My Best Friend

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My Best FriendDisclaimer: This is the first part of what I hope to be a continuing story. It holds most of the background for the main characters, so it starts kind of slowly. While I understand most of you who stumble upon this are just looking for a good wank so, you’re probably going to be disappointed. This is intended as an arching romance, so if you don’t like it, shove off.All characters portrayed are over 18. Any persons depicted, living or dead, are completely of my own creation and not based on actual people. Also, don’t steal my stuff. It’s mine for a reason.Growing up with Nick, I knew that he would be my friend for my entire life. He had a simple, carefree attitude about him that made one feel at ease, almost as if just being around him made everyone simply forget their troubles. His bright smile was contangious to the point that, even in one of my worst moods, I couldn’t help but smile as well. For the longest time I thought of him as just my best friend. That all changed shortly after my twentieth birthday.I’ve always been taller than Nick, enough that it was definitely noticable. My body has been wide since I was young. Not necessarily muscular, just wide and often a little over-weight. His frame was smaller and softer, always boyish but just soft enough that people often looked twice, just to make sure that he was, in fact, a boy. That he was soft spoken didn’t help matters much, but like always, Nick would just shrug off the random negative comments and flash his winning smile.As c***dren, Nick and I were neighbors. He was only a year younger than me, and our parents were good friends since before we could remember, so it was only natural that we got along with one another. At school, it was basically just the two of us. We had other friends we occasionally played with, but mostly it was just me and Nick. If I were somewhere, it was an almost certainty that Nick was nearby. That’s just tempobet yeni giriş how things were for Nick and me.To save money, our parents would usually leave us with the same babysitter, so our after school experience was much the same. One of us would always be at the other’s house with the sitter until five, when my mother would come home to watch the two of us until one of his parents got off work. It carried on like this until we were finally old enough that our parents said we could stay at home by ourselves.Even without the sitter, things went pretty much the same way. Nick would come over and we’d hang out until it was time for him to leave. That’s just how life was. It was no shock to anyone that when we left for college, we shared a small apartment. That was around the time when I first really noticed the changes in Nick. He had always been a helpful person, doing occasional favors for whoever needed them. But with the two of us on our own, it seemed as if all of that attention was focused on me.By this time I had a part-time job working at an electronics store. With my classes and job, I had very little time to do anything around the apartment that needed doing, so Nick said he would help out. Whenever I came home I would find that my laundry had been folded and stored neatly, and there was almost always a meal waiting for me. I should have found it strange, but I always just saw it as Nick being NIck.One particular evening, about a year after we moved in, we had been watching a movie when I happened to look over. Nick had been dragging around most of the day, moreso than normal, and it apparently had gotten to him. Nick’s small form had curled up against the arm of the couch, and the steady rise and fall of his chest showed that he was sleeping. His long, brown hair had fallen over his face and for some reason, I felt compelled to brush it out of his face. The simple act had tempobet giriş been enough to wake him.”Mmm…guess I fell asleep,” he said, rubbing his eyes softly.”Yeah. You’ve been tired all day. What’s up?””Nothing really, I just didn’t get a good night’s sleep last night.”I nodded my head at his answer. “Well, if you’re tired, perhaps you should go to bed early tonight. We can finish the movie tomorrow.””No no, I’m fine, really,” he smiled. I smiled back as I ruffled his hair. It was something I had always done for him, and he seemed to enjoy it. As my hand tussled through his hair, his smile grew wider and his eyes closed again, leaning up into my hand. I thought I heard a soft moan of disappointment as I pulled my hand away. I laughed nervously as I settled back into the couch, propping my feet on the coffee table.It was only a few minutes later when I felt the soft press of Nick’s head on my shoulder. I once again turned my head to find him sound asleep, another smile resting gently across his lips. My hand raised, almost u*********sly, to rest along the back of the couch while my hand sat lazily on his shoulder. He must have felt me move, because as soon as he felt the space open, he pushed forward, pressing further into my side.With the sound of his quiet breathing next to my ear and his soft body resting lightly against mine, I felt extremely comfortable. My hand crept up, almost imperceptibly, to cup his head against my shoulder. As his breathing continued to slow, I let my hand stroke his hair, petting the side of his head. Again, the subtle touch must have gotten through to the sleeping Nick, as he turned his body, snuggling against my side and bringing his right hand to rest on my chest.”Mmm…Tommy…” he mumbled, pressing closer into my side. I couldn’t help but smile as I bent my head down, kissing the top of his head. He giggled quietly, tighting his grip on me as he took a tempobet güvenilirmi deep breath. He tilted his head up, his bright blue eyes sparkling as he looked at me. “You don’t mind holding me like this, do you? It makes it so much easier to sleep.” He blushed, hiding his face in my shoulder, causing me to laugh softly.”No, you feel perfect like this.” It was out of my mouth before I could stop it, but once it was out, I was glad I had said it. As he brought his face back up to look at me, an unspoken question shining in those piercing blue orbs, I brought my free hand, the one that wasn’t playing through his hair, to the bottom of his chin, pulling it up slightly. Without another thought, I lowered my lips to his. It was a lingering kiss, one neither of us expected, but the longer it went on, the more each of us fell into it. When we pulled away from each other, we were out of breath.”Tommy, I…” I cut him short with another kiss, this one entirely intentional. Up until now, I had never really seen my friend in another light other than friend, but as the second kiss went on, I knew that was changing. This soft creature in my arms was beautiful. I had always thought so, but now I could finally admit it to myself. Again, we pulled away and he started to speak.”Tommy…are you okay with this?” His eyes had a pleading look behind them. When I nodded, he gave a short squeal, before wrapping his arms around my neck, hugging me tightly, raining quick kisses on my cheek. It took me a few moments before I could calm him down.”I get the feeling you’ve wanted this for some time,” I said, smirking. He punched my arm lightly.”I didn’t really know how to approach you with it. I mean, it’s not every day you tell your best friend you love them.” The blush covered his face again as he bit his bottom lip. I leaned forward, brushing my lips over his.”I love you too, Nick. I think I always have. When you fell against me during your sleep…it just felt right with you there.” I pulled him against me again before pushing to my feet. That same, questioning gaze danced through his eyes as I took his hand, pulling him to his feet as well. Remaining silent, I tugged him toward my room.

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