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There was a woman in my bed when the phone rang, a tiny fair skinned blonde with small petite features and a shape that didn’t resemble an hourglass in the least. Which is to say she was nothing like Karen. And that’s just the way I wanted it. I was so tired of trying to turn vague likenesses into desire.

Karen was quite literally the woman of my dreams. My own personal Cytherea, Her face haunted my conscience as well as my sub conscience. I could still see her long ebony curls cascading halfway down her back, and framing what I still thought of as the most beautiful face I’d ever seen. Her hazel eyes were large and wide set, ready to take in the whole world with one glance. With full soft lips and a nose that was slightly large but only served to make her more beautiful. Giving her face character instead of the perfection that would have made her beauty traditional instead of extraordinary. Her skin was a golden brown, like her Cherokee and Greek ancestors before her. She was tall with long shapely legs full hips and a chest that was neither to big nor to small. Her most beautiful feature however was her perfect smile. Just the sight of her had sent my stabs of sexual excitement through my stomach

They say time heals casino şirketleri all wounds and to forgive and forget. Yes everything had changed for the best, and I had forgiven her or at least that’s what I told myself everyday, but I would Never forget.

I could smell the scent of the girl on my hand as I crossed the room moving toward the phone. I thought it might be my best friend Brett, but it could easily be any of the countless woman I’d given my number to on perfume scented notes, scraps of paper business cards or once or twice in a pinch on a hand breast or arm.

Picking up the receiver I said “hello” but I kept my eyes on the girl as if greeting her. She had been watching me since moments before I’d even opened my eyes. When I was already replaying the night before, the girl had been good, eager and happy to please. But on the morning after what was to be a one night stand I knew I’d never touch her again, Christ I didn’t even remember her name Kelly or Calla or Kylie.

“Hello ” said the voice on the other end of the line sounding distinctly familiar yet somehow foreign. “It’s Karen ”

The last five years melted away like Ice cream on an august day and I was 18 again talking to my girlfriend on the phone while sneaking a cigarette through my bedroom window.

5 years ago June 1998

We had just graduated high school, and I couldn’t have been happier. Karen and I had been dating since early September and it had been the best 10 months of casino firmaları my life I was young sexy and in love. At the moment my very hot and insatiable girlfriend was kneeling between my thighs as I sat on my bed, giving me the best head I’d ever had.

Her tongue was whipping in tight circles around my swollen clit while three fingers slammed into my well-sexed pussy. I pulled her head more tightly against me. Gripping her long jet-black hair and grinding my pussy against her face as I came for the third time. I was using my free hand to smother my moans and screams with a pillow. My mom wasn’t home but we lived in an apartment complex with walls as thin as paper and neighbors who were more intrusive than a Barium enema.

“Karen I can’t take it anymore babe”

I said. My clit was so sensitive from all of her attention that it was almost painful for her to continue. She quickly rose from her knees licking my juices from her hands and straddling me on the bed, playfully kissing and biting my lips. I slid my hands over her naked body caressing her beautiful breasts, then pinching and tugging her sensitive nipples. Arching her back she pressed her breasts into my hands. Breaking our kiss I moved my lips to her breasts while my left hand dipped lower to stroke her thighs then to cup her dripping pussy.

I inserted my middle and ring finger into her cunt while manipulating her clit with my thumb. She rocked her hips against my hand as I slowly stroked in and güvenilir casino out. I felt her fingernails biting into my back as I fucked her harder and faster, pushing her over the edge and into an orgasm. Enjoying the way her I could feel her muscles contracting around my come soaked fingers and the touch her hot breath against my ear, as she moaned so low and soft it sounded like she was purring.

I pulled my hand from her sex with a wet popping sound and put my fingers up to her willing mouth. She licked my hand clean then we shared a wet kiss. Wanting to taste more of her delicious juices I asked her to lie down on the bed as I put a pillow beneath her ass and leaned forward to rest her legs on my shoulders.

I ran my tongue up and down her wet slit savoring her sweet, musky, taste. And pushing my tongue deep into her hot wet hole. Fucking her with it as though it was a small cock as she moaned and withered beneath me. Within moments I could feel her muscles tensing as she orgasmed again. I had to grip her ass cheeks firmly in my hands as I sucked her clit into my mouth in order to avoid being thrown off the bed by her bucking hips.

Afterward we lay sprawled together in post coital bliss holding one another and promising to stay together forever. To bad forever only lasted until about a week later. Karen had broken my heart into a thousand pieces like an antique china plate dashed against a brick wall. She’d left without so much as a word. I’d had to find out from Brett that she had left town with Marco. Some rocker who had his own band. Except for a single postcard I hadn’t heard from her in five years. So why was she calling me now?
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