My Crazy College Years

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My wife left the local newspaper on the kitchen table opened to the obituaries. My aunt had passed away at the ripe old age of 93. I was never fond of my Aunt but I would attend the funeral anyway.

As I was turning the page, I saw an article and when I read the name, I reread the article just to be sure:

“…named by Board of Regents to the post of….”

Suddenly, I was transported back almost 30 years to 1976. I transferred to a university in upstate New York and was starting as a first semester junior. My previous college was a 2 year institution and with good grades, I had managed to get accepted to a much better school.

In those days, attendance outstripped available housing by 2 to 1 or more. Fortunately, I found an off campus dormitory room which I had to share. Jay and I got along famously. We were both into good pot, booze and women.

Although I had a steady girlfriend, I was bored and she was 300 miles away. Jay was a fun loving person and he introduced me to a lot of his friends. They accepted me with open arms and it was party time.

It was late September and I was at a party hosted by his friend Marty when she walked in the room. Marty introduced her and we spent the rest of the night talking.

Suzy was a second semester sophomore and one of the smartest people I have ever known. She was pre-med but with her brain she could have been anything she wanted to be. At 5′ 6″, she was taller than my girlfriend and from what I could see, her body was much better. She talked about her boyfriend but for some reason that didn’t bother me. I learned she liked running as exercise and invited me to join her. Just looking at her dark green eyes was hypnotic and I heard myself accepting her invitation.

We started out near the west quad and before we got to the other side of campus, I was winded. The entire way I kept staring at her small but very firm ass. She told me the route she was taking and I should walk and meet her at the student union. Walking the rest of the way, I finally got to the union. When Suzy saw me, she laughed out loud. I looked like a wreck with sweat pouring off me.

I wasn’t exactly Adonis back then but I wasn’t chopped liver either. Working at a famous package delivery service loading trucks during summer and semester breaks had given me a half decent body but after 2 months of trying to keep up with Suzy, I lost over 15 pounds. For the first in my life I was in shape and it felt fantastic

Suzy saw the change and told me so. Even though we spent a lot together, it was strictly a platonic relationship. Once in a while she gave me a friendly peck but that was it. She loved to argue about everything until I cried “uncle”.

During those 2 months I learned a lot about her. Her father was a chemical engineer and her brother and sister were gifted as well. Marty was a childhood friend and they dated briefly in high school. She rarely drank but liked smoking pot. She was one of the few people who had a car at school, a rarity in 1976. Most family’s only owned one car and if they had a second it was usually a “junker”. Suzy’s car was just a hair above “junker” status.

And that’s where this story gets interesting. It was mid November and Jay and I were at the local pub for Friday happy hour. Suzy walked in and asked if I would go with her to her boyfriends’ college some 50 miles away. Always the village idiot, I agreed.

Upstate New York can be treacherous from late October till May, so I was aware why she wanted someone to go along but I thought it was weird that she would take me with her. She hadn’t seen him for almost a month and well… you get the picture. silivri escort

I ran back to my dorm and collected some clothes and my best pot. Thanks to my brother, I always had a good supply and great quality. Suzy picked me up and we were off to the races, literally. Suzy was a fearless driver and on slick roads she drove with the same abandon as if they were dry pavement. I feared for my life and told her so.

We reached her boyfriend, Craig’s, college in record time. I practically kissed the ground when she stopped the car in front of his apartment.

Craig’s apartment was heated to about 90 degrees but he turned out to be one of the nicest people I ever met. He bought Chinese food for dinner and after my nerve wracking journey, I was hungry. Of course, we smoked some pot in his bong before dinner. I was right about the pot, two or three hits and we were wasted. I don’t remember eating dinner because we were so giddy from the pot.

Craig wanted to play a card game they invented. It was a variation of strip poker and each player was dealt 3 cards face up with the best hand winning and the losers’ removing an article of clothing.

“What the hell. Ok” I mumbled.

I wanted to see Suzy naked. We had a few more hits off the bong and 15 minutes later, Suzy and I are naked as jaybirds. Craig had his jockey shorts left but he stripped them off and joined the naked crowd.

