hand around his dick, I noticed his snoring stayed steady. As I squeezed his cock excitedly, I felt it start to swell in my hand. I looked over my shoulder and whispered “He’s getting hard!” Sam quickly answered “Yeah, but he is not waking up at all. Pull it out!” Spreading Danny’s shorts open and pushing the material down, I pulled his semi-hard cock free and lifted his balls out as well. As Sam ran his fingers in and out of my now soaked pussy, I stared at Danny’s dick, watching it grow harder as I moved my hand up and down. Looking back at Sam for reassurance, I glanced down and saw that his cock was also rock hard and oozing precum that ran slowly down the shaft. I realized this was turning him on as much as it was me. Danny’s snoring continued as Sam whispered “Stick it in your mouth. Suck his dick baby. Let me see you suck it!”       Moving up on my knees and leaning forward, I took Danny’s cock in my mouth and began to slowly suck it. I was turned on so much that I felt like my pussy was about to explode. As I licked and sucked the head of his cock hungrily, I felt Sam’s hands on my ass as he spread me open from behind and smeared my juices across my aching clit. Pulling Danny’s cock out of my mouth, I pumped my hand up and down his shaft that was now slick with my saliva. Moving around beside me, I felt Sam’s hand pinching my nipples as he turned my head slightly and slipped his cock into my mouth. “Oh yeah, suck my dick too baby” he moaned.”You can suck both of our dicks.” Danny continued to snore, completely oblivious to what was taking place. Moving away from my tits, Sam slid his hand down my stomach and once again diddled my clit. Pulling his cock out of my mouth, Sam turned my face back toward Danny’s fat, hard dick and I wrapped my lips around it once güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri again, sucking feverishly.”Yeah, baby, suck that cock.” Sam coaxed me “I’m gonna fuck you real good while you have that dick in your mouth.” As Sam moved in behind me, I felt his hard cock sliding up and down between my asscheeks. Pulling Danny’s cock out of my mouth, I looked at Sam over my shoulder and whispered “Fuck me baby, I want to feel your hard cock up inside my pussy!” Sam reached down and gripping his erection, he began swirling the head at the mouth of my wet cunt, opening me up further and making my pussy ache with desire. Suddenly I felt him shove his cock into my wet pussy as he began slowly fucking me. The taste of Danny’s dick in my mouth and the sensation of Sam’s hard cock sliding up into my pussy was amazing. As I bucked my ass back against Sam with each stroke, I sucked our friend’s cock hungrily. I could feel my orgasm building inside of me as I gave myself over to the amazing sensation of having two hard cocks when I hadn’t had any for so long. Suddenly, as I pulled Danny’s cock out of my mouth, I started to cum.      Sam could tell I was having an orgasm and he slammed his fat dick in and out of my pussy, sending incredible waves of pleasure through me with each stroke. My head was spinning as I held Danny’s thick erection against my cheek and rode out my climax. As my orgasm subsided, I felt Sam’s cock swelling even more inside of me and I knew he was about to cum as well. Raising my head back up, I slipped my lips down around Danny’s cock once more, taking him all the way into the back of my mouth. As I sucked him harder, suddenly I felt a spurt of hot cum hit the top of my throat and realized what was happening. Even though he was passed out, he was cumming. Swallowing the first bit, I quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth, stroking the hard shaft. Staring at it as Sam fucked me furiously, I watched stream after stream of thick, white spunk spurt up out of Danny’s cock. A seemingly endless river of his semen ran down across my hand as I continued to jack him off. Watching his dick spewing was too much for me and I shoved back against Sam, taking his rock hard cock all the way up inside of me as I started to cum a second time. The inner walls of my pussy began to spasm as my lower body exploded with an amazing climax. Milking Danny’s erection, I threw my head back and moaned as my mind fell into a fog of ecstasy. My pussy was on fire and my juices began to run down my thighs. I felt Sam’s cock stiffen inside of me as he began to cum as well, coating the walls of my cunt with his thick, warm sperm. He slammed his dick all the way into me, flooding my pussy as he grunted loudly. When he finally pulled out of me, I rolled over on my side, staring at Danny’s cock, which was slowly softening. Sam laid down behind me, spooning up against me as he casually caressed my nipples. Catching my breath, I whispered over my shoulder “Wow, that was just what the doctor ordered. I can’t believe he didn’t even wake up.” Sam moved his hand down my stomach and gently teased my swollen labia. I could feel myself instantly becoming turned on again as I lifted my leg up onto his, giving him full access as he worked his fingers in and out of my cum soaked pussy. I could feel his dick getting hard once more, nestled between my asscheeks as I ground back against his erection while he finger fucked me into a lather. Danny continued to snore and staring at his exposed cock and balls, I couldn’t resist the urge to reach out and wrap my fingers around thick shaft. As I stroked his cock, it began to swell in my hand once more and in just a few moments, he was fully erect again. Leaning forward on my elbow, I pumped my hand up and down his dick as Sam worked his magic on my pussy, running his fingers into me and smearing the cum that was oozing out across my clit. