My handsome black Boss at home

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My handsome black Boss at homeMy black Boss was eager to get a little taste of my ass…Luckily for him, my loving husband was going to be out on Friday night and so I let him know this, hoping that it might spur him to action. That night I came back home from my office with my wet pussy tingling. I had a quick shower, enjoying the sensation of my soapy hands on my tits and imagining those black hands on my body.As I dried myself, I received a text. It was my boss, asking if I was in.Thirty minutes later the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and opened it, wearing nothing but my waist length, black see through negligee. There was standing my handsome black Boss. He was older than me; but still going strong. I let him come in, saying my husband was not at home I we had about four hours to spend without any interruption. I walked towards the bedroom and he followed me; his eyes ravenously eating up my curves which the negligee did nothing to disguise at all. He moved close to me and pushed me back until I fell backwards onto the bed. He pushed up the hem of the negligee, revealing my nice trimmed cunt and pushed his face into it. His rough tongue sent a wave of sexual energy through me and I instinctively spread my legs. My Boss tongued my wet hole and now and again sucked and teased my clit. His hands came into play and, parting my sweet lips, he shoved deeply three fingers in my wet cunt. I was desperate to have him finger fucking me. I moaned. I couldn’t help it as I leaked some cum onto his hand and down into the crack of my ass. As I came so hard, he pushed his bahis şirketleri face back in and enjoyed licking the taste of my cunt juices.He quickly got undressed, revealing he had a bigger cock than I had expected. He was around nine inches in length and very, very thick. He pulled at my negligee, suggesting I should take it off.When I was naked, my curves all fully revealed, he got on top of me on all fours, making a sixty nine style. He resumed eating me out, alternating between my now warmed up pussy and my peachy ass which was now wet with cum. His nine inch long dick hovered over my mouth and I eagerly began sucking it. He instinctively began to fuck my mouth, above me.I could feel it hit my throat. I soon began to dribble spit out of my mouth and his cock was covered in it. I felt him munching my ass and I was in heaven. I wanted him to eat and fuck everything. I took the cock out of my mouth though and, in a move that surprised him, a sat up a little and began to lick his ass. First I gave him some big licks up the crack, as he had done to me in his own office some days ago…Then, I tongued his very tight hole. He was still eating me out but he moaned and I knew I could make him cum. I tongued his asshole with strong tugs and was rewarded when an orgasm burst out of him and he covered my tits with his warm cum. He got off me and I playfully lifted up my big boobs, licking cum off my tits and swallowing it. He pushed me back and kissed me, exchanging cum between our lips and mouths.He had gone slightly limp and so I sucked him hard again and then, turning bahis firmaları me over, he began to fuck me from behind. I put a pillow under my belly, so I was in a perfect face down and ass up position. He prepared me by parting my ass cheeks and spitting. A few licks and he stuck his dick deep in my cunt. I was now being fucked by my Boss for the first time and completely bareback. Suddenly, his hand grabbed my hair and he sharply tugged my head back which hurt my neck a little. Then he smiled to me and ordered to fuck him back like the little slut bitch I was…He pulled my head back hard again by the hair and gave my buttocks a couple of hard smacks which must have left a hand print behind. His huge rod was ramming me hard, his big ball sack smacking against me. He slapped my round bum again several times and kept pulling my hair. I pushed my hips un a wild way back on his cock. I was soaking wet.So there I was being pumped hard from behind, my black Boss having a handful of my curly hair in his hand. I was now on all fours because he was pulling me back. My full tits swung in time as he fucked me. All of a sudden, he stopped and pulled out. He parted my ass cheeks and spat again. He smiled and said that he wanted my asshole now…I tried to resist, feeling his huge dick was going to hurt me; but my Boss grabbed my waist and kept me in all fours, commanding me to be quiet….Then I felt the head of his cock, wet with my cunt juices, probe my asshole. He worked it in slowly at first and then began to pick up speed. He grabbed again a handful of hair. He asked me what kaçak bahis siteleri was to be his ass slut…His fucking was punctuated with insults and smacks of my ass cheeks, which were now red all over. His hard cock went deep into my poor anus and I could feel it squeezing the cock, taking pleasure from it. He managed about five minutes of this before he came up my anus. He pulled my head right back by the hair as he finally had a wild orgasm…He pulled out slowly and I lay on my back. He pushed my legs forward and looked down, watching cum dribbling out of her slutty secretary’s ass.He shoved his fingers in and then put them in my mouth. I swallowed down the creamy treat and he did it again, spooning his cum to my red lips from my ass which he had just fucked. My demanding Boss wanted me to clean his dick off and then I sucked him some more. He enjoyed holding my head by the hair and sticking his dick deep in, letting me give him a long, slow blowjob. Time flew by and soon I noticed that four hours had gone so quickly.I told him that he needed to go; Victor was coming back home anytime…My Boss got dressed quickly and left. I went into the bathroom and cleaned off cum from my pussy, ass and thighs. I washed my face. I opened the bedroom window, hoping that heavy smell of sex would disappear. I saw my ass cheeks on the wall mirror, with red marks all over.Later when Victor went to bed, I saw in horror that I had forgotten changing the sheets. There were some sticky semen spots from my black Boss, where he had fucked me so wildly.Luckily for me, my loving husband just gave me a goodnight kiss and turned around. Five minutes later he started snoring…I looked at him and then spread my legs wide. I shoved my fingers deep in my still hungry cunt and soon I added more sticky stains to those bed sheets…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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