Suzy with her dark blonde hair and fit body had junior rising in no time. Stoned from the great pot, it was inevitable. Suzy saw what was happening and commented in a sexy voice, “Looks like somebody’s getting excited” Craig looked too but I thought if he wants to look, what the hell. In just a few minutes, junior was at full staff.

Suzy had a hungry look in her eyes and with my back against the sofa, she stood over me and slowly lowered her blonde bush to my mouth. I was in heaven. I had dreamed about this moment from the first day she took me running. We forgot about Craig and I ate her rocking pussy as I held her firm ass.

While I was preoccupied with Suzy’s soaked slit, I felt a hand on junior. I looked down and Craig was fondling junior with a starved look in his eyes. I saw his head moving down and felt the sensation of his lips on the head of my cock.

By now I was furiously lapping Suzy’s pussy and she was coming hard. As I sucked her clit, the sensation of Craig’s lips sliding up and down my shaft was overwhelming. Suzy yelled out her orgasm and plopped on the sofa then, watched as her boyfriend gave me one of the hottest blowjobs of my life.

Still high as a kite, I gaped in awe as Craig sucked me to paradise. With each up stroke he gently sucked and tugged the skin. One hand held the bottom of my shaft and the other carefully played with my nuts. He was picking up speed and his saliva was dripping onto my balls.

I happened to glance over at Suzy and she was fingering her wet pussy. By now, Craig’s mouth was traveling all the way down my shaft to the base and applying more sucking power on the way. With his tongue sliding against the underside with all the nerve endings, the sperm was boiling in my balls.

Craig worked my cock until it erupted with volcanic force. I was light headed as my dick shot rope after rope of semen into his mouth. I fell back against the sofa and saw Suzy pumping two fingers into her pussy. Within minutes, she threw her head back and screamed her orgasm.

We took a break and Craig handed me the bong again. After two tokes, I was flying high. I sat on the floor facing the sofa and watched as Craig sucked Suzy’s hot tits. Suzy’s hand şirinevler escort was between his legs and stroking the underside of his cock. I was fascinated watching his rod grow and it achieved a very impressive length.

Suzy slid down his body and knelt before his big schlong. She slowly devoured the entire length and used the same techniques that Craig used on me. With determination and lust, she sucked his throbbing member.

“Yeah, work that shaft” he growled.

Suzy’s mouth flew up and down his stiff meat and her tongue lashed the sensitive underside. Craig was holding onto the edge of the sofa with his head thrown back in ecstasy.

Suzy never let up and Craig yelled out load as his orgasm hit. Not one drop escaped her lips and when he was spent, she opened her mouth to show him the load. Slowly, she closed her mouth and swallowed.

The wanton display had my dick twitching and rock hard. Craig looked exhausted and fell back on the sofa.

Suzy looked at me and was eyeing my rod. I sat against the wall and watched her pretty head descend to my aching dick. She attacked it with ferocity and need. With Suzy’s technique, I had the sensation that her mouth and my cock were fused together. It was incredible.

As with Craig, Suzy never let up and I had an explosive orgasm that was one for the record books. Totally spent, I collapsed on the floor and fell asleep.

The next thing I remember was waking to the sound of arguing. I quickly gathered my clothes and got dressed. Suzy appeared and told me we were leaving. I asked her what had happened but she refused to answer and I dropped the subject.

We drove back to school in silence. To this day, I don’t know what precipitated the argument.

For the next week it seemed as though Suzy had disappeared. On Saturday night I was at Marty’s for a grain alcohol party. I was having a great time talking up a tipsy coed. Then, I feel someone’s hand on my shoulder and a voice in my ear. It’s Jay telling me that Suzy’s outside and wants to see me. I am more than a little annoyed.

Without a coat, I go outside and Suzy’s leaning against a tree and staring at the ground. She wants me to go with her for a walk. I’m not interested and go back into the party and find the pretty coed. We resume our conversation and are really hitting it off.

I invite the coed back to my room and she accepts. I break out my bong and after a couple of tokes, we’re on the bed kissing. I hear a knock on the door and like a fool, get up. When I open the door, Suzy’s standing there and she’s crying.

