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Subject: My Campground Life Chapter 1 This story is under copyright according to US laws. I own that copyright and i alone. I am allowing Nifty use of my works under their rules and regulations. I dont want it posted elsewhere without prior approval from me. I am sure I will give approval I just want to know is all Max Donate to fty/donate.html Hope you like the new story. Its just a sex story with very little story except for the main character you will get to know very well. Let me know what you rhink by sending an email My Campground Life Chapter 1 Max Franklin OK so where to begin. I guess with me. I’m Max. Not Maxwell which sadly is my real name. Its like my parents thought what is a cruel name we can give to a scrawny kid to get him beat up on a daily basis. Maxwell should fit the bill. I hate Maxie. Because Maxie pad was used a lot as a boy. Fucking dicks loved to torture me. So its just Max. But, I tell you what. I love those dicks that used to make fun of me when I was a kid. Because it got me into my hobby and now my job. I learned to camp and fucking love it. LOVE IT!!! Anyway, so I camped a lot. A couple years ago I was working for a tech company and sold them a program made a few dollars and bought a camp ground. I’m not rich by any stretch of the imagination. I do depend partly on the campground to help with my income. I use half of it for me and reinvest the other half every year. At least that is the plan. Its my first year and I guess I will have to see how things work out. I’m 30 now. I’m not so scrawny anymore either. I’m 6’2″ and weigh in at around 200 give or take a few pounds. One thing I have learned in this business is people are fucking crazy. That and more importantly is that teen boys are always horny. This is what has happened to me with several boys over the past few years. Now the first time was a complete accident. How you ask. What you fall and his cock slipped into your mouth? No its nothing like that. I never EVER thought it could or would happen. Now I’m not a virgin but, my sexual acts with other people could be counted on one hand. So I haven’t a lot of experience. I had sex with 4 guys and one girl. Had to make sure I was really gay I suppose. I felt sorry for the girl after. She thought I was an amazing lover that lasted forever. Yes it did take forever because I really just wanted to flip her over and fuck her like a man. Pussy just ain’t all that to me. Its funny looking and smelly. Thank you I will pass on the fish market. Her tits were totally confusing to me. I mean really what the Hell was I supposed to do with tits. I kind of played with them bouncing them up and down until I started laughing at how ludicrous they are. But, I never told her that. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. She was a nice girl. I’m sure made someone a nice wife. Just not for me. So anyway back to how I accidentally got laid the first time. When I bought the campground the shower in the main cabin was fucked up. So I thought fuck it I can walk down to shower at the campground showers every day. Its not that far and its warm so why bother to waste the money until winter. Now this is the first day we are open and I have been here a month so its become second nature to just walk down and shower. I thought about getting those shower dividers and had decided to get them. After tonight I would never think about them again. I walk into the men’s shower room and a shower head is taken. Its only got 4 and its two next to each other then two on the other wall. Just a small shower room. The campground isn’t that big. I see the boy from behind he has an amazing ass for sure. Just perfect to lay your cock next to and push in then fuck him until you cum so hard coating his insides with your cum. So I take the shower across from him. There is about 5 feet between them. I put my towel on the hook outside next to his. I turn on the water and put my soap and shampoo on the rack. I start to shower and see I have someone watching me. I see he has a very nice looking 5 inch very hard cock. I see the head and as they say hard ons are like yawns. One is always answered with another. I get hard and am sporting a good 7 inches and its not real fat but not real skinny either. That just right width for ass fucking. He starts stroking his cock and looks at me with question in his eyes. I smile at him and stroke my cock a few times. He is next to me in a few seconds. He reaches down and takes my cock from me and starts to stroke me. Well, fair is fair. So I do the same to his cock. This kid is so fucking hard. That