My Boyfriend’s Dad

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My Boyfriend’s DaddeletedI lost my virginity when I was 18 to my first boyfriend. Most of my friends had already lost theirs and I wanted to see what the big deal was. But I never really felt attractive. At 5’6¨ with an athletic build, long dark brown hair, brown eyes, and curvy hips, I just usually felt sort of awkward. I was a bit of a late bloomer in the tit department. I was practically flat chested most of my life and then all of the sudden they started coming in. Trust me, going from an A cup to a large C was a huge confidence booster. Boys started noticing me more and I was enjoying the attention. And of course I met my first boyfriend. He was nice, a bit jerkish at times but I figured that was just immaturity. Of course when I told him I was ready to have sex he practically jumped at the chance.I just remember it being really awkward and over a lot faster than I had thought it would be. I knew my first time wasn’t going to be magical but to say I was disappointed was a huge understatement. We had sex a few more times and it was typically the same thing. Lots of hard groping, kissing, pulling clothes off, followed by about 5-6 minutes of hard thrusting before it was over. I couldn’t see why everyone kept saying sex was amazing. For a guy sure. But for girls? It wasn’t worth it. Why did I need a man who left me unsatisfied? I could get the job done myself and I usually had to. Needless to say that relationship didn’t work out.Not even a year later I met a new guy named Steve. He was very kind and treated me like a lady. We didn’t rush into having sex. But when it finally happened, it was a totally different experience than my previous ones. While his cock was average size, at least what I would later learn in my life to be average, he was a bit more interested in my needs than my old boyfriend and lasted longer. We didn’t “hump like rabbits” but it was hard to keep us apart. Overall he was a wonderful guy.We had been together a little over a year when his parents had invited me to go to the beach with them during the summer. My family and his had become rather close over the time we had been together so my parents were fine with me going. I was doing well in college and they really liked him and his family so they couldn’t find a reason to not let me go. Besides I was 20 so how were they really going to stop me?I was really excited for the beach. It’s always been one of my favorite places to go. I bought some new outfits as well as some new bikinis. Nothing too revealing, but things I still felt sexy in and showed off my curves. I wanted to impress my boyfriend but still keep it respectable in front of his parents. His parents were some of the nicest people I had met. They were the type to let us drink in the house just as long as we promised not to drive or go anywhere. And they weren’t idiots so when it came to the sleeping arrangements, they were fine with us sleeping in the same bed together. I think that made my boyfriend feel a little weird though. Not that I was expecting us to have sex every night, but our first night there he hardly touched me. I thought maybe he was just tired from the long car ride. But I was determined to get his attention the following day.When it came time to hit the beach I picked out the more subtle suit of the ones I had brought. It was a dark purple color that tied at the sides of my hips, coming down to cover my ass just enough so that all you could see was the curve of it with a little bit of skin. The top tied at the back of my neck, lifting my tits up nicely, covering them as well but giving a nice hint of cleavage in the middle. When I asked him what he thought all he replied with was ‘It’s nice’ and that was that. Still I figured he didn’t want to say much in front of his parents.We spent the day on the beach, lying in the sun, playing in the water, taking a walk up and down the beach, even building a sandcastle. Late in the afternoon his mom, or Mrs. S as I called her, said she was headed up to start dinner. It was a tradition of theirs to always cook dinner after the first full day at the beach. Her husband, Mr. S, told her to leave her blankets and we’d bring them up in a bit. We only waited a few more minutes before getting our things together. I was folding up some towels while my boyfriend and his father worked on taking down the umbrella. It was at that moment that I had really looked at his dad for the first time.My boyfriend’s parents were young when they first became parents. His mom was only 17 and his dad was 18. But even being 20 years older than us, I never really looked at his dad in a sexual way. But on the beach I couldn’t help it. For 38 his dad could easily pass for 28. He was about 2-3 inches taller than my boyfriend, and his hair a darker shade of brown. His muscles were much more defined than my boyfriends as well. You could tell he took very good care of himself. I was doing my best not to stare at him but it was hard not to. I always thought my boyfriend was a very good looking guy. However his father was even better. My thoughts were quickly interrupted when my boyfriend d****d his arm around my shoulders and began to lead me inside.The rest of the night went by pretty quickly. After dinner my boyfriend and I decided to take a walk along the beach. With a couple of flashlights in hand we began our stroll. We held hands and kissed occasionally as we walked and eventually stopped at a pier that pendik escort was just down the beach from the house. We sat under the pier and watched the waves. To me it was like a scene in a movie. We began kissing with some light groping. I figured he was going to make a move any minute now. I kept waiting and waiting but it never happened. So I decided to make the move. I leaned into him, slowly pushing him onto his back when all of the sudden he stopped me, pushing me away. I just looked at him, stunned. “What’s wrong?”