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My erotic encountersdeleteddeleteddeletedAfter my husband and I opened our avenues toward our fantasies about sex, and after we have fully discovered ourselves and openly discuss our sexual fancies, I have become bolder in relating to him my other sexual experiences which I have kept to myself for years. I can recall that our open communication about sex started after he discovered that I was having an affair with another man (I have published my story about this I titled “The Day I Cheated My Husband”). Unbelievably, though, but the situation has been unexpectedly contrary to what I had anticipated. And the love that I feel towards my husband and the enjoyment I fell in our sexual intercourse have become extremely passionate than ever. He has seen me enjoyed fucking with another man and I felt the same pleasure when he fucked another woman before my very eyes. We enjoyed the moments when we swap partners (my boyfriend Dan and I and Dan’s wife and my husband) and fuck side by side in the same bed. Yet these sexual activities we had brought me and my husband to a bizarre sexual enjoyment beyond explanation when we were alone in our bed or in any place we feel like fucking. We talk nasty things, we scream, tell stories and do much other weird stuff as we see-saw our bodies to extreme pleasure until we blow our minds off as we reach both our orgasms.The very first story I told my husband was my first taste of lovemaking with our neighbor. I was very young, then, barely f******n years old and I could remember that was the age I had my first menstruation. As a young girl, many of my peers would say that I was pretty. I was naturally a big girl, tall, with long, black hair. Probably a replica of my mother and my built then doesn’t speak so much of my age as I had already grown nipples which I didn’t see from other girls of my age in our community. I was a playful c***d and loving. We had a neighbor who was very close to our family. He was about thirty five years old then and a muscular man, tall, handsome and being a construction worker, you could expect that he is a very active person. His name was Jude but people used to call him “bouncer”. So I called him that name, too. I was very fond of Bouncer because she used to hang out in the store just beside our house from work. And he used to buy me soft drink and biscuits and in return I would carry his pack and place it near our stairs that he would pick on his way to his house which is very close to ours. During weekends, Bouncer would invite me to his house to watch TV, much to the comfort of my mother whose laundry chores could only be done during Saturdays as she worked in a factory from Monday to Friday.Bouncer lives alone in his house. His known relatives, my mother told me, were in another island. He has a girlfriend who sometimes slept in his house to which I fell jealous to when I saw her around. Of all the c***dren around our place, I feel that I was Bouncer’s favorite and was very proud of it. I love the way he showed me his affection, and I love the way he hugged me close to his body when no one’s looking around. As a c***d with an immature and innocent feeling, I consider his advances normal like a real relative. One particular weekend, my mother announced that their factory has bought a permanent place in another town. She said the factory management had appointed her to supervise new workers and had to stay there each week and come home only during weekends or most probably at mid-weeks (my parents had been separated when I was ten). Because it was at the middle of the school year, it was difficult for me to transfer to another school so he requested Bouncer, as he is the only person very close to our family and considered him our relative, to watch over me from time to time while my mother is still looking for a place for us to stay in another town.So I had to settle myself between two houses. I go home from school during güvenilir bahis the day and spend nights at Bouncer’s house in a room adjacent to his. Bouncer prepared our food in the first week but he taught me how to cook and prepare dinner when he arrived from work and me from school. It was during those sessions that I feel something different going around with his company. He used to put his arms around my waist while he gave me instructions how to handle the utensils for cooking. I would pull his arms away when I feel his hands already touching the portion of my breast. And when I do something right after his instructions, he would kiss me on my cheeks that would send some strange feelings to my spine. I would admit that I liked what I feel but I didn’t show any positive reactions about it. In the morning, I had to wake up early to take a quick visit at our house and had to return to Bouncer’s place immediately to prepare breakfast. My school starts at seven o’clock and Bouncer had to leave almost at the same time, too. Most often I would know that he’s already awake when I hear the water rushing in the bathroom while I hurriedly cook our breakfast. He would always greet me a good morning when he came out from bath and would plant me a kiss on the cheeks, but this particular morning, he grabbed my shoulders and turn my face to his and kissed me on the lips. That, later I’ve learned, was a French kiss. In that precise position my mind went blank as he was the first man who had kissed me, literally, aside from my mother, who kisses me on the cheeks each time she left for work. After some few minutes I pushed him back and I was trembling with fear as I feel a hard and hot object touching my loins. I hadn’t said a thing and I felt my legs had paralyzed I involuntarily squatted on the floor, leaving the food that I cook to burn. He hurriedly put off the stove and then turned towards me and carried me up to stand.