My date with the boss’s daughter part 2

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My date with the boss’s daughter part 2Part 2As we walked into the lobby of the hotel, I asked her, “Lissa don’t you think that this place is to much in price? Besides, they ain’t going to give us a room, we ain’t even 18 yet. What if they ask for id?”She replied, “Don’t worry. I wrote a note saying to let us have a room for two nights, and signed Mamma’s name. We will get a room.”I could not believe it. It worked. The check-in clerk read the note and felled for it, and gave us a room. As soon as we got in the room,, that’s when the fun really began. I had taken a “stay pill” on the way to the room, so by the time we got to the room, I was just as hard as I was on the way to the hotel. As soon as we got into the room, Lissa was already out of her tube top. She did not have a bra on and her tits were (already for her age) big and beautiful. Her nipples were also sticking out, which made my erection stand out more. She noticed and said, “Well, are you just going to stand there or are you going kızılay escort to get ready to fuck me?” I was out of my clothes in less than 5 seconds, and helping her out of her shorts. She did not have any panties on, and when I saw her shaved kitty, I got even harder (which I thought was impossible).As she was lying on the bed, she saw my hard and said, “OMG! Let me see that thing! Let me feel how hard it is! It looks like it won’t fit in my pussy! Will it?”I responded, “It will. It will just hurt at first, since you have never fucked before. Just relax and I will take care of you and return the favor you did for me in the truck.”I then got on my knees between her legs and put my face at her pussy and started licking. Man, she tasted so sweet. I had been licking her her clitty and finger fucking her, for 25 minutes, when I noticed that she went all stiff and started moaning louder. Then she came all over my face and fingers. I stuck my fingers in my mouth mamak escort and sucked on them. Before I had time to catch my breathe she was begg!ng, “FUCK ME, PLEASE!!! I WANT YOU NOW, D!! FUCK ME, NOW!!!”I replied, “What about a condom? Do you want me to wear one?”She slapped my ass and said, “If I was not so horney I would want you to wear one. But right now, just put your dick inside me and start FUCKING MY PUSSY!So I lined the head of my now very hard 10-inch cock to her pussy, and started to push ever so slightly. She was tight!! I got in just a couple of inches, when I felt some resistance. I knew I was pushing against her virginity. As I stopped, she asked, “Why have you stopped? Just go already.” And with that, she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me into her. She screamed as I broke through her virginity. I just held there not moving for about 2 minutes, so she could adjust to the intruder that had broken through her virginity. When she felt yenimahalle escort comfortable again, I slowly pushed forward. DAMN she was even tighter further in. In and out I slid, for 30 minutes. She was moaning like she was on a rollercoaster. She was moving her hips in time with my thrusting. Finally after 30 minutes of slow thrusting, she had another orgasm. I picked up my thrusting to a faster pace. I went for 15 more minutes at that pace. She had another orgasm, and I was feeling as if I was going to cum. So I asked her, “I am about to cum. Do you want me to pull out?”Her reply was, “Not if you expect to ever fuck me again. Inside me, inside me!”Just then I felt it cumming, so I pushed in all the way, until I felt her cervix, held it there and shot about 10 loads of seed into her womb. As soon as I was done, I pulled my now shrinking cock from her pussy. As I did, I saw the first real sign that I took her virginity. blood was on my dick and on the sheet. She gave me a kiss and said, “I hope you enjoyed it. I know I sure did. Maybe after we get a shower we can some anal. I have always wanted to try it. What do you say?””Okay, but it’s going to have too wait for a bit. I am going to sleep after I get a shower. “”You want to bet?!”END OF PART 2. PART 3 COMING SOON. THANK YOU

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