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My first BBCPlease see my previous story if you would like to read about my first experience sucking on another man’s cock. After that experience, I was floating on cloud nine and couldn’t wait to do it again. Matt, the guy I hooked up with, went out of town for Thanksgiving to be with family. I was hoping that he would contact me when he got back in town. I waited. And waited. And waited but no dice, I never heard from him. I eventually did try to reach out to him. We traded a couple of messages but it was pretty clear that he did not want to hook-up again. I couldn’t believe it but I was actually feeling a little hurt. Why wouldn’t he want to see me again? What was wrong with me? I had a better understanding of how some women feel after a one-night stand. Thinking about that actually cheered me up as I thought I was acting a kind of gurly.Anyway, once I knew I was not going to get another chance with Matt, it was back to Reddit to see if I could find someone new. It was the usual mess of interactions, guys just hunting for pics, others titillated at the thought of a hook-up but never wanting to actually go through with it, and some others that I just didn’t click with. All this time, I was getting more and more anxious. After sucking the real thing, I no longer had any interest in playing with my toys (other than some anal play…) I kept yearning for the real thing. Then, I got lucky and connected with a dude that was not too far from my house. We exchanged some messages and, at first, I was concerned because his messages had a lot of spelling errors and the grammar was poor. This is usually a warning sign for me to be careful. However, we continued to chat and I really started believing he was genuine. Only after chatting for a while bahis firmaları did we exchange pics. Boing! He was a BBC. What a cock! The picture made it look huge. He told me that he was over 9 inches. Whatever hesitation I had went out the window as I knew I had to get that beautiful black tool between my lips. However, after that, the other shoe fell. He lived with his mother in an apartment. He was available at 9:00 in the morning, after his mom went to work. I was really conflicted. The idea of hooking up with a young dude was an incredible turn-on but I was also leery of stepping into something that could lead to issues later. On multiple occasions, I made him confirm that he was over 18 and that this was something he really wanted to do. He assured me that he was 19 years old, in college (attending at night), and wanted to find out what it was like to have a dude suck his dick.Well, I think you can guess with which head was doing my thinking. We agreed to meet and I went to his apartment on a late morning, when his mom wasn’t home. I texted him when I got to his place and he came down to let me in. He was a little surprised when he first saw me and said “Boy, you are really tall.” I am 6’ 2” and Devontae was about 5’ 9”. He was a very nice k** and he showed me up to his apartment. He immediately apologized for how messy the place was but took me to his room where he had his Playstation running Netflix. I am not gonna lie, I was incredibly turned on. He was a little heavy but was cute, well groomed and very polite. However, I really felt uncomfortable given our differences in age (I am in my 40s). We sat down on his bed and I couldn’t help but begin to caress the bulge under his sweats. Without any warning, he leaned over kaçak iddaa and began to kiss me. Wow! I did not expect that, I let his tongue enter my mouth and swirl around with mine and my dick was instantly rock hard. Whatever reservations I had, they went right out the window.I got up and undressed down to my underwear and crawled back between his legs and pulled his sweats down. I was greeted by the most beautiful big, black cock I could have ever had hoped to see. I don’t believe it was 9 inches but it was every bit of 8 inches with a nice head and a big ball sack. I started licking his shaft, kissing the head, and caressing his thighs. After a couple of moments of teasing him (and myself), I wrapped my lips around his beautiful dick and started sucking. I was swooning! It was an incredible feeling. Slowly, I took more and more of his manhood into my mouth until his head was pushing against my throat. I slightly adjusted my position so that his cock would slide in easier and I deepthroated him. Devontae gasped. I just held my lips against the base of his cock as I felt his cock twitch inside my throat. It felt wonderful. Over the next 20 minutes, I continued to suck and deepthroat that wonderful cock. I would periodically move my mouth down to his balls and suckle on those while I continued to stroke his meat with my hand. It was an incredible experience. Unfortunately, I could not get him to come. What was up with that? He eventually stopped me and apologized, telling me that it takes him a really long time to cum. I surmised that he must have jerked off a few times in advance of our meet-up and that he was spent. I told him that I was happy to continue to suck on this cock. Instead, he asked me if he could see my cock. I removed kaçak bahis my underwear and my rock hard 5” dick popped out. He wrapped his hand around it and stroked it a little and then made a weird request.He asked if I would jerk off my cock onto his big dick. “Can you shoot your load on my cock, please?” he asked. I figured, fuck it, why not. In order to get myself off as quickly as I could, I then did something else I had never done before. As I was stroking myself, I licked his shaft, sucked his balls, and kept moving my mouth down until I was licking his ass. I was licking his ass! What a dirty little slut I was. He lifted up his legs to give me better access and I jammed my mouth against his butthole and began licking. I felt so slutty, so raunchy. It was incredible! After only a couple of moments, I was ready to explode and I proceeded to shoot my load all over his dick and stomach. It was an incredible orgasm. I dropped back down and licked up all of my cum off of his cock and stomach and Devontae just smiled.Afterward, we continued to chat for awhile and I told him that I was disappointed that I was not able to get him off. He told me not to worry about it and that we could take care of that next time for he really wanted to fuck my ass. I just smiled but I was thinking that I don’t know whether I would be able to accommodate his mammoth tool. I eventually got dressed and left. We continued to chat over the next couple of days until he got banned from Reddit. After that, it was hard to communicate. I did have his e-mail and we did exchange a couple of notes but we never hooked up again. I was bummed but I was starting to think that this is just how these encounters went. In any event, my first two encounters left me emboldened for more. All I could think about is when I could find another hook-up partner. Eventually, that would lead me to getting fucked for the first time in my life. Stay tuned, if you want to hear about more of my adventures.

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