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My girlfriends momIntroduction: How I got into my girlfriends moms’ pantiesI gotta be the luckiest guy in the world, Not only did i meet and eventually convince the hottest thing around to date me, but when I met her mother, I got the icing on the cake!” J’s” Mom “M”. was just as hot as her, but in an older , more sultry version.I mean sultry because she readily seemed to engage in conversation that is very very racy at the drop of a hat. Like when she asked her daughter J. why she’d date a guy that was 6″ shorter than her; J. responded that she, was tired of having been dating guys with ,”the Irish curse” so she heard from a mutual friend that I was hung like a horse and decided to give it a try. “It’s true Mom, he’s got a cock the size of a horse!.” M. shot back, “lucky you, lately I wish I had a guy to keep me happy too.”Turns out M.’s Husband has a condition that rendered him unable to satisfy her as well as bed ridden. I guess she spent her nights with her buzzing friend.Well, we hit it off really well, I took on a lot of the house repair duties for her, both scoring points with J and at the same time, becoming closer to M. Things changed in the spring when J asked if I could open the pool for her mom, that she didnt know how to do the chemicals and filter. I reluctantly agreed and made my way over to M.’s house the next afternoon while J was getting her nails done. I suprised M. when i rang the bell as she was already in the pool trying to do the filter flush by herself. she came to the door, still in her wet bathing suit,” Oh Hi Joe, I didnt know you were coming yet, but thanks, I’ll meet you around back by the pool. She looked great, in a tight two peice, which seemed too small on her, as she explained she wore because it was an older suit she wore for “pool work” since it didnt fit a well as it used to. well, it fit better than anything i’ve seen her in before as it seemed to squeeze her ass, her tits and made her pussy “camel toe” so there was almost nothing left to the imagination. I told her she was just fine and tempobet giriş I was just gonna try to fix it and run anyway. I tried to sound all business, but as i followed her down the hallway to the back of the house i couldnt help but notice the huge bulging cameltoe she had in the gap between her legs from behind.we got to the back and she sat on the pool edge and slipped in the water ,wading to the filter. I couldnt get to it from where I was and told her I’d have to come in the pool, one problem, I didnt have a suit. She offered one of her husbands but we both knew that wouldnt fit, so after an awkward silence, I “matter of factly” said, “do you care if I go in my shorts?”She said she didnt care at all, go ahead. I went inside for a second and as I stripped in the bathroom, I realised that i’d become semi hard from the sight of her which became much more apparent when my jeans came off. In boxer-briefs kinda looked like a suit anyway- problem was, I was “showing” a little more than i wanted to, but i figured I’d get right in the water. I went back out where she was near the side of the pool and as I walked over, her eyes seemed to widen an locked on my crotch, this only made me swell more, so i got right in the pool.We went over to the skimmer and i showed her how to clean it out, making her do it. Feeling a little risque’ since she seemed ok with this whole thing so far, I (under the semi-concealment of the water) had developed a raging hardon, the head of my cock now sticking out the top of my waistband. I used the opportunity to rub up against her legs and ass a couple of times, which she seemed to try to ignore, but i could see she became more and more nervous, her eyes darting around and her voice slightly shaking.I decided to go for it and under the guys of guiding her hand to the skimmer tray to replace it, i leaned full into her from behind, my rock hard cock pressing between her bikini clad ass cheeks with my other hand on her hip for only 3 or 4 seconds, but what must have seemed like 5 tempobet yeni giriş my suprise, she didnt resist, as a matter of fact i felt her respond by a slight push backward increasing the pressure between us. this felt like we were locked in an unconcious sex act for a momentary eternity.Both of us seem a bit uncomfortable, nothing said, we headed for the ladder to get out and go inside to dry off. M. climbed out in front of me, and i noticed her pussy seemed even more swollen,straining against the fabric of her bikini. As I climbed out, I saw her glance back; to my embarassment, my cock was throbbing, sticking out with my shorts sticking to me like static cling, she could see everything. It looked like I had a big hanging pole in my pants. We got inside and she got me a towel as if nothing was happening.As she walked back toward me with the towel, we were both looking down at my bulging cock and I looked up at her and said, ” whats the difference, its not like you cant see anything through these flimsy shorts anyway!” As she was right in front of me handing me the towel, I pulled off my shorts, stepping out of them, stood up to take the towel from her and saw her staring wide eyed at my cock, seemingly frozen in her place.According to M. She had never seen one like this before, her husbandswas 8 inches and thick. She was sure this one was much much bigger she thought. It was hanging straight out, slowly bobbing from its own weight, she was floored!I went for it, with one hand I took the towel from her, I took a step toward her pulling her from the waist to me and let my cock slide between her legs as I felt the head brush by her pussy, coming to rest right past her hot, tight asshole. She gasped, squeezed her thighs a little as she reached behind her with her hand to hold the head of my cock in her palm, I heard her whisper,”oh- my -fucking- god- ” sizing up its length.We stayed like this for a moment, savoring the newness of our excitement,as she used her palm and fingers to spread the pre cum tempobet güvenilirmi all over the straining cock head. I separated us so she could get a good look at my cock by holding it in my hand and squeezing the base making the head swell even more, turning dark red. Even I was impressed how big it enlarged in all the excitement.Her eyes glazed over, reaching out with her hand, she cupped my balls and with the other hand began stroking the foreskin over my cock, then she dropped to her knees and stretched her mouth over the swollen head, proceeding to give me a killer blowjob. Just then all of the “nice” illusions I had about her dissappeared She sucked my cock like a starving woman, twisting, turning, licking and finally in an attempt to take more of it, she started jamming her head down on my shaft. I could feel the head of my cock slamming against her throat as she didnt seem to mind as she gagged and groaned.I was amazed.Not so fast though! I interrupted her, sat her back on a chair, grabbing a hand full of bikini clad pussy, I rubbed her clit through the material, a little while, then pulling down the panty of her bikini I saw the biggest swollen clit and lips I had ever seen , gaping right in front of me. I started sucking her snatch as she moaned out load. This only went on for about a minute as neither of us could wait. She pushed my head away and said,”fuck me with that huge fat cock!” Fuck me now!”I kneeled between her legs and slid my cock in her, feeling her pussy walls stretch as I went in. I didnt think she would be this tight.,when I felt my cock hit the bottom of her pussy only halfway in! I didnt care, I began to pound her anyway, slamming my cock in her, I felt her digging her nails into my arms, trying to push me away. I backed off a little and stroked in her at a steady pace and in about a minute, she was cumming like a crazy woman! I waited till she was almost done cumming and began deepstroking her as she accepted the enire length of my cock, it swelled with cum and I pulled out, shooting a huge load, the first two hitting her face, then tits and the rest on her pussy. playing with the head of my cock on her clit until she begged me to stop.I shoved the whole length of my cock back in her to the hilt and held her there till we felt me swelling and filling her again…

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