hardness that almost hurts hard is what it feels like to me. He looks me in the eyes and licks his lips and looks down. I nod. He is on his knees in a second and aiming my hard member at his eager mouth. I moan as he closes his mouth around me. I can tell he hasn’t got a lot of experience but he is eager to please for sure. He is certainly giving it his all. I can feel him trying to take me into his throat but he keeps gagging. I let him not that it turns me on but how else can you learn then by doing. What better way right? It had been a long while since I had had anyone else service me and it only took me about 3 minutes until I unloaded in his mouth. I was eager to repay the favor and looked down and saw the cum dripping from his hand as he had made himself cum. I pulled him up and took his hand and licked his young sweet cum from his hand. He looks at me and smiles a nice smile. “Hi I’m Andrew.” “I’m Max.” “Kind of a fun way to introduce yourself.” He says giggling. “I think it should become the norm. Especially with a sexy guy like you.” I say smiling at him. “Your like the owner guy right?” “Yeah thats me.” “Cool. I may come up and visit you some this week. That ataşehir escort is if you don’t mind.” He says getting a little shy. “Don’t mind one bit. Even if you don’t do that again.” “Oh I plan on doing it again. That was the first time I ever did it to anyone. Did I do OK?” “Seemed real good to me. I want to do you next time though. Shame to let that boy juice go to waste.” He goes back to his shower and we talk back and forth a little. Him asking how I became a camp owner and me explaining. He thought it was pretty cool. We finished and I went back to my cabin. I turn on the TV and watch it naked for a while until my memories triggered my cock to inflate. I had a nice jerk session right in my chair. I enjoyed it so much that I jerked off three more times that night before I went to bed thinking about him sucking me off. The next morning I got up and had another jerk thinking about that sweet young blonde headed boy sucking my cock. Looking up at me for approval with those gorgeous blue eyes. I had my cum and got a quick breakfast of some oatmeal. I got a lot to do today and it sticks to ya for a while. I put on some shorts a camp t-shirt and some tennis shoes with socks. I go and get into the little Cushman I got to cruise around the camp and to do tasks with. I needed to check on the trash. I don’t know how fast it fills up yet. So I grab a roll of bags and start going around the camp. I see Andrew and he waves me over. So I drive over and he flops down in the seat next to me. “Gawd I’m so bored. What is there to do here?” “All kinds of cool stuff.” “I would rather be home playing video games but my dad made me come. I hate the outside.” “Have you ever went on a hike before?” “No why would I do that?” “Because it can be really cool. You know if you know what to look for.” I say with nonchalance in my voice. “Like what?” He asks with a bit of excitement in his voice. “I don’t know. Maybe you would like to find out?” “Kinda.” “Well, we better go ask your dad first. See if he wants to go as well.” I see his eyes look crestfallen. We drive over to his camp and his dad is by the fire pit fiddling with something. “Hey I was just talking to Andrew about taking a hike. You want to come with us?” I ask his dad. “It sounds like fun. But, I kinda twisted my ankle this morning in the mud coming out of the lake. But you two have fun.” “Sure we will. I will have him back before dark. Maybe sooner depending.” “Depending on what?” Andrew asks. “If you can hack it or not.” “Oh I can hack it.” He says laughing at me. I hop back on the cart and head up to the cabin Andrew in tow. I walk in and grab an ace bandage. “Here take this to your dad. I got to get some things ready before we go.” First I put a note on the door to take a site and I will be around to collect the money fromt hem when i get back. I also put that it was $15 a night for the use of the showers and bathrooms or $10 for the outhouses. Most people paid the extra. I got a pack ready and by the time I was done Andrew was back waiting for me. I sling the pack over my shoulders and off we go up a trail I like. “You will like this one. I think its really pretty along the trail. But its not the prettiest one we got. But its easy for your first hike. We walk along and I point out different trees to him. I make a point of making sure he knows what poison ivy looks like and to stay the Hell away from it. We get to a break after an hour and a half of a slow very slow hike for me. But we come into the clearing and there is a little