My First Lesbian Experience

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It had been a very messy divorce and it came to me with quite a shock. I walked into the kitchen after a shopping trip one day and saw two sheet of computer printing paper on the counter. One was headed ‘Yours’ and the other ‘Mine’ in dark black letters. On the two sheets was a division straight down the middle of all our possession from a 15-year marriage. Alongside the sheets was a petition for divorce signed by my husband and his lawyer.

At 38 years of age, I consider myself a not unattractive woman who, never having had children, had kept in good shape through regular exercise and a good diet. I was still slender, had relatively small breasts at 34C and am about 5’6” tall. My hair was auburn with just the slightest streak of grey showing; I had no intention of having a dye job done just yet. My name is Sandra although many of my friends call me Sandie.

I was totally flabbergasted; this had come out of the blue. Although John and I had not been communicating well lately, I had just assumed that he was so busy travelling with his job and was always so tired when he came home, it would eventually pass. That illusion soon passed when a week later, I was passing a restaurant downtown on my way to visit a lawyer for the first time that I saw John leaving the restaurant with a young busty bimbo on his arm and they stopped at the door to exchange a deep, tongue probing kiss! So much for my husband being too tired to talk – he was fucking around on the side all this time! All I could hope for was that she would soon tire of him and move on to someone her own age rather than a late forties man in mid-life crisis.

After a few meeting with my very aggressive lawyer and some interesting candid photographs of my ex and his paramour, my settlement was very good and I came away with almost everything. Some might say it was all for revenge but I couldn’t think that way. I figured that I had to take care of myself for once.

Not having a lot of marketable skills – I had basically been the supporting spouse while my husband advanced his career – I went back to night school to learn how to be a dental hygienist. The class size was fairly small and mostly made up of younger women (and one young man to my surprise) but the lady sitting next to me was about my age and a striking red head. We introduced ourselves and she told me her name was Kelly and was she was also recently divorced. She had this delightful Irish lilt when she spoke and the most amazing green eyes I have ever seen.

After a few classes, we started going out for a coffee afterwards and lingered to chat about our lives and expectations. We seemed to just click and had much in common. After a few of these coffees meetings, I asked her if she would like to join me for dinner the following Saturday night; I am a pretty good cook if I do so and she readily accepted my invitation to dine at my house. We arranged for her to arrive at 5:30 and said our good nights.

I have to admit to a certain attraction to this lady; we had so much in common and she had this ethereal beauty and aura about her I couldn’t quite explain. I was truly looking forward to getting to know more about her and our upcoming dinner. I spent most of the day on Saturday shopping, cleaning the house and preparing the dinner. I wanted this to be a special relaxing evening and to allow us the time to learn more of each other.

I also wanted to see if I could figure out what it was about Kelly that intrigued me so much. About two hours before her scheduled arrival, I had a long leisurely bubble bath and dressed comfortably in my loose white linen slacks and a shawl-collared cable knit sweater. Brushing my hair to fall loosely around my shoulders, I dabbed on a light perfume – now why did I do that – and went down to await Kelly’s arrival. As I was descending the stairs to the ringing of the doorbell, I suddenly realized that I had slipped on my sexiest demi-cup bra and a sheer matching thong! What was going through my mind! Too late now, I walked into the entryway casino şirketleri and opened the door to greet my guest.

She took my breath away! She was wearing an ankle length wrap-around skirt of sheer flowered material and a green halter top that left her back bare and showed just a inch or so of her flat tummy exposed. The colour matched her eyes exactly. I stood there as if transfixed until she laughed with a sound like bells and held out to bottles of wine saying, “Is it OK if I come in?”

I recovered and we exchanged a hug as I closed the door behind her, welcoming her into my home. I also told her she looked great and, blushing prettily, told me she felt the same about me. She slipped the sandals off her bare feet as I asked her to follow me into the kitchen as dinner was almost ready; I handed her two wine glasses and an opener and we agreed to start on wine while dinner finished. We sat on opposite sides of the breakfast counter and chatted like old friends. It wasn’t long before dinner was ready and we served it together and decided to just eat there in the kitchen.

By the time we finished and cleaned up the dishes, the first bottle of wine was empty and we had started on the second. I placed two of my own bottles in the fridge to cool down and we walked into the large comfortable living room and settled on the long sofa with our glasses in hand. Since the evening was a cool one, I had already laid a fire in the large stone fireplace and I got up long enough to light the kindling and a couple of candles and then settled back into my corner of the sofa.

