My Father encouraged my brothers Love to me

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My Father encouraged my brothers Love to meShe recalled the incident in vivid detail, it was sudden and impulsive, eventually leading to her experience of ‘family Love’.She had been in a deep sleep and not even sensed anyone was in her bedroom, and by the time she had awoke, she had been exposed, as she slept nude, due to the oppressive heat, during the night.Her mother had been calling her and resulted in her angry father coming into the bedroom, and without warning, tearing her bed-sheet from her prostate body.She lay nude and as she was gaining some semblance of what was happening, her father, after looking down on her, pushed past her younger brother, who had come into the room at the same time.As her father could be heard going down the stairs, she was looking at her younger brother, still in his early teens, staring at her form, taking-in her developing body, her budding breasts and the wispy growth forming around her pubes.This was a new sensation for her, the realization her body had on the opposite sex, ok it was her younger brother, but it felt both strange and nice to show, so as they were alone, she made no effort to cover-up, instead she opened her legs as she swung one out of her bed, putting her foot quietly onto the floor, then lay there, spread-eagled, ‘Want to touch it?’Her brother was staring at kadıköy escort her cunt, that was obvious as he had an erection, they were both having feedbacks, and her nipples were erect and very visible to him, as her breasts were on the smallish side, accentuating her nipples, which were deepening in color, from a soft pink to a fiery red.She raised her leg from the floor and hooked-it behind his thigh, pulling him forward, in between her legs, and as he drew nearer, he saw her secret a clear fluid from her cunt, the inner fleshy part swelling and crinkling, opening up with more liquid coming out and running down her crack, forming a small pool in her arse-hole, before continuing to wet the sheet under her bum.He had never seen his sister nude before and was totally mesmerized by both her beauty and beguiling body movements, her writhing on the sheet and dirty stream of words she was using, now she was slipping her hand inside his pajamas and gripping him, moving her hand as he does when he wants to feel good, only she did it better.Her legs were still wrapped around his and using his legs as leverage, she lifted her upper torso with ease, sliding her hand around his buttocks, and pushing his pajama bottoms down his legs.She üsküdar escort looked up at him and he felt her knobbly nipples brush his thighs, his erection was between her small breasts and she was using her upper body to excite him further.This was too much but what she did next was one of the most pleasurable ever, her head dipped forward, and he felt a sudden warmth, heat and wet with incredible sensations as her tongue worked on his knob.He could feel the heat creep further and further down the total length of his cock as she devoured him deeper and deeper, so this was a ‘Blow-Job’, and his own sister was doing it to him, a surge of love swept over his being as he shuddered uncontrollably, the pleasurable spasms rolling over and over, but she remained clamped to his cock, doing the most incredible things, and as his erection subsided it became painful to her administrations, and he had to fight hard to separate their bodies as she refused to release him.Becoming flaccid made her break the union, and she flopped back onto the bed, her legs still wrapped around his.Her eyes were glazed as she spoke and touched herself, ‘Stick two fingers up me’, her hips raising in unison with her her mouthing, it looked as though she was wetting herself as fluid was escaping from her swollen tuzla escort vagina, and her powerful and incessant pulling on his legs as she tugged him forward and he fell on top of her.Her legs came up over his back and her hand shot between them and grabbed his cock, ‘Fuck me please little brother, Fuck me’, she moaned over and over into his ear, followed by her long pointed tongue.He was still flaccid but she was forcing him inside her and soon he felt warm as she enclosed around him, ‘Oh God, Oh God’, she breathed into his ear, she was orgasming and kissing his face and suddenly he felt her cummings, as a jet of warm water washed over him, she was squirting with each cumming and her squeezing on his cock felt powerful, so powerful, he developed another erection and started to hump her.Pushing hard on his hips she disengaged his cock from her pussy, instead turning face down and asking him to finish on her bum, and reaching back she pulled her cheeks apart so his cock lay across the open length, and it was enclosed between the soft folds as she released them and they swallowed his penis as he humped.When they had finished she jumped from the bed and grabbed a towel, she made for the bathroom and as she opened her bedroom door, daddy was standing, he had been listening, possibly watching, now she knew why he had exposed her to her brother, but it just family and she learned to accept and adapt, what goes on behind closed doors is no one else’s business.The following year on her sixteenth birthday, she received daddies ultimate condition of love, so her front door is closed tight, except for this small admission, so you guys can have some fun with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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