My Brother Made Me A Model – Part 1

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My Brother Made Me A Model – Part 1deleteddeletedMy name is BPriya( Deepika) and this is my story that changed my life for ever. To tell you about myself, I was a normal 21 year old girl who had just finished engineering and was searching for a job. I wasn’t having much of a success in finding a job due to my average grades. But I didn’t care much and took this opportunity to hang out with my friends. Then one fine day my brother Nithin, who was working in a modelling company, offered me a proposal to model for an Italian fabric industry that was going to launch their products both in India and Italy.I had never thought of being a model before and it was after my brother’s proposal that I started to admire my own beauty in front of the mirror and thought that I had it in me to be a modal. My brother told me that he was in charge for finding the new model and he was not having much of luck and then he found my new photo that I had uploaded in Facebook with my hair loosely tied and posing in a side angle. It was then he absorbed that I had the glamour and body to be a model.Let me tell you guys a little bit about my physic, I’m about 5”8, weighs around 48 kg, rose lips, slim toned body as I was a western dancer, my boobs are 36 d cups with small nipple areola . My ass is small and firm, my pussy region is covered with a black bush of hair as I don’t remove them often. My legs are a little muscular due to continuous dance practices and their perfect shape can be seen when I wear tight leggings. I always like to let my hair loose till my lower back.The next day my brother took some of my photos to his client and they agreed to give me a chance by conducting a photo-shoot session. That night my brother came into my room to discuss about the next day photo-shoot. He asked me to appear confident in front of the camera and not to get distracted by the presence of clients and other people. He asked me wear clothes that will show off my body to others. Both my brother and I were close to each other from our c***dhood, so we didn’t feel it awkward to discuss these things. He also told me to obey all the instructions from the photographer and the clients as they deal in a professional level. When he was about to leave he told me that the money involved in modelling industry was a huge and if I could get into the industry I could make a huge sum of money with every work I get.All the lights karşıyaka escort in my room were out and I was laying in my bed thinking about the money I could earn as a model. Being from a middle class family, I haven’t had much of an enjoyment in my life. So I was a bit desperate to get into the modelling industry. The next day I’m standing in front of the mirror trying to judge, whether the cloths I had on was showing off my body or not. I was wearing a black V neck top that stuck to my boobs and showed their exact shape. I pulled the V neck a little down to show an ample amount of my cleavage. I wore a blue jean that showed my toned legs.My brother complimented my looks and we were on the way to his office. In the car he once again remained me about the things I should do and also told me not to say to anyone else that we were siblings. We reached his office and took me to his client’s private office. He looked at me from head to toe, stopping for a sec and staring at my cleavage. Then we had a formal introduction and he told me that his name is Sharma. Then he asked a few questions like my age, why I’m in to modelling and so on. Then Sharma ordered my brother to arrange for the photo shoot and he left the private office.Sharma: are you a virgin.Me: yes sir.Sharma came close to me and tapped the bottom side of my boobs and asked “so you are telling that these mangoes have never been handled by another man”. I was a little embarrassed, but I controlled myself as I knew that client’s touching modes private parts was a common thing here.Me: yes sir, they have never been touched by another man.As I lied to him the thoughts of my ex-boyfriend fondling my boobs came into my mind. YES I’m a virgin but I was not innocent, both me and my boyfriend used to have fun in his room. He used to suck on my boobs and lick my pussy and ass clean. But I have never allowed him to fuck me other than letting him finger my pussy. I too used to take his cock in my pink lips and give him a blowjob till came in my mouth.Sharma: good! I like virgin women.He had a cunning smile in his face, I just smiled and stood there not knowing what to say. Just then a man knocked on the door and said that they are ready for the photo shoot. Sharma guided me into the photo shoot room with his hands around my waist. It was a big room with many lights and other equipment’s. There escort karşıyaka was a camera man, 3 technicians for adjusting the lights and my brother. The technicians