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My First personal Experience.. My forced **** in pThis is story of my husband Ayan & myself Sara. we got married exactly 3 years on 29 Sept..Being a shy girl – i did not allow him to touch me even aftter few days of marriage. Somehow he did also not push for Honeymoon, as something or other was happening in our joint family – so we hardly got a chance to be together in private. At workplace his Boss Kunal did not like my hubby and wanted to put him in trouble..Soon once in a office party his Boss saw me, maybe he got jealous that his stupid employee got a hot & sexy wife like me. So Kunal hatched a plot to trap my hubby, and involved Altaf & Vijay to do some mischief-fraud. Since my hubby was responsibe – they caught him and put in a private jail, forcing him to panic call me that hes in jail..otherwise they will hand him over to real police. It was devastating for me to learn that as newlywed – i had to visit my hubby in a captivity, when i dreamed of a resort !So it was just bad luck and crooked timing they set up that Boss & his collegaues made up scene of a jail-break too (fraud, private jail & jailbreak- was just a ploy to revenge on Ayan & punishment for me to marry such a stupid guy ..this was all planned by wicked KUnal i learnt much later! I also use direct names in story to give an outsider view like watching from camera – so read with that third-party narration in mind..story unfolds like a drama..hope you enjoy!) ————————————————————————————————————————-When the alarms started clanging, Sara panicked, shrieking and clinging to her hubby… just part of an unfortunate set of events that meant he was hampered when three of the (dummy) criminals came barging into the office. They quickly overpowered Ayan and Sara as she clung to her hubby, limiting his ability to fight back… it took less then two minutes for the three men to get Ayan handcuffed and gagged in a chair. They were acting in brutal & disgusting ways, and Sara was terrified to the point of silence, one of them holding her arms behind her back as the other two secured her hubby.”Well, well,” sneered Vijay, glaring down at the bound Ayan, “Looks like Prisoner Ayan here has got an exciting female for us. so we aren’t gonna get out of here anytime soon. Might as well have a bit of fun.” Ayan grunted as Kunal punched him in the stomach, saying, “That’s for putting me in trouble at work last month!””STOP!” cried out Sara, “Don’t hurt my hubby!”Immediately, all attention was on her… Altaf’s already had been lusty since he’d been holding her and was well aware that she was an attractive young thing, but his need for revenge on Ayan had been as great as Kunal and Vijay’s. Now all three men were starting to get an idea as to how to get revenge as well as have some fun in this situation.”So you don’t want us to hurt hubby huh, sweetie?” Vijay asked, walking towards Sara with a new light in his eyes. For the first time he was really taking in the sight of the pretty wifey, his eyes lingering over her curves, especially the swell of her breasts as Altaf forced her arms back further, “Does that mean that you’re willing to be really nice to us to make sure we don’t hurt hubby more?”Kunal was right behind Vijay as the two advanced on her, Sara’s mouth was dry with fear as the three men surrounded her.”Just don’t hurt us,” she begged. All three men laughed.”Of course we won’t,” said Kunal, “As long as you cooperate.”With that, he reached out a hand and squeezed her boob through her dress, making Sara shriek. She shrieked again as Vijay’s hand immediately followed, and all three men pressed in on her, Altaf’s half erect cock pressing against her ass cheeks. Off to the side was the muffled protests of the gagged prisoner Ayan, as he saw the three men converging on his newly-wed wife.”Stop, please don’t hurt!” Sara cried out, her futile struggles making all three men laugh -as they got their hands on fresh virgin piece of female flesh. Altaf had let go of her arms and already had his hands under her salvar, squeezing her ass. Sara sobbed, her hands trying to push at all three of them and having absolutely no effect whatsoever.”Be a good girl and we won’t hurt your hubby,” Vijay told her, holding her wrist away from his body as he started to pull her kameez up her body, “Resist and we’ll hurt your hubby and still have our fun with you.”Sara moaned with fear as the men got her top over her head and Altaf swiftly pulled her bra from the back, snapping