Kelly felt comfortable – fortified by the wine no doubt – to ask me about the reasons my marriage ended. I, in return and feeling very easy with this beautiful woman, told the whole sordid tale. She sympathized with some comment about ‘men can be such jerks’ although I recall her words were a little stronger than that.

Having shared my tale, I asked her rather directly if her husband had cheated on her and left her for another woman; her response shook me in its directness.

“No, Sandie. It was the other way around. He caught me having sex with someone else; someone he considered as one of our best friends.”

“Was this man a neighbour?”

“Actually, no” she said. “I hope this doesn’t shock you Sandie since I don’t want to lose you as a friend but is wasn’t the neighbour – it was his wife”

My surprise obviously registered on my face since she immediately started to cry.

“I am so sorry to have said this so abruptly. Do you want me to leave?”

I answered immediately in the negative. Instead, I moved over to her and wrapped my arms around her as she continued to sob as though she should be ashamed of whom she was. As I held her, I could smell the sweetness of her freshly washed hair and just a hint of her flowery perfume – it was very intoxicating! I slowly rubbed her bare back, loving the silkiness of it, as I tried to calm her. Her sobs slowed down and as I held her and stroked her, she began to moan quietly. Her hands moved around my back until we were in a comfortable embrace – I \was surprised at my own feelings.

It seemed like an eternity since someone warm and caring hugged me like this and, perhaps because the wine lowered my defences, I moved her slightly away from me to gaze into her moist green eyes. The tears still there and showing on her cheeks almost broke my heart and I leaned forward to kiss them away. My rising feeling of something I was afraid to acknowledge overshadowed the slightly salty taste – I think I want to make love to this beautiful woman! I am not a lesbian so why do I have these feelings? Was it her tale of her own orientation (or perhaps just a fling) that had me turned on so? I could feel the wetness between my legs; a feeling I had not experienced except through masturbation for a long time!

Her hands moved up to the sides of my face and tenderly held me while she looked deep into my eyes saying, “Please, Sandie. I want to make casino firmaları love to you. Will you let me try to please you?”

Her words were so gentle and caring that I lost myself to her right there; in response I lowered my lips to hers in the softest touch of a butterflies wings and it felt like the world had lost its spin. Everything, including time, stood still for that few seconds until we drew apart both with our mouths slightly agape at what just happened. It was her being bold enough to ask the question and my acquiescence that seemed to have left us speechless.

We then, without a word, moved closer together until our bodies were as one and kissed more deeply; I felt her warm tongue press against my closed lips until I relented and it slipped in to run along the insides of my mouth. Soon my own tongue was duelling withy hers as we traded spaces in each other’s mouths.

My hands slid down the soft exposed skin of her back to the tie of her halter and I quickly, almost desperately, fumbled blindly with my fingers until it came undone. I then more easily unfastened the tie behind her neck and her back was now fully bare. I ran my nails lightly down the knobs of her spine until I reach the waistband of her skirt and found that there was a small zipper that held it together in the back; I slowly unzipped this as Kelly’s moans into my hungry mouth escalated with the excitement of being undressed.

I pressed her back against the cushions of the sofa and lifted away the halter to expose the most beautiful white breasts; they looked like they have never seen the light of the sun and were topped with a pair of the hardest pink nipples surrounded by dimpled pink aureole I had ever seen. There was just a splash of red freckles across them and it lent an air of innocence and sexiness to the scene. I lowered my mouth and grazed the tip of each nipple with my lips as Kelly arch her back and cried “Yess!”

As I sucked in the hardness of each nipple in turn, I pulled the skirt from around Kelly’s waist as she lifted her hips high. Pulling it away and throwing it to the floor to join the halter, I sat back to admire her slim, naked beauty in the flickering light of the fire and candles. She was magnificent! For someone who had never even entertained the thoughts of making love with another woman, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of lust for this milky white skinned beauty clad now only in the smallest thong in sheer green that displayed the wetness of a shaved pussy through the tiny patch of material. I was drawn closer to her centre by the musky wonderful smell of her arousal and, as I placed my mouth over her mons to inhale the scent and taste, she gently pushed me away.

“Can we take this into your bedroom, my sweet? I want to undress you so that we can be lovers together.”