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Danny’s cock was longer and quite a bit thicker than my hubby’s and as I held it, I began wondering what it would feel like inside of me. Sam must have been reading my mind as he whispered “Why don’t you climb up there and straddle him baby. I bet you’d love to fuck that big dick.” I was tempted but I told Sam “No, I can’t do that, he would wake up for sure.” He egged me on “No he won’t, he’s out cold. Go ahead, you know you want it. Just move up there and ease on down onto him. I’ll help you.”At that point I was so turned on that I couldn’t resist. Moving up with Sam’s help, I lifted my leg to straddle Danny. Reaching down, I gripped his cock and guided it inside my outer labia. Sam knelt beside me, steadying me as I began to lower myself onto Danny’s dick. His cock slid into me easily because my pussy was slick from Sam’s cum but I could feel my insides stretching to accommodate his size and it felt amazing. I moved downward, taking a couple of inches in before raising back up, repeating the motion until I had him fully inside me. I leaned forward, resting my hands on either side of him and began riding up and down, fucking myself on his big dick. Sam slipped one hand down to my ass, squeezing my bottom as he put his other between my legs and gently massaged my clit. Danny’s thick cock filled me completely and forcing myself down on it was like nothing I had ever felt. I could feel my orgasm building through my entire bottom as I increased my movement, fucking myself harder and harder. Sam whispered in my ear, encouraging me “Yeah baby, fuck that big dick. Oh yeah baby, let it go, cum all over that cock.” I couldn’t hold back any longer as I started to climax, letting myself cum stronger than I had ever. My orgasm shot through me like a flood of electricity. My mind was in a fog of immense pleasure as I could hear a loud moaning in the distance crying out “Oh god!” before realizing it was my own voice. Bucking down on Danny’s dick, I kept cumming until finally my orgasm began to wane. Sam had moved his hand up from my crotch and was working on my nipples as he stroked his hardon. Gradually I became more alert, realizing that I could feel another set of hands on my hips. Looking down at Danny, I could see his eyes were half open and he was awake now as he began pumping his cock up into me. Sam must have realized it too as he encouraged him “Yeah man fuck her!” Too far gone to say anything, I leaned over Danny’s chest as he slipped his hands around to my ass and pushed downward on it while shoving his cock in and out of my pussy. Squeezing the fleshy globes of my ass, he slammed his dick into me. I was so turned on knowing he was awake and actually fucking me that I began coaxing him myself “Ooh yeah baby, give it to me. Fuck me baby!” He looked up at me, kind of surprised as I continued, not being able to help myself. “That pussy feels good to you, doesn’t baby. Uh huh, baby give me that big dick!” Raising slightly and lifting my tits, I shoved one of my nipples in his mouth and he began sucking it. Glancing back over at Sam, I could see he was fully erect and stroking his hard cock as he watched me fucking Danny. We smiled at each other before I closed my eyes and bore down harder. Suddenly Danny let out a loud grunt and grabbed my ass tightly as he started to cum, flooding my pussy with his thick, warm semen. “Oh yeah baby” I cried out “Give it to me. Give me all that sweet cum.” He kept pumping in and out of me , shooting stream after stream of his young seed deep inside of me. Sam moved up beside me on his knees, grabbing my hair and turning my head to face him. He slipped the head of his cock into my mouth and started to cum as well, filling my mouth faster than I could swallow. His cum seeped out around his shaft between my lips and dripped down onto my tits. I was oozing cum from both ends as I slipped up off of Danny’s softening cock. Sam pulled me close to him, wrapping his arms around me and whispering “Damn baby, that was some serious fucking.” Danny just laid there grinning until he dozed off again. I had a feeling, and a good one, that this wouldn’t be our last threesome and it wasn’t.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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