n tearing it. Kunal went down, tugging at her salvar, revealing tiny red thong (which her hubby gifted her in marriage). he pulled hard to break n snap it – so that she was standing full naked. His finger wiggled in her dry slit. “Ah… plump pussy.” He said with satisfaction.Vijay and Altaf both laughed as they pinched and pulled at her nipples, entranced by her breasts. Putting his hand on her neck, Vijay forced Sara’s face towards his, giving her a rough kiss as he kneaded her breast flesh. Altaf leaned over and started sucking on her nipple, squeezing the breast he was mouthing as he did so, his other hand playing with her plump ass cheeks.”Ooo, keep that up guys,” said Kunal, running his finger along Sara’s pussylips, “She’s starting to get wet!” He pushed Sara’s thighs apart a little more so that he could get his tongue against her clit, tasting the sweetness of her little pussy as she moaned in embarrassment against Vijay’s kissing lips.She couldn’t believe that she was actually starting to get wet, she was terrified, her hubby was watching, and these three brutes were disgusting. But, they were playing with her body in a way that felt incredibly good, and even though they were scary, they weren’t hurting her as bad. It felt strange to have so many hands and mouths touching her, but it also stirred entirely new sensations, stimulating her in so many places all at once.Altaf bit down on her nipple, gently, making Sara shudder and moan.Pulling his tongue away from her slit, Kunal announced, “She’s wet, let’s fuck her. Le lo re randi ko neeche””Haaye rehem, na naaaa!” cried out Sara as both Vijay and Altaf eagerly pulled away from her and started pushing her down to the ground. Her pleas were ignored, Vijay putting a hand over her mouth as they held her down so that they could decide.”Who’s gonna go first?” Vijay asked.”Let’s be fair, rock paper scissors,” suggested Altaf.The three men agreed and Sara felt tears coming to her eyes as they stuck their fists out over her body to decide who was going to take her first. Out of the corner of her eye she could still see her hubby Ayan, struggling against the cuffs keeping him restrained on the chair.Vijay won the first round, erzurum rus escort and Kunal the second. Altaf grumbled to be last, but since he’d been the one to suggest rock paper scissors he couldn’t exactly claim it was unfair.Eagerly, Vijay got between Sara’s thighs, Kunal and Altaf holding her arms down ? not necessarily because they needed to, but because it gave them the best position to keep fondling her breasts. Vijay was in no way concerned with anything but her sweet Virgin pussy, the first seen in few years… young, fresh, pretty and pink. And still wet enough that he felt no compunction about pulling up her thighs and pressing his dick right against her hole immediately.Sara cried out, and Kunal stuffed her torn thong into her open mouth, gagging her, as Vijay began to push into her pussy.”Holy shit,” he groaned, “She’s fucking sooo tight..saali koree choot. lagta hai namard Ayan ne todi he na ho seal..hahahahha”Wriggling and struggling, Sara could do nothing as Vijay’s hips moved and he forced himself deeper and deeper into her body, his dick rubbing against the inner walls of her pussy. It was infuriating that as much as she didn’t want it, as disgusting as it was to have him inside of her – first rough invasion felt good. The hands on her breasts were relentless, tweaking and squeezing, sending tingles down to her pussy, and now there was a big cock inside of her, pushing deeper and deeper.Vijay was rock hard, breathing heavily with the thrill of fucking almost a virgin pussy. Holding onto her slender young thighs, Vijay started pumping in earnest, groaning with satisfaction as her pussy tightened and clenched around him, getting a little wetter as he fucked her.”Oh god that’s good,” he groaned happily, looking over at Ayan he announced, “Your wifey got a fucking sweet n hott pussy man!”Enraged, Ayan struggled harder to get out of his predicament and rescue his wife but to no avail. (he was bubbling with joy to see his virgin wifey’s pussy cherry taken forcibly & made to watch it)Sara’s twhe wt was so tight n fresh that Vijay knew he wasn’t going to last long, he tried to slow his humping a little, but it just felt too damn good. What the hell, he thought, it’s not like he couldn’t take another turn later. Outside the alarms were still blaring, the other prisoners were probably rioting, they’d be in here awhile. And