“I just don’t think we should do it here. You never know who could walk by.” He said, shining his flashlight up the beach.“Oh come on. It’s late and we didn’t see anyone on our walk down here. Plus there is no chance of your parents seeing us.” I said to him, running my hand up his thigh. “Please?” I asked, pressing my lips to his neck.He sighed. “Fine. But you have to be quiet. I don’t want to get arrested.”I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Here I was throwing myself at him and he was more worried about getting arrested! Most guys would have killed for the chance to have sex in a public place.Before I knew it, he had pulled down his shorts and pulled his cock out. I leaned over and kissed him, wrapping my hand around his cock, stroking it slowly. He moaned softly as his cock got harder, tugging my shorts off quickly and pulling me onto him. It wasn’t as romantic as I had hoped for, but I really didn’t care at that point. I was so horny and needed to get off badly.I kicked my shorts to the side and straddled his hips, holding his cock gently as I slid onto him. He placed his hands gently on my hips and leaned back against the pillar of the pier. My hands rested on his shoulders as I began riding him, slowly at first. Biting down on my bottom lip I quickened my pace, feeling his cock slide in and out of my pussy. My ass slapping against his thighs every time I came down. I was just getting a good rhythm going when all of the sudden I feel him throw me off of him and onto the sand.“What the fuck?!” I yelled, watching as he jumped up and pulled his shorts up quickly.“Shh! I heard someone coming.” He bent over and grabbed the flashlight and began looking around.I listened for a moment but all I could hear was the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. “Babe no one is there. Come back down on the sand and fuck me.” I said to him with a sexy smirk on my face.He looked at me and back at the beach. “I think we should go back. We’ll go in and say we’re going to bed and we can finish at the house.”I sighed and grabbed my shorts before standing up and sliding them on. “Fine.” I grabbed my flashlight and we began walking to the house. The walk felt like it took forever and we didn’t say a word to each other.When we got back to the house we were greeted by his parents in the living room, relaxing on the couch and watching tv. “How was the walk?” Mrs. S asked.“It was good.” My boyfriend said. “Saw some crabs, watched the waves and talked. We’re pretty tired though so I think we’re going to head to bed.” And without another word he disappeared up the stairs.“Don’t worry Jess,” said Mr. S, “He’s always really tired the first day here.” I just smiled and nodded then said my goodnights and headed up the stairs.When I got to our room my boyfriend was in the shower. I quickly changed into my pjs and got into bed. I was still upset from earlier so I really didn’t care if we finished or not. He had never acted that way before. I wasn’t sure if I was coming on too strong or if he really wasn’t in the mood. I tried to let it go when I heard the water turn off and saw him walk out, toweling himself off. The next thing I felt was him crawling in beside me and slipping under the covers, his hands going right to my legs. “Do you still want to finish?” He asked as he tugged at the small pair of shorts I was wearing. I just nodded and turned onto my back before leaning up to kiss him. “We still have to be quiet since my folks are up.” He told me, pulling my shorts and panties off, positioning himself between my legs.“Okay.” I said, wrapping a leg around his waist. I was still incredibly horny from earlier and was happy to finally have sex. I figured he could tell I was upset about earlier and thought he was going to make it up to me. Sadly that didn’t happen. He was inside of me quickly and a few quick strokes later he was done. He looked at me and smiled and I faked a smile back.“I know that wasn’t our best time tonight but I promise to make it up to you.” He said as he laid down beside me, pulling me close to him.I closed my eyes and began rubbing his arm. “It’s alright sweetie, it was a long day.” He kissed my cheek and went to bed and I did my best to follow.A few hours later I was still wide awake and horny as hell. I didn’t want to wake my boyfriend though. I knew turning on the tv would wake him up, as would trying to get myself off. I slipped out of his arms and decided to head downstairs. As I turned the corner to go to the living room, I could hear the tv was still on. I could have sworn I heard both his parents go to bed so I figured someone had left the tv on b accident. I stopped quickly as I saw Mr. S still awake as well, sitting on the couch. “Oh sorry Mr. S! I didn’t know you were up.” I said and turned to head back upstairs.