My Girlfriend’s Little Sister Pt. 02

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A few weeks ago, I and Carol sort of had a phone sex situation with June (that’s in part 1). 
A night I will never forget, ever since then my dreams of fucking her have grown.

Ever since then, she’s been teasing and insinuating things. She keep walking around in her tight yoga pants, knowing I watch her by the pool, Sometimes, I can see her tiny pair of tight fit panties or thong through the material, and at other times, there was no sign of panties at all.

She’s almost always wearing provocative clothing that shows off her perfect, firm tits, fantastic legs, and her very hot ass. She often “accidentally” flash me an up-skirt or down-blouse view of her treasures.

At night she usually wears a big sweater and panties as she brushes her teeth, getting ready for bed.

The material of the panties is always thin, lacy or see trough, and I can often see the outline of her big pussy lips through the small material.

Loads of times she wants my opinion on which top or bra to wear. 

One evening, her white shirt with a deep V-neck already showed a decent amount of cleavage and I could easily see the middle of her see-through bra poking out. Her tight red mini skirt with button flied partway down the front barely covered the bottom of her butt standing up, tight white lace thong and long slender pale legs.

She shifted her weight from one side to the other, tilted her head, smile, and then try another angle, then I saw the phone, she was taking selfies.

I could see her nipples pushing out through the fabric, and the round upper curves of her breasts exposed through the deep v-neck. The hem of her little mini skirt swayed and undulate teasingly as it flared up and away from the smooth, creamy curves of her bare upper thighs.

After about 5 minutes of posing in different positions, June was done. She turned to me, smiled, and asked if I enjoyed the show.

“Hey, can I show you something?”

“Sure,” I said and tried to conceal my hard-on.

June came up to me with her iPad, sat down next to me, handed me the iPad, and pressed play.

The video was at a wet t-shirt event and all the ladies were all pretty impressive as each of them strutted onstage in a tiny white t-shirt provided by the bar. They were each doused with pitchers of ice-cold water and danced to the music. All of a sudden, Junes strutted out on stage, wearing her skirt and a t-shirt that she had trimmed down to expose her midriff and part of her breasts.

June danced around, her sweet tit’s bounced up and down, and she received a very good reaction from the crowd. She really knew how to move and started to get into it, shaking her breasts for everyone. She beamed as the guys cheered even louder.

She swirled around, wiggling her hips and shaking her bust. While it was clear she was an amateur she seemed to be enjoying herself.

She approached with the plastic pool in the middle of the bar, stepped into it, danced some more and then someone poured a couple of buckets of cold water all over her. She got instantly soaking wet, the crowd went wild, from her stockings, the sexy garter belt, her shear panties panties her top and hair by the cool water.

She squealed as the cool water soaked her. The panels covering her midriff did absolutely nothing to hide her amazing breasts. One final bucked was slowly poured over her cleavage and her already soaked top, her aroused nipples made themselves very visible through the thin t-shirt, she was obviously not wearing a bra, who does that to a wet t-shirt competition anyway?

She smiled and shimmied, even rubbed her hands over her breasts then leaned forward to showcase her breasts bulging from the soaked t-shirt for the audience of one to enjoy.

Then all of a sudden, the video ended.

“Wow, that was, that was hot,” was all I could say and not give away what I really wanted to do.

“Did you like it, Steve?”

“Yes, I did, when was this?”

“Wait, we’re not done yet.”

She once again presses play and there she comes on stage again.

She was wearing a thin white silk blouse meant to be worn with a camisole and a black pencil skirt that Carol, my girlfriend wore for evening business meetings. Black seamed stay-up stockings completed the outfit.

June returned and pirouetted on the stage displaying her outfit. She had added hot red lipstick and additional makeup giving her a sultry but sophisticated look. She sipped on her drink but managed to spill some on her blouse.

“Opps, I guess I’ll have to wash that off.” She said loudly as she walked toward the plastic pool.

She looked so beautiful as she smiled at the camera and once again reach for a water bucket filled with the cold water. She slowly turned the bucket over her head and within seconds her thin blouse drip was soaked and hugged her shapely figure as was her, sorry Carol’s skintight skirt.

Her white silky blouse similarly clung to her body leaving nothing to the imagination as the blouse was virtually transparent even in adana seks hikayeleri the dim light. Her engorged nipples and puffy areolas were on full display as she posed in the plastic pool, the crow, mostly young men and some middle aged went nuts.