water fall that is about 15 feet up and drops to the creek below it. There is a little area that goes out into the creek a little thats covered in grass. Its a nice place to sit and relax or take a little nap sometimes. I walk down to it and Andrew is right behind me. I slip the pack off my shoulders and sit it down and open it and pull out 2 bottles of water. I hand him one. “First rule is always stay hydrated.” He nods and drinks the water down in a few gulps. “Need another one?” “Nah I’m good now. But maybe in a few minutes.” I flop down n the tall grass as he tells me this. He sits down cross legged in front of me. He has a blade of grass and his playing with it. I can see up his shorts and sadly cant see his cock. “Well, you have done pretty good so far today. I think you deserve a treat.” I say to him and reach out and grab at his cock. “Today I get to suck your lovely piece of meat.” I am met with a grin at that news. He couldn’t get his shorts off fast enough. I have him lay back in the grass and take his now rock hard cock into my hand. He has a light smattering of hairs above his cock and his balls are still without hair. Though not for long I am sure of that. He has a nice size set of balls I grab and start to play with. I start stroking his lovely cock and put the head into my mouth and lick around it with my tongue. He quivers when I do. I think it looks sexy as fuck so I do it again and get the same result. I suck him into my mouth and almost to my throat. I want him deeper in my throat but he only has what he has. I start to slowly suck him off because I want this to last a long time. But I am thinking its his first one so it wont last too damn long. No matter how hard I try. I start bobbing on his cock loving the feeling of the young boys cock filling my mouth. I feel he is getting close so I pull off and start to lick his balls. Gently suckling each one and just lightly stroking his cock keeping him close but not where he wants to be now. I start to lick his taint and he lifts his legs to give me better access and I see his little brown eye. I cant help it I dive right into it. I start lapping at it like a hungry puppy. He avcılar escort is loving the feeling of it I can tell from his gyrations and shoving my head into his ass. Subtle things like that. I press my tongue against his entrance and its not met with resistance but a welcome in party. I shove my tongue as far as I can into his boy hole and tongue fuck him. “Oh my gawd I’m going to cum!!!” He half shouts. I’m so not letting the nectar get wasted this time. I put my finger next to his hole and slip it in as I pull out my tongue and take his cock into my mouth. Just in time for the first shot to shoot hard. I slip my finger in and find his prostate just in time for the second shot and a load high pitched moan from him. I continue finger banging his ass while he unloads his sweet and salty nectar into my mouth. I swallow each shot greedily. I milk every last drop from him and let his cock slip from my mouth and pull my finger out of his ass. He is panting the sweat glistening on his face and body. He looks like he is glowing. “That….was……amazing….” He pants out. I lay next to him and he snuggles in enjoying the closeness after a cum. “I liked to died when you stuck your tongue in my ass. It felt so good. Then when you stuck in your finger you hit that magic place I read about in stories. I thought it was like made up or something. But holy fuck when you hit it.” He covers his mouth quickly. “Sorry didn’t mean to cuss.” “No biggie. I figure you can say fuck the way you just got off. At least around me anyway. Just don’t get used to saying it or it may slip at the way wrong time.” He ponders that thought for a minute. “Yeah I don’t think I want to get used to saying it. I might be in front of dad and one of his friends. That wouldn’t be a great time.” “Probably not.” After we lay there about 15 minutes I look at him. “Well, lets get to moving. The day waits for no man.” He gets his clothes back on and we both have a pee into the creek. Running water I guess. We walk the trail until we come to a cliff and a big drop off of about 100 feet. I have made a safety area so no one hopefully falls off. I made a fence and things to keep people safe. Again hopefully but people are idiots. I think this has been established by history. I say it as fact not opinion. Now mind you not everyone is an idiot. But a vast majority do meet the criteria. I’m sure if your reading this you aren’t. Well maybe you are maybe I am. I probably am. The jury is still out on you yet. I spread out a blanket I have rolled up under my pack