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My first experienceBack when I was a Junior in High School, my mom got married to a nice gentleman named Ryan. Ryan had a very young son and a daughter named Stephanie who was about 3 years older than I was at the time. Stephanie had just gotten married and her and her husband did not have a place to stay so my mom was nice enough to allow them to stay at our house since we had a finished basement. Nice of my mom however we didn’t realize how fucked up this family was. I had to find out the hard way..My step – brother in laws name was Jason. He was the same age as Stephanie. He was a big guy, Id guess around 6’2, 220, very athletic African American male. He was a handsome guy however just not my typical type of guy. Jason, from the time they moved into our house always seemed to give me a weird feeling. I would notice that he would look at me funny when I wore shorts and just seemed to always find a way to make me feel very uncomfortable. Weird stuff started to happen as well. I would come home some days and it appeared that my dirty laundry had been gone through. Sometimes I would also go to put on a fresh pair of undies only to find odd stains inside of them when I know they were clean. I never seemed to put two and two together until it was too late…One day as I arrived home from school, Jason and his friend Phillip were at the house. It was Jason’s birthday and they were sitting in the living room watching a movie. Stephanie had been downstairs in the basement sleeping. I decided to be nice and sit with them on a separate couch. As we watched the movie, the guys kept whispering back and forth and a sex scene came on and made me a bit uncomfortable. They started asking me odd questions that I didn’t appreciate and I got up and went to my room. After about 30 minutes I had decided to take a shower since Ryan and my mom would be home in a few hours and I figured we would be going out for dinner for Jason’s birthday. As I was taking my shower, I could hear the guys in the other room but didn’t think anything of it. When I finished, I grabbed my towel and got my body all dried up. I wrapped my towel around me and walked to my bedroom, however as I arrived at my door I noticed it had been opened and the light was still on. I looked inside and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary except the panties I had set out for me to wear were gone.I immediately walked to the living room where Phillip and Jason were sitting and laughing and asked them if they had been in my room. They both bursa escort denied being in there and I told them I knew somebody had gone in there. They basically told me I was crazy for thinking that and told me to come sit with them again. I said no, I still need to get dressed and Phillip told me I should take my towel off to do a little show for Jason for his birthday. Disgusted, I turned around and walked to my room. However, as I got to my door, I quickly learned to regret what I did.As I walked through my door, I felt a hand cover my mouth as somebody pushed me in the room. I was pushed onto my bed and could hear my door close seconds later and get locked. In my shock as I was rolled over, Phillip had his hand on top of my mouth as Jason was standing by the door. I could not believe what was about to happen to me with my step sister right downstairs sleeping. Phillip whispered into my ear that he was going to remove his hand and that if I screamed he would kill me. I nodded my head and he moved his hand. Him and Jason proceeded to remove their belts and use them to tie my hands to my headboard. Phillip proceeded to tell me that what was about to happen is because I wouldn’t take my towel off for them. Jason had a weird smirk on his face. He walked over and sat down on the bed next to me. He leaned in and kissed my forehead. “Looking for these?” He said, as he pulled the panties I had been looking for out of his pocket. I nodded.He then reached down and undid my towel, exposing my little virgin body. He smiled as him and Phillip stood up, removing their pants and taking their dicks out. I had never seen a penis in person before. If I had to guess, Phillip was around 8-9 inches and Jason’s was a solid 10 or so. They were BIG. They started touching on my body and started stroking their cocks, each taking turns putting it in my mouth, making me gag in my process. They had a sweet taste to them. They told me that earlier on in the day they both had sex with Stephanie and that I was tasting her. I was so disgusted but there was nothing I could do. They both continued to stroke themselves until they each came on my panties. Jason laughed as he then took the cum filled panties and shoved them in my mouth. Phillip started to massage my breasts as Jason got down by my thighs and spread my legs. “I’ve been waiting to taste this for a long time.” He started to use his tongue on my pussy. It honestly felt amazing. I tried to fight the urge but I couldn’t help myself and started to moan. bursa escort bayan “She likes that!” said Phillip. I could feel Jason