“I’m sorry, Liz,” that was the first word that broke the silence for several minutes since that morning. “Please don’t tell your mother about this,” he added as he accosted me to the chair near the table.“It’s alright, Bouncer. You surprised me.” That was the only word I grasped for an answer. “You’re so beautiful,” he said. And as I looked at myself, I realized that I was still wearing a thin night dress which I used to wear to sleep. I knew that Bouncer could see my whole body inside that dress and my growing nipples are clearly protruding out from the silk. Although my mother had introduced me wearing a bra but the discomfort of wearing them for the first time would allure me to remove them off soon. As I looked down further, I could see clearly that my panties garters marked its lines on the sides from the dress I was wearing. And my panties could be seen visibly from that thin dress. I was so occupied thinking about my awkward situation when I realized that Bouncer was already in front of me, and I also realized that some tears were already flowing from my eyes.“Please don’t cry, Liz,” he said as he wiped my tears off my cheeks.“No, please don’t mind me,” was my answer. Actually I was just confused. Honestly, I wasn’t angry. “I promise, I wouldn’t tell anybody.” And from that answer, he cupped my cheeks with his both hands and kissed me a very passionate one on my lips. His hands were very strong that I feel I had no other choice but to open my mouth and met his tongue exploring mine. He was sucking my tongue and for the first time in my life a strange heat enveloped my body that seemed to invigorate my skin with a deadly electrical voltage. What’s this sensation I feel? Did I hear myself moaning? Yes, I was moaning while his right hand traveled through my thighs, and the other was already caressing my breasts. I clutched his head down with my both hands and I could sense my body was already arching towards him as I remained seated in the chair. The scent of the soap türkçe bahis he used had added to the strange sensation I was feeling at the moment and I became like a lady in the stage spelled by the tricks of her magician. My emotion had overpowered me.Suddenly his hands were all over me. His tongue was exploring my ears, licking my cheeks, my neck, and I saw myself already half naked and my newly grown nipples were exposed to his tongue. I was about to protest and push his head away from my breast but it was too late he had grabbed my back pushing my nipples towards his mouth. He had my one nipple on him and the heat of his mouth and the tip of his tongue nibbling its small tits is something that I couldn’t resist. Bouncer squirmed when I pulled his hair in different directions. He knew that I was already under the spell of the sensation that he brought me and he very well knew that I didn’t have any power to restrain it. I could feel his hard object hitting my legs and feet and I could see its hardness and stiffness under me. I was already longing for something more to happen but I only have the slight idea what it was. The only thing I feel that moment was that what’s happening to me is something that I wouldn’t want to end.His tongue transferred from one nipple to another and he seemed to love licking them. I could see clearly that my lower dress had already been raised up to my belly exposing my white thighs and my thin panties. I knew Bouncer had a clear view of the clit that marked the center of my bulge because of the wet spot that was present there. I didn’t protest when he raised my dress over my head. That was the first time I’ve ever stood naked in front of a man. And I was a little embarrassed. Bouncer was already naked too. I moved my eyes away from his penis and I admit that was the first time I saw a big penis of a man. What I usually saw were penises of small boys. He kissed me again on my mouth and carried me down lying to the floor. His hands were already playing over my panties touching my wet spot and I didn’t know why I spread my legs open and allowed him to caress it in an up and down strokes. I couldn’t count how many times he did it but the sensation was too much for me to bear I cried a loud scream. His fingers were already inside my panties passing through its sidelines and I was waiting for him to put his fingers inside my crack which he did.