The pretty coed jumps off the bed, grabs her coat and says in a very angry voice,

“Why didn’t you tell me you had a girlfriend?” and storms out.

Great! Now the pretty coed thinks Suzy’s my girlfriend.

Well, my night was ruined so I listened to Suzy tell me that she and Craig had broken up. She never reveals the reason and skirts the issue between bouts of crying. Finally, we go to her dorm room and she asks me point blank to spend the night.

Since the coeds not coming back, I accept her invitation and the clothes go flying. I spend the rest of the night and the next day in Suzy’s bed. She has a ravenous sexual appetite and wears me out.

But, by the next weekend she and Craig are back together and I’m left shaking my head. At this point, I’m convinced that she’s a nut and Craig can have her. At winter break I go home to my girlfriend and I am more than grateful for the stability.

Suzy’s not done with me yet. Maybe a week or two into the spring semester, she stops by my dorm room to şişli escort say hi. With a happy look on her face, she tells me that she has broken up with Craig for good. Needless to say, I am very suspicious of her behavior.

But, as with most young men, I was thinking with the wrong head. We carry on a torrid affair for a few weeks and bingo, she’s back with Craig. Thankfully, I see very little of her for the rest of the semester.

Toward the end of the fall semester, I see Suzy at a party for Jay’s birthday. We talk and she seems to be normal for a change. She tells me that her friend Tracy is coming for a visit next weekend. She wants to show her a good time and since I have some of the best pot on campus would I grace them with my presence. I graciously accept.

Tracy is a knockout. She’s a slim brunette with a very pretty face. I am a total sucker for this type of woman. I spend Friday afternoon with her and Suzy and she is a delight to be around. Witty, intelligent and very charming, I am captivated by her.

After dinner, we go back to my room. Jay is away for the weekend and we won’t be disturbed. I fire up the bong and in a matter of minutes, we’re high, very high. Tracy and Suzy are laughing about something when I see Suzy’s hand on Tracy’s leg. She’s rubbing Tracy’s leg.

Suzy and Tracy look longingly into each others eyes and start making out. I don’t care that I’m being ignored and soon their both naked and in a 69 position. I am stroking junior to the first of several orgasms awed by the scene before my eyes. They are passionate and oblivious to my presence.

They spend the night on Jay’s bed and occasionally I wake up to see Suzy and Tracy are still at it. Saturday afternoon, we go to lunch and talk about everything but their lesbian escapade. We head over to McPhee’s Pub and Tracy’s getting stares from most of the guys at the bar. She could care less and as night falls, they are back in my room for a repeat performance.

After Tracy’s departure on Sunday, Suzy was forthcoming with an explanation, which was a rarity for her. She tells me that she was attracted to Tracy in high school but never acted on it. They remained friends and about a month ago they were talking on the phone when Suzy revealed her desires to Tracy. Apparently, Tracy wanted the same thing all along and Suzy thought my excellent pot would accelerate the proceedings.

Although I had a great time watching the two of them, I still felt used. Suzy had a hard time understanding why I felt that way and for the first time we had heated argument. I walked away mad and stayed that way thru winter break.

When I returned for spring semester, I was feeling glum. I wasn’t getting along with my girlfriend back home and I was ripe for the picking. Telling Suzy was a big mistake. I hear the “I’ve broken up with Craig story” again and we start seeing each.

Turns out Suzy really had broken up with Craig. But it wasn’t me she was looking for. I was an interim stop on the way to a different boyfriend.

By late April with graduation a couple of weeks away, I decide to end it. For the first time, I am thinking with the proper head. I ask my self some tough questions. Do I love her? Do I want to spend the rest of my life with her? Does she really care for me? Would we be happy together?

Every time I thought about it the answers were the same. NO! And, although I loved the sex with Suzy, it wasn’t enough to commit to a lifetime together.

I guess I was a silly romantic fool but I loved my girlfriend back home. I asked myself the same questions about her and the answers kept coming up, YES!

Of course Suzy was upset when I broke it off but I heard thru the grapevine she had a new boyfriend in record time.

As the years went by I thought about that decision, especially when my wife and I went thru hard times. Memories can be tricky but I am without regrets. Every time I thought about why I made the decision, I knew it was the right one.

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