trying to stick his finger inside of me but was getting frustrated because I was too tight. He got up and started looking around my room. He found some baby oil that I had on my dresser and grabbed somethings off of it as well. “This is going to be fun.” He said. He grabbed a marker first and put some of the oil on it and slowly inserted it inside of me. My body tensed up for a second and Phillip held me down. He took the panties out of my mouth and stuck his dick in it. He was shoving it in so far that it was gagging me and bringing tears to my eyes. The tears were turning him on even more and made him thrust harder. After a few minutes of fucking me with a marker, Jason turned to my curling iron. He put oil on it and shoved it inside of my pussy, trying to stretch me out. Phillip pulled his dick out of my mouth and they both took turns fucking me with the curling iron. The sensation that I was having was something I had never felt before, and I could not control it anymore. I let out a loud moan and could feel my pussy dripping. There had been a little bit of blood and they looked at each other and smiled. Jason took my towel off of the ground and cleaned me up. Phillip put his underwear back on and told Jason to start without him and he walked out of the room. Jason started to kiss my neck and my cheek and took out his phone. “I’m going to videotape this.” He said. I begged him please not to do this, that his wife would kill him if she found out. He told me she already knows he was going to do this. This was his birthday present. I told him he was lying and he went through his videos and showed me a video he took from earlier in the day when they were fucking Stephanie. He forced me to watch the entire thing and at the end he told her all he wants for his birthday is my sweet little pussy. She laughed and said “that’s it? Go for it then”.At that very moment, Phillip came back through the door with Stephanie and to my horror she had a big smile on her face. “Happy Birthday baby!”, she said as she came and gave Jason a kiss. She asked me if I liked the way her pussy tasted and I didn’t respond to her. “She loved it,” said Phillip. She quickly took her clothes off and started sucking Jason’s dick, getting him ready to fuck me. She then got on top of me and started to stick her fingers inside of me, then shoving them inside of my mouth making me taste escort bursa myself. She spun around and sat down on my face and told me to start licking, and I did. It actually did taste pretty good. The next thing I knew, she pulled my legs up and started licking me. The guys just stood there in awe, Jason recording the whole thing and both of them jerking themselves. She sat back up, “She’s Ready”.She proceeded to rub her pussy on my lips as Jason slowly stuck his large dick inside of my tight little pussy. He started slow and proceeded to thrust deeper and go faster. Stephanie undid the belt holding my hands up but I was motionless. There was nothing I could do but accept the fact that they were forcing themselves on me. Stephanie got up and started to suck on Phillip, and I watched as he bent her over and fucked her from behind while she watched Jason force his dick in and out of me. It turned her on, and at that point I could feel the sensation again as I came on Jason’s dick. He spun me around and told me to get on my hands and knees as he thrust inside of me again, going deeper than before until suddenly I felt a warm sensation inside of me. His cum dripping out of me, he got up and gave a high five to Phillip as he sat and watched him fuck his wife. I lay there, not being able to move and Stephanie got up and came over to me. She told me I wasn’t done yet, Phillip needed a turn.With my face in the pillow and my ass in the air, I could feel Stephanie’s clammy pussy on my back. She was sitting on me spreading my ass cheeks. I could feel the oil dripping down my crack and her fingers going inside of my ass hole. I could then feel the tip of Phillips dick against my hole, slowly pushing in. I will never forget the amount of pain I felt, but at the same time I liked this new found pain. He proceeded to go deep inside of my ass, slowly at first and working his way faster until he came inside of it. They all got up and put their clothes on. They told me to go ahead and get ready so we could all go out for dinner and they walked out of my room.I laid there, in shock. Not in shock because of what just happened to me, but because of how much I enjoyed it. I could still feel their cum inside of my ass and pussy, and it turned me on. I started to touch myself, trying to get that same sensation again, however this time was different. I got up and got dressed. I put on a mini skirt and the cum filled panties that they shoved into my mouth and walked out of my room and into the living room with them. They all smiled and I smiled back, asking them to please never talk about what happened again. This was just the start of what was to become of me, and I looked forward to every minute of my next adventure.

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