“Oooooh, Bouncer…” I moaned. I kept calling his name and he seemed to be encouraged by that opportunity that he slid down my panties off my feet. I closed my eyes and braced myself and I realized I was touching and pinching my nipples which are already hard. I didn’t have the idea nipples could grow that hard. I just lay there waiting what would happen next and when I felt that something different had touched my crack, I opened my eyes wide and saw Bouncer licking my wet hole. His tongue lapped the surface of my vagina at first wetting the few short pubic hair that had grown there. He did it several times and finally he put his tongue inside my hole. I took a deep breath and I was already limping and writhing with so much pleasure. Though the morning was cold but I could feel the floor was already wet with both Bouncer and mine’s sweat. He slid his tongue in and out of my vagina while his hands were exploring my body, pinching my nipples, and rubbing my thighs. I could only clamp my legs over his head and neck forcing him to take some air to breath. I am already out of control. And I could sense something is squeezing out of my veins and some fluid oozing out of my blood and I had to force my hand against Bouncer’s head so that he wouldn’t cease from what he was doing.“Bouncer ahhhhhhh! Oh, please oiiiiiiiieeeee please Bouncer” was all I could scream. I never knew what happened to me and I was again wondering if there are still some more to come. And I was longing for it. I feel another one was coming again and this güvenilir bahis siteleri one was more intense than the first. Then Bouncer came up with me, kissing his way to my thighs, up to my nipples, to my neck then to my lips. I staggered a little when I felt that hot, hard rock touched my wet crack. I could also feel the different taste of juice when Bouncer’s tongue explored mine. I was hugging Bouncer and he positioned himself between my legs. Although I’m a big girl but I could see Bouncer covering my entire body. He kept his tongue inside my mouth and we explored each other violently. But the sensation I was focusing on was that of his shaft touching the crack of my vagina. Why was the sensation much stronger and much exciting this time? The tip of his shaft was running to and fro the canal of my crack. I could feel his rod slide easily the wet canal up and down and I have to bite the tip of Bouncer’s ear because of that strange sensation. I was hugging him very tightly this time and I was already quivering and trembling. Sometimes he would attempt to dig the tip of his cock into my hole but I would push him away each time he did it. There was pain that I could feel and I was afraid it would hurt me so bad. I was now feeling a mixture of pleasure and a little pain.“Bouncer . . .” I whispered. “Why does it hurt?”“Normal for the first time, Liz,” he answered almost breathlessly. “But the pain will be gone after a few minutes. Just relax.” And he kissed me again and continued to traverse my wet crack with his cock. Then afterwards I feel something coming out of me again and I screamed with so much pleasure. Bouncers held his hard cock and with all his efforts took the opportunity in burying his cock deep into my hole and push him down and down deeper. I bit my fingers in an attempt to ease the pain I feel inside pain and I cried. The pain was unbearable that I tried to push his hips away from me but he grabbed me close to him and pressed his body against me and stayed there for several minutes. I felt I was cut by a knife but I could not escape from his weight. In a very slow rhythm I could feel his hips moving up and down and so do his hard shaft inside me. I felt my own blood oozing from my hole. It was still painful but his rhythm was so good I was already trying to meet his every thrust because I feel that an entire hot skin is inside my crack and I love the feel of it. I gasped some air to breathe each time he thrust deeper and I was asking Bouncer if he could move faster. I didn’t know why I’d like him to thrust deeper and faster I was feeling that if he would do it, a strange vibration would send my body to quiver and it’s good to feel.“Can you do it faster?” I asked Bouncer, which he did. Embarrassed? No more. This time I want Bouncer to crush me to the floor, rip my crack wide, and pound me inch by inch with his hard cock. I realized I need Bouncer to finish this.“Ohhhh Liz, I’m fucking you now…” Cried Bouncer. “Am fucking your tight pussy ohhhhhh, Liz.”I moaned, I shouted and I liked what he said.“Yeaaaaahhhhh! Fuck my tight pussy. Honey. Oooooohhhhh, fuck me, honey ohhhhh, honey Bouncer come fuck me” and I never knew why I liked those words, too. But it sends me more excitement that I came again and again and again and again. Bouncer punched harder, pounded vigorously, and like a machine, he drove his shaft faster and faster into my hole, in and out, until he growled and mumbled words that I couldn’t understand. A hot liquid spurted inside my womb and its hard to tell how long did it explode. It was difficult to determine the number and the length of time when I was savoring the magic sensation I was feeling when Bouncer’s cock was inside me and his liquid was hitting the walls of my pussy. We kissed more passionately after both our temperature had subsided. And I feel in love with him. He fucked me one more time that morning before we left the house. From then on, I was Bouncer’s little slave. And I needed him to fill me each time I found a chance to do so. (Each time I tell my husband my sexual experiences, he would reward me with a mind-boggling fuck, so I bet I wouldn’t stop telling him more.)

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