My brother Adam: Part Two

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My brother Adam: Part TwoI had a best mate on my ship, Andrew Green was his name and I told him about what me and Adam had got up to. I could tell he was very turned on and asked me to bring him up to Derby when we were both next on leave. I knew he wanted to fuck him, but I was determined to have him myself before then. He is my brother after all.I also knew it would be difficult to get my Father to let us both go to Derby for a couple of days. Adam, even in the holidays had to do his chores. Then there was the question of train fares. I could pay for us both as Adam had no money of his own as such and we could stay in Andrew’s bedsit, sleeping on the floor. Mind you if he got his way, we would all be sharing his single bed!I wrote to Adam suggesting the idea and he said he would like to go, but the next time I got leave it was already too late. I could tell something wasn’t right with his manner. When I finally got to see him in person, he wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. Eventually it all came out whilst we were lying in his bed together.He had told his best mate Nathan about the porn magazine I had given him, and he had suggested he smuggle it round to his house so they could both take a look. Nathan had developed a huge boner in his trousers and started rubbing himself. Seeing Adam was just the same, he had suggested they both take out their cocks and wank together. My brother was at first hesitant and wary of being accused of being Gay, but Nathan seemed genuine and very turned on. The wanking had led to Nathan playing with Adam’s cock and visa versa and then Nathan had tried to give him a blow job. It ended with both of them spunking which Adam said was exhilarating but he was filled with tremendous guilt and shame afterwards. Adam is more religious than I am and he sometimes thinks he will be punished for his sins when the time comes. I am not quite so cautious!By the time he had told me all this I had an enormous hard on and wanted to play with him but he wouldn’t let me. His guilt was just too much for him to bear. I couldn’t believe that my little brother was such a horny little fucker and the thought of him playing with Nathan made me even harder! I pictured myself with the both of them, sucking their young cocks and caressing their smooth bodies.As it happened, My Father agreed that I could take Adam to see Andrew for one night, provided I pay his fare and he was back the next day and he didn’t consume any alcohol.. I didn’t directly say that we were going to see a friend of mine or there would have been awkward questions so I told him we were going to a museum for the benefit of a school project Adam had to complete. My Father seemed to believe this as it was partially true. He was doing a project on Roman Britain.When we got to Derby, I had arranged to meet Andrew in a pub in town. Adam was in his blue nylon school shirt , tie and trousers as he had no casual clothes. Father would not buy us jeans and was always insistent that we wore a shirt and tie around the house. I managed to get Adam t take off his tie once we were on the train, but he still looked far too smart for a lad of is age.I was in a short sleeved green nylon shirt and trousers with my blue bomber jacket of which I was very proud and had bought with my first wages from the Navy.We found Andrew, propping up the bar and he offered us both a pint of beer. The Landlord questioned how old Adam was and refused to serve him so I bought him an orange squash but let him sip some of my beer. I could tell Andrew liked the look of my brother and was staring to get horny, but I began to worry. What if Adam wouldn’t let us fuck him?After a few drinks the beer seemed to go straight to his head as he wasn’t used to drinking and Andrew suggested we go back to his bedsit. I could see he had an erection in his pants from the bulge in his trousers but I was still nervous.The room was above a shop and it was quite small, door in the middle, window at one end and a single bed, sink and cooker.He had a TV but there was no where to sit except the bed which was covered in a purple, frilly nylon bedspread and so we all crammed on it together.Andrew took off his shoes and anadolu yakası escort leant against the wall. As we talked he kept looking at me as if to say “Well, when are we going to get started?”Adam looked tired after the drink so I asked him if he was alright.We chatted for a bit and discussed what we were going to eat later. Andrew asked Adam when he would be going into the Army and the subject got round to our Father and his forceful nature.We told Adam all about stuff we had got up to in the Navy and what a great life it was. Andrew tried to convince him that he should join up when the time came. Suddenly he jumped up and pulled a suitcase from under the bed. Rooting around inside he produced two ‘Colour Climax’ magazines that he had brought from a foreign port. He handed them to Adam and myself saying that there were no porn restrictions on the continent as there were in England. He winked at me and I knew that this was part of his plan to get Adam horny.The one I was looking at had several ‘stories’ inside, but the one that got me going was all about a rich man who offers his Maid to a business client in order to sweeten a deal, unknown to her. Then she gets her cunt fingered and fucked every which way by the both of them. It was a turn on but I couldn’t help thinking that it was similar to the current situation!Andrew took off his trousers and sat on the bed in his underpants and black nylon