My Favorite Kind of Brandy

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My parents are friendly with our next-door neighbors, Joe and Brandy Spinner. The Spinners are at least a dozen years older than me, but they’re loads of fun, and we often invite them over for drinks or a BBQ. Brandy likes to bake and sometimes makes delicious muffins for dessert.

I like Brandy. She always takes an interest in me and offers sisterly advice when needed. In addition, she is attractive with short, dark hair, hypnotic green eyes, and a small, sexy mouth.

This year I moved out of state to attend a university. When I came home for break, my parents shocked me with the news that Joe and Brandy had divorced.

“Divorced, that’s awful. Is Brandy still living in the house?” My parents assured me that Brandy was still living there and that I should go over and visit her.

“She’d love to see you, Shea; why don’t you stop by and say hello.”

I wasn’t doing anything as there’s nothing to do in my little town. So I skipped out the front door to visit.

“You’re not going over there dressed like that, are you?” I was wearing my skinny jeans and a camisole, typical college attire.

“Mom, all the girls dress this way at school. It’s what I wear in class.”

“Whatever, I keep forgetting it’s a new world.”

I slipped out of the house and knocked on Brandy’s door.

“Shea!” she greeted me with a big hug. When I tried to let go, Brandy kept on hugging me. “I’m so happy to see you.” It wasn’t until later that I learned just how happy she was.

“Come in and sit down.”

“Thanks, Brandy; it’s awesome to see you.”

“You look great!” She eyed me up and down.

“Would you like something to drink? I have beer, wine, and vodka.”

Was she joking? It was only eleven o’clock in the morning.

“Um, I’ll have some ice water, thank you.”

“Of course,” She bounced out of the room, and, I must say that for a thirty-something-year-old woman, she had a nice ass.

When she returned and handed me the glass, I couldn’t help but notice that she looked right down the front of my top.

“So tell me about school. I bet there’s loads of partying.”

“Oh yeah, there is lots of partying.”

“That’s great. That is what I miss most about school. I bet that with a body like yours, you have to carry a baseball bat to keep all the boys at bay.”

The truth was that I was a virgin and still figuring out if I liked boys.

“I guess,” I answered with zero enthusiasm.



“You do have a boyfriend, don’t you?”

“Uh, no, not right now.”

She got up from the couch and settled on the love seat right next to me.

“I may be older than you, but I wasn’t born yesterday. When pretty girls go to college, it’s normal and healthy to date and sleep with guys. You have a gorgeous body. It would be a shame not to share it.” Then she looked into my eyes and said, “you should even experiment a little. I slept with a few guys in college, but I also had a brief, intense relationship with another woman.”

I could not believe my ears. What should I say?

“It’s okay, dearie,” she whispered as she ran a finger lightly along my arm, “your secret is safe with me.”

“What secret is that?”

“That you’re a virgin and unsure about boys.”

“How would you know that?”

“How do I know you’re a virgin? You can usually tell by the way a girl walks. And, I figured you’re unsure about boys because you never mentioned guys in our little talks.”

Brandy had me pegged, and I had to change the subject.

“Um, my parents said you got divorced. I am so sorry.”

“Oh, it’s nothing to be sorry about; I got a Porsche and my freedom, and Joe got what he wanted: a twenty-two-year-old dental hygienist with big tits.” As she said this, I swear she took another glance down my shirt. It was more than I could handle. I stood up, made some excuse that I needed to go, and left.

I was puzzled the following two days as my thoughts kept turning to Brandy. Was she coming on to me? Was I flattered? To make matters worse, my parents left Saturday morning for a weekend in the mountains with a group of friends. They left me home, where I was climbing the walls. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Dressing in a hot pink tube top, short shorts, and high-top sneakers, I paid a call to Brandy. I knocked on the door, but nobody answered. Her shiny red Porsche was in the driveway, so I walked around the house into the backyard.

What I saw shocked me. Brandy was laid out on a lounge chair, soaking up the sun in a skimpy bikini bottom and nothing else. I turned to go, but she heard me and lifted her head.

“Shea, what a surprise. Come sit down; I’ll get you another lounge chair.” She put on a towel, but not before I got a glimpse of her small but lovely tits. After that, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

“You look so cute in that outfit,” she grinned. “Why don’t you take off your sneakers and stay awhile?”

I took off my high-tops. Then she grabbed some suntan oil and sat down next to me.

“You have the most beautiful escort london hair,” she said as she ran her fingers through my long blonde hair.

