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My firstMy first time with a guy was three yrs ago. His name is Josh and he is a few years younger than me, probably 35 yrs old. I have always wanted to get with another man, but never had the balls to make a move. I am a straight acting bimale who loves to wear panties and stockings. I am 5’9 athletic dark complected with a 7 inch cock. I shave my body smooth and have a nice bubble butt. I fantasize about sucking dick and getting my ass stretched out by strong men who make love to me as well as pound my tight little ass into submission. I was in my hometown for a holiday weekend visiting family, not expecting to really do much else. I ran into a c***dhood friend at the gas station who invited me to a party at a friends house. I did the family thing then hit the party at around 10. The party was huge, house full of people throwing down! I caught up with a lot of old friends as I got totally fucking hammmered. It was pretty late when my friend Ryan, who invited me asked if I wanted to keep the party going with a little ” Go Fast?”. What the hell I thought and said yes, so we left the party and went over to Josh’s house outside of town. I knew Josh but didn’t know him well. He was younger than bahis firmaları me so he was alittle k** back then. He wasn’t little anymore. Probably 6’3 muscular build on a lean frame. We went in and sat down and proceeded to get spun out like tops. Must have been there for about an hour when Ryans phone started going off. He looked up smiling and aked me if it was alright to take my car for awhile so he could take care of his booty call. I said ok then asked Josh if it was cool for me to stay at his house for the nite. “Sure no problem” and like a flash Ryan was gone. Josh and I talked for a couple hrs about all kinds of shit before sex came up. I said something like lucky Ryan, and how good speed makes you horny a fuck. Josh agreed and mentioned he had a huge cache of porn a well a internet. I was getting excited now. “Check it out” he said as he showed me a huge tub full of VHS DVD and magazines. All of it was straight but a lot of anal vids in the mix. I took my time before picking a nothing but anal vid and said “This one looks good”. “One of my favs” he replied as he put it in the DvD player, and just like that we where on his couch watching porn together. I was rock hard and anxious kaçak iddaa about the next step. I decided Fuck it! and declared that I was going to have to jack off if this is what we where going to watch. He laughed and said “Ya I hear you on that, I’m OK with it if you are”. I looked over at him and said OK. We looked into each others eyes for a moment, then I stood up and took my shoes and pants off. I had a brief wave of panic as I forgot that I was shaven and wearing a mens black thong. “Nice thong, I have a similar pair”, he said as he took his clothes off as well. I was so nervous all of a sudden. He sat back down on the couch stroking his cock still watching me as I peeled my thong off revealing my smooth hairless cock and balls. “Wow you shave. I’ve always wanted to but afraid of cutting myself”. Its easier than you think I said as I sat down. His cock was amazing. At least nine or ten inches long curved slick and thick. We where both stroking off watching the porn and glancing at each other when he busted me totally gawking. “You can look, its cool man”. He said smiling. “I like watching you too”. I knew right then it was on. “I’ll suck you off if you want me too”. I said softly. He kaçak bahis didn’t answer just stood up moved over and put his dick dick in my mouth. “Ya I want you to suck me off, and swallow my load” he said as he stood on the couch guiding my head up and down. He face fucked me making me gag on his cock a couple times. He pulled me up to him and kissed me deep and hard before taking me to his room. He layed down on the bed cock up and told me to finish what I started. I lay between his legs looking him in the eyes as I slurped on his big dick lovingly. He gave commands and I obeyed. I did everything he wanted me to. I licked his balls and rimmed his ass. Every request was met with me eagerly performing my best. He talked the whole time occasionally asking me how much I liked his cock. This went on for awhile before I fell into the rythem he really liked. He started teeling me how good of a cocksucker I was and had his eyes closed as he guided my head to the tempo he wanted. I could feel him tense up before exploding in my mouth. I made slurping sounds as I sucked down all of his cum slowly enjoying the warmth and sheer volume of jizz he gave me. I continued sucking him until he pulled away. He looked at me as he ran his hands in my hair before pulling me close to kiss me and tell me how good I sucked him off. We kissed some more before I broke and wispered in his ear “I want to be your bitch allnite long”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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