he let loose, shoving in and out of Sara’s pussy with force, grunting with the ecstatic exertion, his hands tightening on her thighs as he impaled her on his cock. Sara gurgled behind her gag, her body bouncing with the force of Vijay’s thrusts.With a bellow, Vijay arched his back and thrust deep and hard, his dick pulsing inside of Sara as he let loose a stream of thick cum. The female groaned behind her gag, still trying to struggle a little, but her squirms only intensified the pleasure for Vijay, and he made a few more little thrusts as he unloaded into her pussy.”My turn!” said Kunal eagerly as Vijay pulled out.”Hold her down for him,” Vijay told Altaf, who scooted behind Sara so that she was partly propped up against him, giving him complete access to both her breasts. Kunal spread her legs and immediately pushed into her wet, slightly sloppy pussy, grunting with approval.”saali ki chootsach me itni tight hai” he grinned at Altaf, feeling his dick wrapped in warm wetness, soft womanly parts pressing against his groin, “sahee hai”Altaf grimaced at him, impatient for his own turn.As Kunal started thrusting in and out of Sara’s ready hole, Vijay went over and wiped his mess dick on Ayan’s shirt sleeve, grinning down at him.”Bet you wish you hadn’t been such a dick to us at work, huh?” he sneered, he swept his hands towards where Sara was getting pounded into the floor by Kunal’s enthusiastic thrusts, “This is all your fault.”Ayan groaned at the sound of his wife’s muffled whimpers, her legs spread wide as Kunal got a grip on each ankle and held them up and apart, looking down at the fantastic visual of his cock splitting open her pink little pussy.”Looks nice,” He said, grinning. Altaf laughed, his fingers twisting Sara’s nipples back and forth, making her jerk a little. She couldn’t believe it but she was starting to feel like she might actually cum while these brutes ****d her. Her pussy was burning with the need to, and because she’d taken a load of Vijay’s cum, she was little wet and slick. Just right for the sensation of Kunal’s dick sliding in and out of her to feel good. Altaf’s constant administrations to her sensitive nipples weren’t helping either.She tried to hide her arousal, continuing to struggle, even as her movements made her pussy rub even more against Kunal’s groin while he fucked her. Something about what she was doing turned him on even more though, and he leaned forward, his body really rubbing against her clit, and Sara jerked at the contact as his thrusts now hit the engorged button-nub directly.”Haha,” Kunal crowed, “I think she likes it!”Vijay came over to watch the show as Sara writhed a little under Kunal’s body, trying not to move with his thrusts. Her face was started to get flushed with the effort of not orgasming, the fear that she might showing clearly on her face. It just pushed both Kunal and Altaf to new efforts as they manipulated her body’s responses.Sara moaned as Altaf’s fingers covered her breasts, only his thumb and index finger still on her nipples, Kunal leaned forward further, every thrust ending in a circular motion as he ground against her splayed pussy. Shaking her head, Sara tried to deny her body as it shuddered against the men, her hips lifting to meet Kunal’s thrusts against her will.Tears filled her eyes as her back arched, she cried out into her gag, Altaf’s fingers pinching down brutally on her nipples as she started to cum. Kunal groaned as her elastic pussy started spasming around him and began humping her hard and fast, making her writhe and thrash as ecstasy overtook her.”Fuck yeah, dekho dekho saali randi ko” he grunted, feeling the cum boiling in his balls, “ho ja faarig Chinaal..Cream yourself all over my cock!”Her pussy clamping down, Sara obliged, and Kunal let out a bellow of satisfaction as he pumped her hard, his dick started to spurt inside her as he continued thrusting throughout his orgasm. Sara moaned and thrashed, her pussy tingling and squeezing hard as she milked him.Ashamed, she turned her face away from Ayan as Kunal pulled out of her pussy. Neither he nor Vijay stayed to hold her down, her resistance was completely gone as Altaf got out from behind her… not to mention that any one of them could’ve easily overpowered her just because they were that much bigger and stronger.Turning her over, Altaf got her erzurum rus escort bayan onto all fours, her curvy ass pointing at him as he pressed his dick against her sloppy pussy.”Press your legs together,” he told her, and