“I love this top on you,” she noted as she tugged on the garment. “Would you mind if I spread some lotion on your shoulders?”

I was getting goosebumps. She squeezed some lotion into the palm of her hand. I closed my eyes as she rubbed the cream into my skin; her hands worked like magic. I knew that this was precisely what I wanted. When she stopped, I opened my eyes to see her smiling, her pert little tits standing at attention only inches away from me. Then she leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.

I was not prepared for that.

“You are a beautiful young woman Shea, and I’m finding you almost impossible to resist. Do your parents know you’re here?”

“Um, they went to the mountains; they won’t be back until late Sunday morning.”

“Well, that’s timely,” she purred and ran her fingers up and down my legs. My motor was starting to run. Next, she rubbed some lotion onto my thighs. She could tell I was enjoying it. When she was through, she kissed me on the back of my neck, and an involuntary moan escaped from my lips.

Brandy then lifted a hand to my chin, turned my head ever so slightly, leaned forward, and kissed me on the lips. I thought I would melt.

I wanted more, and she knew it. She moved in again, and this time the kiss was more passionate. I could feel her tongue pressing against my lips, and I moaned into her mouth. Then I reached up, pulled her towel off, and cupped one of her breasts in my hand. It was Brandy’s turn to sigh.

We kissed for a few minutes, and she stuck her tongue in my mouth. It was so hot. No guy had ever turned me on this way.

She stopped to hold my face in her hands.

“Shea, you know you can get a much nicer tan if you took off your tube top.”

I didn’t need an instruction manual, and I raised my hands to allow her to remove my top. She took a moment to admire my breasts before she leaned forward to lick and suck an aching nipple.


She released my tit to look at me with those soft, hypnotic eyes, “Mmm, you like that, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” I managed to squeak out. I could hardly speak.

She smiled and moved in for my other tit, begging for attention. After sucking it, she seductively ran her wet tongue up my neck and bit my earlobe.

“Oh, Brandy,” I whimpered. I was panting by now. Then, finally, she opened her mouth and sucked on one breast so hard I thought I would explode.

“Ahh…” I was in seventh heaven. Then she straightened up and said to me, “Baby, you are so hot. Suck my nipples, please; it’s been so long. ” She arched her back and offered me her breasts. I lowered my mouth to her small pert tits.

“Ohhh,” she purred and stroked my hair as I moaned into her breast. It was almost perfect, but I needed more, and I started to rock my hips against her.

“You want something else, sugar?” She whispered in my ear. “Let’s take those pants off and see if I can’t help you out.”

I had to force myself to stop licking her luscious tits. Brandy got up, reached for my pants snap, and undid the zipper. I couldn’t believe we were doing this and in her backyard, no less.

She tugged off my shorts, got back onto the chaise lounge, and positioned herself between me and the back of the lounge. I sat between her legs. I was only wearing my panties. I turned my head, and we tongue kissed, hungering for each other’s mouth. She squeezed a tit with one hand and rubbed my sweltering pussy through my panties with her other hand.






She rubbed me up and down and in circles. My panties were starting to get wet. Finally, she removed her hand, but only to lick her fingers, and then she plunged her hand down the front of my panties and stuck a finger into my waiting hot hole.

“Omigosh,” I thrust my hips out and pleaded with her to go deeper.

“You like that little college girl. Do you see what you are missing? You could do this with your roommate. Doesn’t it feel incredible when I move my finger inside your hot little cunt?”


She pulled her finger out, and I let out a little yelp; I’d never made that sound before.

“Do you want more?” She wanted me to beg for it.

“Uh, yes,” I whimpered. “Don’t stop, don’t stop.”

She grinned devilishly, sucked her fingers into her mouth, and moaned. Then she slid her hand back into my panties and stuck two fingers inside of me.

I was losing all sense of myself. The feeling was superb. Her thumb started to rub on my clit, and I threw my head back and sighed, “ahh.” She thrummed and gunned inside of me as I urgently rocked my hips against her hand. I had to cum so bad.

“Uh, Bran, Bran, yes, oh yes…”

I was so close and couldn’t take it any longer. I threw my arm around her neck, urging her closer, tighter. I needed friction. She pushed a third finger deep inside me and pumped me like a piston; with her other hand, she squeezed dubai escorts my tit as she bit my earlobe.

