My Hot Little Neighbor Angie, Part 3 of 3

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Joy and I had a great marriage, or so I thought. Then, I overheard my wife of ten years, telling Angie, a neighbor and close confidant to my wife, that I had performance issues in the bedroom. I was both hurt and astonished at the revelation.I did a little self-evaluating and several days later, just when I was about to confront my wife, I was approached by Angie as I was out moving the lawn sprinkler around. I had a secret crush on Angie, as she was “Playboy bunny” beautiful, and super outgoing.Angie said she had something personal to ask me. She got in close to where I was standing, and cocking her head to the side, she whispered,“Joy told me y’all are having issues in the bedroom and I know it’s not any of my business, but are things okay between you two?” I was a bit embarrassed by the question. I quickly reassured her that everything was fine between Joy and I. Angie stepped even closer, placing her hand on my arm.“Joy told me you guys were ankara escort having issues,” Angie remarked. She assured me that she understood that this was a very personal matter.“Look,” Angie added, “I know the two of you and I know you’ll work things out, but if you want to chat about it, or whatever, I’m just here to help.”It was her “whatever” that piqued my sense of curiosity. The wink she proffered practically melted me.“So, what should I do?” I asked. “I mean, I know I’m not a stud, but this kind of hurts my man-pride.”Angie smiled.“Well,” she replied, still holding on to my forearm, “if you want to come over for a bit, we can talk about it in a more private place rather than out here where everyone can see us.”Angie and I became better acquainted with each other that day, and our friendship blossomed in the most unexpected of ways, and when I say that we became great friends, I mean that we developed a mutual liking for one another, ankara escort bayan both platonically and romantically.As I stood in the hallway of my own house, just outside the master bedroom in the house, I replayed that day in my head as I watched Angie giving Joy a massage. Joy was lying flat on her stomach, dressed casually in her pink panties and nothing else while Angie was dressed in her trademark shorts and sports bra, with her hair tied back in a ponytail.Angie sat on the back of my Joy’s outstretched legs, massaging Joy’s back.“Have you and Ed managed to work out your issues?” Angie pressed.“Not really,” Joy replied. “I think we are stuck in neutral.“I wish Ed would touch me the way you do,” Joy confided. “He is so rushed sometimes.”I was taking mental notes.Joy hummed her approvals of Angie’s very provocative handwork, as she worked her way to Joy’s cute little bubble butt. As Angie reached Joy’s ass, she looped escort ankara a finger under the elastic waistband of Joy’s underwear.“These have to go,” Angie declared. To my surprise, Joy did not have any issues allowing Angie to strip off her underwear.Angie casually spread Joy’s legs apart, placing a knee up against my wife’s buttocks as she proceeded to work on her back and buttocks. Joy took in a deep breath and exhaled. Rut-row, I knew that sign and that prolonged ‘hummmm’ very well.“Are you okay?” Angie asked.“Yes,” Joy answered.“Are you sure?” Angie pressed.Joy stayed silent for a moment and then replied.“I think I might be getting a little turned on,” Joy replied.“That’s normal,” Angie replied. “The massage is stimulating your adrenal glands. Just relax and enjoy it.”“I’m trying,” Joy replied, “But it’s just that you’re so damn good and very erotic.”I watched as Angie slipped her fingers closer to Joy’s love box. Joy simply buried her head into the folds of her arms.Joy’s breathing became more pronounced, the closer Angie got in her massage to Joy’s vagina. Angie slipped a lone finger along the outer edges of Joy’s vagina. Joy hummed her approval and softly replied, “I love your touches.”

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