sighed with happiness as her wet pussy got a little more snug around his cock. He could feel her quivers as he started to fuck her from behind, the little after shocks that followed her orgasm. Reaching around her body, he grabbed onto her breasts that he’d been paying so much attention to this entire time, now using them for leverage to garner his own pleasure in her body.Off to the side, Kunal was now wiping his cock on Ayan’s sleeve, grinning as he watched Altaf taking Sara doggie style.”That’s hot,” said Vijay, his dick hardening as he stepped in front of the copulating pair. Getting on his knees he placed his dick in front of Sara’s face, and lifted her chin up to look at him, “Chal choss mera lauda saali randi… And if you bite down, we’ll fuck you till you can’t stand and then throw you in the hall without your clothes for the rest of those fuckers out there.”Shuddering a little, Sara obligingly opened her mouth, and he removed her thong-panties before pushing her mouth onto his cock. She made a small face at the taste of her remaining juices on it. With every thrust that Altaf made he forced her mouth down on Vijay’s hardening dick, so that she was getting it at both ends. Sara moaned, her body feeling weak and shaky from both her orgasm and the sexual ordeal. Vijay pulled on her hair, watching her lips as they moved up and down his cock, her facial expression changing with each of Altaf’s thrusts. He liked it when Altaf would thrust particularly hard, forcing Sara forward so that she gagged on his dick a little.Kunal sat off to the side, next to Ayan, just watching the show. Hitting and slapping him, spitting on him and kicking him sometimes as he laughed at him.Although her pussy was still fairly tight, Altaf wasn’t getting what he wanted… she was just too sloppy and wet for his tastes. Looking down at her curvy ass, he could see her little brown hole winking at him… sure as Pathan he was used to anal, but this was mostly virgin woman’s ass. No hair on these smooth cheeks, and so dark n tight – he asked Ayan if Sara had a virgin asshole. Kunaal slapped him to respond, and he nodded to indicate she was anal virgin !!Grinning, Altaf pulled out of Sara’s pussy, making her feel confused as she was pretty sure he hadn’t cum. Then she panicked as he pressed his dick against her tight anus, struggling and trying to protest. Vijay laughed, holding her head down on his crotch, reminding her not to bite, and watching as Altaf started forcing his wet cock into her tight ass.”Hot damn,” Altaf groaned, “That’s a tight virgin ass..Maar saali ki gaand..poori maar, fat jaani chahiye.”Sara sobbed around the cock in her mouth as her last dignity was taken from her, the large piece of meat making her insides cramp. She’d never had anything bigger than own finger in her ass before, and she couldn’t get away from the invader without choking herself on another cock. It pushed deeper and deeper, Altaf moving back and forth a little, unused to having such a tight hole to work into…”Feels like she’s rubbing the skin off my cock,” he laughed, his fingers digging into her hips as he thrust forward hard, making Sara shriek around Vijay’s cock as her ass cramped and burned. Tears leaked down her cheeks, wetting Vijay’s balls. Off to the side, Kunal laughed at the shocked look on Ayan’s face as his wife was violated anally.”Learning your lesson yet? Lega fir Boss se panga ? saale kiski chalegi aage se ?” Kunal asked, grinning and caressing his slowly hardening member, “Your wife sure is getting a lesson on treating us nice too.”Ayan wilted in his chair, a beaten man as Altaf finally buried himself completely in Sara’s tight ass cheeks. Grabbing a hold of her hair with one hand, he started riding her like a pony, using her hair as reins, shoving her head back and forth on Vijay’s cock. Reaching underneath her body, Vijay started tweaking her nipples again… Sara almost wanted to moan in gratitude as the sensation took some of her attention away from the burning rod that was impaling her ass.Riding her steady and hard, Altaf reveled in the feel of a newly-wed woman’s virgin ass, her smooth curvy cheeks pressing against his groin. With one hand wound in her hair, and the other on her hip, he had the perfect leverage to really, brutally, tear into her ass. Sara wriggled and moaned, her body naturally falling into the rhythm of the fucking she was receiving, becoming more compliant. It ended up helping her, because when she had a new sensation to concentrate on she