“It’s okay Jess! I couldn’t sleep.” He said with a laugh, patting the sofa beside him. “Come sit for a bit.”I was hesitant but I walked escort pendik over to the couch and sat beside him. “I have a hard time sleeping sometimes when I’m not home.” I lied. “I was tossing and turning and didn’t want to risk waking Steve so I figured I’d come down here for a bit.”Mr.S laughed, shaking his head a bit. “Nothing will wake that boy up. He gets that from his mother though. Bombs could be exploding outside and they would both still be asleep.” I laughed as well and tried my best to focus on the tv. I couldn’t help but look out of the corner of my eye at him. He was dressed in a pair of l men’s pajama pants and a t shirt. Nothing incredibly sexy but after seeing him the way I did earlier, changed how I was looking at him now. All of the sudden I felt incredibly nervous around him. Maybe it was just the fact that I felt like I was going to burst any minute now if I didn’t cum soon. “There isn’t really anything on.” He said as he flipped through the channels.“There never really is.” I said, trying my best to relax. After a few more channels he finally stopped on a station that was airing the movie ‘a****l House’. “I love this movie!”“Really? I would have never thought of you as an ‘a****l House’ fan.”“It’s a great movie. What’s not to love?” I smiled at him.“Then it’s official. That makes my son the luckiest guy out there.” He replied, smiling back at me.“What makes you say that?” I asked still looking at him.“Well,” he started, turning to look at me better, “For one you’re incredibly sweet, you’re funny, you obviously have great taste in movies!” We both laughed. “And to top it off, you’re gorgeous.”I couldn’t help but blush as I looked down at my lap. “Thanks Mr. S.”“Call me Mike. At least when Mr.S isn’t around.” He laughed and gave my knee a playful shove. It was a quick touch but it felt great. Something about it drove me crazy. “Hell if I was…never mind.”“No what?” I asked, moving a little closer to him.“I was going to say that if I was 20 years younger, my son wouldn’t stand a chance.” He laughed, looking away from me.I smiled and placed my hand on his arm gently. “Well I guess that’s where he gets all his charm from.”He nodded and looked back at me, placing his hand on my knee again and leaving it there this time. “I just tried to teach him how to respect a woman and treat her well.” He said as his hand slid up my thigh a little further.“You did a good job Mr. S…I mean Mike.” I said softly, leaning in closer to him. The feeling of his hand on my leg was driving me crazy. I was worried he could feel the heat coming from my pussy as I was getting incredibly turned on. It was taking every bit of energy I had in me not to jump on him right then and there. “You have a really great son.”Mike smiled at me and I looked into his eyes, smiling back. “Well thank you.” He said, moving his hand and wrapping it around my shoulders, pulling me in closer to him. My hand moved from his arm to his thigh, giving it a quick squeeze. He was definitely more muscular than Steve was. I was feeling a little brave that night so I wanted to see how far I could push my luck. We stayed on the couch for a bit longer. I closed my eyes and just leaned against him. He smelled amazing. I knew if Steve or Mrs. S walked downstairs right now we’d both be screwed. Suddenly I felt him shift in his seat. I opened my eyes slightly and could see he was trying to conceal a slight hard on. I smiled to myself for having such an impact on him. My hand traveled up his thigh a little more and I heard him let out a deep exhale. “Jess…” He said softly.“Sorry Mr. S.” I said but left my hand where it was.“Jess we can’t.”“Can’t what?” I asked looking up at him. “We’re not doing anything.” He groaned and shifted again, this time I could have sworn he was trying to move his cock closer to me. His hand moved from his side and rested on the inside of my thigh. I was sure he could feel the heat coming from me now. I bit my bottom lip as his fingers traced small circles on my skin. I knew if I could make him touch me, I would explode. I didn’t even care that there were people upstairs sleeping. The only thing I could think of was getting this man to touch my throbbing clit. I leaned up and pressed my lips hard against his. It took a moment but he kissed me back, taking my bottom lip between his lips. We kissed for a moment, our tongues pressed together as he laid me back onto the couch. I bit down on his bottom lip and tugged on it gently as I pulled away. “Touch me.”I could see the hesitation in his eyes as he looked down at me. Here was a 20 year old girl begging him to touch her while his wife was sound asleep upstairs. “We should stop.” He said as heslowly began to pull away.“Please.” I begged, parting my legs. “I just need you to touch me. That’s all.” I grabbed his hand and placed it on top of the thin layers of fabric that was covering my pussy. He leaned back down and kissed me deeply as he teased me through my shorts, running his fingers along the outline of my lips.