My bedside manner

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My bedside mannerBeing a young, newly qualified doctor that works long hours any time from work is precious. I booked a short break for myself in the Lake District which meant that I could not be suddenly called in to work and for once I could relax.At the hotel that I was staying at was a mother with three teenage daughters, or so I thought at first. The youngest one was androgynous and at breakfast that first morning I found myself sat at a table next to theirs and found myself watching her. Is she or isn’t she? She caught me staring at her and grinned. Not a shy smile but an assured grin. I grinned back sheepishly. Hurriedly finished my breakfast and left. I had things to do anyway and had my day planned, so I did need to be out. I saw them again that evening, as we crossed paths in reception and once again received the assured grin. The mother also greeted me.At breakfast the following morning, I arrived before them. I was half way through breakfast when they arrived without the youngest in tow. The mother said good morning and looked as if she wanted to say more but started arguing with one of her other daughters. I finished and left. I was in reception looking through the leaflets when the mother appeared. I had nothing at all planned and was wondering what to do. The mother found a leaflet and said that she and her daughters were wanting to go there but that her son was not well.I found myself asking what was wrong with him.”My son has told me that you are a doctor. Is that right?” How the bloody hell did he know that, I wondered, but I confirmed it to her. So he is a boy I realise as well. A very bright boy.”I do need to get the girls out where I can keep an eye on them. Not very happy about leaving him on his own.””What is the matter with him?” I ask her again.”Pretty sure it is a migraine. He gets them quite often.””Is there a doctor in the village?””No. Only in the next town and they are being reluctant to come out to see him.””Ok. I will get my bag and come and see him. What is the room number?””35″ She says.I go up to my room and grab my bag ad then head up to 35. She is waiting at the door. “Thank you so much for this Doctor” She says as she takes me in. The curtains are closed and the room in semi darkness. The boy lies in bed.”I have brought the doctor, Dominic.” She says. He groans and lies on his back. I feel his forehead. bursa escort It still feels cool. I take out a thermometer from my bag and pop it into his mouth. The mother suddenly pulls his bedding down. He is wearing a very pretty nightie that is tenting out in the front. Trying my best to ignore that I pop the thermometer under his tongue. I sit on the edge of the bed and wait for the temperature to adjust. I peer at it and can see even with the darkness it is normal. What is going on? I suddenly realise too that he has a bit of eye make up on. Maybe I am being set up. Each time he moves or he sees his mother getting close, he groans theatrically.At that moment his sisters flounce in and his mother pulls the bedding back up to cover him. “Well? Are we going out?” The more belligerent of her daughters asks. “If not, Lucy and I will get the bus to the town.””Don’t you dare.” The mother answers. “Wait outside. i want a word with the Doctor. I don’t trust the two of you on your own.””Don’t worry about me mother. I can sleep. Maybe the doctor won’t mind staying with me for a little while.”I have been set up. Not to sure why though. “I will keep Dominic company. I had nothing planned for today.”She takes my hands. “Thank you Doctor.” She says. “You will take good care of him, won’t you?” She stresses the will and looks earnestly into my eyes.”Yes of course I will.” I answer.”Thank you.” She smiles a relieved smile and then goes out to round up the girls.I turn my attention back to Dominic.”Can you cope with a little light?” I ask him. He nods, watching me anxiously. When I go to turn on the bedside light, he kicks off the covers and I catch the briefest glimpse of white legs. I also notice that the nightie is much more see through than I had been able to see before. I can clearly see not just the bulge but the fact that it is his cock that is making the bulge.”Does your mother always dress you like this?” I ask him.”She used to when I was little but the choice is mine now.” He tells me. I can well believe that. He is a person happy in his body and very assured of himself.”That is such a pretty nightie. very nice.””Thank you Doctor. It is my favourite.””Please call me Mark, Dominic.” I stare at him a few moments. “How did you know I am a doctor?”He grins at me! “I did some detective work. I have friends in the right places.” “So. Someone bursa escort bayan in the hotel?””Might be.””How do you really feel?” I