“I hope you’re all enjoying this.” She screamed, and wiggled her amazing breasts at the crowd.

I was desperate to grab my rock-hard cock, stretched down my pant leg but she was right next to me.

As she danced, someone shouted, “Lose that skirt.” June pretended to be shocked and surprised and said out-loud.

“But I only have a tiny see-through thong on…”

She giggled as she grabbed the hem of her skirt and slowly pulled up her soaked skirt down her fit and wet legs.

There was a hundred men, boys that went nuts when they saw her tight thong and her amazing protruding pussy lips.

As the crowd clapped and laughed, the cameraman zoomed in on her nice camel-toed pussy.

“And the top” a voice was heard.

“But, but, I’m not decent, I’m not wearing a bra…” June screamed out.

“Off, off, off, off,” men shouted in unison.

June slowly unbuttoned one button at a time and before I knew it, she seductively swayed it back and forty over her erect nipples. The crowd cheered and I knew what would happen next, for she discarded the thing altogether and flung it to the crowd. There she was in all her glory, naked for the world to see.

I was rewarded with her amazing tits naked breasts, the breasts I had dreamed about for a long time. They were perfect, well proportioned for her body, and very perky. Her nipples were rock hard. The crowd went wild and so did I, watching my half-naked future sister-in-law strutting around the stage and shaking her tits for all to see. She walked to the cameraman, bent forward and I was now looking up at those dangling mammaries and was dying to get my face between them.

June let go of her tits, put one hand over her mouth, pretending to be scared while pointing down to her tiny, soaked, clinging pair of white panties that did little to hide her pubic hair landing strip and nothing to hide her ass cheeks framed by the her tiny g-string panties.

Her inhibitions were completely gone now and she twirled around, grabbed her g-string panties, and pulled them tight to her labia, increasing her amazing camel toe, even more, tucking the wet material in between her lips, giving everyone a good look before striking a pose so everyone could almost see her neatly trimmed pussy. The crowd went wild. She once again turns to the cameraman and he zooms in on her crutch again, but this time she opens up the top of her panties, and the cameraman film her wet lips hidden away by the soaked thong.

“I hope you like this,” was her final comment before the video died.

I caught a faint but unmistakable whiff of a distinctly feminine smell that has been on my mind for months. My knees felt weak for a moment, happy I was sitting down, and I carefully blew out a long breath.

I can actually smell how horny June was and I desperately longed to smell her pussy.

“Fuck, yeah, I do.” I respond to her final comment out loud.

“Good,” she said, grabbed my cock real fast, let go, grabbed the iPad, and walked away. Her miniskirt wrinkled up shoving off the lower part of her tight ass.

“Steve,” she said as she’s about to turn the corner.

“Recognize these?” she said and flashed her white panties, the same ones.

“I’ll leave them under your pillow.”

Another time, I came home early on a Friday, Carol was due in 30 minutes and Jack and Jane were away on some family thing.

I went up to my room, to lay down and passed June’s room on the way, she had loud music on and hadn’t heard me walking in.

I stopped and watched her get ready, she was looking in the mirror in her black lace bra and a tiny pair of shiny black satin bikini panties. She reached down and grabbed the black halter top to the costume, that was laced up in the front, with a pink ribbon. Next, she slipped on the short baby pink pleated skirt to the costume, then she reached in the dresser drawer and grabbed a pair of black thigh-high stockings. She went over and sat on the bed and slipped on her stockings, then she grabbed her black boots out of the closet, sat back on the bed to slip them on.

All of a sudden she turned towards me and said:

“Are you looking up my skirt?”

“No, I’m just standing here, on my way to my room, and you’d better not go out clubbing in that.”

“BULLSHIT! I’ve seen you in the glass of the door looking, you’ve been looking at my pussy. 
Want a better view of your girlfriend’s little sisters tight pussy?”

“Maybe tomorrow,” and then I walked away.

“You’ll come begging one day,” I heard as I closed the door and jerked off.


“Hi Steve,” June smiles, as I walks into the house.

June just turned eighteen, she’s a stunner and knows it. With long, blond hair, piercing blue eyes, a very tight fit body, a pair of sweet 34Cs, and…. an amazing ass.

Tonight June is in tight bike pants and a midriff-baring jogging bra. I know that Carol is out to play paddle tonight, and will be home around 10. I watched her as she packed her bag and left earlier.

