My first time with a guy part 2

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My first time with a guy part 2As you will recall from reading part 1, I had just agreed to go up to a guys flat, situated above a’ private’ shop in Leeds. The shop assistant had just told me to select some sexy underwear from the shop to wear as I experienced my first taste of gay sex.The lingerie in display was probably the best thing on sale in to shop, for a crossdresser it was heaven but I wasn’t sure what to choose. There was school girl uniforms, French maid outfits, nurses uniforms, baby dolls, body stockings, I just didn’t know what I wanted to wear. I finally decided on a pretty pink baby doll, it was very lacy, had plenty of frills and a tiny pair of g-string panties. I selected a pair of white hold up stockings to go with it.”Good choice. You will look so sexy in that” my lover to be commented “let’s get you upstairs and changed”He closed the shop and took me through the door at the back of the shop, there was another door with stairs up to his flat. It was a small but well kept flat, it was clear a guy lived there and it could have done with a woman’s touch (the feminine side of me coming out 🙂 ). He directed me to the bedroom and told me to get changed in to my lingerie, I entered his bedroom and stripped off my male clothes and nervously put the lingerie on. The baby doll was first, as soon as I slid the cool material over my body my cock responded and started to grow, I put the panties on next, they were tiny, the string fit snugly between my arse cheeks and the pink triangle of material at the front couldn’t contain my expanding cock, my balls hung out the side of the panties, I probably looked ridiculous but I felt so sexy. Finally came the stockings, I carefully rolled them up each leg and settled them in place. I checked myself out in his mirror and liked what was staring back at me. I took a deep breath and opened the door to leave his bedroom. As I entered the living room he had stripped off his clothes too and stood there naked, sporting a huge erection. On the TV a video was playing, it showed 2 guys kissing passionately and I realised this must have been the hardcore Ron he was talking about.”Wow, you look very sexy honey” he complemented as he might end in to me, his cock pressed against my pantied cock, he kissed me pationately on the lips, our tongues once again entwined. My cock was now rock hard, the tip poking out of the top of the panties, his hands moved from my sides to my arse and he started to fondle my cheeks. He was getting carried away and things were moving very quickly”Please can we slow down a bit, can we just sit and watch the video for a bit as we kiss?” I asked”Sorry, you just look so sexy, I got carried away”We lowered ourselves on to the sofa, i leaned in to his strong arms as he cuddled me, we watched the 2 guys on screen and quickly things developed, before long they were sucking each other’s cocks, they moved in to a 69, fingered and rimmed each other’s holes and in no time at all one if the guys was on all fours as his lover fucked him from behind. I was so turned on now, as we watched, I felt my own lover pulling in my nipples thought the material of the baby doll and we began kissing again. I was so turned on now that I was ready for what was coming. I reached out and took his hard cock in my hand and slowly began to wank him, he moaned with pleasure, giving me his approval. As I wanked him, he returned the favour and began stroking me in my panties, mine gently like before but very firmly this time, our kissing had gone from passionate to pure lust, we were probing each other’s mouths with our tongues”Suck my cock” he broke off from kissing me and said with heavy breathI was ready now, I bent my head to his lap and poked out my tongue to lock the end of his cock, it was very sticky with pre-cum and I teased the head for a while, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, I tried to copy the guys in the video and the moans coming from his mouth told me I must have been doing something right. I took the rest of him in my mouth, taking as much of him as I could before gagging, I just started to suck, moving him in and out as I did, I moved my hand up and cupped his balls, moving them around gently in my hand before I released his hard cock and took one then the other of his balls in my mouth sucking on them gently. He moaned kilis escort loudly again, ” that’s it baby, suck in my cock, I want to cum in your mouth” . I returned to chucking his hard pole, I went at it with vigour now, I sucked on his cock hard, he moaned loudly and his breathing was noticeably deeper “oh yeah, suck me, that it, yeah go on, I’m cumming” he moaned before his body and cock went tense, before I knew it he was shooting spurt after spurt of hot spunk it to my virgin mouth, there must have been about 5 shots, I wasn’t really sure what to do, so is instinctively swallowed, I am glad I did as I loved the taste and texture and knew instantly that I would want more. I carried on sucking, making sure I had all I could drain from his softening cock. I let his slip from my mouth before I moved up his body to kiss him again.”Mmmm that was gorgeous, are you sure Yupik have never done that before””No, you’re definitely my first””Oh, you’re going to make a lot of guys very happy”I blushed at his last comment, I knew he was right. “Now it’s my turn to play with you, just sit back and enjoy” with that, he released my hard, sticky cock front the tight confines of my panties, he took me in his mouth, I’d had blow jobs from my girlfriend but she want that interested in oral, she didn’t like the sticky cum… This guy was the complete opposite, he went to work on my cock and I knew I wouldn’t last long, he deep throated me, run his tongue over my sensitive head “I’m going to cum, I’m sorry I can’t last longer” I moaned and before I knew it I was releasing my load into his mouth, I came like I had never cum before, the orgasm was so intense I felt like I was going to pass out. He moved back up my body and kissed me, he spat my cum from his mouth in to mine “I don’t like to swallow but I think you are a cum slut so thought you would like some more” , I think he was right, I eagerly took my load from his mouth and stalled the lot.We resumed our cuddling position in the sofa and continued to watch the gay porn on the screen. We must have drifted off to sleep as I woke, startled and momentarily unaware of where I was. I checked my watch and it was getting late and rally needed to go. I woke my lover and explained to him I was expected home soon and I needed to get dressed and go”What a shame honey, so soon” he took me I his arms again, kissed me heavily “how about another load of cum before you leave” I looked down at his rock hard cock and started to bend my head to suck him off again before he stopped me “no honey, just lay back” I did as he asked and he stood over me, hard cock in hand and started to wank, I watched mesmerised as he stroked his cock with vigour, my own cock had hardened again so I took hold of it and started to wank myself, I watched as he pumped at his hard cock and in no time at all he was shooting his second load in to my waiting, willing mouth, he pushed his cock in to my mouth so I could clean him off again, this sent me over the edge and I shot my own load up in to the air and on to my sexy baby doll. I was spent, exhausted all over again but had to get up before I drifted off to sleep again. I got dressed in my male clothes but left on the panties and the stockings, I packed the baby doll and my boxer shorts in my college bag. When I exited the bedroom my lover presented me with 3 gay porn videos “you can borrow these, you will love them” I took them and put them in my college bag too, he then handed me a piece of paper with his number on “call me, let me know when you are ready for our next meeting and I will swap your videos for you” I took the piece of paper and leaned into him again, kissing him passionately again before leavingMy head was I a spin as I walked to the bus station, I was so confused, more so than before. I’d had my first experience of gay sex, I’d enjoyed it but still felt guilty as I kept telling myself I wasn’t gay. I never did call him, I felt guilty as I’d got his porn videos, which I watched over and over again, dressing up and playing with myself until I was sore. I went back to my normal life, I stayed with my girlfriend for another 6 months before we broke up but over the next 3 years I only slept with girls, I continued to dress, watch my videos and read my gay/tranny mags but I didn’t go with another guy until I was 21That’s all for now, I will add the next step in my ‘gay’ life shortly…

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