and we sit down on it and I hand him a water. He drinks it a little slower this time. “Its really pretty here.” “Yeah you cant see this in your living room playing video games.” I say to him. “Nope sure cant.” He agrees. I open the bag and pull out a couple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and some chips I packed when he took his dad the ace bandage. “So tell me about your home life.” I inquire as we start to eat. “Its pretty normal I guess. I got a best friend that is so cute but, I am afraid to do anything with him.” “Why?” “Because what if he doesn’t want to do stuff like that. He will tell everyone I’m a fag and I will be a social outcast.” “But, what if he does? You could be missing out on some great fun with a friend you already love.” He takes a bite and doesn’t answer. “Besides if it gets out your gay that could be a good thing. I mean I’m sure you rent the only gay boy in your school. Not to mention that lots of guys will suck a dick if theirs gets sucked. And they aren’t gay they are just horny little fuckers like you.” He curls up his lips in a smile. “You think so?” “I know so.” I act like I actually know what I’m talking about. I wish I would have done that at his age. But when I grew up it was a lot more dangerous to suck cock. I am trying to get him horned up again. I know at his age it wont take much. “So tell me about your friend.” He smiles at the thought of him. “David is so fucking cute. Um I mean….” “You mean fucking cute.” He laughs. “Yeah he is so sexy. He is half Japanese and he is smaller then me. But his cock is so fucking hot. Its about 3 inches or so soft and I would guess about 5 like me when he is hard. I have only seen it hard when he is in his underwear. But God I want to suck him off so bad.” I see the rising in his shorts as he thinks about it. “Would you let him fuck your sweet little ass?” “I think so. I don’t know I have stuck fingers and stuff up there. But never had a cock. I’m kind of scared to try it. What if it hurts?” “OH it will hurt the first couple times for sure. But after that it feels fucking great.” “Really?” “Yeah really. You want to fuck me so you can see what it feels like for the other guy?” His eyes get really wide and he grins. “You mean it?” “Fuck yeah I do. I want to feel your young cock slamming into my ass.” “What will we use for lube? I mean we got to have that don’t we?” “Its preferable for sure.” I open the side zipper to my pack and pull out some KY. “I was never a boy scout but I like to always be prepared.” I say holding it up and smiling. “Cool.” We finish eating in record time. Him being a teen food comes first most of the time. That and I think he is a little nervous about losing his virginity in my ass. But my ass is twitching and so ready to feel that boy meat in me. My cock is raging hard and already dripping precum thinking about him slamming into me. I take off my shirt. shoes and socks when I get done with my second sandwich. When he is done he strips to nothing and I see his boy toy hard as a rock pointing straight up. I slip off my shorts and lean over and take his lovely cock into my mouth. I only give him a couple of minutes avrupa yakası escort of oral before I grab the KY and lube up my ass. I then lather his cock with it as well and he is so excited I can feel it from him. There is no more question as to if he wants to do it. He is so excited I doubt he lasts very long. Which is a damn shame really. But He will be able to go again pretty quickly that’s for sure. I lay back and pull my legs back. “Now don’t just shove it in You have to work it in. If you shove it then it will hurt. You don’t want to hurt your partner unless they like that sort of thing.” “People like to be hurt?” “Sometimes its nice. But most people don’t.” “I don’t think I would like it.” “You never know until you try it.” He lines up his cock and I see a look of concentration on his face. “Hey look at your cock. Its the last time you will see it as a virgin cock.” He looks at me and grins as he pushes and my pucker opens up for him and he slips in the head. I can see the look of pure satisfaction on his face as he feels the warmth of my ass wrapping around his cock. “How slow should I go?” “With a guy that’s experienced you can go faster. But with a new guy you should go pretty slow at first. So with me you can slide it in slowly. Give me a minute to get used to it and then fuck the shit out of my ass.” He slowly slides his cock into me and it fills me rather nicely. Wish it was a bit bigger but it feels so good it doesn’t matter. I like how he looks as he pressed into me. I give my ass a little time to adjust