Damn, I get horny just by watching June walk around the house, a fucking teaser she is.

I cook some dinner, Carol’s and June’s parents are away tonight as well, it’s only me and June, but by the time dinner is ready, June is nowhere to be found.

A few hours later, as I’m watching Liverpool and Arsenal, I hear the front door open up and I think it’s Carol, or Jack and Jane, But Carol was due in 30 minutes and Jack and Jane were away on some family thing.

It’s June that stumbling in, slightly hobbling, and collapsing onto the couch next to me with a groan.

“June! What did you do to yourself?” I ask.

She’s sweaty and damn sexy looking with her long blond hair pulled back into a beautiful ponytail, her damp t-shirt clings to her breasts, and her little shorts hugging the wonderful curves of her tight ass at the top of her smooth, tan long legs. Confident and athletic, truly is eye-candy by any standard of the phrase.

“I think I hurt my leg… it’s sore,” she says, rubbing her in my thigh. She looks in pain. Aha, I’ve seen this before, it’s to check out my condition, you tease.

“Probably just a slight strain,” I offer, “I’m sure you’ll be right after a hot shower and a good sleep!”

“I think it’s a little more serious than that…can you have a look?” June asks.

She walks over and stands in front of me (blocking the TV) and parts her legs slightly. The smell of her sweat actually turns me on or is the sight and fantasy about her pussy that does the trick. I guess, we’ll never know. 
I gently place one hand on her outer thigh, and one on her inner thigh and gently massage them.

She’s wearing her bike pants so it’s hard for me to feel any muscle problems through her clothing. I gently rub her back and inner thigh, careful not to go near any good bits. I like the feel of her thighs, but I can’t work out whether she has a muscle issue or not.

Buuut, I do enjoy how she beautifully shows off her sweet camel toe with her big lips hiding away her pink clit (well, Imagine it to be pink) for me.

“Turn around,” I say, letting go of her.

June turns around, and again I place my hands on either side of her leg. This time I am able to closely check out her cute bottom. I gently rub her inner thigh. I’m not really doing anything other than caressing her. She reaches her hands skywards in a stretch, making her bottom protrude more. I like the view, my cock stirring to attention. I know it’s wrong to be feeling up my girlfriend’s sister, but how can I resist.

The film of sweat on her skin gleams in the pale light from the TV is intoxicating, her whole being is.
I can see the beautifully define’s muscles in her lower back, just above the elastic of her biker shorts. I can smell her, too, the fragrance of her perfume, overlaid with more powerful aromas: salt and sweat and the faint musk of excitement.

“Where does it hurt?”

“Here,” June points to a spot right under her round Glutes, where it meets her Hamstring.

“Does it hurt if you flex your leg?”

“What does that mean?”

“Ok, if you bend forward, does it hurt then?”

June bend forward a little and I get a good view of her buttock, revealing a crescent of firm flesh – and beyond it the dark shadow of her crotch with the tight gusset of her pants snug between the golden thighs.

I visualize what’s hiding behind those tight bikes shorts, and her strip of damp fabric. Probably plump wet lips… and the tight little orifice behind it, crimped and snug between the fragrant cheeks of her ass. I imagine the dampness there – the press of her wet flesh against the material, the leak of her juices into the weave of the fabric, as sweet as fresh honey.

“To be quite truthful,” I say, working hard to sound normal. 
”I can’t feel anything swollen, but your bike pants are tight, so they may be keeping any swelling down. If you want me to look closer, I need to feel your muscles a little better, and then I need you to….”

“Oh, I can take the bike pants off, I’m wearing panties, you can have them later.” June says coyly, biting her lip.

And with that she instantly pulls the biker shorts over her hips and down her legs, exposing her pale, fit, and round ass. It’s even more perfect than I had imagined live, and it looks all the sexier with the slutty, little thong she’s wearing.

She’s wearing a sexy pair of thongs, of course. They are black and sculptured in a sort of lace and see-through in places. And tiny. And slightly damp from her sweat or something.

Her thong is snuck in between her big outer lips, and her cleft is neatly shaven, with just the wispiest of treasure trail extending just above her slit. I am flabbergasted and speechless and all I can do is stare in admiration. My heart’s fluttering, my mouth goes dry, and I dare not move for fear of ruining this moment. Her pussy lips are dark pink and they appear swollen, and even her light pink inner lips are visible. June smiles as she watches me looking at her crutch.