started to relax, and as her body relaxed, her ass stopped cramping and hurting as much.Feeling her movements, Altaf redoubled his efforts, enjoying the sensation of the slick glide of his dick in and out of her tight hole, feeling the eyes of her hubby watching, indulging in Sara’s submission. To Sara, everything was starting to feel dreamlike… the two pieces of meat taking her from either end, the way her ass would clamp down as the cock thrust into it, the fingers on her nipples pinching and twisting idly. The smell of sex filled her nostrils, and she could feel herself become dazed, her eyes starting to glaze over as she became mentally numbed, only the sensations coursing through her body felt real.She moved erotically between Vijay and Altaf, Kunal’s eyes widened and he fisted his dick as it hardened, watching the titillating scene before him. Altaf groaned as her tight ass rippled around him, clenching and unclenching as he violated it, massaging his cock with every thrust. It felt fantastic.Letting go of her hair, he put both hands on her hips to really give him the leverage as he leaned forward and filled her ass with hard strokes. Sara groaned and wriggled, her ass tightening as he assaulted her.”Oh FUCK..kya maal hai saali ye randi Sara.” Altaf cried out as his balls tightened and he thrust fully into her, defiling her ass with spurt after spurt of cum, finishing the defloration of her ass. Sara shuddered, feeling the strange sensation of liquid spilling into her ass, her muscles milking his cock for all it was worth.She didn’t even notice that in the midst of everything, she was now actively sucking on Vijay’s cock.Vijay noticed that Sara was actually sucking on his dick, but he still wanted back at her pussy… he could have a mouth anytime that he wanted. As Altaf pulled out of her deflowered ass with a sigh of contentment, KUnaal grabbed Ayan’s shirt and almost tore it from his body.Tossing his shirt to Altaf he said, “Here, rus escort erzurum clean her up back there. saali ki gaand aur choot saaf kar de..sab geeli gandi hui hai”Altaf gave Sara’s lower holes regions a quick swipe with Ayan’s shirt, soaking up mixed juices of all 3 males and her, that had leaked from her, and making her shudder as hubbys cloth touched her sensitive and abused parts. Lifting Sara’s face from his crotch, Vijay pulled her on top of him as he lay down, her legs straddling his side. She moaned a little, through her haze she realized that he was going to put her through the indignity of actively fucking him by putting her on top, making her an actual participant in her own brutal shocking ****, as her hubby helplessly watched!Kunal came and stood behind Sara, slapping her back and spanking her absed ass-cheeks making her jump up n down on Vijay’s dick. She was so wet from two loads of cum, even after having been cleaned off by her shirt, that she slid right down on Vijay’s cock, making him moan. Since she was on top she was tighter than if he’d been fucking her on her back… and her elastic pussy felt fantastic.”Should’ve put her on top,” Vijay grinned at Altaf, “She’s still decently tight like this even after two cocks!”Stroking his dick as he stared down at the slowly moving Sara, most of her movement being made by Vijay’s hands on her hips as she barely had any strength left in her legs, Kunal grinned, “I think I know of a way to make her even tighter!”Kneeling between Vijay’s legs, Kunal pressed his dick against Sara’s ass, where a thin trickle of Altaf’s cum was leaking out. The poor girl couldn’t produce more than a whimper as her newly-deflowered ass was forced to take its second cock in less than half an hour, and this time while her pussy was already filled with meat. But she no longer had the strength to fight, or even protest. Instead, she just lay between the two men as Kunal fed his cock fully into her ass, giving her the strangest full feeling. her DP didn’t even really hurt, since he was breaching her hole so quickly after Altaf had vacated it. she was like a rag doll, too batted holes to feel much pain now..The two men started to pump in unison, making Sara shudder and groan between them, her oversexed organs feeling raw and sensitive. The position she was in forced her clit to rub against Vijay’s body, and she couldn’t help but tighten down and feel a little jolt of pleasure every time the men thrust into her. She was even starting to feel some pleasure from having something moving in and out of her ass, it was a strangely erotic feeling, and