“Ahh,” I screamed, oblivious to the neighbors. “Ughh, ohh, ohh, ohhh, Brandy.” I came so freakin’ hard. Her hot little hand didn’t stop, and I came again and again, drenching my panties. I never felt so satisfied.

We kissed as she removed her hand from inside of me and offered me a lick of her honey-covered fingers.

“Omigosh Brandy, that was incredible,” I breathed.

“I know, sweetie, believe me, I know. I could see you were enjoying yourself. Wasn’t it beautiful?”

Yes, I nodded and drifted off…

I was out only a few seconds before I felt Brandy stirring and slipping off the chaise lounge. I opened my eyes to see her picking up her towel.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing, I was getting cramps wedged between you and the chaise lounge.” She was now putting her bikini top back on.

“Is that it?” I frowned.

“For now, sweetie.”

“But I want to do the same to you.”

“You will; we have all weekend to fuck and suck. But I have an important appointment. I hate to run.”

An appointment? I couldn’t believe my ears. But then she walked over and placed a warm hand on my face.

“It was lovely, Shea. But, unfortunately, I have to go now. I’m sorry, but I’ll make it up to you. Listen, honey, toss those sopping wet panties into the trash bin. Then, later on, I’ll pick you up, and we’ll go to the mall. We’ll go to “Allure,” and I’ll buy you some hot bras and thongs. Then we’ll come back here, and you can model for me. How does that sound?”

She bent forward and gave me a long, hot kiss. It sounded real good to me.

She went inside, and I put my clothes back on, tossing my panties into the garbage. I went into the house and looked at my face in the bathroom mirror. I was wearing a big grin and had no doubts now about my sexual preference. I took a shower and fingered myself to orgasm as I fantasized about Brandy and our plans.

I threw on a short skirt but skipped the panties. At 4 o’clock there was a knock on my door. Peering through the front window, I saw Brandy, and I let her in.

“Wow, you always look great!” she gushed and gave me a kiss. “Let’s go; I want to buy you something sexy for tonight.”

We drove to the mall.

“How was your appointment?”

“Great. I sold the house.”


“It’s too big for me,” she explained. “And I’m sick of commuting into the fucking city.”

I didn’t know if I was happy for her or sad to hear this news.

“Allure” is an exotic clothing store located in the Highland Mall. It was thrilling to be in such a place with the same woman who had given me an incredible orgasm earlier that day.

“Baby, I want you to pick out whatever you like, but I get final approval.”

I picked out a few sexy bras, thongs, and V-strings.

“That’s to replace the panties we ruined today,” she grinned. “You can wear these in school. I have a feeling you are going to make some new girlfriends,” she winked. “Now, I want you to get something just for me.”

Brandy had me try on some lingerie, and after a few hot dress rehearsals in the private room, we settled on a hot pink lace cami and panty set. Next, Brandy purchased a sexy red babydoll with matching lace panties.

When we got back into the car, I was so hot with visions of our night together in her bedroom. Brandy must’ve read my mind. Instead of starting the car, she pulled me close, and we french kissed in the parking garage as she reached a hand beneath my short skirt and grazed my aching pussy.

I was fucking dying for her.

“Patience, pet. One more stop.” We picked up some Chinese food on the way back. Once in the house, she instructed me to go into the bathroom and get into my new outfit while setting the table. When I came out, Brandy had dimmed the lights and put some soft music on to set the mood. A bottle of wine sat on the table.

“Wow, baby, you look scrumptious in that new lingerie.”

“Thank you for buying it for me.”

“Oh, you are welcome.”

She went into her bedroom to change. When she came out in her hot red baby doll, I almost lost my breath. The cups were cut away to give me a great view of her tits, and each one called out my name. Additionally, she’d sprayed some perfume on and was totally intoxicating.

She lit candles and poured some wine. I couldn’t take my eyes off Brandy. She ate with her fingers, and she kept sticking them in her mouth and sucking on them while staring at me. I was squirming in my seat. Shortly, she got up from her chair, walked around the table, and gently massaged my shoulders, telling me how beautiful I looked. Then she offered me her hand.

“Would you like to dance?”

I rose, she wrapped her supple arms around my waist and lowered her warm hands to my ass.

We swayed to the music and held each other tightly. I loved running my hands up and down her bareback and staring into her hypnotic eyes.

“When I was married to Scumbag Spinner we had amazing threesomes. Escort Dubai Our only rule was that you had to share any girl you brought home. I think we fucked every willing girl from the expressway to main street.

“You know that hot little Mexican girl who works at the gas station on Vine?”