My mind starts to wander again. I want to put my hand down and slide my finger up and down the camel toe of her panties. She has her eyes closed, breaths heavily and quietly moaning and her mouth is slightly open.

I reach the waistband, slide my hand down and under the damp flimsy thong, savoring the soft little patch of pubic hair, damp from her arousal. Repeating the earlier movement with my finger, but this time between her bare pussy lips. I move my fingers slowly up and down, she’s soaking wet, ready for my cock.

“Yo, Steve, are you gonna stare away from the pain, come on.”

I feel my face go red and instantly start to feel, sorry examine, the upper part of her thigh.

“Again, does it hurt if you bend over?”

June turn against me and once again bends forward. It’s an arresting sight, long shapely legs, firm and well-toned, and the neatest little ass I’ve ever seen, so firm and round, each cup-cake buttock beautifully defined… just begging to be grasped, framed by the flare of her hips and the tight curve of her waist. The flesh of her back is as smooth as alabaster, a sort of creamy-white color and shiny from sweat. 
But, best of all is the sight of her little pussy peeping back at me from between the cheeks of her ass as she bends forward. The thin thong-strap does nothing to cover her temple. I am close enough to see her pussy clearly, hiding like a little furry animal in a cave with a few wisps of hair around it, as fine a spun gold – testimony to the fact that she is a genuine blonde. I have an unbelievable direct view of her wet vagina and especially of her beautiful pink asshole.

“And the pain is here, right?” I say, again, trying to keep calm, and place my right index finger on the spot she had previously indicated was the source of her discomfort.

“Yes, and a little higher, like deep inside my ass. My ass muscle that is.”

My cock is raging hard feeling and gently pushing my right hand’s fingers into her muscles.

As I push my hands into her muscles she stumbles forward, not able to keep her balance.

“Ok, why don’t you lay down on the couch here, that way I can dig in a little deeper to get a better view.” In more ways than one… but I don’t say that.

June lays down on the couch and start to “examine” her, I gently push my rigid fingers into the flesh and she give me a couple of slight; “aooo” sounds when I hit a few spots, or she’s just faking it, I don’t care at this moment.

“Ok, it seems like you’ve got some small cramps, that’s nothing to worry about, it will go away in a few days.”

“Steve, I’ve got a competition this weekend, I can’t wait that long.”


“Can you just rub it a bit, as my physios do at my high school?”

“You mean massage, right?”

“Yeeah, that’s it, like massage it a little please..”

Fuck I am sooo hard, and sooo want to fuck her.

“Fine, just a little then.” I get up and grab a bottle of baby lotion oil from the downstairs bathroom. There she is, my girlfriend’s little sister with her perfect and plump round bottom completely uncovered for me to see, and touch. Fuck I am hard.

I pour some oil in my hands, rub them together, to warm the oil, and just sit there for a second, without touching her at all, just rubbing the oil with my hands. I let myself drink in the image of my girlfriend’s beautiful, naked little sister, well, except for the tiny thong thread between her cheeks. Her relaxed pose on her belly is magical, she looks so lovely I think my heart might break and my cock might burst.

I place my hands on her firm butt cheeks and I have to squirm a little and position myself in a way so she can’t feel my hard-on on her leg.

“I feel really tense,” June whisper meekly.

I press a spot very high up on her Hamstrings and she gasps,

“Ouch! Oh God – right there.”

“I’m sorry, I can totally feel that it’s tight – I’ll be gentle.”

I put both my oily hands on the bare skin of her thighs, her pale, shiny skin look so beautiful, and I can actually feel that her muscles are all bound up and tense as I slowly work at them with my fingers.

“How are you feeling, I mean, are you tense here?”

“Oh, yes, it kinda hurts.”

Her ass is so deliciously smooth, pale, warm, and unbelievably lovely. I feel myself becoming a little bit lost, and I just let myself drink in the profound devotion I feel for my girlfriend’s little sister.

“Oh God, that’s the spot, right there.”

“Wow June, you are really muscular from all your hard work on the track and field team. And I can feel how stressed this one spot is.”

At first, June actually seems to be in a little bit of pain. I press into her strong muscles and I feel like I actually know what helps, and I keep rubbing her flesh with my fingers.

“Does this feel okay?” I ask.

“Yes – I need this, it’s so tight.”

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