MY brother In-Law took me hard.

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MY brother In-Law took me hard.In response to my original story I will tell you how and why I let my brother in-law fuck me, as in my previous stories I have explained about my hubby being away in the Army for long periods of time, well one day his brother Josh had called in to see how I was coping as he often did but usually he brought Helen with him ( his wife) but this day he came alone, we chatted for a while and I cannot remember how but in joking the subject came up about fantasizing during sex, He ended up asking me did I have any special fantasies and I told him that I really only had a couple, one was a good gang bang and the other one was **** fantasy, he was a bit shocked and said he could understand the gang bang one but why the **** one, told him I had absolutely no idea why I often fantasied about being taken like that but that Troy often tied my hands to the bed head and we would play act the **** fantasies which gave me awesome orgasms.We laughed about it and he told me his biggest fantasy was be seduced by a group of girls in his TAFE classes, ha ha , pretty good one I thought ; anyway he kept getting me to come back to my fantasy and I told him in my fantasy the guy rips my clothes off, simple tearing them off me and slaps me around slapping my face, my tits and my pussy and arse, I could tell he was getting aroused by it and he said so what would you be wearing in this fantasy and I said probably not a lot because in the güvenilir bahis fantasy the guy has to get so turned on he just decides to take me, I said I even fantasized about the clothes that I have which would incite that. He immediately suggested I go try them on and show him, I started to feel aroused myself and thought, yeah, I WILL HA HA. I slipped into the bedroom and stripped off and put on a pair of really sheer see through knickers and an old tank top that allowed my tits to fall out the arm holes if I lent sideways, I then returned to the lounge room and stood in front of him, his eyes lit up as he peered at my pussy clearly visible through my sheer knickers, “FUCKING HELL”’ he said, anyone would **** you dressed like that s*s, he always calls me s*s even though I’m his sister in-law. I put my arms up with my hands behind my head and swirled my hips around like a hola hoop dancer laughing and teasing him saying, “yeah. So I look ****able then Josh” he shook his head and said “fuck yeah, I’m fighting the temptation here myself s*s” I immediately said, “what, you would like to **** me would you”? he replied “fuck yeah” I replied, “And you would love to slap me around and give it to me really hard then” he said, “ FUCKING Oath I WOULD’” as he laughed a bit. I couldn’t resist and the words just flowed out of my mouth, “well, I must admit I’m definitely excited and these clothes are throw so for the bin , sooooooo “ and I gave bets10 güvenilir mi him a really cheeky look. WITH THAT Josh jumped up and grabbed me, he lifted me up and literally ran with me to the bedroom, he threw me on the bed and grabbed my knickers tearing them from my body, he opened my legs and looked at my wet cunt as he removed his clothes, “FUCK,FUCK’ He said and he grabbed my tank top and tore that off me as well, I lay there totally naked with my legs open in front of him, He pushed my legs back over my shoulders and sank his tongue into my eager wet cunt, I pretended to struggle and scream, he just held my legs tighter and started biting at my clit and inner pussy lips lapping up my cunt juice like a starving a****l, he then let go of my legs and put his hands around my throat, I pretended to gag and he shoved his cock into me and started fucking me really hard and really fast, I screamed little screams and he began slapping my tits, I arched my back and tried to sit up but he just pushed me back onto the bed and kept fucking my wet eager hole with really hard thrusts, pulling out he returned his mouth to my cunt and ripped at my wet lips with his teeth, he then put his knee on one of my legs and holding the other leg with his hand he began slapping my cunt as he swore at me calling me a slutty little whore fuck, I writhed under his hold but pretended he was way too strong for me as he slapped my tits, face mobilbahis and cunt, soon he had his hands around my throat fucking me hard as he could. My body convulsed and I exploded in an awesome orgasm which seemed to go on and on forever, this didn’t stop him he just kept fucking me and soon he blew his load deep into my cunt as he yelled , “ARGGGGhhhh”. He stopped for a while checking me out then started again, he was so turned on and so was I, I was experiencing one of my all time fav fantasies but felt totally safe at the same time, we fucked on and off roughly and hard for some time until we were both panting and sweating like never before, he slumped onto the bed beside me and I turned to him and said, ‘FUCKING WOW. WOW. WOW that was awesome Josh, you just gave me the biggest thrill I have ever had I think” he said, “I have never enjoyed sex like that before, wow thanks s*s, it was fucking awesome”. We got dressed and I threw my torn clothes into the garbage bin and said, “well, there no good anymore hey” we both burst out laughing and gave each other a hug, he said, what a shame they were fucking sexy knickers too” I said well b*o, I do have plenty and next time your over here alone I may just have to dress very similar again hey, He replied, “anytime s*s, anytime” We play acted that another two times but then he and Helen moved to Port Macquarie so I don’t get to see them very often but when they do come visit when Troy’s home Josh always gives me a private wink LOL. Ohh I should also point out that I did catch Troy fucking my little sister about a month before we were married, but we sorted that out and we just laugh about it now, after all, it’s all in the family hey.????Sammy:

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