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My hot Bengali wife and her older sisters freshy hI am married to a 29 year old beautiful and sexy petite british born Bengali woman. Her older sisters husband is fresh from Bangladesh and is 47. He is dark and ugly and is quite aggressive! I have seen him stare at my wife on more then one occasion and at first it used to piss me off! I mean my wife is hot, young and educated and out of his league! He is a ugly old freshy! I saw him perving on her and then brush past her as he walked past her. She noticed and looked back at him and he just smiled and walked away. The way Shabana (my wife) looked at him troubled me as it was not the look of her pissed off but more of a “oh what was that”. We got home that night and it kept going over in my head. I asked if she noticed him look at her and she said no but was annoyed that I asked her as she knows I want to see her with other men but it was her older sisters husband. Last week we invited them round for dinner and my wife was pulling out all the stops! She made a slap up meal and was dressing up for the occasion. She done her make up n her long dark brown hair and was wearing a tight silky salwar kameez! She looked sexy! As soon as they arrived I was watching her dula Bhai to see if he looks and he didn’t disappoint! His eyes grew big when he first saw her and he licked his lips! This again annoyed me but really aroused me for some reason! I kept watching throughout dinner as he perved quite obviously at times too! He got up to go to the bathroom and I noticed that he had a slight bulge in his trousers! As he walked out of the room my wife was coming in so he brushed his crutch area against the side of bahis siteleri her thighs! She felt his semi erect cock! I know she did because she looked at him with a look of “wow” on her face! She looked down at his crutch and looked back at his face! This time he didn’t smile! He bit his lip aggressively and walked out of the room! I was so horny by now I just wanted them to go at it right there! Shabana left the room saying she needed to get something. I knew she wanted to see more! I pretended I had a phone call and left the room too. I walked into the hallway and could see her standing in our bedroom Infront of the mirror with the door open. The bathroom is next to our room so as her dula Bhai walked out he saw her standing there with her back to him! He stood and had a good long look at her arse curving out in her tight clothes. He rubbed his cock over his trousers and started getting hard! I could see his bulge sticking out and it was huge! He walked up to her n stood right up against her from behind poking her arse with his throbbing old freshy cock! She looked back and said dula Bhai what do you have in your pocket? He smiled and said in Bengali “nothing in my pocket shabana” as he rubbed against her cautiously! She turned around and pointed down at his huge bulge and said what that then sticking out? He looked right in her eyes and said “that’s a present for you shabana, dula Bhai bought you a gift! As he finished his sentence he took her hand and placed it on his cock! She gasped! “What are you doing? Your my sisters husband she said! He replied “I want my shali to have my gift”! Hand forced her hand once more! She tried to move it away canlı bahis but he held firm and rubbed her hand up and down over his trousers! She said this is wrong stop it dula Bhai! He grunted and using his other hand he grabbed her right breast! Hard! She looked at him and said “no dula Bhai” but he kept squeezing her boob roughly! He then let her hand go and grabbed her arse! “I have waited 8 years for this” he said in Bengali! Surprisingly she didn’t move her hand away when he let go and grabbed at his trousers! Aggressivly dula Bhai pulled my wife closer to him and started licking her face! I was soo turned on I pulled my cock out and started wanking! Shabana my sexy young wife being rubbed all over her sexy body by her dark ugly freshy dula Bhai made me soo hard! He licked round her lips before she opened her mouth and he shoved his nasty tongue in as they kissed! It was a mixture of passion and aggression! He slipped his hands down the back of her salwar as she unfastened the waist strap! That first feel of her sexy smooth skin made his cock throb violently! He pulled down her salwar and rubbed and squeezed her sexy arse! She said we can’t do this dula Bhai but was still rubbing his cock over his trousers! He said “askay detam toreh!” Meaning I’m going to give it to you today! He yanked down her thong and visciously rubbed her clit and pussy! She tried to stop him but he overpowered her! He then commanded her to get on her knees! She said no but he pushed her down! He then pulled his trousers down and unveiled a huge thick and long dark cock! It was massive! At least 8inches and had an enormous pink helmet! My wife looked repulsed at the güvenilir bahis sight of it and said “eerrrwwe”. He said “Shabana Thor dula bhair bogga khah!!!” She looked up at him as she slowly slipped his thick cock in her mouth! She heaved at the taste but dula Bhai grabbed a hand full of hair and forced his freshy cock back into her mouth! He groaned and grunted as my wife, his wife’s younger sister slobbered and gagged all over his dark meaty cock! He then instructed her to lick his pink helmet before standing her up! He pushed her back onto the bed and lay on top of her! He then grabbed the biotin of his shaft and rammed it into my wife’s tiny pussy! She shrieked and he let out a groan! I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing! He put all his body weight on her! He told her to wrap her legs round his waist and her hands round his neck! She said “no stop please! We can’t do this! Your my dula Bhai!” He replied “maggir maggi”! She did as she was told! He then proceeded to brutally and visciously pound his wife’s little sister who was almost 20 years younger them him! My wife was at first wincing but could not control it and started screaming in agony as her dula Bhai’s huge thick nasty freshy cock slammed in and put her pussy at a rapid rate! You could hear their skin slap against each other! He kept saying “Shabana, dula Bhair maggi!” Whilst groaning! My wife was screaming and moaning “ah dula Bhai!!! Ah ah ah ahh!!! He kept pounding until he clenched up and roared as he fired his thick old freshy spunk into my wife’s tight pussy!!! He put in a few more brutal thrusts before he rolled over out of breath! My wife was trembling! Partly out of pain and fear and partly because she had an amazing round of sex!!! He casually pulled his trousers up and walked out of the room! I went into my bedroom and comforted her, all the while wanting him to come back and do it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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