My first time with a guy.

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My first time with a guy.It was summer of 2012 when I wasn’t able to stop the urge to be with a man. I’ve met a guy on his early 30s on facebook, I was 22 yrs old back then. As much as I liked being with girls, I’ve always had the fetish of dressing up as a girl and getting fucked like one by a daddybear. After long talks and gaining mutual trust, we’ve set up a meeting at my place. I was so excited as it was going to be my first time with a guy. I wanted to look really slutty for him, I put on a tiny black thong and a pink silky minidress along with fishnet stockings. I put my make up and my red heels. I was so nervous I took a few shots of tequila before he arrived to calm my nerves. the door soon rang and he was here, we sat down and had few beers, chat and relaxed. I just wanted to suck his cock right there. After 15-20 minutes of chatting. We went into my room, he looked like he needed some foreplay to get me into mood. But I was ready to swallow his cock the moment we met. I told him that I wanted to start by sucking him, he immediately took his pants and underwear off. And there it was, after dreaming for so long, I was going to lick and suck a cock. He was sitting kırklareli rus escort on the side of the bed, I got on my knees and I held it in my hands, even though it felt a bit awkward at first to hold a cock that wasn’t mine, but right after I put it in my mouth I knew then that this is what I meant to be, a sissy cocksucker. As I started sucking him I put it all in my mouth, it took few seconds to get erect and started rubbing in my throat. As his precum was making my mouth really wet, the feeling of his cock pulsing on my tongue and cheeks made me horny as I was never before. After about continuing for few minutes, he wanted me standing, and then he gripped my waist with his strong hands and turned me around. At first I wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, it became more clear after he took my thong of me and lifted my minidress up. He held my ass cheeks with both his hands and separated them so he could lick my asshole. I’ve never felt such a pleasure in my life right up until that moment. I was there, standing on my high heels, bended forward and being devoured like a real woman. After a while, he turned me over, and kırklareli rus escort bayan he put my cock in his mouth. I wasn’t expecting that he was interested in doing that. But there I was being blown by a guy and I was really really hard. After few minutes he put me on bed, it was time to fuck me. He wanted me to get on top so I’d be comfortable on my first time. But I just wanted him to fuck me like an a****l, so I got into doggy position and lubed up my ass. Even though I wanted to get fucked bareback, hygiene was priority in a first meeting like this. he put the condom on as I was fingering myself to get my hole wet and ready. I was in heaven as he slided his cock deep in me. I was quite excited and nervous so I was clenched up my ass as tight as it could be. and he just loved it even more. After pumping my ass for a while, he was about to cum and he wanted to cum on my face. I was ready to have it all, as he started cumming, I couldn’t wait to have it all in my mouth. He cummed all over my face and it was a huge load. I used my fingers to collect all of his juice into my mouth, it was warm and tingling my throat rus escortkırklareli and I just loved it, I swallowed every drop of it. I then realized I experienced to be a woman in bed to the fullest. But this wasn’t yet over. he wanted to go for the second round. he got me once and he wasn’t gonna let me go easily. But being all clenched up from earlier, I really hurt my asshole as he was entering, I loved him fucking me but the pain was too much to get fucked for the second time. so I offered to suck him again and he was happy with that. As the 5 tequila shots and beers started kicking. I was tipsy with mouthful of cock and I just loved it. I just sucked and deepthroated his tool for over 30 minutes. because he came once, the second time was taking longer, but I wasn’t complaining, I just loved his juicy cock in my mouth, I licked and sucked his balls as I was jacking his cock and I could just suck him all day. He was lying on his back as I was continuing to suck him. he was holding my head and pumping in my mouth, I had it all the way in my throat. He started cumming , he wanted to cum on my face again, but I wanted him to cum in my mouth, as he was taking his cock out of my mouth, I was swallowing it back all over again, I didn’t let his cock go and I didn’t waste a single drop. and I cleaned his dick of by sucking and swallowing every juice on there. After that night, I’ve always wanted to meet with him again but never got the chance. This was my experience and thinking of it years after still makes me horny.

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