were placed in such a way that one was behind me, one to the left and other on my right. The camera man was in front of me along with Sharma. My brother was standing behind them. The photo shoot started and the camera man clicked my photos in different poses. After each pose both the camera man and Sharma would look at the photo and praise me, I was starting to feel good and comfortable by them.Sharma: ok Deepika, now let’s see how sexy you can appear in a photo shoot.The camera man asked me to get upon the table in all fours and bend a little bit to show my cleavage. I looked at my brother and he signalled me with his hands to keep calm and continue. I did as they instructed and they could see a whole lot more than my cleavage. They praised me a lot and then they asked me to unbutton my jeans button but not to remove it and then put my left thump over the waist band and pull the jean a little lower on my left side over my ass and to expose a little bit of my waist skin to them. They could see a part of my ass checks and also a glimpse of my ass crack too. I was feeling a bit horny showing 6 guys my body and the thought that one is my brother just made me feel hornier. (More such sexy poses will be posted in the next part of the story).After a few such shoots Sharma spoke.Sharma: ok Deepika you are doing great, now let’s see how you would look in under garments. When you become a model you would have to model for under garments too so don’t be shy and hide that beautiful body of yours. Being a professional model means you would have to take your cloths in front of the camera man and your clients too.I looked at my brother and he winked at me and signalled to continue, so I started to strip down. First I took off my top and then followed by my jean. I was standing in my bra and panty. It was a normal bra and panty so not much of my private parts were visible. But still all the guys including my brother were checking me out.Sharma: you look amazing Deepika but your bra and panty are old fashioned let’s try something a bit sexier. Nithin take her to the changing room and get some sexy bra and panties over her.I followed my brother into a changing room adjacent to the studio and once karşıyaka escort bayan in I turned to my brother and told him I’m nervous. He said that I’m doing great and Sharma is starting to like me. He added some confidence into me and then gave me a red bra and panty along with high heels. He said he will be outside and left. I soon wore those bra and panty and then I realised something. My bra is showing more of my boobs than my previous one, but the worst thing was my panty, it was so thin and small that it could not keep all of pussy hairs in, some hair were sticking out from the panty. I opened the door and called out my brother, he came asked me the problem, just then Sharma also came. I asked them to come in and showed them my problem. Sharma just burst out in laughter and then ran his fingers over the hair sticking out, a part of his fingers also brushed over my pussy. A sudden excitement crept within me.My brother said nothing and waited for his boss to command. Sharma told Nithin to grab a trimmer from his office, as soon as he left Sharma grabbed my boobs and played with them saying “these tits will get you to great heights in modelling if you use them properly.” I knew what he was talking about and I could only moan. He came behind me and then sat on his knees and inspected my ass. A light smack on my ass and I jerked with a shiver.He stood up and groped my ass cheeks with both his hands. “Anyone would die to get their hands on your ass Deepika”. I replied “Then you must be a lucky guy”. Sharma was laughing out louder holding my ass when my brother walked in. I jerked and let myself loose from Sharma, but he said “Relax Nithin has seen a lot more than this in his career, he would mind me having a little fun with you”. My brother just smiled at him.Sharma: now Deepika, remove your panty so that Nithin can clean the bush you have grown.Me: but sir.Sharma: don’t worry Deepika, he is an expert and have done this to many women.I was a bit shocked to hear that, and then Sharma made me to remove my panty and expose my private part to them. My brother made me to sit down and started to trim my hair. His fingers running over my pussy was making me to lose my control. I managed not to moan but my pussy was getting wet. I hope he didn’t note that. Within no time my brother trimmed my pussy clean except for a small V shape patch over my pussy.Sharma guided his hands over my clean pussy and all I could do was to control my moan. He parted my pussy lips and said “A Virgin “and smiled smelling his fingers. My brother had no reactions in his face. Then we got ready for the photo shoot.The photo shoot will be covered in the next part and I’m also expecting your commands

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