all her little nerve endings there were starting to tingle as Kunal sodomised her.Feeling excessively fully jammed in lower two holes, Sara squirmed a bit in between the two men, her body moving against theirs as they sped up the rhythm of their thrusts. She moaned, arching her back a little as her body adjusted to the two cocks pushing into her body. It was like her mind had shut off, all she could feel the was growing pleasure… something in the back of her mind told her to fight it, but it was starting to overtake her senses.Vijay and Kunal had their hands all over her body as they fucked her, feeling her exhaustion and arousal, her holes squeezing them continuously. Moving harder and faster, they stoked their own gratification as well as hers; Sara buried her face in Vijay’s shoulder, her moans growing with their movements.”That’s right, sweet thing,” Kunal grinned looking at Saras hubby Ayan, squeezing her breasts as he ravished her anus, feeling Vijay’s dick moving in her pussy alongside his, “Feels good doesn’t it?”The two men were so intent on their pleasure that they’d forgotten Ayan in the chair. Altaf hadn’t though, who was sitting next to him… he slapped hubby forcing him to watch n clapped as he glanced at Ayan’s pants and saw that he’d gotten a hard on. teasing him he grunted ” Dekh bhadwe Ayan – teri nayi dulhan ab hamari randi ban gayi..saali chinal maje se le rahi dono lund..dekh sale namard, itna ke tera bhi Lauda tann gaya abb !! “”hahaha dekho bhai log,” Altaf announced, “ randi ko chudte dekh kar namard Shauhar ne bhi khada kar liya lund…sala hubby has a boner from watching his wife getting ****d brutally like fuck-toy, isn’t he sick pervert?”..Altaf the kinky pathan, freed Ayans pathetic dick from his pants and pumped his fist till Ayan was groaning with pleasure as well as pain of humilation !!All three men laughed, Sara was so lost in her haze that the words didn’t even enter her ears..she was just screaming & groaning shamelessly..none of them were concerned with Ayan anymore. They had a hot bride to violate and pleasure theslves..Altaf, to complete the revenge announced “ruko..saali ka shor band karte hai..”Kunal shouted “yes, join in the violation fast..saali ka TP kar daalo!”Altaf left Ayan with his dick twching, and moved in front of Sara, he pulled her head up by roughly grabbing her hair..opened her limp mouth and forced his dick in..she had no engerfy..but after few vigorous slaps – she had no other option but automatically start sucking Altaf’s dick..she gagged on his cock, as Altaf choked her throat making her gasp n cough for air..Sara’s moans and movements became more frenzied, and still in her daze she could feel the tingling pleasure that signaled yet another imminent orgasm… something inside her head told her this was bad… but it was too late to stop..”Ohhhh nooooooo…” she moaned, shuddering and bucking as the euphoria hit her, the pumping movements of hard dicks in her pussy, mouth and ass seeming to split her open and wrap her entire body in multiple waves of rapture. It was the most intense orgasm of her newly initiated sex-life… and she couldn’t stop it. Vijay, Kunal kept thrusting her lower holes, hard and fast, feeling her body going into overload. So also Altaf gagging her mouth with his dicks pressure..”Fuck yeah, cum for us!” Vijay grunted, his hips moving underneath her as he felt his own pleasure rising, “Cream for me while I fill your pussy up with my sperms!”Grunting and hammering her asshole splitting open, both men reached the finish line at about the same time, sending Sara into a state of complete ecstatic bliss, her body thrashing between them as her orgasm took complete control of her body. Altaf joined in dumping his load down her throat, she had no escape but to swallow..Their dicks pulsed inside of her, filling her with cumm, and she sobbed between them with the intensity of her euphoria.When they pulled out of her, she was completely limp abused rag-doll, her body still twitching and shuddering from the aftershocks of her orgasm.By the time Ayan helplessly shuddered spewing cumm staining own pants, Sara was almost completely u*********s on the floor, overcome by numerous orgasms and completely battered out. Her mind was hazy, seeing everything as dream-like. In the chair sat her hubby Ayan, a completely beaten man, just staring at the floor. The three inmates slumped contentedly against the wall, with raw but satisfied dicks.

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