I rose, realizing suddenly that here I was still fully dressed but leaking my own excitement so much that the front of my white slacks were soaked through; at this sight, Kelly lifted herself up and buried her face in my material-clad pussy and inhaled deeply. I trembled with the new sexual feelings – no man had ever affected me this way! Kelly was so gentle and loving; all I wanted to do was feel her naked body next to mine!

We walked hand in hand to my large bedroom and as she stood close in front of me, she quickly undid my buttons and drew my shirt off my shoulders allowing it to fall to the floor. She next unclasped my bra as she kissed the surface of each tit as they were exposed. Dropping the bra to the floor, she came into my arms as we exchanged a passionate kiss and I could feel the hot bullets of our aroused nipples rubbing against each other.

I knelt before her and slowly drew down the waistband of her thong; as she lifted her foot to step out of it, I moved her leg to rest over my shoulder and buried my face into her almost bare pussy (she had just a small strip of red hair pointing down towards her sweet cunt. I finally fulfilled my fantasy; my first taste of another güvenilir casino woman’s cum! It was so much sweeter and tangier than my own – I loved it and I continued my ministrations until she grabbed onto the top of my head for support as she thrust her hips in time to my tongue-lashing.

Without warning, she came is a great gush and ejaculated so much fluid into my mouth, I thought for a moment she had peed. But there was no doubt – it was all her natural orgasmic cum and I swallowed ex\very drop as if I was parched from being stranded in the dessert!

Kelly finished with a final shudder and, lowering her leg, led me over to the edge of the bed. She pushed me down so that my legs hung over the side and then proceeded to kiss my sopping mons through my now completely sheer thong. She could see that I was cleanly shaven and she used her tongue along to press the soaked fabric into my pussy; the feeling of another woman’s mouth eating me out sent me into my first orgasm with her and I seemed to just keep shaking and crying with the intensity of the feeling. It has been so long and never so good!

Kelly pulled my drenched thong down my legs and threw it aside but not before I watched her place it over her nod\se and inhale deeply! What a turn on! She then moved up my body and our lips met in a deep tongue-trading kiss as her hands seemed to be everywhere on my electrified body. First stroking my face and neck, then my breasts and straining rock hard nipples and finally disappearing inside and upwards in my pussy where she expertly found and manipulated my g-spot! I was in a complete frenzy as I came over and over again, all the time crying “Oh God! Please don’t stop! Oh.. my..god!”

While she was driving me so crazy with lust, I suddenly found myself looking straight up into her wide spread pussy and her legs straddled my face. I strained my head upwards to reach her pussy with my tongue – it was dripping her sweet cum all over my mouth and neck. She teased me by pulling away just as I drew closer while she continued to torture me and keep my orgasms coming. Finally, I reach up with my hands, grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy onto my hungering mouth.

We must have continued to bring each other to the edge and then drew back at least 20 or 30 times until we finally could take no more and dove deep into each other with our fingers – curling at the same time to the “G” and sucking on each other’s clits! I felt a slight prodding at my sphincter as her fingers from her other hand sought entrance and as I pulled my legs up higher, so did she. I reached first into her pussy to wet my fingers and then followed her lead. As our fingers slid past the tight out ring, we both moan into the other’s pussy!

We were sucking each other’s clits, fucking with our fingers in both orifices and without more than a minute passing, we simultaneously experienced the strongest orgasms we had ever felt. We literally covered each other’s cum as we went through the most amazing series of almost continuous orgasms that followed one after another, each with more intensity than the last!

It took us at least twenty minutes after we rolled into each other’s arms to regain some semblance of normal breathing. I never thought I would say this to anyone again but the words just came tumbling out; “I love you, Kelly!”

To my delight and only a heartbeat later, she smiled and responded, “I love you too, Sandie. I think I have since the moment I set eyes on you. I know I have wanted to love you since that moment.”

I realized that I felt the same and was basking in the glow of that feeling when I asked the next question with just a little trepidation.

“Baby, I would love you to move in with me. Would you think about it?”

Her arms went tightly around me, as we lay side-by-side and she whispered huskily in my ear; “I don’t need to think about it, my love! I would love us to be together forever”

We kissed again and I drew the cozy comforter over our entwined bodies as we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

That was over nine years ago and we are still together and more in love than ever. We have found a circle of friends that are supportive of our lifestyle and each have rewarding careers in the same dental clinic.

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