socks, his legs wide open. He winked at me again.Adam hadn’t noticed as he was too engrossed in the magazine. I took the plunge and unzipped my flies. My cock was so hard it had already pushed it’s way out of my pants and popped out of the opening. I pulled it free and began to stroke it’s length. Adam looked at me and then away again quickly, his face was red with embarrassment.Seeing my cock out, Andrew got up and came over to me. He knelt in front of me as I sat on the bed and took my dick in his mouth. He began by pulling the foreskin back an licking all round the head ebfore popping it between his lips and swallowing the whole shaft back and forward.Adam sat with the book in his hand looking out of the corner of his eye at the both of us. His face was shocked and surprised.Andrew’s warm wet mouth felt so good! He had taken out his cock and was wanking himself.I lay back on the bed and let him suck me as Adam flicked through the magazine.Andrew undid my trousers. I arched my back to lift my arse and he pulled them and my pants down to my ankles. He began to suck me again and I felt warm waves of pleasure from his touch as he fondled my balls. My eyes closed and I reached over to my brother and felt for his groin. He was hard as well and I squeezed his cock bulge. He didn’t resist my grope!I whispered to him to get his dick out but he didn’t move. Opening my eyes I could see he was looking at me, pleadingly.“Get your trousers off!” said Andrew, quite roughly I thought.I didn’t like the way he said it! I wanted Adam to enjoy this as much as I knew I would.Adam got up quickly, obeyed and took off his shoes and trousers and laid them on the bed.He stod there in just his nylon shirt and patterned nylon socks.Andrew had stopped sucking me, his attention drawn to Adam.“Take off your pants, let’s see that arse!”Adam slowly did so. He was unable to hide his erection although he still cupped his hands over his dick. His face looked as if he was going to cry.Still crouched on the floor, Andrew reached out and felt him up, running his freehand over his arse cheeks and pushing his fingers into his crack whilst still wanking himself.“Oh yeah, lovely! Get on the bed, lie back!”He stood up, moved over to Adam and and pulled his hands from sheilding his cock.“Nice. Very nice! Going to be a big boy aren’t cha!” His voice had suddenly gone into and aggressive slang as he assumed a dominant male lead. He pushed Adam back onto the bed, his head on the pillow.I couldn’t help but wank my cock as I rose onto one elbow to watch them. Andrew planted himself between Adam’s legs and slowly began to suck his cock. His hands moved onto Adam’s stomach and he rubbed them up, under his nylon shirt, feeling ataşehir escort his smooth young skin, all the time maintaining unblinking eye contact with my little brother who watched him nervously. His head was slightly raised by the pillow and he did not look happy.Although both Nathan and I had sucked him before and he knew what to expect, I think he knew then what was going to happen to him. He would get fucked!He gave little jolts with his body as Andrew found some sensitive area of his penis and his breathing was getting faster, all the time staring into Andrew’s eyes.“Your cock tastes lovely!” said Andrew, “I suppose it’s had your sticky little fingers all over it!”Adam said nothing as Andrew licked the shaft from top to bottom before flicking his tongue against his swollen glans. This produced another jolt through Adam’s body and Andrew grinned at the effect he could produce.He stood up.“Right, now you suck me, just as I have shown you.”His hard cock was still sticking out of the front of his underpants and he pushed it towards Adam, his hands on his hips.Adam looked at me pleadingly and I smiled back trying to re-assure him. He shifted himself onto one elbow and positioned himself inches from that stiff member. Andrew reached out and held his nose shut. Adam instinctively opened his mouth and Andrew pushed his cock right in. He held Adam’s head so that he couldn’t back away Adam gagged but Andrew stayed in that position for a few seconds before beginning to shift his hips back and forth. Slowly at first, then faster and deeper as Adam got used to the feeling of another man.“Ohh, that’s it, yeah, use your tongue, suck it a bit. Yeah!”Adam shifted forward and took hold of Andrew’s thighs to steady himself from the onslaught. He didn’t look comfortable and tried to push himself away but Andrew held his head firmly.I could see he was extremely turned on by the situation and whispered as he fucked my brother’s mouth, “Yeah, good boy!”I crawled over so I was between Adam’s legs and I started to suck his cock which still had Andrew’s spit on it. He was right, it did taste wonderful! Nothing like all those Sailor’s cocks I had sucked . They were salty and not just because of the sea. Their spunk was like that because they were older. Adam’s was sweet and tinged with the tang of pre cum as he began to leak.Andrew was getting faster in his rhythm and more and more vocal. I thought he was close to cumming at one point but I knew he wouldn’t waste anything without the prize.Adam moaned a little, but his cries were muffled with Andrew’s big cock between his lips. Suddenly he went too deep shafting his dick and my brother gagged as the organ hit the back of his throat.He pulled away, coughing.Andrew stood still, breathing heavily.“Alright little man. That’s enough of that game. Lets play another!”He went over to a drawer by the window and took out a tube of lubricant. Taking off his underpants, he squeezed some onto his cock, rubbed it in and walked back to the bed, tube in hand.