My First Shaving Experience

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I was just of 22 and in the hospital for proctoscope…a limited form of a colonoscopy. This is a procedure that now is performed simply in a doctor’s office…back in the 60’s the only place to have a proctoscope was in the hospital. The night before I had to be prepped. Lying on my bed around 10 pm I was greeted by the one nurse on the floor that was not only my age but also someone I had been flirting with ever since I got into my room. Susan was her name. Cute. Adorable. And very much a girl who easily created a sexual stirring. She came into my room well after visiting hours was over with a tray of items, clippers, shaving cream, a razor, cream, small towels and a smile on her face as she announced that it was time to prep me for the procedure in the morning. It was also my good fortune not to have anyone else sharing my room. Nurse Susan closed the door, told me to remove my unders and lie back and enjoy myself.

There I was, the top of my hospital gown lifted above my waist, my privates exposed to this lovely, luscious female whose mere presence created an arousal in my groin. My penis started to show itself growing into semi hardness before Nurse Susan began. She started with clippers whisking the thick bush of pubic hair off in a flash deliberately brushing the back of her forearm on my semi in the process.

I looked down as could see a 5 o’clock shadow above my semi. ‘Is that it” I asked.

Nurse Susan smiled and said it was just the beginning. ‘I’m supposed to take it all off.’ She shook the can of shaving cream, pressed the top to let out the foam and spread a glob on the just shorn area…again coming into contact with my semi. As she took the razor to the cream covered area above my manhood she began to shave me from the top down to the base of my member.

As she got closer to the base Nurse Susan she said ‘Mr. Roberts your thing is getting in the way. Would you please hold it down so I can do this without nicking you.’

I replied, ‘I’d rather you hold it down, Nurse Susan.’

‘I bet gaziosmanpaşa escort you would, Mr. Roberts, I bet you would.’ She said placing my hand on my ever-growing manhood. Nurse Susan then began shaving the stubble above my member, directing me to move my member left, right, up and down…’to the right, Mr. Roberts’

‘Point your penis down Mr. Roberts, ‘to the right, Mr. Roberts’ ‘hold it tight and away, Mr. Roberts’…her voice shifted. It was more sexual in tone. A little laugh followed.

Then she ran her fingers over the area checking for any hair the razor may have missed and I purposely let me hand off my cock letting it spring back hitting her hand.

‘Sorry, my hand slipped.’ I smirked.

Nurse Susan smiled and said ‘I bet you’re real sorry.’ Next she took more shaving cream and smoothed it on the area below my member and onto my balls. ‘Stop fooling around now Mr. Roberts, this part can get tricky. I really don’t want to nick you.’

With that Nurse Susan gently took hold of my cock. Instantly I was hard. And it didn’t miss her notice.

‘Your erection is getting in the way, Mr. Roberts. I bet you just can’t help yourself.’ Now her tone was playful.

‘I am sorry Nurse Susan, but my thing seems to have a mind of its own.’

She looked straight into my eyes and paused before saying, ‘And you have absolutely no control over your thing, do you?’

I smiled not saying a word.

Well I must say you are very nicely endowed, Mr. Roberts. Very nicely indeed. I don’t often see a penis that’s not only as big as yours but as thick. Your girlfriend is a lucky person.’

‘If I had one, she would be’ I said.

‘No girlfriend?’ She queried.

‘None. My right-hand is my friend.’ I replied.

Nurse Susan didn’t respond but focused her attention to shaving my balls, using one hand for the razor and the other to hold onto my cock a little firmer now, moving my swollen member up and down and side to side, tightening her grip with gölbaşı escort each movement as she carefully attended to my balls, releasing my cock to use her fingers to feel for any lonely hairs. She certainly took her time as she went back and forth holding onto my cock releasing it, touching and fingering my balls, holding them as she shaved the area underneath close to my anus. My cock was now more rigid than norm and pulsating so from her touch. While she no longer needed to touch my hardness, her hand continued to take liberties and make excuses to touch it again and again. When she seemed satisfied, she took the small towel and wiped off the excess cream. The wipe became a caress. Her fingers ran up and down my jewels very slowly. Very deliberately. Susan stepped back to look at her work.

‘I hope I did a good job, Mr. Roberts, It feels smooth to my touch.’ Why don’t you check for yourself ‘ She said.

‘I’m afraid if I touch myself I’m going to have an orgasm.’

‘Go ahead.’ Nurse Susan instructed. ‘It is common that the patient will feel that way. For some it’s a very erotic experience. You need not be embarrassed. First you need to feel if I left any stubble.’

Nurse Susan put my hands on the just shaved area feeling the sudden soft smoothness. ‘Nice job, Nurse Susan.’

‘Thank you, Mr. Roberts. You see touching yourself didn’t make you cum, did it?’ she said putting her hand back on my naked, bald, smooth jewels. Her motion was slow and measured…I could tell she was getting extreme pleasure moving her hand up and down my cock. Up and down. Not a word was said until Nurse Susan looked at me smilingly, ‘Do you know Mr. Roberts; I requested this prepping duty tonight…mmmmmm. She continued to caress my smooth, tight balls and stroke my very hard cock with her thumb gently touching the soft texture of the head.

‘Your cock and balls look so smooth without hair. It’s very pretty. Very tempting. They look good enough to eat. Nice and smooth.’

Then she blew me keçiören escort away saying ‘There is one final test I must make just to make sure. After all my orders are to prep you smooth.’

With that Nurse Susan bent her head down to my jewels and gave me the final test…the tongue test. I let out an incredibly soft moan as she licked the area above my rigid cock…the cock she was holding tight and stroking up and down.

‘Don’t you want an orgasm? I bet you do Mr. Roberts? Shall I give you an orgasm?’ Nurse Susan was toying with me. I smiled and nodded.

‘I didn’t hear you, Mr. Roberts.’

‘Yes, please.’ I whispered.

‘I didn’t hear you, Mr. Roberts. Louder.’

I now shouted what she wanted to hear. ‘YES, NURSE SUSAN, YES.’

‘Yes what, Mr. Roberts’


‘Are you sure, Mr. Roberts?’


Nurse Susan held my very rigid, turgid member in both her hands and as she was stroking it she bent her head to kiss the head, the soft velvety helmet, bringing her tongue into play. As her mouth opened to take my cock inside she moved one hand from my rigid ness to my smooth, shaven balls. It didn’t take much as I arched my back feeling the sensation of my orgasm coming from my loins. My explosion was imminent. Nurse Susan sensed it as she buried my hot, pulsating cock deeper in her mouth, bobbing up and down…taking it all in…sucking on the head as she felt my cum erupting. I could hear the sounds Nurse Susan made as she sucked, drank and swallowed…sounds that were exciting and erotic but nothing compared to the long droning sound I let out…my spasms seem to explode in my brain with a pounding.

I could feel my heart pounding. Nurse Susan would not release my orgasmed member from her mouth. She continued to find a drop here and a drop there of a lazy sperm that now was oozing from inside my balls. Nurse Susan lifted her head, smiled at me as she straightened her uniform, pick up the shaving tools put them on the tray and as moved to leave said. ‘Let me know, Mr. Roberts, if you need a sleeping pill to help you sleep?’

‘Sure.’ I said.

‘I’ll be back with something to help you sleep.’

she smiled as she left my room.

I could hardly wait…

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