My First Job

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My First JobIt was my first job and I was just a young lady at the time. I worked at a pizza parlor of which I cannot share the name of. I am a full figured ebony woman with a cute face, as I have learned through life many men have a taste for women like myself, even if they are afraid to admit it. My boss was a very fit and attractive white male, in his early 30’s. A man that was a lifelong bachelor. Quite the lady’s man, at least in his eyes and of the eyes of all the young ladies that worked for him. I had only been on the job for about a couple weeks when I had caught him occasionally taking a glance at me. I enjoyed it since I thought he was hot and he was my boss. I thought that was pretty cool! Plus I was a young black lady, I didn’t think guys like that were interested in girls like me.When I knew he was interested in me more than just checking me out was one day when he came up behind me to see how work was going and pressed his crotch tightly up against my ass. He was only there for about 15 seconds but I could feel him firming up between my ass cheeks. A few nights later after a long work day. He approached me by my car in the parking lot, he came up and gave me a hug and told me that I had been doing such a great job at work and that I should come by his house right now to celebrate. I was mesmerized and of course I wanted to celebrate with him. At his canlı bahis place we had a few drinks on the couch and he made me feel very comfortable. He was rubbing my legs and feet and before long he placed my feet in his lap so that I could feel his growing mass. I rubbed it with my feet for a few minutes before he pulled it out. I knew he was a good size from the feel of it, but when he pulled it out it was every bit of 10 full inches. I was very impressed and excited to say the least. I went in to give him head, but he stopped me and took my hand. He said, “before you suck it I have something else I want you to do first”. I was eager to do whatever he wanted me to do. He led me to the bedroom where he had me strip down naked. He finished taking off his clothes and laid on the bed. He said “Sit on my face” and I listened obediently. I sat down on his face and his tongue shot up inside the lips of my pussy. He pulled me down so that all of my weight was on his face as he feasted on me for what seemed like an eternity. I had never experienced such oral pleasure before. I came hard multiple times all over his face. When he was finished feasting on me he, he says “get down there and suck daddy’s cock you tasty slut”. I get down there quickly and start sucking him like he was the best thing I had ever tasted in my life. I am battling with all 10 of his massive inches bahis siteleri and he is loving watching me struggle. My eyes are welling up with tears as I fight the urge to gag, but then he lets me know that I need to go deeper because he wants me to gag on him. Deeper I went. Oh did I gag. Gagged to the point of making a sticky wet mess like I had never experienced before. Gagged to the point where he almost plunged out the soda from my stomach that I had taken from the pizza parlor fountain earlier that night. I could feel him pulsating like he was going to explode any second. Right before he was going to burst he told me to stop sucking and to get on all fours. “Put your head down and get your ass up nice and high bitch, Daddy is going to pound you. On all fours I went as he got up behind me and smacked my ass. He slid his cock between my ass cheeks and grabbed a fist full my hair. He slid his big cock between my pussy lips and went about half way. He teased me with half of it for a few strokes and then he thrust his huge cock all the way inside me, which damn near made my eyes pop out of my head. I screamed like he was beating me. Which he was beating me, he was beating my pussy up. Daddy’s dick was amazing as he was slamming me. I thought there was no way this guy could last very long at this pace, but he continued to pump me like a machine. Slapping my ass güvenilir bahis and calling me his “fuck toy”. I was in heaven I came 3 times on his dick. He pulled out and I thought he was ready to give me a money shot, but he pushed his huge cock head up to my asshole. He said “is your asshole ready for a fucking”. I replied “Yes” and he said “Yes, what?”. “Yes, Daddy”. “Good Bitch” he said. He worked that fat dick up my ass and pushed my head down in the pillows. I could feel that snug fit in my ass like there was not any room for air left up there. He slammed my ass thrusting hard. He took a fist full of my hair and lifted my face out of the pillows. “Howl for daddy you ass-slut, Howl!!” I screamed as he continued to fuck the shit out of me. He pulled his huge cock out of me leaving with an empty feeling in my ass, and he came around to the front and stuffed his cock in my mouth. All the lovely scents and taste of me were all over his cock driving me wild. After sucking for a few minutes he pulled out and exploded with streams and streams of hot sticky cum all over my face. He had me scoop every last drop off my face and eat it. I did it happily. After I got home at 4am that morning I laid in bed touching my pussy where he had been most of the night. I could not stop thinking about what he had just been done to me. I slept until 2pm that next day and returned back to work at 4pm. The next night was much of the same, and I worked there for almost two years. 😉 One of these days I will write about the night we closed together at the pizza parlor. Just him, me, and a big empty building…

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