“Right then!” He got onto the bed forcing me to move aside and knelt in front of Adam.“Put your legs up, show me your hole!”Adam was lying with Andrew between his legs, pressing himself down into the bed. I knew then that it would not be me who took my brother’s viginity. I had thought to teach and prepare him for all the older men who would want to have him by getting him used to another man’s cock. But now, here I was actually assisting in his abuse by letting my best mate gratify himself! I had failed.Andrew squeezed some lube onto his fingers and he pushed first one, then two, then three into that tight little anus. He looked into my brother’s eyes, massaging his prostate.“Yeah, got to grease you up good as it’s your first time. You’ve got to take all of me in that little shit hole of yours!”Adam, still in his socks and shirt, had his legs forced upwards until they were resting on Andrew’s shoulders. Moving forward he lined up his dick with the target and slowly pushed forwards.Adam gasped as the swollen purple head slipped in.“That’s just the tip. Now you relax your muscles and let me in!”He pushed deeper and deeper ümraniye escort sliding all of his meat into my brother’s guts. Adam gripped the nylon sheets tensely with both hands, his face crumpled with pain.“Just relax now!”But Adam cried out. I gripped his hand to give him some re-assurance.Andrew had gone all the way in. His balls rested on Adam’s buttocks who was breathing in shallow gasps. He had completely lost his own erection.“Now we are going for a little ride!”He rested his hands either side of Adam’s head and shifted himself up on to his toes. Then he started fucking my brother, in and out, in and out. In this position all he had to do was move his hips to get the full length of his cock moving. Adam started to cry out, a half moan, half yelp with each stroke. His eyes closed and his head moved to one side and the cries got louder.I moved over to him and put my hand over his mouth. I didn’t want the Landlord to hear what was going on as I knew he was only in the downstairs flat.“Ssshhh!” I said to try and comfort him. He opened his eyes and looked at me as if to say ‘help me’ but the sight of him being fucked by my mate and knowing it was his first time and that soon I too would be enjoying his body, was such a horny sight. I didn’t want to stop it! I was being selfish.I knew when Andrew was going to cum. I had heard him often enough in his bunk on the ship. A low moan started at the deep down somewhere within him and rose louder and higher until he almost yelled as he came. He rammed it hard and deep into my brother sending all that sperm from his swollen balls into that tight cunt. It had been a good ride! He flopped back wards onto the bed with contentment, his sticky cock slapped back onto his stomach and the last few drops of jizz spilled onto his belly.Adam seemed afraid to put his legs down and held himself behind the knees looking down to see what damage had been done.I quickly slipped into position and inserted my cock. His anus was still tight but not as tight as it had been for Andrew. His virginity as gone. Now it was well lubricated with thick milky spunk and I slid in with no trouble. Adam was surprised at the intrusion, shocked at what I had done, but I was past caring now. My cock was so hard I could feel the blood throbbing inside it and I needed to fuck my brother. Nothing else mattered but my personal gratification!It felt so good to finally fuck him and I leant down to wards him and kissed his mouth, forcing my tongue inside.But there was no return of affection form Adam. I looked at the tears beginning to well up in his eyes. The damage was done.When I had cum, the semen was running from Adam’s hole onto the nylon bedsheets. He lay there, saying nothing and would not look at me for the rest of the evening. We cleaned ourselves up. Andrew carried on all friendly with Adam as if nothing had happened.We went out for some food later but I could tell I had lost some part of our relationship together.We slept that night on the floor in Andrew’s room, both under one blanket but he kept his back turned from me. Andrew was the lucky one, sleeping in those nylon sheets with the sweet smell of spunk and my brother’s body all over them.In the morning, Andrew hauled him up and fucked him again, from behind, doggy style whilst I sucked Adam’s cock lying on the bed. He did ejaculate in my mouth whilst he was being fucked but who wouldn’t with a large cock massaging their prostate? I thik it was more involuntary than intended. Now he seemed resigned to his fate.I tried to talk to him on the way home, but he was silent and sullen. Father was his usual self and demanded that we both do certain jobs around the house having had a days ‘holiday’.When I went to his bed later that night, he had obviously wrapped the sheet around himself and was lying on his side. I lay next to him for a while and then left for the sofa and my sleeping bag.I seldom spent my leave at home after that time. I eventually rented my own room and wanted to spend more time with the friends I had made. Adam, I found out later, had been sent for a try-out weekend with one of the regiments who had a mounted brigade It was arranged by my Father’s contacts to see how well he got on dealing with the horses.The Sargent had locked him in by himself into one of the dormitories for ‘safety’. Three squaddies had got in through the window and ****d him on the first night. I only hoped that the evening with Andrew in Derby had helped him to cope with the experience.

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