and then smile at him. “Now fuck me.” He grins and pulls out most of the way and sinks it back into me. I let out a moan of pleasure as his cock hits my prostate. “Oh god yes just like that.” He starts a good pace thats not too fast like most boys his age do. They get into someone and just go to beat Hell. Not Andrew he is taking his time and savoring my ass. But what I want him to do is ravage my ass. I know he will in a few minutes of that I have no doubt. I am loving watching his muscles flex as he pushes his boy meat into my anxious and excited ass. The looks on his face are exquisite. It only takes about another minute and he is speeding up. “Oh god yes fuck me. Make my ass yours. I want to feel you shot your cum so far up into me.” I pant out at him. He grins and starts to go harder and faster. “Yeah just like that. Yeeessssss. Fuck my ass.” He grins as he pumps into me making my ass his. At least for the time being. He is really slamming his cock into me now and i am loving it. He is hitting my button on each thrust into my ass. His cock feels absolutely perfect as he fucks me. I can see on his face he is close and so am I. “Oh god your going to make me cum.” I tell him. Not 30 seconds later I start to feel my balls pull up and the cum starts to shoot out. “Oh god yes!!!” I shout as I start to cum. My ass clamping down on his cock sends him over the edge and he starts unloading into me. I feel his cock unloading into me and that just intensifies my pleasure as I shoot my cum all over my chest and belly. He slams his cock home as he starts to unload into me. I can feel his lovely cock spasm inside me as he shoots his boy cum as deep in me as he can. When he finishes he falls against me and I wrap my arms and legs around him savoring the feelings of the after glow. I can feel his hard cok still inside me and hope it stays that way because I want a round two for sure. Sadly it gets soft and pops out after a minute or so. “So did you like it?” I ask. “That was so awesome. I cant believe you came without me touching your cock. It must have felt amazing.” “It always does. I like to get fucked and I like to fuck too. I’m versatile. Most guys you will find are not. They are either tops or bottoms. But I love it both ways.” “God after watching you now I want to try it. I want to get fucked too.” “Maybe tomorrow. Today I think I am done.” I am silently cussing myself for jerking off so much. I never thought or dreamed this would happen. Tonight I wont jack off at all. OK maybe just once or twice. But I’m going to fuck this boy tomorrow for sure. We lay there for a while and enjoy the sun beating down on us. “I think we need to start heading back. Because we need to stop at the creek again and wash off so I don’t take you back to your dad smelling like ass and cum. I just don’t think he would appreciate that.” “Never know maybe dad wants my tight little ass?” “He could. But I find it doubtful.” “Yeah probably not. We aren’t in Alabama or nothing.” “Incest is everywhere. Not just the south. But I doubt most dads want to fuck their sons. But I’m sure a lot would if they thought it was OK with their son. But how do you bring that one up. Oh by the way little Johnny I think your ass is super hot and I want to fuck it. Do you mind?” “Yeah not exactly an easy thing to bring up.” We get dressed and walk back to the trail and get washed up in teh creek. Its a double win because its pretty hot today. Its in the low 90s and we did work up a sweat. Not just from the fucking but the hiking as well. When we get back its not dark yet. Its only around 6 or so and his dad greets us with a smile. “So did you like it?” His dad asks. Andrew laughs and says he loved it. Of course I know hes talking about fucking my ass. His dad invites me to have supper with them. Nothing fancy just hamburgers and some potato salad. I’m certainly not a picky eater and quickly agree. I go up to the cabin and bring back some sodas for us to enjoy with it. I have a Coke machine I hope everyone will use while they are here. Because it gives me a little more money to make it a nicer place. But seeing as how they are giving me supper it seems right I add something to it. We sit around and laugh and joke. His dad Ryan is actually a really funny guy. He has tons of jokes that most I haven’t heard. I will never remember them but I enjoy the telling of them. At dark I excuse myself as I have some work to do go and collect from 3 new campers and do my paperwork for the day. I go and do that and settle into my cabin for the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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