ask him.”Horny.” He replies.”I could see that.” I laugh. “Do you like it?””Your mother is in on this as well, isn’t she?””When I saw you at Breakfast yesterday morning, you didn’t seem to able to take your eyes off me. I was hoping that you like what you saw because I thought that you looked nice.”So he had manipulated his mother into the charade of this morning. “Did you like my clitty?” He asks me again, in his very assured way. I have had one or two girlfriends in the past but they never seemed to be very important. I have had male admirers too but they never amounted to very much. I had assumed that sex didn’t really interest me very much but now looking down at that bulge and being very aware of the growing bulge in my own pants; my head is full of thoughts about sex.”Well?” He asks again.”It is very beautiful.” I tell him.”Thank you, Mark.” He sits up suddenly and throws his arms around my neck and kisses me on the lips. I open my mouth and his tongue squirms in. I twist slightly, putting my arm around his waist. He suddenly shifts to a kneeling position and then pushes me down so that I am lying on the bed with him on top, leaning across me. Still kissing me, he lifts one leg and moves across to straddle my belly. He then starts to move up my torso, lifting his knees carefully over my arms and placing them down on the bed near my shoulders. He lifts his nightie and for the first time I see his clitty clearly. The pink helmet is close to my mouth. I move my head forward a little so that I can lick it and lick round the peehole. My hands come up behind and I grab the cheeks of his arse and caress them. He grabs a pillow and puts it under my head. His clitty is very hard. I open my mouth ad he slides it into my throat. My cock is hard too and trapped in my pants. It is need of release. Hopefully soon. He drops forward onto his hands and starts to fuck my mouth. Mmmmmmmm That is nice. He gradually gets his cock a bit further in with each stroke until the soft skin of his pubes are pressed against me. He pulls out and hen shifts forward once more and dips his balls into my mouth. I suck on them deeply. Pulls out again and shifts forward and squats over my face. I look up at the curve of escort bursa his arse and the neat hole between the cheeks. He lowers it onto my mouth and I lap it greedily before trying to insert my tongue. Once again that self assurance astounds me. He is in complete control and I am obeying his silent instruction.”I knew you would be good.” He tells me as he stands up and stands over me looking down at me. “Never thought you would be this good.””I am putty in your hands.” I tell him. “It is you that is good. You know what you want and I am only here to provide it.”He crouches over and undoes my shirt. Peeling the sides back and then climbing off the bed to undo my jeans and pull them off. My underpants follow and then my socks. He pushes my legs apart and grabs my cock. He pulls the skin down to expose my helmet.He looks at me and gives me a cheeky grin. “Lovely” He says. He licks around my knob and then starts to suck my cock.He sucks it with long slow strokes that feels so good going down and then coming back out. I realise that I am about to cum and warn him and he stops immediately.”Don’t want you cumming yet.” He tells me. He climbs back up onto the bed and then squats above my cock.From somewhere close at hand and without moving he grabs some lube. He smears it on his hole and some more on my cock. It feels cold. His cock is still hard and points at me. He lowers himself down, holding my my cock to guide it into the little hole. I feel my cock being squeezed and I am amazed when I see him sliding down the shaft. I glance up at him. His face is screwed up in pain and his eyes are shut. He slides up and down a few times but that is to much for me. The sexiness of the whole day and now that tight grip around my cock has finished me. I gasp out that I was cumming.He slides back down and I pump my cum into his arse. When I finish he grabs some tissues. These are also close to hand. He eases himself off my cock and then, sitting on my belly, he tips back so that I can see his gaping arsehole and the white cream dripping out. I reach out and hold his cock and start to stroke it it back to full life. I rub it quickly ad he gasps. He too is overcome by the day and a huge tendril of cum spurts out splashing my chest and my face, he takes over and keeps rubbing so that a second and a third jet of cum land on me. He puffs and pants as he watches me.”Oh my god! That was brilliant.” I say. “I need a shower.” He says.”Me too.” He grabs my hand and takes me to the bathroom, giggling loudly. I peel off my shirt ad toss it onto the loo seat before getting into the shower with him.

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