“You’re so fucking hot.” He groaned, slipping his fingers inside of my shorts. “And so wet. It’s been so long since I’ve touched a bare pussy.” He hadn’t even touched my clit and I was ready to cum. I arched my chest up against his as we kissed, feeling the tips of his fingers tease me. His son had never made me this hot and wet so quickly. His free hand moved my leg up around his waist. He slid his hand up my side and under pendik escort bayan my shirt, pushing it up and over my bra, gently squeezing my breasts. I was so wrapped up in everything I didn’t even noticed him pull my shorts off. He tilted his head down and kissed down my neck and between my tits, massaging one as he kissed and teased the other. My senses were going into overdrive. My boyfriend was capable of multitasking when it came to foreplay but never like this.I gasped as I felt cool air blow over one of my nipples. Looking down I realized he had pulled my left breast from my bra and was currently working on my right breast. Reaching up, I ran my fingers through his hair as the tip of his tongue swirled around my nipple. His fingers between my legs were now pushing my panties to the side. His teeth brushed against my nipple as he ran his finger along my slit. Moving his head to the other side and repeating his actions, looking up at me as he did. I could see him grin as he moved his arms to rest under my knees, sliding down my body and letting my legs relax over his shoulders. One arm wrapped around my thigh while the other rested along my side, his hand cupping my breast. I tilted my head up to look at him, gasping as I felt his fingers spread my pussy lips apart, the tip of his tongue pressing against my clit. He began moving his tongue in small, slow circles as his fingers pinched my nipple. Gently he sucked my clit between his lips, running his tongue over it. I leaned back against the couch and moaned softly.He continued to tease my pussy, running his tongue up and down my slit, rubbing my clit as he watched my reaction. He squeezed my tit hard as I felt his finger tease the entrance to my pussy. “Fuck yes,” I gasped as he slowly pushed his finger inside of me.“Damn you’re tight.” He said as he slowly slid his finger in and out of me. His hand squeezing my tits, teasing my nipples as I laid there while he finger fucked me. He was driving me crazy and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold out. I was surprised I had held out this long.He sucked on my clit hard as he slipped another finger inside of me. I couldn’t hold back any more. My hand grabbed the back of his head and held him close to my pussy, closing my eyes and moaning loudly as I came harder than I ever had before. “Fuck,” I managed to say between breaths, relaxing against the couch. I couldn’t believe he had just made me cum that hard. I felt him slide my legs off his shoulders and stand up. Then I felt him leaning over me again, pulling my legs around his waist.I opened my eyes to see him leaning down and kissing me again. And then I felt it. His cock was pressed against my pussy. I couldn’t tell how long it was but I could tell it was thick. He was grinding his hips against me and I could feel his cock sliding up and down my slit. I was quickly getting turned on again. “I want to feel you cum again.” He said as he positioned his cock. I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist, gripping his shoulders as I felt the head push past my opening. “Fuck!” He groaned loudly, slowly sliding a bit more in. “So fucking tight.” He began making small strokes in and out of me, sliding his dick in a little more each time. I had never felt so full. My boyfriend’s cock definitely wasn’t this thick. My pussy was stretched so tightly around Mike’s cock.“I’ve never had a dick so big.” I moaned. Mike leaned down and began sucking on my tits as he picked up the speed with his thrusts. I raised my hips to meet his, driving his cock even deeper inside of me. After a few more thrusts he started moaning more. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass.“Fuck Jess,” he groaned before slowing down to a stop, completely burying his cock in me. “I haven’t had such a tight cunt in so long.” He said before kissing me, biting down hard on my bottom lip. My fingernails pressed hard into his skin as he started fucking me again, with long slow strokes. My lips parted, letting his tongue into my mouth, moaning as we kissed. He pulled away and cupped my face with his hand, locking his eyes onto mine. “Cum for me baby.” As soon as he said it I felt my pussy tighten around his cock as a huge orgasm rushed over my body. I couldn’t help but moan loudly as I watched his face as I came. His thrusts became harder and faster as he kissed me, shoving his cock deep inside of me one last time before exploding inside of me.We laid on the couch for a few minutes, Mike still inside of me as we kissed. I had never felt so good. And then the reality of what had just happened set in. I had fucked my boyfriend’s dad. The funny thing about was the fact that I really didn’t care. Mike pulled away and got off the couch, offering his hand to help me up. We got dressed in silence. I looked over at him but it seemed that he was doing all he could to avoid looking at me. I knew everything was settling in for him as well. After we both were dressed I decided to speak up. “Sorry for…uh…sorry for getting carried away.”“No I should be sorry. I should have stopped.” He said, still not looking at me.“I pushed you. I’m sorry.” I said. Part of me was sorry. But the other part wanted him again and I knew I had to have him again. “Look. It won’t ever happen again and we’ll take it to the grave. Sound good?” I asked, holding out my hand.He looked at me for a moment before taking my hand and shaking it. “Deal. We just act like it never happened alright?”“I can do that.” I nodded and smiled. “We better get to bed then.” He just nodded and smiled at me then headed up the stairs. I waited a few minutes before headed back to bed, trying to think of a way to make him want me again.

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