I nodded, yes.

“We had her going from both ends one night. Joe fucked her in the ass while she ate my hot pussy. And the demure redhead who works in the library and has tits that reach to the science fiction section?” Laughs. “Well, she’s not as quiet as you may think. Geez, one night, she had every friggin’ dog in the neighborhood barking and yelping. And, did you ever see that sexy bitch in the office supply store who wears glasses?”

“You mean the one who makes you want to cum just from looking at her?”

“That’s the one. One night, she was here and threw off all her clothes in about three seconds. Then, she finger fucked me while stroking Joe and never even took her glasses off. Fuckin’ bitch was hot.

“But then Joe got selfish and wanted the girls all to himself. I wasn’t going to put up with that business. So now he has his girl, and I have mine.”

She gave me the most knowing, loving smile.

I was flattered that such a beautiful, experienced woman should desire me.

“I watched you grow up. I must admit I had thoughts for you-dirty thoughts. But you were still young, and I had to restrain myself. Then, the minute you turned eighteen, you left for college. I’m so jealous; the girls at school are going to have you all to themselves.”

“But I don’t know what to do when I go back?”

“What do you mean?”

“How do I tell a girl that I’m interested? Or tell that she’s interested in me?”

“It’s simple. Don’t look away if you find a girl attractive and she looks back at you. Instead, smile. If she smiles back, then you are halfway home.”

“It sounds simple enough. But what about performing in bed? How do I know what turns them on? I don’t want to make an ass of myself.”

“They’re going to like the same things done to them that you enjoy. But, c’mere, I want to show you something that can help,” she said as she stopped dancing and led me to the love seat.

She put on a Swedish porn flick. It was something about lesbian babysitters. The actresses were gorgeous, and each scene was a lesson in a new position. Then she lit a joint. We both took slow, lazy drags on it. Brandy snuggled up to me. She seductively ran her nails up and down my arms, back and thighs while I watched girl after girl orgasm into their lovers’ mouths or onto their hands.

“I know you’re a good student. Are you studying the film sweets?”

My pussy was throbbing. I turned to Brandy, stuck my tongue out, and we swapped spit.

“Come, my pretty kitten. I think it’s time.”

We walked hand in hand into her bedroom. A gorgeous canopy bed was against one wall. Surrounding it burned scented candles. The fragrant scent of lemongrass wafted from a diffuser. The candlelight accentuated Brandy’s beautiful features.

“Do you like this, Shea? I did it for you.”

“Thank you, Brandy. I don’t know what to say. Everything is so beautiful.” She pulled me close, I closed my eyes, and we kissed deeply.

“Lay down, gorgeous,” she whispered in my ear.

I laid down on my side with Brandy next to me. She seductively reached around me to touch my face, boobs, and pussy while planting soft kisses on my neck. Next, she rubbed herself up against my ass and stroked my hips. It was so lovely. Then she pulled me up, and we both got on our knees.

“Take off my top, darling.”

I removed her babydoll, and she reached around me and took off my top. She put her hand behind my head, pulled me close, and we kissed. Damn, she was a great kisser.

“I have to taste those fantastic tits of yours,” she demanded. I squeezed them in my hands and offered them to her. She bathed and licked them with her wet mouth. I started to rub my legs together.

“Lay back.”

She laid my head on the pillow and reached down to remove my panties. Then she got on top of me. I spread my legs to allow her to put a thigh right against my aching pussy. She rocked back and forth on top of me, and she had a little orgasm.

“Oh, yes!”

Then she quickly removed her lace panties before kissing me and whispering in my ear.

“Did you ever hear of muff diving? I think they still use that term in school. I’m going to eat your muff now. Are you ready?”

I was so hot.

“Oh yes, Brandy. Make me cum hard like you did this afternoon.”

She smiled wickedly. She worked her way slowly down my body, planting kisses every couple of inches down my neck, collarbone, and crowning my nipples. She then used her tongue to paint a trail over my smooth belly and stuck her tongue in my belly button.

“Oh Brandy, please,” I breathed. I couldn’t stop lifting my ass off the bed, begging for attention. So she got down between my legs and spread them further apart.

“Oh, you have the sweetest looking pussy, Shea. I bet it’s hot and juicy.”

“Uhh,” I groaned.

She leaned her mouth into my pink folds and kissed me. The feeling was amazing. I reached down to press a hand on the back of her head while squeezing a tit with my other hand.

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